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If you're seeking the ideal choice for the wedding limousine rental , opt to embrace simplicity, affordability, and also outstanding quality in the ceremony. Doing this will require that you have a look at the chauffeurs, client assistance, and vehicles provided. When are high caliber and operate together, you will not be disappointed with the journey obtained or the memories created.

The first element you ought to think about when hiring Wedding Limo Long Island is your chauffeurs employed by a provider. These professionals have to be credentialed, educated, and screened. Our company, as an instance, requires that motorists establish themselves to be free of history issues or medication problems. In addition, we need that they exhibit familiarity with the region's roads and places and always behave in a skilled and considerate fashion. This amount of motorist is a deal breaker concerning suitable wedding transport.


High End Client Service

Adhering to the motorists, you need to assess the quality of the customer support provided. When the brokers are available at all times, are permitted to truly alter the strategy, and also have instructions to rapidly fix problems, they meet quality criteria for your day. You will have the ability to individualize your anticipated rides to the day if you are picking guests up, shuttling between places, or hauling the bride.

The fleet of vehicles intended for weddings at DC airport limousine service has to be safeguarded by maintenance and inspections along with regular upgrades to keep the inventory fresh. Our firm's in-house fleet is big and includes plenty of models which include the standard limo choice, hummers, party rentals, charter bus choices, and much more. This flexibility enables us to appropriately alleviate all your wedding programs.

 As you prepare for your marriage, considering every choice of transport, think about the drivers, client support, and vehicles accessible through the business. We supply premium quality, customer-focused adventures for cheap prices. It is possible to book us on line with only a couple of taps and swipes on a smart phone, and we are going to deliver in accordance with your choices, program, expectations, and tips.

Your transport needs for the day may play a huge part in the way you decide on a wedding limousine. For many couples, the afternoon will be filled with festivities which need chauffeured ground transportation all day . Many couples want to leave the driving to other people since they spend their afternoon moving out of ancient makeup and hair appointments, to catching a fast bite to eat, to getting dressed prior to the service, to images, to the service, to the reception and finally to the last destination after the function. In other cases, you might end up in need of transport to an all-in-one place with return transport pre-arranged at the close of the day to day. Besides the wedding celebration, many couples often opt for chauffeured transport for immediate relatives such as parents and grandparents that may need some VIP care through the day.

Regardless of your requirements, requirements and requests, we've got the ideal vehicle that will assist you celebrate your big day. Along with choosing a specialty automobile for your wedding celebration, please don't forget to speak about your out-of-town guest airport transport requirements together with any type transport needs when making your booking. As the top Long Island Limousine Service, we're excited about the possibility of being of service to you on this important moment.

In case you've got a party, a prom or some type of event coming up, then you need to remember that there's likely no better method of getting there than at  high-class personal limousine. When you utilize our Ace limousine , you'll certainly look nice and leave a comment on individuals as our automobiles are a few of the most recent models out there. You can never go wrong with selecting our Farmers Branch limousine service because you'll have the room to enjoy your night rather than having to concentrate on the driving.

 Whatever it's that you may want to look after your luxury transport, while it's a vehicle, a limousine, or even a bus you may be certain that our Ace Limo has it prepared and waiting for you. We're wanting to meet even the most expensive flavor, therefore we expect you will opt to our providers.

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Limo Rentals in Long Island, NY

Limo Rentals Long Island NY


If you’re interested in Limo Rentals in Long Island, NY then without question Metro Limousine & Party Bus Service is the company to select. Their Service and Professionalism is without a doubt, the Best in the Ground Transportation Industry. With Stretch Limousines and Beautiful Party Buses in there fleet you’re sure to accelerate in what you’re looking for.

Limousine Rental Types

Whether you need a Wedding Limo, Birthday Limo Bachelorette Limo, Sweet 16 Limo or have Fun Kid Party Ideas, Metro Limousine Service has the exact limousine you are looking for. All Limo Rentals have complimentary beverages and Bluetooth radio technology with perimeter seating. Most Limousine Rentals can sit an average of 6-14 passengers depending upon which limousine you have rented. In addition to the seating, the limousines also come in different colors. Majority of them are white & black but pink is also now party of the fleet. If you are interested in different colors please talk to a representative of metro Limousine Service.

