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Wallpaper actually began in ancient China, first because the Chinese invented paper, and secondly because they glued rice paper onto their walls as early as 200 B.C. Amazingly wallpaper and wall coverings are still being used in creative ways today. Wallpaper represents a rich history of artisans and designers, and has a proud heritage of tradition around the world.
Around 30 years ago nearly every tastefully designed home was covered with a great deal of wallpaper. The tide then changed, and wallpaper treatment greatly diminished in interior design. The pendulum now, however has swung back in the direction of wallpaper. At Marilyn H. Rose Interiors, we like to follow the trends, but in our own unique way. We frequently incorporate wallpaper in our Long Island, Hamptons, and N.Y.C. apartment interior design projects for varied effects.
Wall coverings can be used to add drama. It can be utilized to add pattern to boring shelves or as a backdrop, using a beautiful motif to the subtlest texture.

JPM Design


Wallpaper can dictate the style of a space. For example, it can complement a mid-century modern, contemporary, traditional, transitional or art deco design.

 Mid-Century www.interbluemusic.com

Art-Deco www.wowwallpaperhanging.com

 Transitional metalli www.decorpad.com

Contemporary www.hdwallsource.com

At Marilyn H. Rose Interiors accent walls are one of our favorite ways to implement color, style and originality to a room without being overpowering.




In addition, wallpaper can bring the outdoors in. There are so many creative wallcoverings that will add the beauty and serenity of nature to your space.



Finally, we also like to use the wallpaper itself as hanging art. Lovely frames can be added to create outstanding pieces of art to any room! This approach is definitely a unique, unexpected and often times inexpensive design addition to any space.



These are just a few examples of how wallpaper can play a huge role in enhancing interior design.  Be creative, have fun and you too can utilize wallpaper in a way that will display your own unique style!

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Get trusted and professional interior design services across the Long Island, the Hamptons, Manhattan, and Palm Beach and beyond.Marilyn Rose is experienced interior designer in Long island NY

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At The Auction

Going once, Going twice……..Sold! That is what was heard on Tuesday evening, October 30th at Echoes Antiques and Auction Gallery in Seaford N.Y. Members of the Marilyn H. Rose Interiors team scoured the auction house one day prior to the scheduled auction to preview the items in person. This particular auction included quite a bit of nostalgia. As we perused the items, I felt a sentimental yearning for a former time. Vintage tin lithographed lunch boxes, 1950’s J. Chien Hercules wind up ferris wheel, Westinghouse Coca Cola refrigerator, and Gilbert and Barker Model T-8 gas pump, were just a few items examined on this sentimental journey.

We arrived about an hour early on auction night to evaluate the competition and perform our final inspection. To encourage the audience’s feelings of nostalgia, there was even a gentleman dressed as a “soda jerk” carrying a colorful tray of drinks and ice cream sundaes greeting the crowd!

1950s Style Dinner Table and Booth

Our anticipation for the auction was heightened by the ”like yesterday” atmosphere. In addition, at Marilyn H Rose Interiors in some of our interior design Long Island, and Hamptons interior design we frequently like to mix elements from different eras. Iconic pieces often define and play an important role in the character of a space. We love to create an environment that evokes pleasant memories for our clients by providing a familiar and comfortable environment to live in. This particular auction was the perfect place to acquire some of those sentimental pieces.
As the auction proceeded, we anxiously awaited the sale of item #22- a National Candy Shop cash register restored in a Pepsi Cola motif, and #36- a Wurlitzer Juke Box in excellent working condition.

When the auctioneer began the description of item #22, my heart fluttered, and my arm flew up waving bidder paddle #74. With baited breath, I continued my battle, keeping in mind my bid cap. To my surprise and happiness, we secured both the desired cash register and juke box with the winning bid!
These two nostalgic items will certainly be a great addition to the home theater that we are designing for one of our clients! ,Marilyn H. Rose Interiors will definitely now be able to add charm and character in a creative way to this new space. Through the auction process you too will be able to design an amazing space with a unique twist, or let us find those awesome pieces for you. Email: Mhroseltd@Aol.Com

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Marilyn Rose is experienced interior designer in Long island NY. Get trusted and professional interior design services across the Long Island, the Hamptons, Manhattan, and Palm Beach and beyond.

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Roland Auctions NY

Going once, Going twice……..Sold! Auctions are a great way to enrich contemporary, or any design with timeless antiques. At Marilyn H. Rose Interiors, we frequently attend auctions to find those special pieces. Incorporating antiques into contemporary settings can add character, charm, and history to an otherwise cold interior. Over the years, we have successfully utilized many of our finds in our interior design Long Island and Hamptons interior design.

