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Keychain is a secure method to store passwords of all the accounts, and other personal information at one place. It stores and lets you fill in the details quickly wherever you want. Earlier, you had to visit all the websites or accounts individually to change their passwords, but you can change the same directly from the Keychain itself.

If the feature is enabled on your iPhone and iPad, it automatically fills in the information like ID and Password, Credit Card details, etc wherever required. Before getting the details saved in your Keychain, you’ll have to visit all the accounts or websites to get your information tucked with the Keychain, which is really time-consuming. But you don’t have to worry about it as it has an alternate and quick method, that is manually making changes to the Keychain to update the information.



Advantages of using iCloud Keychain

Before getting to the guide on how to use Keychain, let us know about its advantages:

  1. Protected by Encryption

Information such as Passwords, Credit Card numbers, etc are encrypted by AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) ensuring you the security and protection.

  1. Suggest and create passwords

While adding passwords to your accounts or websites, Keychain gives password suggestions that are not easy to crack. You can either choose to add the password suggested by the Keychain feature or add one of your own, which then directly gets saved to the Keychain.

  1. Add notes securely

The Keychain has a ‘Secure Notes’ section where you can add any information other than Passwords or card details, that you want to keep safe and out of reach from anyone.

  1. Change passwords anytime

You can change the password for any account with the help of the Keychain feature. If you update your password by visiting the account or website and do not change it in the keychain, it’ll not allow you to log in to your account.

How to add passwords to the Keychain manually?

The steps to manually add passwords to the Keychain on the iPhone and iPad are:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone and iPad.
  2. Locate the ‘Passwords & Accounts’ section, and click on the same.
  3. Click on the ‘Website & App Passwords’ button under the ‘Passwords & Accounts’ tab. You’ll have to go through a security check and enter your Face ID or Touch ID, depending upon the device.
  4. In the next window, tap on the ‘+’ icon to add passwords to your accounts or websites.
  5. A new pop-up screen will open. Enter the account or website details such as ID and Password. Once you’re done, click on the ‘Done’ button on the upper right corner of the screen.

Following the steps mentioned above will add your account to the website to the Keychain. You can add as many accounts or websites as you want.

Once you’re done adding the details to the Keychain, all you need to do is visit the website or account and verify with your Face ID or Touch ID. It’ll autofill your details as saved in the Keychain. Also, this feature is synced with all the devices you’re using with the same Apple account.

Whenever you change your password for any account, it needs to be updated in the Keychain feature as well, because if you don’t, you won’t be able to log in to your accounts.

How to edit login and passwords information to Keychain on iPhone and iPad?

The steps to edit login and passwords information to the Keychain on the iPhone and iPad are:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone and iPad.
  2. Locate the ‘Passwords & Accounts’ section, and click on the same.
  3. Click on the ‘Website & App Passwords’ button under the ‘Passwords & Accounts’ tab. Verify with the Face ID or Touch ID, depending upon the device.
  4. A new window will appear with all the previously saved accounts. Click on any of these accounts to change their login information.
  5. Tap on the ‘Edit’ button on the top right corner of the screen, and change the login details.
  6. Once you’re done changing the information, click on the ‘Done’ button.

You can update login information to other accounts and websites using the same steps as mentioned above.

iCloud Keychain does not possess pro features, because of which people switch to third-party applications, but it is a convenient feature for basic use.


SOURCE:- How to Manually Add and Edit Passwords to Keychain on iPhone and iPad

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iCloud Keychain is a protected place to keep the login details secure. On every iPhone and iPad, it is available. Whenever you log in any account email/username with password, it asks you to save the password into the Keychain. However, the keychain feature is not enabled from the beginning, and you need to connect your iCloud to your device first. Once you login the iCloud account in the device, your saved information will be transferred into the device. When your device asks you to save the password, it saves it into the keychain feature.


You can save multiple passwords into the Keychain of different sources. Keychain also allows you to edit the passwords if you have to change the password of any particular account. Saving a new account password into Keychain is nowhere tough and editing the password is also quite simple. To do this sort of task, you need to first open the keychain section and choose the account.

Keychain is used by every user of iPad, iPhone and Mac usually, because it is easy and handy. Your saved password and email is completely secure into the iCloud server. To fill any credential information, Keychain automatically inserts the information if already saved, and you just need to provide authentication. Now that it’s a default feature in iPad and iPhone devices, you don’t need to install any third-party services to manage the passwords. However, you need to keep the information updated as you make any changes with the password of the account. If you don’t keep it updated with the latest information, Keychain will not work properly.

How to Edit Password of Saved Account in Keychain

Keychain is connected to the iCloud, but you can manage this feature from settings. To edit the password of any account, here is what you need to do:

  1. Launch “Settings.”
  2. Slide down and choose the “Password & Accounts” option in settings.
  3. Click on the “Website & App Passwords” option.
  4. It will ask for authorization with Touch ID or Face ID to access the information.
  5. Now you will have all the websites and their passwords on display.
  6. Choose the account that you want to update with a password.
  7. In the following section, you will see the login details, username and also password.
  8. Click on the “Edit” option on the upper right side corner.
  9. In the following password section, you can set the new password.
  10. Now click on the “Done” option to confirm the updated changes.

This was the whole procedure of updating the password in Keychain.

Similarly, you can change more passwords of different accounts. Using Keychain is the easiest thing in the iPhone and iPad because, at the time of inserting username and password on any website, it automatically asks to use a saved password from Keychain. So you don’t have to open any other feature to insert the login details.

If you have been using Keychain for a long time, you might have realized that this feature is way more helpful and easy than it seems. Even if you use third-party software, it will not provide the same protection like Keychain or iCloud. So if you want to keep your personal credentials safe, Keychain is the best way on the iPhone and iPad. You can change the passwords anytime you want, and there is no limitation of doing it.