Authors Bio : We are Metro Limousine & Party Bus Service. Our Limousine Company is a privately owned Limousine and Party Bus Transportation Company in business almost 16 years. Located in the Heart of Freeport, NY we offer an old fashion service and a modern day fleet, you are sure to enjoy the many wonderful transit packages this Party Bus & Limousine Company provides. If you are interested in Booking a Limo Rental in Long Island, NY call Toll Free at (888)-METRO-LIMO or locally in Nassau County at (516)-LIMO-RENTAL &/or (516)-LIMO-SERVICE

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Choosing a good car rental company may not seem like a big decision, but when it comes to your vacation and ensuring that it goes smoothly and stress-free as possible, then it does become an important decision that you should give thought to. From affordability and other choices like devotion plans, there's very much you can enjoy a good car hire company. Here are things to ponder before signing up with a car rental company and certifying that you get the maximum out of it:


Look for reasonable rates without concealed costs

This is a significant issue to look for in a car rental company. It's common data that occasionally small fees will be added when renting a car but take heed of companies that tack tons of added fees and further costs after publicizing their rental service for subordinate rates. Look for companies where these bait-and-switch strategies won't be a part of the deal, and you'll get a car that's priced at a reasonable rate that fits your financial plan with Airport Limo.

Look for superior offers and further extras

Select a rental service that offers added appurtenances to ensure that you enjoy the best trip likely. Extras like discounts and unusual coupons help you to enjoy your tour even more. Take benefit of these offers, particularly during the offseason, and save some cash.

Look for Loyalty Programs

Whether the company is a famous name or a smaller-scale business, proposing a loyalty program shows customers that they are appreciated. Rewards offered can contain anything from discounted rates and offers to quicker pickup and more.

Look for the choice of using your individual vehicle insurance

A rental car company that offers you the opportunity of using your own vehicle insurance can save you a lot of money and anxiety if your own insurance company covers rental cars. Check a fast time to make sure it does.

Significant what to look for in a car rental business can save you a lot of money and time and it will help you significantly lower the stress of renting a car, permitting you to really relish your vacation.


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Wedding Transportation

Getting married is one of the most exciting and wonderful events you will plan in your lifetime, so you want to make sure you have the perfect day.  There is so much to do for a wedding; first and foremost, you shop for your wedding gown; then the flowers, DJ or band, wedding rings, venue, and so much more.  But what people forget, or put on the back burner is their wedding transportation.  Your wedding transportation is just as important as your venue; if you do not book your wedding transportation, you will not be getting to that venue.  It is very important to make sure you have the best Wedding Transportation and the safest wedding transportation for your bridal party and guests.  There are many different transportation needs for a wedding; there is the Antique for the Bride and the Special Person giving her away in the beginning and her husband or partner at the end of the ceremony.  There are stretch limousines and wedding party buses of all sizes for your wedding party, or the family of the bride and groom; there are wedding shuttles for your guests.  Once you pick your wedding day and the venue, your wedding limousines should be next.

Reliable, safe, professional and affordable wedding transportation is essential for your wedding that will show up on time.  You should do research to see what company will fit your needs.  You want to make sure that your transportation company is reputable; don’t pick a company that doesn’t have all your transportation wedding needs.  Whether you are having a small intimate wedding and all you would need is a small stretch limousine, or a huge elaborate wedding that you would need larger limousines or wedding buses, your transportation needs must be met.  There are many different options for you to choose from; there are stunning Exotic cars for the bride and groom such as Phantoms, Rolls Royce’s, Bentley's, and so much more; a vintage Antique car is so classy and most companies will provide a bottle of Champagne in the Antique car for the bride and groom to enjoy together after their ceremony.  There are comfortable limousines such as stretch Chrysler 300’s or Lincoln Stretch Limousines and party buses for your bridal party in many different sizes.  There is a 6 passenger limousine which has a three seater bench seat facing another three seater bench which is convenient for everyone in the vehicle to see and speak with each other; if that limousine is too small, there are 8 passenger limousines and 10 passenger limousines which have wrap around seating; SUV’s that hold up to 14 people; Hummers, Escalades and Party Buses that hold up to 20 people or more.  Wedding Party Buses have wrap around seating which allows everyone to stand with the option of sitting or standing.

Wedding Transportation in Long Island, NY

The most thoughtful thing you could do for your guests is to provide shuttle transportation from the Hotel to the Venue.  This shows your guests how much they mean to you by providing a spacious and clean shuttle bus so they don’t have to worry about driving their own car, and be able to enjoy cocktails at your wedding without drinking and driving.  Also, your guests wouldn’t have to wait for valet to bring their car to them at the end of the evening, standing outside on a long line in the rain, cold, or worse, in the snow, and in high heels; instead, they walk out of your venue and right onto the shuttle bus which is waiting for them.