Roland Auctions NY

We like to visit the auction house a few days prior to the event for a preview. A catalogue is provided with descriptions, dimensions, and a number for each item that will be sold at the auction. Dimensions of the pieces are very helpful in allowing you to decide beforehand whether items that you may be interested in will be appropriate for your design project. In addition, other items may be purchased for future designs. With catalogue in hand and a numbered paddle, we can return to our studio and educate ourselves prior to auction day. Doing your homework is very important! Try to familiarize yourself with the pieces that you desire, and their value.

#36 Provincial –Style slipper chair with leopard upholstery A “wow” addition to a traditional design.

Marilyn H. Rose Interiors, we have learned that to avoid getting caught up in the bidding frenzy it is a
good idea to make a notation in the catalogue next to the items that you are interested in with your price cap.
This is a great auction tip to help avoid buyer’s remorse!

#315 Modern Mirrored vanity, mirror and bench What a great addition these pieces would be for a “Glam Design”!

Buying at an auction has economic advantages too! An auction allows one to bypass the middleman. These auction pieces would sell at a much higher price if purchased in a retail shop. In addition to the economic advantages, buying at auction also allows us to continue in our goal at Marilyn H. Rose Interiors to support sustainability in our designs. Recycling and upcycling formerly loved items is a great way to incorporate “green” design.
At Marilyn H. Interiors we love to elevate our designs with unexpected or original finds to create truly dynamic spaces. The auction house is a great place to acquire that perfect piece. We hope that you will explore auctions for your space, pick up a paddle and bid on an item that truly enhances your design. Good Luck!

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Trusted and professional Hamptons and Long Island Interior Design firm NYC. Marilyn Rose is experienced interior designer and specialized in single room, grand estate, pied-a-terres, sleek contemporary apartments and traditionally classic estates.

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Transforming A House Into A “Home”

Our client and her young daughter love to spend time by the water picking up seashells, and watching the ships sail by. So when the opportunity arose to purchase a waterfront home near family, she jumped at the chance!
However, after the initial excitement of her new purchase subsided, our client faced the sad reality that her newly acquired house did not feel like her “home”, neither inside nor out. Thankfully M.H. Rose Interiors, known for our Hamptons Interior Design, and Long Island Interior Design was hired to provide the life preserver! With the assistance of Architect Peter Nesfield, the transformation began, converting a cold contemporary home into a Hamptons Shingle-Style, with gambrel roof lines, simple columns, and classic architectural details

Transitioning from exterior to interior, the magical transformation continued. The white tubular staircase morphed into a graceful sweeping staircase. The dark walnut handrail and decorative white posts, will now definitely make for a lovely photo op on prom night!

Moving into the kitchen, there are more dramatic changes to be seen. The dated white contemporary cabinets were replaced with rich white traditional cabinets, adorned with details that are a feast for the eyes! Elegantly carved corbels, flank the range hood and window, while the island was embellished with gorgeous Corinthian pilasters. The dark walnut floors are in stark contrast with the white cabinetry and marble countertops, for a real pop!

To unify the open plan kitchen and dining room design, the dark walnut floors flow seamlessly, while the cane back island stools, dining chairs, and intricately carved dining room table maintain the traditional style throughout.

The new den design combines the client’s desire for both elegance and comfort. The fireplace has been transformed from drab to fab, with a French mantle, and exquisite
custom cabinetry. Above the fireplace, dore’ bronze antique sconces and alabaster urns resting on the mantle add to the elegance, while the plush green textured sofa, chairs and buttery leather ottoman add to the comfort. What a wonderful room for family and friends to gather and create new memories!

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Marilyn Rose -Trusted and professional Hamptons and Long Island Interior Design firms NYC. She is experienced interior designer and specialized in single room, grand estate, pied-a-terres, sleek contemporary apartments and traditionally classic estates.

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Sustainable Design

Sustainability begins at home. Interior designers have a tremendous impact on the sustainability of our environment. From furniture, fabric, and finishes the designer can select eco- friendly products that truly beautify the home while leaving a positive imprint on the environment. At Marilyn H. Rose Interiors when designing our Hamptons interior design, and Long Island interior design projects, we are always conscious of following design principles, so we can assist in building a better, more sustainable future!
From a sustainability perspective, it’s imperative that we choose materials and products with the lowest environmental impact. An excellent example is bamboo flooring. It is not only beautiful but is quickly renewable. Natural fiber rugs made from grasses or fibers like sisal, wool, jute, hemp and recycled tiles, are other examples of stylish sustainable floor options.

Example of beautiful bamboo flooring:


Organic green materials such as wood, natural stone and cork are also great choices for interior design projects.

Moratto adhesive backed patterned cork tile by Sustainable Design is a great option for color and texture:


Sustainable Materials Secoro Cork Leather Sofa below:


Reducing energy consumption is also an important aspect of sustainable design. To save money and energy spent on lighting, we may try to incorporate paler hues in our color scheme. These paler colors will reflect more light, while darker wall and décor need more artificial lighting. Reflective surfaces such as mirrors, allow more light to bounce off surfaces and therefore, require less lighting. At Marilyn H. Rose Interiors we have often sourced LED lighting that take sustainable design to the next level!

