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Decorate your kitchen with Agatha Black Granite its create the terrific and modern look of your kitchen if we talk about the feature of this Agatha Black Granite so it’s a dark black background with beautiful light gray and white wavy veins. And it’s available both 2CM and 3CM polished slabs and also suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior design projects. So if you are thinking to change the look of your kitchen then you need our advice we are (Astrum Granite)Top Granite Kitchen Countertops in the UK and we install the Granite according to the requirement of customers and our work 100% satisfying for the customers. Then what you waiting for a call on black and white granite provider +44(0203)290-8427. If you take a look at our material product so we share it below the Blog.

Agatha Black Granite









Agatha Granite Worktops is an unmistakable coal granite, white and granite stone that begins from Brazil. It has a dazzling shading mix that covers like waves; an alluring element when utilized for kitchen ledges or fire hearths. Because of its warmth opposing properties, rock is a well-known decision for kitchen worktops, as it doesn't harm when in contact with hot surfaces. Its toughness likewise implies it requires little upkeep, ideal for current family living. Here's a little work-in-progress, where we've utilized book coordinating to get this shocking surface impact. Book coordinating the act of combining stone surfaces, with the goal that the bordering surfaces reflect each other. It is a training that gets its name from the way that the surface seems as though it has been collapsed down the center, similar to an open book. This adapted completion gives an amazing outcome and just further upgrade the magnificence of the rock stone. We can hardly wait to impart the completed outcome to you. With Agatha Granite worktops, the shading is totally regular and each piece completely remarkable. Along these lines, you can be certain when picking this stone; it will be to be sure stand-out. Agatha Granite Worktops is a dim stone with floods of silver, white, and granite. Accessible in both 2cm and 3cm and is reasonable for a broad scope of inside and outside plan ventures. With a cleaned finish, it makes a sumptuous look, particularly when joined forces with either granite or white units or dividers and tempered steel apparatuses. We are a characteristic stone assembling organization situated in Kent and have been set up now for more than 25 years, having some expertise in exactness making. We have built up notoriety crosswise over Kent and across the nation for greatness, our responsibility to quality, worth, and consumer loyalty. You can also get more detail for online quotes and sample requests through the links of Astrum Granite. Order Kitchen Worktops at Cheap Price for Own Kitchen including Granite Countertops. Quartz Countertops and Marble Countertops.

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With such a large number of changes in home advancements, just a single item has remained consistent with nature for a long time. That item is GRANITE. Numerous property holders are not endeavoring to draw nearer to being green through what they do in changes all through their homes.

Indeed, the reality of the matter is that Granite can be fairly costly; notwithstanding, there are numerous spots where you can discover discounted Granite worktops for your kitchen. It takes time to locate the ideal place and obviously the correct sort of worktop that you are searching for, be that as it may when you are rolling out the improvements to make a more green condition for your home, it is certainly justified regardless of the exploration to locate the best.

granite kitchen worktops

Discounted Granite worktops arrive in an assortment of styles and hues. There are dim tones, white tones, tans, blacks, greens even shades of blue. The worktops are very solid and can withstand a great deal of weight and warmth. This is awesome for some property holders who invest hours in the kitchen yet might want to reduce the number of things that they may require in their kitchens. For instance the utilization of trivets on the ledges. With the commonplace formic worktops, you require trivets to ensure the wrap-up. This is on account of the tops that can’t withstand the warmth extremely well because of the kind of synthetic substances that are utilized to make the tops. The warmth will make the material air pocket and break or even now and again wind up with burn marks from the base of a container or whatever other hot things that may have been unintentionally put on the surface of a commonplace worktop.

Through having a Granite worktop, this is something you won’t need to stress over, granite remains normally cool, accordingly making it simpler for the individuals who complete a great deal of cooking to have the capacity to set things at first glance and not worry over harm.