Shuttle Buses have plenty of room, with big comfortable plush seats.  I highly recommend a shuttle bus over a party bus for your guests for a few reasons; the comfortably is much greater, hands down.  You will not be sandwiched in between two people, have people standing over you because there is no room, and I honestly feel that people do not have to pre-game with flashing lights and loud dance music before your wedding.  This is your wedding, not a football game.  Also, at the end of the night, your guests want to be taken back to their hotel room in comfort, not flashing lights with people standing over them.

Shuttle Buses usually wait outside your venue for the duration of your wedding.  This is very convenient because it gives your guests the option to leave your wedding if they need to, and go back to the hotel.  Whether they are elderly, or if you have children attending your wedding, the shuttle bus can take them back to the hotel and then go back to your venue and wait for the rest of your guests.

Most shuttle buses seat 56 people; if you have more guests that need transportation take note of how close the hotel is to the venue, if they can make multiple trips, you might not need to spend the extra money on two Shuttle Buses.

Some limousine companies also have Trolleys; renting a trolley looks really cute for a wedding, however, if you do rent a trolley, make sure it is fully enclosed; if it rains, you do not want your guests to get wet and be uncomfortable before they get to your wedding.  Most companies provide water in their vehicles; this is also a nice feature and another thoughtful gesture for your guests.

You should try to get all of your Wedding Transportation vehicles from one company.  If you are renting a descent amount of wedding vehicles, you might want to ask them if they will give you a discount.


Authors Bio : Metro Limousine Service is a privately owned limousine and Party Bus Transportation company servicing the Freeport community in Long Island, NY for over 15 years. We offer the Best service for Weddings. In addition, we also offer service for Proms, Wine Tours, Beer Tours, Sweet 16 Birthdays, Jones Beach Theater and Nights Out. Unlike other companies, Metro Limousine Service thinks outside the box. We have created many specialty travel packages over the years including; Long Island Brewery Tours, LI Vineyard Tours® & in addition offer travel service for Proms, Wine Tours, Beer Tours, Sweet 16 Birthdays, Weddings, Bachelorette Parties and Nights Out. With an old fashion sense of pride and a modern day fleet, you are sure to enjoy the many wonderful travel packages this limousine & party bus events company provides. If you are interested in Booking Wedding Transportation in Long Island, NY call Toll Free at (888)-METRO-LIMO or locally in Nassau County at (516)-LIMO-RENTAL &/or (516)-LIMO-SERVICE

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Birthday Party Ideas in Long Island, NY

If you're interested in having a Birthday Party like never before, then you must call Metro Limousine & Party Bus Service! This Transportation Company offers Birthday Party Fun for Kids in Long Island, NY. With an array of Fun Activities and Transportation included how can you go wrong? There famous Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Long Island, keeps everyone entertained from start to finish. Whether you have 6 kids or a big group of 30, Metro Limousine Service can provide you with fantastic Birthday Party Transportation in Long Island


Limousine & Party Bus Birthday Transportation Long Island

From start to finish each Birthday Party can be scheduled at different time frames to meet their client’s needs. Most Birthday Parties are from 11:00am to 2:00pm and from 3:00pm to 6pm. All Birthday Parties must be scheduled in advance. Our Most Popular Birthday Party is our Carousel Party. All Carousel Birthday Parties start off with a Pizza Pie Party at your local &/or Favorite Pizzeria.  All parties involved will receive 2 slices or regular pizza and a drink beverage. After the Pizza Party, its back in the Limousine for Transportation or Party Bus Transportation to the Carousel. All parties involved will receive (3) three consecutive rides on the Carousel. There are a few other things to do while waiting your turn. After the Carousel, it’s off to the final location; Ralph's Italian Ices. What child or even an adult doesn't just love an Italian icy? After everyone finishes their Italian Ice, its back to the Birthday Boys &/or Girls home for some cake & pictures.