Valeo LED floor lamp by Cerno combines natural wood and metallic elements:


Link Suspension light by LZF is made of flexible wood:


Today’s landfills are overflowing with trash, furniture and other waste. Fortunately, at Marilyn H. Rose Interiors our design style incorporates many antiques, vintage décor, and reupholstered furniture, which all are excellent ways to reduce waste by using reclaimed or recycled materials

Marilyn H. Rose Interiors incorporates a stunning antique Maria Teresa crystal chandelier into a client’s new foyer design below:


Marilyn H. Rose Interiors flanks a custom gold leaf console table by antique bronze sconces below:


We hope you now see that a sustainable design does not have to sacrifice a beautiful design. At Marilyn H. Rose Interiors we are always on the hunt for the best eco-friendly, sustainable interior design techniques to reduce our carbon footprint, allowing for a greater positive environmental impact!

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Trusted and professional Hamptons and Long Island Interior Design firm NYC.

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Revisiting an Old Friend

When you connect with a client through quality design that prevails for almost two decades, you can usually expect a repeat customer. Durable fabrics, well made furniture, and comfortable design allowed this family room to endure and shine for five very active children from infancy to college coeds! At Marilyn H. Rose interiors, when it comes to our Interior Design Long Island and Hamptons Interior Design projects, a room designed for an entire family to create lifetime of memories is one of our favorites!We initially designed this family room in a very traditional style to blend well with the rest of this lovely home.

Hamptons Interior Design Long Island

However, now the clients would like to change it up a bit with a more transitional approach. A challenge that we are definitely up for. We will incorporate furniture lines that are simple, yet sophisticated, featuring either straight lines or rounded profiles. New fabric patterns, designs and textures will facilitate transition into the transitional. The color scheme will incorporate rich blues, buttery creams, and possibly an animal print for a fun pop! With the family room open to the kitchen, this new palate will also compliment the elegant window treatments previously designed by MHR Interiors pictured below.

Since technology has grown in leaps and bounds in the past two decades, we also need to address these changes in our new design. Televisions have lost their enormous bulk, and have evolved in sleek flat screens that no longer require deep housing in custom cabinetry. We will rework the dark, rich cabinetry, still pristine to address these advances. For visual interest we will adorn the shelves with unique accessories in a more transitional style.

Finally, as families grow, their hobbies do too! For this large family, golf has become a major passion, and storage has become a major issue. A dilemma that designers often face, beauty versus function! At MHR Interiors we have come up with an ideal solution. A storage closet constructed and designed in the same handsome style as the cabinetry that already exists in the room will hide away the clutter while maintaining the beauty.

Remember revisiting an old friend does not necessarily mean out with the old and in with the new. A change in style and family needs can still incorporate original pieces with new additions, blending styles throughout the home in a creative way. Looking forward to sharing how our new design turns out!

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Trusted and professional Hamptons and Long Island Interior Design firm NYC. Marilyn Rose is experienced interior designer and specialized in single room, grand estate, pied-a-terres, sleek contemporary apartments and traditionally classic estates.

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From Tween to Teenage Dream

We love when we receive a call from a past client looking to revamp or refresh a space we previously designed for them. After all, change is good! It’s so much fun to grow with our clients while challenging ourselves as designers to meet their changing needs. Trends in NYC Apartment Interior Design, Hamptons Interior Design, and Interior Design Long Island are ever evolving – as are our clients’ children! For one of our latest projects, we transformed our clients’ daughter’s and son’s room, taking it from “tween” to “teenage dream”!
When these rooms were previously designed, whimsical hand-painted murals covered the walls from floor to ceiling. Though beautiful at the time, for a young boy growing into a man, we knew we had to make some changes! In their son’s bedroom, we replaced the murals with a sophisticated navy and white pinstripe wall-covering, and accented the headboard wall with a navy stripe wallpaper, in a much larger scale. We updated the window treatments using coordinating navy and white fabric in a houndstooth pattern, and created a box pleat valance to give the treatment a structured, masculine feel.

Marilyn Rose - Interior Design Long Island NY
We accented all of the navy and white used throughout the room with pops of green. We selected a solid green fabric for the shades of the window treatment, and chose a printed fabric to create some fun and fresh new bedding!

Marilyn Rose - NYC Apartment Interior Design

Marilyn H. Rose Hamptons Interior Design
We re-worked his furniture pieces, and updated his area rug to tie everything together! Stay tuned to see what accessories we selected to complete the look! For their daughter’s room, we decided to expand on the whimsical design of the murals, and designed the beautiful “star-studded” window treatments you see pictured below! We selected three coordinating fabrics in pretty patterns of pale pink and green. We used these same fabrics to create beautiful new bed treatments with an undeniable charm.