SOURCE :- https://redtopix.com/blog/how-to-edit-saved-password-of-icloud-keychain-in-ipad-and-iphone/

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If you’re a user of Google Drive, it might be of great value to you to access and make changes to your Google Drive files from iPhone and iPad. This is very simple and can be obtained with the help of the ‘Files’ app on your Apple device.

One important information to be noted here is that your Apple device must have the latest iOS version that is iOS 13 or later for it to support Google Drive files. iOS 11 supports working with Google Drive but doesn’t have all the latest features as iOS 13.

The steps to access and edit Google Drive files from the iPhone and iPad are:


  1. Locate for the ‘Files’ application on your Apple device. If you do not have it installed, download the same from the ‘App Store.’
  2. Once the installation of the application is done, open the app located on the home screen of your iPhone and iPad.
  3.  List of options will appear in the Browse menu, select ‘Google Drive.’
  4. The next window will appear with the existing files stored in Google Drive. Tap and open any file to view.
  5. If you want to make changes to the folder, click and long-press the desired folder for a few seconds to view the edit options. Under these edit options, you can change the name of your folder, separate the folders by adding colour tags, compress the file, etc.

You can choose to move your file to another destination by selecting the ‘Move’ option from the drop-down menu.

  1. With other editing options of Cloud services, you can also choose to transfer your Google files to iCloud storage.

These were the easy steps to access and edit your Google Drive files on iPhone and iPad. All it requires is a bit of your time and an Apple device.

Since this is cloud-based assistance, all the progressions you make in the Google Drive of the ‘Files’ application will be consequently refreshed on the cloud. The recently included data would show up very quickly when you get to your Google Drive from an alternate gadget like your PC or tablet.

It is evident that if you own an Apple device, you also use its Cloud services. With the help of the ‘Files’ app, not only can you manage Google drive files but also the iCloud files. The lost and deleted content of the iCloud can be found using the ‘Files’ app and has proved to be convenient. The changes made in the folder or files get in synchronization when you access the service on any other device, same as Google drive.

‘Files’ app doesn’t only work with iCloud, but it is as effective with third-party applications, like Dropbox, etc. You can create folders and keep your data organized so that it’s easy to find when in a hurry.

If you work with more than one storage application, it is not rocket science to transfer the files and folders within. You can manage and transfer the files or data within these applications, as you like.

source :- https://techdrawn.com/instructions-to-access-and-edit-google-drive-files-from-iphone-and-ipad/

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You might want to keep all your data like passwords, card information, etc saved and secured at the same time, while you login in an account. The two ways by which you can keep such a piece of sensitive information without risk is using Keychain and using third-party password managers on your iPhone and iPad.

iCloud Keychain is easy to work with as it syncs all the login information with other devices that have your iCloud account logged. On the other hand, Apple devices do have password managers, but they fail to work when you have to operate data on different devices.

How to enable and use Keychain on your iPhone and iPad?

Keychain is entirely able to keep your passwords and other data secure. It’s exceptionally advantageous, as iCloud Keychain will store and afterwards type in usernames and passwords at whatever point required, automatically. When you visit a site or open an application that has been added to Keychain, the data appears by default.

The steps to enable Keychain on your iPhone and iPad are:


  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ app on your Apple device.
  2. Click on the profile that appears on the top of the settings window. The next window will appear with the account details.
  3. Locate the iCloud option and tap on the same.
  4. A list of options including tools will appear. Go to the Keychain tab and turn the slider on to enable the setting.
  5. Once you’re done enabling the Keychain feature, visit any website or an application and type the login details to sign in.
  6. While you log in to your account, a pop-up window will appear with the option to ‘Save Password’ or ‘Never for this Website.’

You can select any as per your convenience.

  1. If you choose to save the password for the account, the next time you visit the login window, it will appear with the login details automatically. For the security of your login details, it double-authenticates with your Face ID OR Touch ID.

Note: As mentioned above, the information you save will get in synchronization with all other Apple devices if they’re logged in with the same Apple account.

How to use third-party password managers on your iPhone and iPad?

In spite of all the factors that Keychain brings along with it, it’s not enough for you to use, unlike third-party password managers. First off, It lacks certain features such as alarming you in the event of a security break or having the option to change passwords without leaving the application.

You must have a third-party password manager application such as LastPass, 1Password, etc installed on your Apple device to get started with the same.

The steps to use the third-party password manager app in your iPhone and iPad are:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ app on your Apple device.
  2. Locate the ‘Passwords & Accounts’ setting, and click on the same.
  3. In the ‘Passwords & Accounts’ tab, select the ‘Autofill Passwords’ option.
  4. The next window will appear with the installed third-party applications for this purpose. Tap and select any one application if you’ve installed more than one.
  5. Login to your third-party application by typing the password or using the Face ID.
  6. Now, when you visit any website or applications to log in, an option to autofill the ID and Password will appear.
  7. Before your information gets auto-filled in the required space, the window will authenticate with the help of Face ID or Touch ID for security purposes.

source :- https://trustjone.com/how-to-use-keychain-and-third-party-password-managers-on-an-iphone-and-ipad/

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How to Format Notes from iPad and iPhone

Notes app is a great way to note down quick information or thought. In iPhone and iPad, Notes app is an in-built app that syncs with iCloud. You can use this app in several ways. There are several text formatting options available. Bold texts, italics and also underline texts are also part of the Notes app that can be used while making notes. You can make unlimited notes and sync it with your iPad, Mac or iPhone devices. There are several formatting options available to make notes easier and informative. So here are the formatting options that you can use while making notes.

How to Create Headings and Titles in Notes App

Making titles into the Notes app is fairly easy. It will help you to recognize the notes easily with its formal style. 