Authors Bio : Metro Limousine Service is a privately owned limousine and Party Bus Transportation company servicing the Freeport community in Long Island, NY for over 15 years. We offer service for Proms, Wine Tours, Beer Tours, Sweet 16 Birthdays, Weddings, Jones Beach Theater and Nights Out. Unlike other companies, Metro Limousine Service thinks outside the box. We have created many specialty travel packages over the years including; Long Island Brewery Tours, LI Vineyard Tours® & in addition offer travel service for Proms, Wine Tours, Beer Tours, Sweet 16 Birthdays, Weddings, Bachelorette Parties and Nights Out.

With an old fashion sense of pride and a modern day fleet, you are sure to enjoy the many wonderful travel packages this limousine & party bus events company provides. If you are interested in Booking Wedding Transportation in Long Island, NY call Toll Free at (888)-METRO-LIMO or locally in Nassau County at (516)-LIMO-RENTAL &/or (516)-LIMO-SERVICE

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Limousine in an Wedding

Every individual in this world would surely like to do things in style and with elan. Weddings are occasions when a person would love to flaunt his taste and would welcome the guests with the most fascinating comforts trying to make his closest dreams come true.


So the next time you see someone getting married or if you yourself are the chosen one, then do make sure that you do it with style. And what better way to do it than to engage a limousine for the wedding. This has become the upcoming trend in weddings in the United States. In New Jersey , there are specialized agencies which allow you to take a limo on hire and engage all your guests and relatives with a lot of extravaganzas.

learn more: Limousine Service in New Jersey

Companies make sure that the clients get what they want and only with the growing demand for varied tastes and preferences that things like the limo in a wedding are gaining ground. There are limousine agencies which work really closely with the family and make it a joint effort of professional service and personal preferences. So for all those brides and grooms in waiting, choose your Limousine and get married in style. A Punjabi wedding especially is filled with a lot of grandeur and extravagance. So most of the  in the United States are preferring to settle for a Limo Wedding of late. Whether it be the Exotic Limo, or the Sedan or the Stretch or the SUV Limos, the simple sight of a limousine in a wedding makes it a special event for many.

New Jersey city has many agencies which specialize in hiring out limousines for a wedding and they also give a chance for a rehearsal prior to the big day. The entire staff of such agencies is trained to cater to the needs of such occasions. So next time you see marriage in the offing with a lot of hoopla about it, suggest them to also incorporate a limo in their wedding plans.

Professional chauffeurs ensure that the ride on the limousine doesn’t lose sheen. All kinds of needs are taken care of. So whether it is for the bride and the groom or it is for the entire family, hiring a limo is the next best thing you could do to getting married. Each person has his or her own limousine preference so these agencies just ensure that the client just gets what he desires. Just planning for a limousine is also inclusive of transportation to the airport, rehearsals for dinners, transportation of relatives, guests and other family members,

Also, hire a limousine and give your guests all time comfort for the agencies excel in providing the best for those seated in it. so don’t worry about those grand dresses that you would wear and get into the limo. The entire limousine arrangement for the wedding would be such that you would be given ample space to make yourself comfortable with the long trails in the wedding dresses. The bride and the groom are also given complete privacy in the limousine and so the wedding suddenly looks straight out of a dream album.

Enjoy the facilities given by innumerable such limousine agencies in the United States just unleash your wildest dreams in the form of hiring a limousine for the wedding. It could just be the best way you could clench your deal with having the time of your life.

The next time you think of a wedding planner, incorporate the concept of having a limousine in the wedding and make it a special day for everyone to remember.

Learn more : Planings For wedding

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This is your opportunity to shine with limo for one night Poolesville. Book a night on the limo administration and have rich voyage. We have professional escorts one of them will safely drive you around the city so you don't need to stress over traffic, navigation or stopping. You need to simply appreciate with your mates without worrying the things with the best of limousine administration: A Night on Town Limo Poolesville.

Limo for One Night Poolesville: The Finest Service

On the off chance that you are setting up an extraordinary occasion and need the commendable transportation; normally, you'll need to utilize a night on town limo administration for transportation with a splendid reputation, lease a limo for one night Poolesville. Night on the town limo Poolesville is giving you the extravagance limo administration in everywhere throughout the State. Once inside, the luxurious within our stunning chauffeured limousines, you can settle once again into the sensitive custom calfskin seating and welcome the ride with night on town Poolesville. Change the personality lighting and fiber optics to your cherishing and set the music to your taste. Night on the town in Poolesville won't empower anyone to get misused on his extraordinary night. For whatever reasons you have, we give out night on town Poolesville limo administration. Night on the town limo administration guarantees what you requirement for a night out. Elegance, comfort, security and style are the purposes of our celebrating like a demigod lavishness night on town limo administration in Poolesville. The drivers of night on town limo administration think about most of the best move club in Poolesville.