Hamptons Interior Designer - Marilyn Rose
NYC Apartment Interior Design


Again we utilized the room’s existing furniture, and replaced the existing area rug with one that coordinates with the new fabrics. A room refresh doesn’t require starting from scratch! You can re-work existing pieces to fit new needs, and update only what’s necessary to create the look you desire. We love how these spaces turned out – leave us a comment if you do too!

Author Bio:
Trusted and professional Hamptons and Long Island Interior Design Firms NYC. Marilyn Rose is experienced interior designer and specialized in single room, grand estate, pied-a-terres, sleek contemporary apartments and traditionally classic estates.  
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Seasonal Design

When designing for our Hamptons Interior Design and Long Island Interior Design projects, we love to take into account the personality of our clients and the location of their homes. Incorporating the exterior beauty surrounding the home into the design of its interior is a wonderful way to create an environment fit for its owner! One of our favorite projects to date was the interior decorating of a home set by the sea! Loving the beautiful beaches and blue waters of Long Island as much as wedo here at Marilyn H. Rose Interiors, we couldn’t wait to “dive in” to this design !

To set the tone for the theme of our design, we started by framing the home’s entry with two tiered shelves accented with a selection of seashells in various shapes and sizes collected by our clients, giving it a personal look. The symmetry created by using these two shelves helps to elicit feelings of calm and balance within the space much like the beautiful blue water of the sea.

We carried these natural hues into the home’s kitchen using a pale blue upholstery fabric on all of the seating, as well as utilizing a neutral color palette in the patterned fabric selected for the kitchen’s window treatment and cabinetry. We kept the walls and flooring light while creating contrast by using darker woods on the kitchen chairs and island. This again creates the sense of “balance” we previously spoke about!It was important to us to keep the window treatment above the big kitchen windows simple, as to not distract from the beauty already existing outside. Here’s a closer look:

One of our favorite rooms to design was the home’s living room. We had so much fun creating and accessorizing the beautiful built-in wall unit. We filled the shelves with our client’s lovely collection of archipelago bird statues mixed with a selection of seashells and books!

To personalize the piece to fit our client’s personality and laid-back lifestyle, we had a fun wave motif carved into the millwork across the top of the fireplace, as well as a shell motif. As the saying goes, “make it simple, but significant” .Small details can have a big impact on a project’s design!

We used mosaic tiles to create a wave motif in the home’s bathroom as well!

Your home should be a reflection of everything you love. There are so many ways to incorporate bits and pieces of your personality into every project! We hope this blog inspires you to do some decorating of your own. Now go on and “seas” the day!

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Trusted and professional Hamptons and Long Island Interior Design firm NYC. Marilyn Rose is experienced interior designer and specialized in single room, grand estate, pied-a-terres, sleek contemporary apartments and traditionally classic estates.
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“Cheers” to Fifty Years!

At Marilyn H. Rose Interiors, we like to celebrate in style. And if you ask us, there’s nothing better than a destination celebration! Our very own Stacey P. Walker just turned fifty (and fabulous) in the beautiful country of Ireland! And lucky for us, she documented her trip with some of the most inspiring pics! Here’s a look at some of her most memorable moments …

The Library of Trinity College, Dublin:

“Stunning” doesn’t even begin to describe this space! Libraries are one of our favorite rooms to design when it comes to our Interior Design Long Island and Hamptons Interior Design projects. And The Long Room in the Library of Trinity College undoubtedly sparks our creativity and imagination for future designs! It is not only the largest library in Ireland, but happens to be where you can find the famous “Book of Kells”. The Long Room houses 200,000 of the library’s oldest books, and is lined with 14 marble busts of philosophers, writers, and men who have supported Trinity College.

The beautiful barrel vaulted ceiling was added in 1860 to hold additional books when the original shelves of The Long Room became full. A distinctive ceiling elevates any space, adding extra glamour and drama to a room! Here are some ways in which we incorporated arches into past projects!

The Bank on College Green, Dublin:

Keeping in line with the beautiful architecture of Ireland is the intricate and detailed design of The Bank on College Green. The Bank’s exterior is Franco-Scottish, and is one of Dublin’s unique and rare examples of Scottish sandstone. The extraordinary interior is comprised of a stained glass ceiling, mosaic tiled floors, and beautifully hand-carved plasterwork and cornicing.

We love to incorporate mosaic tiles in our Interior Design Long Island NY design projects. The patterns, colors, and designs of mosaics allow us to add creativity and versatility to a project. A fresh and fun way to personalize any design! Here’s a look at previous projects utilizing mosaic tiles:

Jameson Distillery, Midleton:

When in Ireland! One of our favorite things about design is the ability to exercise our creativity and think outside the box. We love to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary, and the Jameson Distillery in Midleton did just that! The home of Jameson Irish Whiskey, this beautiful building is filled with “barrels” of fun and furniture pieces created from some unique objects! 