  1. Open “Notes” on iPad or iPhone.
  2. Click on the “New Note” key on the bottom right side corner.
  3. Click on the “Aa” sign that will open the menu of text formatting.
  4. Click “Title” when you type the text it will be formatted as the title.
  5. Click “Heading” when you type a text, it will be formatted as a heading.
  6. Make double-click on any text or triple-click on text to select the whole sentence that you are willing to reformat as heading or title, and then follow the 4-5 steps as follows.

How to Automatically Begin a New Note with a Heading and Title

  1. Launch Settings on iPad and iPhone.
  2. Click on the “Notes” app icon.
  3. Click “New Notes Start With.”
  4. Now select between the “Title,” “Heading,” “Subheading” or “Body.”
  5. How to Format Lists Into Notes
  6. In notes application, you can choose between three types of different lists.
  7. Open “Notes” application on iPad and iPhone.
  8. Click on the New Note key on the bottom right side corner.
  9. Click on the “Aa” sign that will appear in the text formatting section.
  10. Click on “List Format” if you prefer it to use. Otherwise choose the numbered, dashed or bulleted option.
  11. Type your list.

How to Apply Bold, Italicize, Underline and Strikethrough in Notes App

  1. Open “Notes” application on iPad and iPhone.
  2. Press on “existing note” or “Create New Note.”
  3. Click on “Empty space” or choose the specific text that you are willing to change.
  4. Click “right arrow” in the pop-up menu.
  5. Click the B/U sign on pop-up.
  6. Press between Italic, Bold, Underline or the Strikethrough for formatting the texts as you prefer.

How to Create Checklist on Notes

  1. Open “Notes” app on iPad or iPhone.
  2. Click on the “New Notes” key.
  3. Click on Checklist icon for creating checklist entry.
  4. Click the “return” option after making an entry.
  5. Double-click on “return” after you are done making the checklist to begin using the standard texts.
  6. Click on “Checklist bullet points” for verification. Tap them again to uncheck those items.

How to Add a Table to Note

  1. Open “Notes” on iPad and iPhone.
  2. Click the “New Note” key or use “existing note.”
  3. Click on the “table button” in the formatting bar.
  4. Click the “More” icon either on the side or top area of the cell.
  5. Select “Add Column” or the “Delete Column” from “More” key to delete or add the column.
  6. Select “Add Row” or “Delete Row” through the “More” key for deleting or adding row.
  7. Mention the “data” in the following table.
  8. Click on “table key” once again to get the various options for table objects.

This information is completely related to managing the notes and how to modify them as per preference. By following these steps, you can make your notes more informative and detailed with easy understanding.

SOURCE:- How to Format Notes from iPad and iPhone

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Find the different ways of the solution when Google Classroom not compatible with your iPad devices...

Google Classroom is one of the best services to continue your study with your teacher every day. It is very simple to use and you can install it on your personal mobile phone devices. If you are the user of the iPad device and trying to install Google Classroom but showing an error message, you can find a significant help to get this issue fixed at the right time.

If you are in doubt and thinking that your Google Classroom not Compatible with the iPad, it will be necessary to check out the settings and other things that are associated with the other features and services. It is everybody knows that iPad has no kind of app for Google Classroom which is the web interface that works seamlessly and allows most of the students to turn on the assignments for their Google drive where they can share all the information to complete the task.

But if your iPad is showing an error that Google Classroom not compatible, it will be necessary to download and install the internet browser of Google Chrome and start your study with your teacher. If you still don’t know how to use Google Classroom on an iPad, it is important to catch the knowledge to make your iPad great and use Google Classroom in an appropriate way.

Following are the ways to use Google Classroom on your iPad easily:

  • At first, turn on your iPad device and go to the settings and then you need to go to the internet browser.
  • Go to the website of Google Classroom and download the latest version to install on your device.
  • You need to set up your Google Classroom by following on-screen instruction and then select the general classroom support.
  • You can also get an app of Google classroom that you can download and install from the Play store.
  • And set up the Google Classroom on your iPad device to use at the end of the task.

For additional help regarding Google classroom, do contact Google customer service live person is available to help you at any time.

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Apple always introduces some improvements in its devices to let users grow and be content with their products to prosper in the market. Now the company improves Account and password management in their iPad and iOS devices and also provides the ability to access saved Account and their password when the user’s login into the application or on the web.


On the website and in the application use user id and password field, your iPad and iPhone appears a key icon on the top of the keyboard. Not hit on the key to access all your saved Account and their passwords and allow you to login tour account in the quick and straightforward task. If you want to edit your Account and password, then you can go through our blog that can help you to edit username and password.

  • How to find Account and password on iPad and iPhone
  • How to add Account and password on iPad and iPhone
  • How to delete Account and password on iPad and iPhone

1) How to Find Account and Password on iPad and iPhone

Follow the steps given to find accounts and passwords on your iPhone and iPad:-

  1. Launch the Settings on the iPad or iPhone.
  2. Hit Password and Account tab.
  3. Click on the Website and App password. You can also enable Touch ID and Face ID.
  4. Hit the Search tab to find the entry if you required it.
  5. Hit the entry that you wish to open.
  6. Click on the email address/ username and password when you want to copy.
  7. Hit on the copy icon to copy the email address/ username and password.

When you have acquired access to your Account and their password, you can find a searchable list of entries. Hit on an entry to start up a user ID and password and the correspondence with your current Account. You need to tap and hold on the User ID and password entry to copy the contents.

2) How to Add Account and Password on the iPad and iPhone

iOS has an in-built feature to adding an Account and password to you devise like iCloud keychain. Whenever you want to create a user account, Safari will suggest you a password. If you select the suggested password, then Safari will save your account detail and password for your further use.

Here are the steps on how you can use iCloud keychain on iPad and iPhone:-

  1. Launch the Settings on your device.
  2. Hit password and Account.
  3. Hit on the Website and application password and you can also enable Touch ID and Face ID.
  4. Hit the + key on the upper right corner on your screen.
  5. Write in the Username, Website, and Password where you wish to use your Account and password.
  6. Hit on the Done icon.