Night on town limo Poolesville ensures that your all party members enjoy a night with night on the town limo Poolesville in the protection and lavishness. Whether you’re going to a play an


  • Opera
  • Having Dinner Or
  • Up For A Club Night Or
  • A Night Out

Requesting Night on Town Limo

Night on town limo in Poolesville dependably up to guarantee your ride brimming with solace in an extravagance limo administration. You will love our armada that is brimming with the broad collection of first class Sedans, Limos, limousine transport, Party Bus and engine mentor for any occasion. Night on the town limo Poolesville has gifted squad of drivers. Night on town limo administration offers for you the best administration to feel unwind from the day by day schedule. Limo for one night Poolesville can guarantee on these specialists to outfit you with five star benefits constantly. Night on the town limo in Poolesville has professional drivers who are helpful, amiable, and know where the best praising spots are in this city. You can trust us to give you fun suggestions or to just take after your headings and drive you wherever you need to go. When you need your night to be exceptional and to go as orchestrated dependably request night on town limo Poolesville.


Extravagance Transportation with Night on Town Limo

Our organization is happy to give lavish transportation of night on town limo administration in Poolesville that will be upbeat for you. Loosen up in solace and welcome a protected ride on account of our especially arranged escorts who fathom that you need an amazing night. Whatever be your occasion you need to just call a night on the town limo administration in Poolesville. Night on town Limo in Poolesville is made plans to guarantee your night out in the wonderful city winds up being beguiling. Night on town limo administration can be a stimulating spot for get-together goers like you. Being the town known for encouraging occasions like the yearly Rose Bowl football coordinate and the acclaimed Tournament of Rose motorcade, you may finish up taking off to these spots with the pack. By and by taking off to these spots in cabs might be debilitating information. All things considered, cabs will as a rule be amazingly erratic concerning their quality. Will it not be progressively interesting to be under one housetop while getting a charge out of points of interest like mixes, etc? Here is the spot our night on town limo in Maryland turns out to be potentially the most significant factor. Be it a visit to your companion's birthday or a huge ball game you wish to visit, our organization twists to be a component that fulfills a raised necessity and gives the greatest night on town limo in Poolesville.

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Party Bus Service Long Island

So you’re looking to take a group of Friends out into NYC and you all want to go together. Well why not take Party Bus Transportation in Long Island, NY to a Night Club in New York City. It's definitely more cost effective if you decide to travel in a group rather than a few people in a stretch limousine. The Best part about Renting a Party Bus is that you can Party like a Rock-Star! Some Party Buses have lavatories in them so when it’s time for a pit stop at a bathroom there’s no need to leave the party bus. You'll also find Disco Lights or LED Lighting with all the glamour a Night Club should have like a rock-in stereo system. Renting a Party Bus in Long Island is really not that hard. Make sure you schedule your transportation in advance. Most Party Bus Companies need at least 3-5 weeks in advance to get you on their roster. In other words many people like to use Party Bus Service so generally these companies are booked out on the weekends.


Prom Party Bus Service in Long Island

Another reason you might want to rent a Party Bus Service in Long Island is for a Junior or Senior Prom. Kids absolutely love these kinds of vehicles because when it comes right down to your bottom dollar its cheaper to go with a group of people then it is to rent a small limousine. Most of the time a Party Bus Company will work a package for a certain amount of hours. Some Package deals include 2 extra hours of service when you rent 10 hours of service. These deals are great for the kids because it brings the rental rates down even more. Some transportation companies will also give you a better rental rate if you stay close to the original pick up location. If you’re saving the Party Bus Company on fuel sometimes they will give it back to you with a package deal. There’s a lot of little tricks out there. Ask a lot of questions and always book your party bus early.

Authors Bio - Metro Limousine Service is a privately owned limousine and Party Bus Transportation company servicing Freeport, NY - Long Island for over 15 years. With an old fashion sense of pride and a modern day fleet, you are sure to enjoy the many wonderful packages our travel oriented service provides.