There is so much more we could share, but we hope you enjoyed this introduction into some of Ireland’s most amazing interiors and architecture! Wishing our Stacey the happiest of birthdays! 50 never felt so fun!


Author Bio:

Trusted and professional Hamptons and Long Island Interior Design Firms NYC. Marilyn Rose is experienced interior designer and specialized in single room, grand estate, pied-a-terres, sleek contemporary apartments and traditionally classic estates.

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“Fall” in Love …

With These Tips for Transitioning your Space from Summer to Fall!

With September right around the corner, we can’t help but start thinking about all of our Fall favorites! From pumpkin spice lattes, to cozy knit sweaters, there’s so much that all of us here at Marilyn H. Rose Interiors are looking forward to. And just as the leaves change their color, it’s the perfect time to change the look and feel of your home! Here are some fast and fun ways to spruce up your space for the season!


(Inspiration Image via. Pinterest)


We love accessorizing our clients’ sofas and chairs with the perfect pairings of pillows! It’s a wonderful way to carry color throughout a room and “cozy up” a space. Pick pillows that mimic the beautiful colors of the Fall season! Adding rich tones of reds, browns, and oranges will warm up any room. Playful patterns and textures creates visual interest and intrigue – we use them in almost every Hamptons Interior Design and NYC Apartment Interior Design project!


The perfect throw blanket will not only keep you warm and give you a great excuse for snuggling up on the couch, but just like a good pair of pillows – the different textures and colors of throw blankets can warm up any space! Faux fur blankets can make a bolder statement, while a handwoven throw is a more subtle approach to accessorizing.

Area Rugs:

Area Rugs are another great way to incorporate color and texture into a room – with the added benefit of preventing cold feet from walking on bare tile and hardwood floors! We all love layering our clothing in the Fall season, but did you know you can layer your area rugs, too?! This design trend allows you to mix and match various colors and textures to create contrast within a space.


Switching your bedding from summer sheets, to comfy comforters is a quick and easy way to transform your bedroom! Setting a throw blanket on the edge of your bed can add just enough texture without going overboard. Mix and match different textures of similar tones for a look you’ll love!


What better way to add warmth to any area than by lighting a candle? The glow of a brightly lit candle illuminates your space and creates the perfect ambiance for unwinding after a long work day. All you need is a good book and a glass of wine, and you’re good to go!

We hope you’ll give these design tips a try! We’re sure you’ll “fall” in love with the results!

Author Bio:

Trusted and professional Hamptons and Long Island Interior Design Firms NYC. Marilyn Rose is experienced interior designer and specialized in single room, grand estate, pied-a-terres, sleek contemporary apartments and traditionally classic estates.

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Shades of Rosé: Part Two

Back in May, we had the honor of participating in the Shades of Rose Fundraiser presented by Stark and Scalamandré, benefitting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, Komen Greater NYC focuses on innovative programs “that provide patient navigation/case management for screening and treatment, and support programs that provide crucial support services including transportation, financial assistance, meals for patients and their families, legal assistance and programs that eliminate barriers to clinical trials.  Komen Greater NYC also invests in health systems for comprehensive health insurance, funds for low cost and free breast care, and the creation of equipped multi-modal breast care facilities”.  (www.komennyc.org)

The fight against Breast Cancer is one that is near and dear to our hearts, and we couldn’t have been more excited to design an item for auction to help fundraise for this amazing organization! 25 talented Interior Designers created designs for the event ranging from furniture pieces to fashion items, all exemplifying the fun spirit of Interior Design Long Island. We saw so many perfect pieces to use in a Hamptons Interior Design or NYC Apartment Interior Design project as well! We chose to venture out into the world of wearable fashion for the night! Here’s what we designed!

With the help of our workroom, and the talented Roe Agnese Gardner, we created this beautiful evening wrap and matching clutch! We thought it was the perfect choice for the elegant Scalamandré fabric we selected from the Stark Designer’s Luncheon. A big “Thank You!” to Fabricut for donating a lovely liner fabric to match, and Samuel & Son’s for donating one of their fabulous trims! It was such a fun and exciting process to see our design transition from concept to execution! We’re in love with how it turned out! Tell us what you think! Would you pair these items with your favorite little black dress?

For a little extra added sparkle, we pinned our wrap using this stunning St. John’s brooch!

The evening was as beautiful as the designs. The auction was hosted by Storage Wars’ John Luke and the gorgeous Elisa DiStefano of News 12 Long Island, and the entire Stark Showroom was transformed into a stunning night club illuminated in pink! The beautiful and brave Ann Caruso was honored at the event. It was a privilege to hear her share her story of triumph as a two-time cancer survivor. Her positivity and spirit radiated throughout the room!