3) How to Delete Account and Password on iPad and iPhone

Here are the steps on how to remove or delete Account and password on iPad and iPhone:-

  1. Launch the Settings on the iPad and iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Passwords and Account icon appear on the setlist.
  3. Hit on the Website and App password, and you can also enable Touch ID and Face ID.
  4. Hit on the Edit icon that appears on the upper right corner on your screen.
  5. Hit to choose the credentials that you wish to remove or delete.
  6. Hit the Delete icon that appears on the top left corner on your screen.
  7. Hit Delete.

After this process, you will successfully delete your Account and password from your iCloud keychain.

Conclusion: – In this article, the user will get the solution on how to look up the account and password on your iPhone and iPad. We hope that the above article will be helpful for you and solve your doubts.

Ava Williams is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. She writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

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Joining the Apple environment accompanies a specific arrangement of implicit standards, the first of them exposing to an Apple-explicit record. While it's not obligatory to pursue an Apple ID when utilizing an Apple gadget, it's fundamental to taking advantage of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Regardless of whether you're a first-time Apple gadget proprietor or just need to make another record, there are a couple of steps you'll have to take. An Apple ID is essentially your one-stop look for everything Apple. It stores your installment and delivery data for buys from both the App Store and Apple.com. It comprises of your own data and passwords, as well. As it were, you'll need to utilize an Apple ID to deal with your lineup of Apple items. Right away, here's the manner by which to make an Apple ID on your iPhone, iPad, and PC.

Step by Step follow instructions to make an Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad .

The means for making an Apple ID on an iPhone or iPad are basically the equivalent. We'll tell you the best way to make an Apple ID on an iPhone. Step 1: Enter settings, and click on ‘Sign in to your iPhone.’ It’s the first option in the menu.

How to Create a New Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad

Step 2: Click on ‘Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it?’ in blue. Where will appear a pop-up menu. Click on the first option to ‘Create Apple ID.’

How to Create a New Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad___

Step 3: Fill the account information, including your Name and Birthday.

How to Create a New Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad____

Step 4: Make and Secured Apple ID Email Address or you can use an existing email address,

Step 5: Verify Phone Number on your devices. Enter phone number manually on an iPad.

How to Create a New Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad_

Step 6: Enter your Passcode to complete the sign-up process in your iPad and iPhone. After when you retrun to the setting you should see your secured account information’s.

How to Create a New Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad__

Step by Step follow instructions to create an apple ID from a browser

No matter what kind of computer you’re on, you can make an Apple ID using a browser. Here’s how. Step 1: Go to www.appleid.apple.com and select the option of ‘Create Your Apple ID’ in the top right of corner then next to ‘Sign In’ and ‘FAQ

How to Create a New Apple ID on your iPhone iPad

Step 2: Follow the prompts and input your secured account information. Fill your name, country, birth date.

How to Create a New Apple ID on your iPad

Step 3: Fill your email ID. Create three questions of security; fill the form of captcha and Continue.

How to Create a New Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad

Step 4: Verify your email ID in the pop- up window. Bring the 6-digit code from your Secured Email inbox and enter it in the window. And Select to continue the sign-in process.

How to Create a New Apple ID on your iPhone

Call Apple id Customer Service Number to Resolve the Technical issues:

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iPad is the line of PCs and tablets which are produced and showcased by Apple Inc. The iPad running on the iOS portable working framework of Apple. The UI of the iPad constructed the multi-touch screen with the virtual console. The Apple iPad likewise incorporates cell availability and Wi-Fi on a few models, contact Apple iPad Customer Service number for promotes help. An iPad can take photographs, shoot videos, play music and perform web capacities, for example, web perusing, messaging, and so on. There are a few different highlights, for example, recreations, GPS route, reference, person to person communication and significantly more.


In the event that you require any assistance with respect to these capacities, simply approach Apple ipad customer service number or Apple enable iPad to number to get moment arrangement. Apple is the biggest electronic gadget maker in the globe. iPad is a standout amongst the most renowned results of Apple. Apple items are known for their quality and administration around the globe. On the off chance that you are confronting any issue with the iPad, simply call the iPad support Phone number or iPad customer support number to get the most ideal arrangement over the globe. Every one of the officials of iPad technical support phone number guaranteed from the Apple Inc. iPad technical support number has the world's greatest customer support arrange over the globe. Macintosh enables iPad to number is promptly accessible on the get in touch with our page. When you visit the get in touch with our page, you will have the capacity to get different sorts of help number are accessible there. They offer help numbers for these following administrations, for example, match up to iPhone contacts to iPad, how to exchange contacts from iPhone to iPad, import contacts to iPad and furnish help with iPad. For more data, contact our toll to associate with one of the free specialist co-op accessible on the web. Read the terms and conditions painstakingly before utilizing the sans toll.

iPad Customer Service Number - Apple iPad Help

Macintosh iPad helpline number is where you can locate the ideal answer for your iPad issues. Macintosh iPad helpline number gives you a stage to talk about the most recent Apple iPad highlights and best offers. On the off chance that you are hunting down iPad and you are not ready to choose the correct one, simply contact Apple iPad helpline number for the best arrangement. All the Apple iPad helpline is exceedingly qualified, and they all have quite a long while of involvement in this field. The Apple iPad helpline number architects will furnish your most ideal arrangement with 100% fulfillment certification. The iPad technical support number experts will be enchanted to help with iPad related issues that you are confronting. In the event that you are searching for the match up iPhone contacts to iPad benefit support, simply approach the Apple iPad helpline number to get the best arrangement. The professionals will give you the most straightforward approach to match up with iPhone contacts to the iPad. Macintosh iPad helpline numbers additionally give your help with respect to how to import contacts to iPad from iPhone.

