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Private voters also are utilizing the new technology in addition. If you own quite one automobile, boat, motorcycle, travel trailer or recreational vehicle apprehend specifically wherever they’re vital. Additionally, if you have got young drivers at intervals your family you'll sleep easier knowing that you simply will at any time realize your kid and your vehicle. Additionally, you'll be able to monitor their driving habits so as to stay them safe whereas on the road. The liability of owning a vehicle that's being driven by a teen is often serious during this litigious society. The use of GPS vehicle tracking devices that feature real-time uploads can go an extended means in preventing any serious issues to your monetary well-being.

Government laws regarding the use of GPS vehicle tracking devices vary from state to state. It’s typically accepted that you simply are wrongfully ready to place a tracking device on any vehicle that you own as either an individual or a business. Inserting a tracking device on a vehicle that's not below your legal possession or management is usually thought of to be outlawed in most circumstances. Penalties for violating privacy laws in some circumstance will cause serious fines and even imprisonment. Several businesses and personal people have unheeded these laws as a result of their comparatively hard to find GPS vehicle tracking devices. Business that look for trade secrets or data that may offer them a competitive edge of times conducts outlawed tracking activities. The terribly little size of the new real-time government-approved GPS tracking devices makes it very straightforward to position a tool concerning anyplace on a vehicle.

The use of GPS vehicle tracking devices permits you to stay track of all of your vehicle resources and manage them additional expeditiously. AIS 140 GPS and IRNSS vehicle tracking device is the two governments approved tracking devices manufactured in India.


AIS 140 government-approved GPS tracking device

In order to extend and make sure the potency of the transport system the govt. of Asian countries has designed an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) below the Automotive Industry Standard-140 (AIS 140). The ITS is globally tried to optimize the employment of existing transport infrastructure to the simplest of its capability. This helps in up transportation in terms of potency, quality, comfort, and safety. The foremost reliable use and strict compliance of AIS-140 tips will facilitate ease of the congestion on the roads, improve traffic management and scale back the environmental impact.


IRNSS stands for Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System. It’s a collection of satellites that along will give Asian country a regional positioning system the same as the GPS. Consistent with the ISRO website, the system is intended to grant position accuracy higher than twenty meters to users in its primary coverage space. It also can service regions extending up to 1500 kilometers around India's boundary.

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