It was a night filled with inspiration and love, and we are grateful to Stark and Scalamandré for asking us to be a part of it. We had a wonderful time! To learn more about the Susan G. Komen Foundation and their fundraising efforts, visit: ww5.komen.org

Author Bio:

Marilyn Rose -Trusted and professional Hamptons and Long Island Interior Design firms NYC. She is experienced interior designer and specialized in single room, grand estate, pied-a-terres, sleek contemporary apartments and traditionally classic estates.

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The Perfect Mix

There are so many elements that make up a great room, and finding all the perfect pieces to fit together is more difficult than it looks! As interior designers, it’s our job to source the best options from all of our vendors, and make sure that they all work together in harmony – the flooring, window treatments, accessories, lighting, all the way down to the trim on the pillows!
At Marilyn Rose Interiors, we don’t like to create rooms that “match” – for example, using nightstands, dressers, and a headboard from the same exact set, or having a sofa, loveseat, and side chairs in the exact same shape and fabric. We prefer to use an eclectic mix of items that give the room balance and harmony.
This Manhattan apartment we designed is more on the contemporary side, with its glass-topped dining room table and unique artwork. We added a hammered metal tray above the sleek fireplace. This beautiful tray would fit in perfectly in a more traditional space as well, but in this contemporary apartment, it reads as chic and modern. It would be equally at home in a classic dining room or wood-paneled library. You could even turn it into a tray table! The same great accessory can read differently in different spaces.
In this formal living room, we added a bright contemporary art piece behind the sofa. This instantly changes the whole feel of the room! Mixing in contemporary art with classic finishes makes the room feel put-together and harmonious.
In this beautiful Hamptons living room, we mixed a range of traditional, transitional, and contemporary elements. The tufted sofa and silk stripe pillows are more on the classic side, but the dove gray walls brighten the space. The contemporary accessories and neutral window treatments help to balance the room
It takes a designer’s expert eye to coordinate all of the many elements of a room, and we love creating the “perfect mix” for our clients in every space we design.
Author Bio:
Marilyn Rose - Long Island, Hamptons Interior Designer Marilyn Rose has decades of interior design experience and know-how. Marilyn’s work has been seen in many top design magazines and television shows, along with her popular travel diary, Travels with Marilyn. She has completed projects across Long Island, the Hamptons, Manhattan, Palm Beach and beyond.
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Our Top Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen

Our Favorite Kitchens – and How We Accessorize Them

Kitchens have evolved over the past one hundred years from a closed-off space in the back of the house to the center of the home, both physically and emotionally. Even clients who don’t cook want a beautiful gourmet kitchen where the family can relax, chat, and eat their takeout dinners! 

We work with a few great cabinetry vendors here on Long Island that help us create the beautiful cabinetry in the kitchens we’ve designed. Many people want white kitchen cabinets now, so we try to jazz these up and keep them interesting with unique backsplashes, window treatments, and accessories.

Keep it Family-Centered:

Kitchen islands are a great way to keep the kids and family close on weeknights. Kids can sit at the island with their homework while mom and dad cook. The family can gather around the table for family dinners.

Keep it Easy for Entertaining:

Islands are also great for entertaining. It gives guests a spot to “perch” during casual get-togethers, and you can spread out your hors d’oeuvres on the top of the island.
If you have space in your kitchen, we recommend doing a second sink and dishwasher on the island. For big dinner parties, you’ll need that extra dishwasher!
Double ovens are also great for big parties and get-togethers. No more trying to cook the souffle with the chicken cordon bleu!
Don’t Forget the Windows:
Kitchens, unlike most rooms in the house, are full of “hard” decorating elements. Cabinets, floors, tile, a table, wooden chairs – there’s not much space for the “soft” decorating elements that warm up a room. A simple roman or valance on your kitchen window is a nice way to add a little bit of pattern or color in your space, and to warm it up.
At Marilyn Rose Interiors, one of our main decorating principles is using tiered lighting. In kitchens, you need lots of task lighting.
We don’t always love using a lot of recessed lighting (or high-hats) because it doesn’t always make you look your best – but in kitchens it’s great for task lighting. We recommend having a little bit of recessed lighting, layered with other task lighting.
You can layer the lighting with pendants over the sink and/or island, and a chandelier over the breakfast table. You can also add under-cabinet lighting, to help provide more light when doing your kitchen tasks like cutting or chopping.
We don’t suggest overloading your countertops with too many knick-knacks, but we do like adding a curated selection of pretty accessories. A contemporary fruit bowl; a unique vintage cookie jar; great transitional candlesticks; there are many gorgeous options you can use to help complement your space. You can check out our online shop to find some great kitchen accessories.
If you’re ready to design your dream kitchen with us, give us a call today! and
Author : Marilyn H. Rose
Author Bio:
Marilyn Rose - Long Island, Hamptons Interior Designer Marilyn Rose has decades of interior design experience and know-how. Marilyn’s work has been seen in many top design magazines and television shows, along with her popular travel diary, Travels with Marilyn. She has completed projects across Long Island, the Hamptons, Manhattan, Palm Beach and beyond.
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Nowadays, Limo Services are getting very popular because of their affordable rates and flexible services. Those who travel to and from the airport always need to reach at their destination quickly. Our chauffeurs are always present on promised time at decided place. Everyone wants to get the most for their money. Limo Service Hamptons provides very high class limo services at very reasonable prices. Whenever our client book our limo service for airport transport we take 100% care of them. Whatever the occasion, you need everything to run as smoothly as possible. Lots of people are daily arriving as well as departing from airport. There is a great need for transportation services here.