Add Contacts to iPad

The contact application principle point is to store all the contact data and make it accessible on your iPad when you require it. On the off chance that you require more data about add contacts to the iPad, simply tap on the iPad help number for advance help. On the off chance that you need to include the contact numbers your iPad, you need to ensure that data is accessible on your iPad. You can add contacts to the iPad out-dated style, by their name, phone number, address and considerably more accessible in the contact shape. Add contacts to the iPad are the most effective approach to get all the accessible contacts in a single configuration. On the off chance that you require any further help, simply influence an approach Apple customer to benefit number for iPad to get the best administration. You can take these following strides to add contacts to iPad record:

  • Tap on the contact symbol accessible on the iPad home screen to dispatch the contact application.
  • Tap on the, in addition, to catch at the highest point of the contact application.
  • Record the first and last name of the individual in initial two fields, tap on the spare catch.
  • Record the association name in the event that it is required.
  • Tap on the Phone and email choices and fill the applicable data. Here you can likewise include the expansion contact number and email address.
  • Tap on the ringtone catch to choose the specific tone for this contact number.
  • Tap on the landing page field and enter the site URL for the contact numbers.
  • Tap on the green hover with the in addition to in it to enter the full address for the contact number.
  • Tap on the notes to include some extra data about the contact number. At that point tap on the done catch.

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Mac Customer Service Number for iPad

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iPad Customer Service Service

Apple is referred to for its quality items and in addition to astounding customer support benefits. In the event that you are having an issue with your iPad, contact the iPad technical support number professional to discover the issue and give you a moment arrangement. You have a few approaches to get assistance from the iPad technical support number architects. Numerous times customers need to get associated with the iPad Apple support number officials; however, they are not ready to interface. This sort of administrations makes at that point irritating, who are paying cash to get 24*7 expert help. On the off chance that you additionally have this sort of issue, simply call the iPad Apple support number experts for the ideal arrangement. The iPad Apple support number administrators utilize their abilities and quite a long while of experience to give you a moment answer for your issue with 100% fulfillment insurance.

  • Call iPad specialized help number to get a quick answer for your issues.
  • Visit your nearby Apple Store
  • Visit the Apple support site. Here, you will have the capacity to discover an exchange gathering, online manuals, downloads, and the Apple Expert component.
Contact Apple iPad support number for encouraging help.

On the off chance that you are not getting the ideal answer for your issues, simply call the iPad customer service number (+1)855-516-8225 for the ideal arrangement over the globe. As we as a whole know about Apple is known for its quality items and administration. IPad technical support phone number has the world's greatest support center arrange over the globe. All the iPad Apple support number administrators are 24*7*365 days accessible to help you and give you the best administration. iPad Apple phone number (+1)855-516-8225 official emphatically manages our significant customers.

How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to iPad?

In the wake of purchasing the new iPad, everybody needs to exchange a few documents from iPhone to new iPad gadgets like contact numbers, messages, photographs, recordings, applications, films and significantly more. This sort of issue makes an immense issue for new customers. On the off chance that you are pondering, how to match up contacts from iPhone to iPad, approach iPad support number for the ideal arrangement. The official Apple Support will help you with respect to matching up contacts from iPhone to iPad. The customer mind officials will help you with respect to how to match up contacts from iPhone to iPad. You have different alternatives to adjust iPhone contacts to iPad or matching up contacts from iPhone to iPad which are given underneath:

  • Matching up Contacts from iPhone to iPad with through iOS to framework exchange
  • Duplicate all the iPhone Contacts to iPad with the assistance of portable exchange
  • Exchange your contacts number from iPhone to iPad with the assistance of iCloud
  • You have simply to take these following strides to exchange your contacts from iPhone to iPad
  • Go to the Settings >> iCloud on your iPhone gadget.
  • Enter the Apple ID and secret key.
  • Turn on the Contacts.
  • Select Merge choice and transfer every one of the contacts to iCloud.
  • Go to the iCloud of your iPad gadget. (Here you need to ensure that you enter a similar Apple ID and secret word)
Presently you can match up all the iCloud contacts to your iPad.

Simply following these means as specified above, you will have the capacity to adjust contacts from iPhone to iPad. On the off chance that you are as yet not ready to adjust iPhone contacts to iPad, simply approach Apple support iPad number to facilitate help. Apple support iPad number center is 24*7 accessible here to help you and give you the best administration over the globe. Every one of the specialists of Apple support iPad number confirmed from the rumored association, and they all have quite a while of involvement in this field. Macintosh support iPad number delegates furnish you moment arrangement with 100% fulfillment insurance. In the event that you require any help identified with the Apple iPad gadget, simply tap on Apple iPad support number (+1)855-516-8225 to straightforwardly associate with the exceedingly gifted professionals. The professionals likewise help you in regards to how to adjust contacts from iPhone to iPad.

Source: https://iphone-customerservice.com/apple-ipad-customer-service-number/

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This tutorial will take you each step of the way through configuring your iPhone or iPad to receive your Comcast.net emails.

    1. Start out by tapping the Settings button.

the iphone and ipad settings button

    1. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the Settings menu, and then Add Account from the ACCOUNTS section.

    1. Now select Other.

Tap the Add Mail Account option.


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Safari is available in iOS 13 and iPadOS, and it is great news for iPhone users. Safari is the default browser that comes as a pre-installed app on iOS devices. It is the most preferred web browser among iPhone and iPad users and has amazing convenient features. Safari comes with a download manager that was recently introduced in iOS 13 and iPadOS, and it has made things more easy and convenient. Here are some of the best tips if you are willing to try the new Safari download manager on your device.

Best Safari Download Manager Tips For iPhone and iPad

Pausing Downloads

Safari download manager offers quite amazing features and pausing downloads is one of them. Users can pause ongoing downloads if facing a weak internet connection issue and resume it later after connecting with a strong network. The feature enables users to save essential downloads by automatic cancellation. Safari download manager allows you to pause files, media and documents download if you are facing trouble in the completion of downloads. Tap on the pause icon to pause the download and resume it later by tapping on the circle icon.

