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How To Make Your Bathroom Sparkle With Downlights

Every homeowner should have gentle and shadow-free light in the bathroom. Well-heeled and stylish downlights will enhance your showering space. These have been a common accessory in many kitchens but they work well in your bathroom too. With downlights, the bulb is housed above the ceiling in a sealed container known as a can. With no sealing, the hot air generated by the bulb will go into the ceiling void and poses a fire risk. Have a look at how to make your bathroom sparkle with downlights.


What’s the real story?

In modern downlights, installation is done by pushing the can into a suitably sized hole drilled in the ceiling. This is usually secured by clips. This makes it easy in case there’s work to be done, you can pull the can from the ceiling. The length of the cable can support this and ensure to follow electrical regulations picking downlights for your bathroom. Sometimes, there are limitations on the fittings to use in certain bathroom areas. These regulations are based on IP rating.

Types of lights

There’re halogen and LED downlights. However, LED downlights are more energy efficient. Regardless of the kind of downlights you choose, ensure to get an accurate rendition of skin tones. LED lights offer adequate and ambient light in your bathroom. If you’re considering enjoying dim light in your bathroom, then you can go for halogen lights. However, low voltage downlights can get dimmed using an add-on kit easily accessible in the market. You will have to have dimmer switches installed in your bathroom.

There’s a catch

Apart from providing flexibility in the bathroom lighting, LED bathroom downlights IP65 will keep your power bills under control. In a bathroom, you can restrict to a maximum of 12 volts. However, it’s always better to opt for lower voltage for your bathroom lighting. Low voltage lessens the impact of injury in case of an electrical shock. It would be disastrous in case of accidents and you have high voltage lights in your bathroom.

How to install bathroom LED downlights?

The recommended spacing between downlights is 6 to 7 feet. The lights also have to be placed in between joists. However, this should not make you fall prey to runway lighting. Well, some few people are fine with this but it’s not the best look having an airport runway across your bathroom ceiling. So, keep note of this when you begin planning to have downlights in your bathroom. The lights have to be placed about 3 feet from the edge of the ceiling. It will avoid the lights casting ugly shadows. Furthermore, it will also create more highlights in your bathroom to their glory.


Let nothing stop you from being creative with your bathroom lighting schemes as long as you take safety into consideration. Make sure to find a reputable supplier for bathroom downlights which will play a significant role in enhancing the lighting effect in your bathroom.

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