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Limo Bus Service Long Island NY


Long Island Limo Bus

Are you in need of a Limo Bus Service in Long Island, NY ? Going to a Prom and need Limo Bus Transportation? Getting Married and your interested in a a Long Island Limo Bus Service? Have you tried Metro Limousine & Party Bus Service in Long Island  NY? They provide the Best Limo Bus Transportation out their in the Tri-State area. With Great Rental Rates you are sure to find a Limo Bus that you are looking for. They offer Limo Bus Service for Proms, Wedding, Nights Out, Sweet 16 Birthdays, Wine Tours, Beer Tours and so many more travel oriented events.

Limo Bus Rentals in Long Island NY

Whether your interested in traveling to a Sporting Event or a Night Club in NYC Metro Limousine & Party Bus Service offers the very Best of Limo Bus Bus Rentals in Long Island, NY at affordable Pricing! Give them a call toll free at (888)-METRO-LIMO or locally at (516)-LIMO-BUS and get your Limo Bus Rental Today!!

Authors Bio - Metro Limousine Service is a privately owned limousine and Party Bus Transportation company servicing Freeport, NY in Long Island for over 15 years.

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With Amazing Chauffeurs and Luxury Limo Rentals in Long Island New York why Wouldn't you want to Rent a Limo ?

Looking for a Limo Rentals in Long Island, NY? Have a Group of people that you want to go out with and nobody wants to drive? Have Great Mets Tickets and your wanting to go with all of your friends? Then you’re looking for Metro Limousine Service. Their Limousine & Party Bus Company is located in Freeport, NY. Metro Limousine & Party Bus Service has been servicing the Long Island community for over 15 years with luxury ground transportation. They offer ground service transportation for all kind of important events. Weddings, Proms, Sweet 16 Birthdays, Wine Tours, Brewery Tours, and Communion Parties are all standard transportation booking that this amazing traveling service offers. Limousine Rentals in Long Island are big on the weekends but transportation is also offered during the week. The same goes with Limo Bus Service in Long Island; service is also big on the weekends but also offered during the week. During the winter months you can find some Cheap Limo Rentals too. From November 1st to March 31st they drop their rates and give back to the community.


Cheap Prom Limo Rentals for Graduating Classes in Long Island Too

Every year In April, Metro Limousine & Party Bus Service gears up for their up and coming Prom Season. With all the Graduating Classes every year both juniors and seniors are looking for Limo Rentals and Party Bus Service in Long Island. Prom Season is usually over by June 30th and usually lasts 2 months. With all the different sizes of groups that Prom Season offers it’s imperative that Metro Limousine & Party Bus Service has different kinds of Limousines & Party Buses. You wouldn’t walk into a pizzeria and not look at the other piazza they sell. With the entire vehicles that the carry you’re sure to find something that will make you look fabulous and won’t break the bank. If you book early, they offer all kinds of Prom Limo Discounts. Their most popular promotion during Prom Graduation is a 10 Hour Limo Rental with 2 hours free. Most of the time they’ll offer this Limo Rental Package up until April but sometimes you’ll get lucky and they’ll extend it till May. Whichever way you swing, Metro Limousine & Party Bus Service is the Party Bus & Limousine Company of choice!


Authors Bio - Metro Limousine Service is a privately owned limousine and Party Bus Transportation company servicing Freeport, NY - Long Island for over 15 years. With an old fashion sense of pride and a modern day fleet, you are sure to enjoy the many wonderful packages our travel oriented service provides.

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Limo Service in Long Island,NY


Long Island Limo Service

 Interested in Renting a Stretch Limousine for Prom or perhaps a Wine Tour in Long Island? Do you know what kind of limousine you are interested in? There are many kinds of stretch limousines available like the 10 Passenger Chrysler 300 or the Boss Hummer Super Stretch Limousine and even the Super Stretch Cadillac Escalade to name a few. When you’re looking for a reputable Limousine Transportation Company always choose a company with a good record. Meaning years in business, any complaints by the Better Business Bureau, Licensed by NY State and things like this. Just because they have limousines doesn’t mean there the right company for you. Choose your Limo Company wisely.

Price Hunting for a Cheap Limo Service

We know that you’re looking for the Best possible price for a Limo Service in Long Island. Most of the reputable Limousine Services offer fair pricing however when you come across a Limo Company that has really cheap rates there is a reason their rates are so low. Keep in mind that they may not be a certified and license Limousine Company in Long Island, NY and just may own a limo with regular license plates on the vehicle. If this is the case do not step in to that vehicle. You are not covered under their insurance policy because they are not a for hire service. They are using a limousine with regular license plates and the driver is probably not licensed either. Always call ahead and ask the company questions concerning their Limousine Company other than just I want to rent a Limo. We hope you will use this advice when searching for Limo Service in Long Island, NY.