Downloading Linked Files

It is another amazing feature of Safari download manager, which enables users to download files by using the links. Sometimes, a proper download option is not available to download files. So, in that case, users can download files by using links available on the web pages. Long press on the link available and tap on the download linked file option that appears on the context menu, and it will save in the download list.

Clearing Download List

A congested download list can hang a browser and make it stop working. Safari download manager allows you to clear the entire download list or some specific unnecessary downloads you wish to remove. This feature of Safari enables a user to use the download manager more efficiently by clearing the download list. Messy download lists often cause browsing issue on Safari browser. It is recommended to clear download list by using the feature for the better and more convenient downloading experience.

See Download Location

Safari download manager allows you to locate downloaded files easily on your device. Long press on a specific download and choose the detail option from the list. It shows you the location of the file on your device, and you can easily access it. Locating files is not a difficult task in the Safari download manager anymore.

Changing Download Location

Users can now easily change the download location. Go to Settings, select Safari, and tap on Downloads. After that, tap on Other and select where you want to save the downloads.

Aurora is an engineer by day and writer by night. Previously, Aurora worked as a certified technicians for a tech hardware startup. In her free time, she likes to write about printers, routers, web browsers, and other technical stuff. She majorly writes for hp printer support, brother, lexmark printer support etc.

Source: Safari Download Manager

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If your iPad screen is shattered into pieces. Here’s how you will fix it. First, take a nice look at it and see if all the other parts are not broken. Second, find out an iPad store near you to know how much they will charge you. Third, take the iPad to the nearest store and get it scrutinized for all the damages. 

Finally, if you find the price and professional support of the store worthy. Get it fixed without further delay. Self-repair is also an option. For that, you will have to buy a screen repair kit and then follow the gruesome procedure. But it is advisable to let the professionals do the work. 

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iPad App Development Company

Our Custom iPad App Development Services help Enterprise Businesses to drive maximum ROI and Capitalize on Increased Business Sales Opportunities.”

Undoubtedly, Apple’s iOS is the most advanced mobile app platform in the world with over 2 million iOS applications in the Apple’s App Store, which is projected to reach up to 5.06 million by 2020, according to statista.com.

At being a bespoke iPad App Development company - Vnnovate Solutions, we’re strategists and full stack iPad app developers, who know how to develop latest iOS 12 compatible mobile applications and deliver comprehensive iOS app development services.

Our app developer team has rich industry experience and in-depth technical expertise to develop business-centric iPad apps that help enterprises to stay ahead in the market. We design, develop, and launch iPad apps that deliver consistent value at every step of the iPad application development lifecycle.

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There can be different reasons for iPad smart keyboard failure. The problem can be hardware or software. A software issue can be solved quickly, but the hardware is more problematic. If your iPad smart keyboard is not working or connecting, try out these effective solutions one by one:

  1. Check the connection
  2. Check the Wi-Fi or internet connection
  3. Reconnect the smart keyboard
  4. Hard reset your iPad
  5. Reset Settings
  6. Update your iPad
  7. Try a Third-party system recovery program (TenorShare ReiBoot)


Here is how to do these on your iPad to fix Smart Keyboard not working issue. Check your smart keyboard after using each solution, and when you find the keyboard starts working, do not proceed to next.

Check the connection

Sometimes a small fault can create big trouble. So, before using long or more invasive solutions, you might wish to check for the little things first. In this case, check everything regarding the connection. The smart connector connects the iPad with the keyboard, thus make sure that the connector is clean (it should be free of dust, debris, or lint) and connected. Also, ensure that there shouldn’t be dust or debris on the keyboard that interferes the effectiveness. You can use a soft microfiber cloth or gently blow air into the connectors to clean the debris from it.

Check the Wi-Fi or internet connection

Because of a poor or faulty Wi-Fi connection iPad fails to recognize and connects the smart keyboard. Therefore, after cleaning the smart keyboard and connector pins, the keyboard won’t work. Check your Wi-Fi connection and strength. Your device should be connected with a Wi-Fi network as well as have good strength.

Reconnect the smart keyboard

If after cleaning everything and testing the Wi-Fi connection, the keyboard still won’t work. Try reconnecting the smart keyboard with your iPad. Plug it out to disconnect the keyboard and then plug in again to reconnect. To do the reconnection process correctly, keep the on-screen keyboard open. When you disconnect the keyboard, the on-screen keyboard will disappear and appears again when you reconnect it. Reconnecting the smart keyboard may fix the not working issue.

Hard reset your iPad

A hard resetting or Force restart is completely different from the usual restart. The task is easy to accomplish, and thus, it is the simplest way to fix the iPad smart keyboard not working issue. Here is to reset an iPad.

Resetting an iPad having a Home button:

  1. Put your one finger on the Home button and one on Power button.
  2. Press both the buttons together.
  3. Keep pressing until the iPad restarts.

Resetting an iPad doesn’t have a Home button:

  1. Press and release the ‘Volume+’ button of your iPad.
  2. Now, press and release the ‘Volume-‘ button of your iPad.
  3. Then, press the ‘Power’ button and hold it down until the iPad restarts.

You’ve successfully hard or force reset your iPad, now once again check if the keyboard starts working or still your iPad saying, “The device doesn’t support this accessory.”

Reset Settings

Before you reset all the settings, try resetting iMessage from your iPad’s settings. If resetting iMessage doesn’t do anything proceed with the below steps.

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ of your iPad.
  2. Click on ‘General’ settings.
  3. Scroll down and click on ‘Reset.’
  4. On the Reset screen, you’ll see different resetting options, click on ‘Reset All Settings.’

This will reset all the settings you’ve made, as well as the settings that cause your smart keyboard to work.