Other awesome uses that numerous don’t consider while having a Granite worktops in their kitchen, on the off chance that you have a tendency to complete a ton of heating, having a worktop is an or more to roll out batter for bread and treats on, the surface is

Reasons to choose Granite Kitchen Worktops - Astrum Granite

granite worktops kitchen

A slab of granite is one of the most beautiful looking things you will ever see. To top up the effect of granite, you need to run your hands over the surface and the coolness and smoothness of it will make you want to caress the surface on and on.

Granite worktops are unique looking worktops. This is because granite is a natural material and no two slabs of granite are absolutely the same in terms of looks. They will always have slight differences in color and in the pattern and this allows you to match your kitchen worktop to the rest of the decor within the room.

Granite can make your home more desirable. When it comes to selling your home having granite worktops as a part of your kitchen can help as it will appeal to more people and could even add additional value wherever worktops will not. When potential buyers a few of your house they will see that premium materials have been used and this can make a big difference as it is often the smaller details that can attract people.

The hard and heat resistant qualities of Granite stone make it the perfect choice for creation of worktops and another feature of ability to cut into any shapes makes it a perfect choice.

You must use the internet and search through it to find the best company available in your region. The leading company with its top-quality worktop stations can help you in a better way. They are specializing in fabrication as well as installation of Granite and Quartz worktops and several types of stone specimens at reasonable rates. They really do not care where you are hiring them for your commercial purpose or residential aspect, they avail their best and only the finest quality products in all their processes.

Invest in one of the granite worktops as a long-term investment. Granite worktops have transformed many kitchens and you should also experience the same benefits.


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The kitchen is the most critical place in your home and it should be treated with all extravagance. On the off chance that you are sick of utilizing the normal stone in your worktop then it is unquestionably time to change to a more grounded and wonderful worktop that would influence you to feel all sumptuous while cooking. Silestone is into the market of kitchen worktops.

The Silestone worktops and ledges for kitchens are outlined with excellent materials and bacteriostatic innovation. The organization offers an ensured guarantee, which is a transferable sort that spreads up to 10 years. This could be deciphered as a sign of their certainty that they are giving you only brilliant items.

Silestone worktops can be truly proficient for your kitchen and it would make a decent workplace while cooking your most loved formulas. Despite the fact that there might be loads of kitchen surfaces, Silestone is regularly viewed as the best. Another perspective that makes it appealing for the customers is the accessibility in a bunch of hues.

Silestone can be delivered as bigger sections with tremendous lengths! Along these lines, you could introduce a solitary bit of a massively long Silestone! The complete is likewise too great and this best quality complete is additionally made accessible in bigger forms of the worktops! There are loads of organizations who have imitated the cowhide completing of the Silestone, making it the best class worktop.

Decor up your kitchen with high-quality Granite Worktops

granite kitchen worktops

Over the past few years, more and more people have started emphasizing on decoring up the home in one of many ways. And when it comes to home décor, the kitchen always tops the chart as it is one of the most happening places in any home. And countertops always remain a vital element of any kitchen and people try every possible way to give a royal touch in an affordable way.

And in this regard, granite worktops are really wonderful. Not only these countertops are durable but they look exceptionally elegant and sophisticated. After installing a granite worktop, there is nothing you won’t have to worry about, granite remains naturally cool, thus making it feasible for those who do a lot of cooking to be able to place items on the surface and not worry about damage.

Whether you're a big kitchen or a small kitchen, granite worktops are easy to install and maintain. With then, you can rest assured about longer life with zero maintenance. Other wonderful uses that many do not think of when having a granite worktop in their kitchens, if you’re supposed to do a lot of baking, a granite worktop is a good point for rolling out dough for bread and cookies on, its surface is easy to wipe and generally only needs to apply a wet sponge to clean the surface.

While you choose to install these worktops, make sure you pick superb quality material that ensures long-lasting services without any issue.

Buy Granite and Quartz Kitchen Worktops for your Home

granite and quartz worktops uk

Ladies dependably need to make their home look wonderful. The main organization with its top quality worktop stations can help you bitterly. They represent considerable authority in the manufacture and also establishment of Granite and Quartz worktops and a few sorts of stone examples at sensible rates. They additionally offer modified answers for fit with the taste of every last individual who is contracting them for their items and administrations.