If you need a limo service on hourly basis, Hamptons Limousines’ East Hampton limo service is always there to provide you the desired service. Our clients are very grateful to us for receiving such respectful treatment and wonderful limousine services. Our chauffeurs are trained to be courtesy as well as accomplished in driving. Whatever may be the condition while you’re travelling, you can relax because our well trained chauffeurs are there to take care of it. While hiring our limousine service stay worry free, as you are dealing with a company that has a history of excellent customer service.


Hamptons Limousines’ Montauk limo service are usually hired by their clients for arriving in style in parties and various other special occasions. Hiring limousine is very much expensive in past days, but we have made available this luxurious service to all kind of people. You have to do only one thing which is - first determine what kind of limo you want from our limo service. We have many different sizes, many different models, and they all have a wide range of amenities. Nothing can add class to your transportation like hiring Limo Service Hamptons from us.


When it comes to wine tours and if there are kids with their parents while you’re on tour, we take special care for them. Children’s enjoy riding in a luxury vehicle that mirrors some of their favorite colors and lot of space. We have made all the wine tours successful with our best efforts. Enjoying the East Hampton limo service with a great limousine and a good driver, can turn that experience into something you will remember for the rest of your life; especially if it is attached to an important event. Booking limo in advance will help you to get the services at your desired time and also at affordable costs. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have an exciting travel experience with Hamptons Limousine Service.

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When designing a home, there are many important elements that require thoughtfulness and a designer’s eye: custom millwork, furniture layout, hardware selections, paint and wallpaper selections, and fabric choices. Once floors are laid, walls are painted, draperies hung, and furniture installed, it’s time for the final finishing touch: the accessories.

Selecting accessories and pillows might seem like a small job, but it truly makes all the difference in turning a house into a home. Without carefully chosen accessories, a home can seem empty. Poorly chosen accessories can make a room seem “off,” especially if they’re the wrong scale or color. In the worst case scenario, the wrong accessories can make an otherwise beautiful room seem cheaper and less sophisticated.
At Marilyn Rose Interiors, we take accessories selection very seriously. The accessories we choose for each room are intended to finish the space, reflect the life and style of the owners, and make each room that much more cozy and polished.
Throw pillows are an important part of accessories selection. We actually start the fabric selection process when we’re working on the rest of the drapery and upholstery fabric choices. We have our top craftsmen create fine custom throw pillows that perfectly complement each space. We use designer trims to make each pillow especially unique. Our beautiful custom throw pillows dress up even the simplest sofa or armchair. The best part about throw pillows is that if you tire of them after a few years, it’s fairly inexpensive to make new ones (especially when compared to the cost of getting a whole new sofa!).
One element of a room that we always love to dress up is the mantel. A mantel is a perfect spot for gorgeous accessories! We like to use unique candlesticks, antique girondelles, and other objets d’art to dress up mantles. Other pretty choices are beautiful picture frames or fine faux florals. A mantle is a natural focal point, so we want to ensure it’s properly accessorized.
Two beautiful mantles designed by Marilyn Rose Interiors.
Cocktail tables are another important accessorizing spot. Without accessories, they’re a large, blank space – when cocktail tables are left empty, the room seems empty. When they’re accessorized with a jumble of objects, they seem cluttered. We sometimes like to contain our cocktail table accessories with a beautiful tray. This prevents clutter, and is especially effective on upholstered items like an ottoman.
Other spots we accessorize for clients are side tables and entry tables. It’s important to choose a good mix of materials, scales, and object types to prevent these little vignettes from seeming too homogenous. For side tables, we like to use a table lamp, some sort of pretty object like a unique box or crystal sphere, and maybe a picture frame. For entry tables, a collection of picture frames and a floral element are nice touches to welcome guests into your home.
For a bar or butler’s pantry, antique decanters are always a good choice. A pretty tiered tray, like the one we used in this onyx-laden bar, adds a decorative element as well. For bathrooms, beautiful tissue boxes, hand towels, and soap dispensers are a must. Fresh or well-made faux florals help make the room seem bright and lively.
Accessorizing is not a task to be taken lightly. If we just designed a beautiful home for a client, it’s imperative that the accessories reflect the rest of the space. If your home is already complete but you’d like Marilyn Rose Interiors to help you accessorize, please contact us for a complimentary consultation! 