Update your iPad

If any incompatibility or driver creating the issue, then updating will fix it. Here is how to update an iPad and fix smart keyboard not working or connecting issue.

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ of your iPad.
  2. Click on ‘General’ settings.
  3. Scroll down and click on ‘Software Update.’

Here you’ll get the new software update for your iPad, install it. After your iPad updates, use your smart keyboard.

Try a Third-party system recovery program (TenorShare ReiBoot)

Try this solution when each of the above fails to solve iPad smart keyboard not working issue. The ‘TenorShare ReiBoot’ is a third party system recovery program. Install the tool on your computer and fix your iPad.

Shery Williams is an employee at a top email service provider company in the day, and a technical writer at night. She is passionate about writing troubleshooting tips, beginner’s guides, news, and other articles on varied topics. She has written majorly on canon printer support, brother printer support and epson printer etc.


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How to Read Mobi Files on iOS device

You can read the MOBI files on iPhone or iPad with the help of the Kindle application and MOBI reader. You can easily open, view and read MOBI files by following the instructions mentioned below. Note that this procedure is only for iOS device users who wish to read the MOBI files.

Steps for Reading MOBI Files Through the Kindle Application

•    Send MOBI File to the Kindle.  The Kindle application will start showing MOBI books which you got from the Kindle application.

•    Go to the Mail application on the iOS device.

•    In case you are using any other application for email, then you need to open that application.

•    You have to enter the text which includes the MOBI file, now the content of the text starts showing on display.

•    Press on the Tap to Download button. It is located at the end of the text. After that, the Kindle symbol will now restore the “Tap to Download” message.

•    Press on the Kindle symbol. You will get this on the right-hand side of the “Tap to Download”  option.

•    Press on the Copy to Kindle button. You need to move with the symbols given at the upper side of the display for finding this button. After pressing on the button, it will start showing the MOBI file in the installed Kindle application.

Steps for Reading MOBI Files Through the MOBI Reader

•    Go to the App Store. It is located on the home display.

•    Press on the Search button. You will get this option at the end right-hand side of the display.

•    Enter mobi reader into the text field.

•    Press on the GET button given on the “MOBI Reader.” It resembles the application having an azure color symbol which indicates “MOBI” over the open book.

•    Press on the Install button. The MOBI Reader which is in the App Store starts its downloading process on iOS device.

•    Go to the downloaded MOBI Reader. In case you don’t close the App Store window, then press on the Open button. Additionally, press an azure color symbol on which MOBI is written.

•    Go to the folder which includes the MOBI file. In case you have downloaded the MOBI file from the default browsing application, then you will get it in the Recently Downloaded file.

•    In case the downloaded MOBI file is stored to one of the cloud programs, then you can also place them in the MOBI Reader. Press on the Edit button located at the upper right-hand side of the display, you need to choose the cloud program and after that, go through the guidelines mentioned on the screen.

•    Press on the MOBI file.

Harry Williams is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles for Wire-IT Solutions on NortonWebrootMcAfeeMicrosoft Office and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience. To get in touch with the internet security service provider, just dial 8443130904.

SOURCE- How to Read Mobi Files on iOS device

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How to Fix An iPad That Won’t Turn On

In case the iPad mini is not able to turn on once you press the Home button, then you can solve this issue in a few seconds. You can get rid of this issue, and the iPad start turning on again after following the instructions mentioned below.


Solutions for iPad Not Turning On

  • In case the “Home” button is not responding, the iPad mini gets turned off. You should try clicking on the “Sleep” or “Wake” button located at the upper side of the iPad, and you have to wait for the “Apple” symbol to show before turning off.
  • You turn on the iPad, but you are not able to see the display because of the low brightness of the iPad. You should move the iPad to any room which is too dark and after that, start trying to change the brightness setting. In case you had updated the iPad to the iOS 12 version, then go down from the top right-hand side of the display. If you have iOS 11 or older version, then go down to the end of the screen.
  • When the users put their iPad Mini at any pace without locking off the screen, then the applications of their iPad starts running in the background which is low down the percentage of their iPad. The users could reduce the battery percentage of their iPad without working on their device. They have to check the top right side of their iPad where the remaining percentage of the battery symbol shows before you start plugging the iPad in its charger so that they will get to know what is happening before and after plugging the charger in the socket. The users have to check the following things:
  • In case the battery symbol turns into red color instead of green, then this means the percentage of the battery is decreasing or very low. The users should not remove the charger from the iPad until the red color gets turned into green. It might be possible that the problems get solved after following this procedure.


  • In case the display is turning into black, and you are not able to see the red color battery symbol, then the iPad is not able to get turn on because of the low battery. You have to charge the battery overnight so that the battery gets successfully charge.
  • In case you are using the iPad in the car which is in the hot temperature, or come out from the cold temperature, then the iPad gets turned off or decline to charge. You should bring the iPad to normal temperature before you turning it on or plugging the charger into it.
  • It is possible that the iPad charger is full of dust and it will stop the charger from pair with the iPad. You should use the wooden toothpicks for cleaning the charger dock.
  • In case you had tried switching the iPad on by clicking on the “Sleep” or “Wake” button, and you had charged the iPad battery overnight, but you had not to get rid of this problem, then you should try the reset procedure. Go through the steps mentioned below to know how to do it:
  • Click the Sleep or Wake key and Home key together.
  • Do not release the keys until you get the “Apple” symbol on the screen. You will first get the slider option, or it might be possible that the iPad display turns into black, but you have to click on the “Home” key and “Sleep or Wake” key together till you get the “Apple symbol which will take few seconds to appear on display.
  • After the “Apple” symbol starts showing on display, then leave both the keys.
  • The iPad screen will get turn on, and you can start using the iPad after completing the procedure.

Bob Martin is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at office.com/setup.