Authors Bio - Metro Limousine Service is a privately owned limousine and Party Bus Transportation Company in business for over 15 years. With old fashion service and a modern day fleet, you are sure to enjoy the many wonderful transit packages this Party Bus & Limousine Company provides.

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T Limousine & Transportation #1 LIMO HOUSTON

T limousine & Transportation is family owned business started in 2014 as one car operator. we specialized in ground transportation services, we Houston limousine service, we offer Houstonians a top black car service with new fleet of new vehicles, exceptional customer service, and competitive rates you can always count on T Limousine & Transportation for all of your limo events, corporate transportation or any transportation needs. We always place safety as the top priority with high quality service. Choose T Limousine as your Houston Limousine service, our team will be happy to help you with all your needs.

•24 Hr Limo Rental & Sedan Town Car Services.

•Pick Up Services On Short Notice.

•Quality & Luxuries Vehicles, Fully Licensed & Insured.

•Experienced Chauffeurs.

•Outstanding Services & Reasonable Rates.

We Offer Services for the Houston, Galveston, Katy, Woodland & surrounding areas: From hotel transportation, hourly limousine bookings, chauffeur for your business meeting, wedding limo reservations, or just need a car service for a night out book us for your next event.
Our reliable customer service is available 24/7.

We are committed to your safety & making sure your expectations are over exceeded every single time!
Wherever you need to go we are the team for you, call now to make your reservation!

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Wedding Limo Service in Long Island NY

Did he just pop the question?? Are you getting married? Need Wedding Transportation to The Church & Catering Hall? Haven't thought about it? Well when you do, think of Metro Limousine & Party Bus Service. With the Best Long Island Wedding Transportation prices around you’ll want to give us a call. Try us Toll Free at (888)-METRO-LIMO or locally at (516)-LIMO-RENTAL & (516)-LIMO-SERVICE

Servicing the Wedding Transportation Industry for; Nassau County Long Island, Suffolk County Long Island, Kings County-Brooklyn, Queens County and Manhattan-NYC for Wedding Transportation. Party Bus Service, Limo Bus Service, Rolls Royce Service, Limo Service, Shuttle Bus Service and so so many more services.

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T Limousine & Transportation will make you feel like Pro Star arriving at your event in a brand new limousine, SUV, or Sedan Town Car. We are excited to announce that we have packages for any sporting event or concert in Houston. It’s never too early to reserve your seat for your special sporting event or concert – Don’t get left out: make a reservation today!

We offer  limo transportation services in Houston and surrounding areas3819124315?profile=original. We have a variety of vehicle types & pricing options to choose from. From private Chauffeured Limos, Sedan Town Cars, Shuttles, Vans, SUV’s to Party  Bus, and Mega Party Bus.

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Avail Melbourne Limo Service with Confidence

Melbourne cabs 150w, 300w, 768w, 843w" sizes="(max-width: 709px) 85vw, (max-width: 909px) 67vw, (max-width: 1362px) 62vw, 840px" />

It is time to get equipped with devices which can support technology. Downloading applications in the smartphones has emerged as one of the most common phenomenon amongst the users across the globe. Rideboom is an established cab service mobile application provider. The company has designed an extremely useful and user-friendly app for the users. The company has impressive fleet of cars to cater to the diverse demands of the customers. Melbourne Limo Service is also offered to the customers at the most competitive rates.

How does the app work?

The users can download the app in their respective smartphones. With the use of the options, they can click on the service and the vehicle type they desire. If the user wants to avail the service from a female driver, then they can make the selection of the option accordingly. After making the choices, the booking button should be pressed and the confirmed booking with driver details will flash on the screen of the mobile.

What is the USP of the app?

The USP of the company is that they offer job opportunity to the people who wish to have an extra income by driving for them.

Another USP of the app is that it offers gender-based services to the users. The ladies who wish to avail the services from a female driver can avail similar services. Thus Melbourne Chauffeur service offered by the company is very safe and secured. The rates are also designed to impress the users. The customers find the charges quite competitive in the related field. There is no surge pricing and thus the application has achieved much appreciation of the clients.

The budget options offered by the company are Economy and Town Cars. The users can avail the services as per their desire and choice.


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