Visit us now - https://www.marilynrose.com/

Author : Marilyn H. Rose

Author Bio:

Trusted and professional  Long Island and Hamptons Interior Design firm NYC. Marilyn Rose is experienced interior designer and specialized in single room, grand estate, pied-a-terres, sleek contemporary apartments and traditionally classic estates. 

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Different occasions require different types of limousines. It could be for a party, wedding, graduation, or just a reason to have fun. Having a variety will enable you to get the limo that best suits your occasion and which will be reliable. Don’t just go through the books and find the one who had the biggest advertisement. It's important to choose well versed and reputed limo rental Service Company. Choosing a reputable company with years of experience can help reduce the risk of disappointment. Most reputable limo rental services have professional websites with all of the information you need. Hamptons limousines’ East Hampton limo service for such grand occasions is particularly exceptional. We have wide variety of wondrous and sleek cars that you can use on the best day of your life. Having an experienced and licensed driver to drive you where you need to go is a huge advantage. If you want to stand out from the rest and capture the attention of people around, hire the limousine from us.


There are various means of transportation that individuals can use nowadays for fulfilling their business and personal needs. Look through our website and select a vehicle that you are interested in renting. The first thing you need to make clear is that for what purpose you are hiring this service? If you want to throw a grand party then you should hire Hamptons car service. Our all limousines looks classic and the most wonderful thing is that all are full of amenities. The limo will pick up you from your home, office or any other place and you will safely reach at your destination.


Limousines are luxurious and expensive vehicles that were initially reserved for the upper class. But, nowadays limousine companies provide affordable limo services through which ordinary people get the chance to travel in these impressive and prominent limousines. Montauk limo service of Hamptons limousines are designed to provide quick and elegant transportation. Each limo is constantly maintained and cleaned inside and out for maximum customer satisfaction. When there is a flight to catch, it is very challenging to have to drive a hired car through the city traffic, to reach in time.  Hiring Hamptons limo is one of the easiest way to get to the airport on time. Our drivers are trained to always be on time and deliver amazing customer service to all passengers. There are many special celebrations which can be better celebrated, if you use Hamptons Limo to get to and from your destinations.

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  Hampton Limousines provides world class car and limousine service for all occasions. Doesn’t matter where your destination is! We will take you there. We make it easier than ever to have all of your transportation needs met.

  Hampton Limousine is the best limo Southampton Limo Service. Hampton Limousine provides unsurpassed services at affordable rates for the entire Hampton area. Hampton Limousine offers fantabulous limousine service and always get success to achieve client’s satisfaction. This is because our professional staff always takes care of our fleet and try to keep them at leading edge. Drivers are highly experienced, well educated, ready to assist you with any requests while you travel. 

  Hamptons has a proven our excellence in airport transportation. You can rely on us because we appreciate the trust of clients and committed to reinforcing that trust by continuously earning it. Our Chauffeurs are punctual and commitment to customer care, this guarantees your airport arrivals and departures will be smooth.  Hampton Limousine track your flight closely and will contact you as soon as your flight has landed to let you know we are waiting for you. Thus, we are sure that, this is the only and matchless East Hampton limo service in Hampton. When it comes to our client’s transportation for any occasion Hampton Limousine do it very perfectly and promptly.

  Hampton Limousine is the luxury airport transportation servicing all of East and south Hampton and Montauk. Hampton provide professional service that assures safe and reliable ground transportation to and from all airports.

  Wineries are a staple for both locals and tourists. Wine tours are perfect for Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, birthdays, engagements, or just a quick getaway. ​Hampton Limousine book full service tours that include most popular vineyards and the luxury vehicle of your choice. Our immaculate updated vehicles and professional reliable chauffeurs will ensure that you will get to the ceremony, tour, and party on time with comfort and class. Whatever the event we provide luxurious and safe transportation to our client with help of our well-versed and knowledgeable chauffeurs.

  You have many choices for your luxury transportation service needs in Montauk. But for many people reason to prefer Hampton Limousine is we focus on delivering great experiences to valued clients by providing unrivalled Montauk limo service in NY, luxury vehicles and ensuring drivers are of the highest standard. you will get a memorable drive.

  Keep your worry away because, whether the group is small or large, whatever the event birthday party, prom or any other, Hamptons Limousine never give the chance to complaint. We know the area very well, we’ve been driving here for years, and therefore you won't sit in traffic for hours.

  We are happy to say that our staff is continuously making efforts to satisfy the new demands of our clients and provide outstanding transportation to them. Because their satisfaction plays a vital role in our limousine services.

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