Source:- iPAD

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Apple is one of the amazing brands in the present situation. It has set an ideal benchmark by turning into the smash hit in the business. iPad is fundamental, contact screen gadget which is structured and created by Apple Inc. By taking assistance from Call Apple Support group you can lead sufficient assignment on a solitary stage as it incorporates different highlights like web surfing gets and send messages etc. On the off chance that you need any sort of assistance, you may contact the iPad Customer Support team for moment delight.

iPad Support Number +1-855-557-0666 for renovation iPad Pro, iPad mini and iPad air support by Call Apple Support. We give all day, every day iPad customer support for iTunes. Call Apple Customer Support Service Number for any issues Apple iPad issues.


iPad Customer Support Service for The issues of iPad:

• Support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth not working in iPad
• Support for iPad Pro misfortunes cell network
• Support for powerless to get messages and messages on iPad
• Support for no stable from the gadget
• Support for photograph collections never again adjust
• Support for not ready to refresh outsider application
• Support for erasing the use of no utilization

How to Solve: Step to Step fix iPhone Cellular Data Network

Best Solutions Through iPad Customer Support:

Apple iPad is a standout amongst the most slanting things available today that has demonstrated to have a fortification in the expanding tablet advertise. On the off chance that we contrast Apple and different associations, you will discover less hitches in this brand. In the event that you need any kind of help in regards to our tablets, at that point, you may contact us through iPad Technical Support number 1-855-557-0666 which is qualified, devoted and flexible in giving total and positive arrangements in less time.

• Freezing of screen while utilizing the iPad.
• Issues in associating with Wi-Fi.
• Disappearing of Apple pencil battery gadget.
• Connectivity issue and no framework or application sound.
• Hindrances in playing recordings and survey pictures.
• Crashing of safari program.
• Glitches with Airdrop.
• Crashing of the camera application.
• When iPad expert isn't charging.
• Poor battery life.

24*7 Accessibility of Apple iPad Support Services:

We give online remote specialized help to all scope of iPad models and forms. Our iPad Customer Support group of professionals which is exceptionally experienced ensured and is a standout amongst the best in the business. We are outsider help specialist co-op and dependable feel value having the most elevated goals rate in the business. Interface by approaching iPad Support Number 1-855-557-0666 which is toll-free and experts are available 24*7 Hours.

Our Other Service:
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iTunes Support Number:

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Apple is a big brand and one of the reputed company in the world for technology. They are offering the best Apple iPhone, iTunes, MacBook and many more devices for. Guys every product is an electrical device and sometimes creates some issues. Our Support team is ready to resolve your issues. Call Apple Support number 1-855-557-0666 is the best iPad technical support and all Apple device support service provider. Done take stress, just click a call.


Some Common issues in your iPad Device:

Everybody experiences difficulty with their iPad now and again. Here are the most widely recognized issues we've run over with simple steps to fix them:

Your iPad will not start:

There are numerous things that can keep your iPad from turning on. The two most normal are the battery is dead, or the gadget is solidified in suspend mode. The first activity is to play out a reset on the gadget. You should then observe the Apple logo and the iPad should boot up and control on. You should connect the iPad to a divider outlet utilizing the first power connector and check whether the gadget will turn on. This may take as long as 20 minutes in the event that it totally depleted.
Read More: How to Install Software in iPhone Device

iPad won't connect to iTunes:

1. First, ensure you have the most recent version of iTunes introduced on your PC or iPad. To check for accessible updates of iTunes on a Mac, go to iTunes > Check for Updates. On Windows, go to Help > Check for Updates. Next restart the iPad.

Power off the gadget by holding the rest/wake catch until the red slider shows up.

Slide your finger over the slider and iPad shut down after a couple of minutes.

If the iPad isn't reacting we would then be able to reset the iPad by holding the rest/wake catch and holding the home key at the same time for 10 seconds.

Start your iPad and reconnect.

Check your USB associations with ensuring you are legitimately interfacing with your PC and that the link is in great condition.

Next, we can take a stab at detaching your iPad and restarting your PC.

If every step fails then you have to go at uninstalling iTunes and reinstalling the application on your iPad or PC.

iPad Wi-Fi isn't Working Properly:

To begin with, ensure Wi-Fi is empowered in your iPad settings menu.

First, Turn on and off your iPad.

If that doesn't work, attempt to restore your gadget's settings by holding the home key with the rest/wake key.

If your iPad is trouble interfacing with one explicit system, endeavor to compel the iPad to overlook that arrange.

iPad Screen is Freezing:

A standout amongst the most well-known issue with the iPad is the point at which the gadget was frozen. On the off chance that this doesn't work, endeavor to reset your iPad by holding the home key and the rest/wake catch in the meantime. On the off chance that it's as yet solidified, you can associate your iPad and PC and use iTunes to reestablish the OS.

iPad won't Charge:

For some situation, you may find that your iPad isn't charging. The most widely recognized issue is numerous USB ports on more established PCs don't supply enough capacity to the iPad. In the event that it does in any case not charge in the wake of buying another power connector, you should contact Apple as the iPad may have an electrical equipment issue.

Brisk Cure through Apple iPad Customer Support Number:

There are various clients who are troubling iPad issues regarding hardware and software. Call Apple Support to have the best and professional technician. You can call our iPad Customer support number 1-855-557-0666 and get the best solutions. don't need to stress and you ought to legitimately contact at our iPad support number which is sure about giving ideal yields in a less time which will be exceptionally useful for the clients as it is accessible 24/7throughout the year.

Who We Are & How to Contact Us?

Call Apple Support is a group of autonomous Apple support USA specialists. An ideal iPad technical support that you can depend on, Our technical support team are providing the best solution with step by step and communicated on this site are simply our exploration. Dial 1-855-557-0666 number and get every solution 24*7 hours.

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Reference Link: https://call-applesupport.com/how-to-fix-common-issues-in-ipad/
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