Granite worktops have turned into another approach to reclassify the looks of your kitchen and make it look appealing and invigorating. They are well known in the kitchen as well as have turned into a piece of workplaces and showrooms, as they add glory to a room.

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The kitchen is the most important part of your life because this is the place where we satisfy our hunger, chat, relax and preparing food. As you can say that the kitchen for many households has become the best key social hub of our family's daily life, the kitchen is where our family seems to live these beautiful days.' So responsibilities that we do clean our kitchen by installing the countertops in the kitchen because it helps us to clean our kitchen. How? Countertops like Granite Countertops, Quartz Countertops, and Marble Countertops all these, materials can clean easily. And that’s why many customers install kitchen worktop their kitchens. We can thank the custom-made stone countertops; where you can renovate your kitchen surfaces as per your requirement like changing the corners of your kitchen etc. Kitchen countertops are becoming the most popular among customers. Why? Just because of their design, shapes, stylish worktop slab, etc. They attract the customers and agree to install worktops in their kitchen So, which of type countertops would you choose? Because today below we shared kitchen countertops list so that you can easily choose which would best for your kitchen renovations.

Different and Designing shades of Granite Worktops

List of Granite Countertops for Kitchen 

  1. Absolute Black
  2. Absolute Black Flamed
  3. Absolute Black Honed
  4. Agatha Black
  5. Ambar White
  6. Antique Brown Leather
  7. Arctic Cream
  8. Baltic Brown
  9. Belvedere
  10. Bianco Eclipse
  11. Black Forest
  12. Black Marinace
  13. Blue Pearl GT
  14. Colonial Ivory
  15. Copenhagen Gold
  16. Fusion Gold
  17. Giallo Veneziano
  18. Ivory Brown
  19. Ivory Brown Extra
  20. Stonewood


1. Absolute Black


2. Absolute Black Flamed


3. Absolute Black Honed


4. Agatha Black

Agatha Black  

5. Ambar White

Ambar White      

6. Antique Brown Leather

Antique Brown Leather                        

7. Arctic Cream

Arctic Cream                      

8. Baltic Brown

Baltic Brown                      

9. Belvedere


10. Bianco Eclipse

Bianco Eclipse                        

11. Black Forest

Black Forest                  

12. Black Marinace

Black Marinace                      

13. Blue Pearl GT

Blue Pearl Gt                        

14. Colonial Ivory

Colonial Ivory                         15. Copenhagen Gold

Copenhagen Gold                      

16. Giallo Veneziano

Giallo Veneziano                    

17. Ivory Brown

Ivory Brown Granite                        

18. Ivory Brown Extra

Ivory Brown Extra Granite                         19. Stonewood

Stonewood Granite                      


List of Quartz Countertops for Kitchen

  1. Almond
  2. Apollo
  3. Aqua
  4. Aura
  5. Black Mirror
  6. Red Starlight
  7. Snow
  8. Topazio
  9. White Galaxy


  1. Almond


 2. Apollo


3. Aqua


4. Aura


5. Black Mirror

BLACK MIRROR                    

6. Red Starlight

RED STARLIGHT                        

7. Snow


8. Topazio


9. White Galaxy

WHITE GALAXY                      

List of Marble Countertops for Kitchen

  1. Arabescato Corchia
  2. Arabescato Orobico
  3. Arabescato Vagli
  4. Statuarietto

1. Arabescato Corchia

ARABESCATO CORCHIA                      

2. Arabescato Orobico

ARABESCATO OROBICO                      

3. Arabescato Vagli

ARABESCATO VAGLI                      

4. Statuarietto


We hope that this article would help you to help the best Kitchen worktops material for your kitchen renovations. You can order these kitchen worktops at affordable prices in London, on Astrum Granite the Best kitchen worktops provider they would offer the best granite countertops, quartz countertops, and marble countertops. Avail Now on Kitchen Worktops and Call on (+44)203-290-8427 for Order the kitchen worktop slabs as per your requirements like design, shape, and qualities.

