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Enjoy Learning Japanese Kanji

Enjoy Learning Japanese Kanji: Discover their Hidden Meanings 1st Edition

This is a new, highly visual, fun way using pictures and jigsaw pieces to learn written Kanji by learning the meaning of 250 characters that combine to form hundreds more. To say that characters are pictograms based on the shape of objects might make you think they must be memorized one by one. But as English has an alphabet, Kanji has about 250 basic and radical characters. Remember that you can combine these characters or use them to break down thousands of others so you can easily read, write and understand them. This book was written to help you understand the origin and usage of 250 Chinese characters. Now you can recall instead of memorize. By learning how these Kanji came to be, you can then also learn how adding a certain component changes the meaning.

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Chinese character; Kanji; Japanese; Japanese; Hanja; Hanzi

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Enjoy Learning Chinese Characters

Enjoy Learning Chinese Characters: Discover their Hidden Meanings (English and Chinese Edition) 2nd edition, 2013 Edition

FUN AND EASY WAY TO WRITE CHINESE! Learn Chinese characters with pictograms of 250 well-known root characters added to 3000 other characters.
-856 most frequently-encountered characters in Chinese
-Color coding system
-Full color illustrations
-Character stroke order
-Hanyu pinyin Romanization
-Compatible with levels 1-3 of the Chinese language proficiency test (HSK) standard.

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Chinese characters; Hanzi; Chinese; Chinese Language; Mandarin
Enjoy Learning Chinese Characters

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