Source: How to Design a Kitchen with Countertops – Best Kitchen Countertops

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3 Reasons to Choose Granite Countertops -

3 Reasons to Choose Granite Countertops -

  1. Increase home value


If you’re thinking of investing in your home, consider spending some money in your kitchen. Simple upgrades like paint and cabinet refacing can go a long way, as can upgrading to granite countertops. According to a Realtor Magazine survey, 55% of buyers said they would have paid more for granite countertops when purchasing their home. The average return on investment for a kitchen remodel is anywhere from 54%-81%, depending on the size of the project.



  1. Maintenance & upkeep


Granite is a great option for kitchen countertops, because it is a strong, non-porous surface that is also resistant to bacteria. It can be cleaned using warm soapy water and a sponge, and abrasive cleaners such as glass cleaner, bleach or scrubbing pads should be avoided. When sealed every 2-4 years, granite is stain resistant and maintains a classic and high-end shine. Spills should be removed quickly, but a baking soda and water solution can be used to remove stains.

Granite and stone countertops should have minimal seams, lessening the opportunity for bacterial and fungal growth. Surfaces like ceramic tile utilize a porous grout that can harbor bacteria making the surface unsanitary. Marble is another popular option, but it isn’t the most family friendly. A small splash of common kitchen staples like milk, wine, or lemon juice can leave a stain if not cleaned up immediately. These stains can also etch into the stone, requiring polishing followed by a protectant or sealant.


  1. Cost to upgrade compared to alternatives


Granite isn’t the cheapest countertop material, but based on the likely ROI of a project, and maintenance and upkeep, it can bring you the most bang for your buck. Ranging in cost from $45-$200/sq. ft including installation, granite is slightly more expensive than laminate, but cheaper than other stone surfaces like quartz or marble. A timeless investment with granite will also last trendy options such as concrete, stainless steel and glass.

Want to check out your options? Ogden’s Flooring and Design is offering a Christmas granite special, where you can upgrade for just $2499 – including installation & a sink! Stop into one of our locations for installation before the holidays!


*Restrictions apply. Based on 50 sq ft. Participating locations only. Limited time offer.


Contact for -


Granite Countertops Calgary

Stone  Countertops Calgary

Marble Countertops Calgary

Quartz Countertops Calgary

Kitchen Countertops Calgary

Bathroom Countertops Calgary

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Choose granite and quartz according to your home while building a beautiful kitchen. Property holders give minute consideration and wish the best of materials for everything which incorporates picking the best paint for the dividers, metal utilized for the windows, nature of woods to the granite kitchen worktops providers. With regards to remodeling your home, the way toward picking the items and merchants for the kitchen can be repetitive. Thus, from every one of the choices picking the best stone worktop providers UK is the most complex one. It is critical to pick the best granite provider in the UK for your home as the vibe. Also, the look of your house is totally subject to the decision of the stone you settle on. There are a few hints which can be trained by the mortgage holders to guarantee that everything goes well. Choose granite and quartz with our best guidance.


Which Granite is Best for your Kitchen?

Before purchasing your granite accreditations, recall forgetting to check the certifications of the stone worktop providers. Before concluding your request with a particular granite provider, ensure that you contrast the quality and cost and alternate providers, to guarantee that you are not paying the high sum. Normally, the best and surely understood stone providers in the UK offer a blend of synthesis of granite and diverse varieties in shading. Clients can get point by point data about the administrations of the stone providers by either going to their showroom or perusing their official site. By remembering and following the previously mentioned tips, property holders ought to have the capacity to locate the best granite worktop provider. As stone worktop is accessible in an extensive variety of hues. So it is the most wanted and prominent worktop utilized as a part of the kitchens.

What is the Most Popular Kitchen Material

A kind of molten shake is the world's outside layer is the Granite. Black granite worktop like other shaded stone has likewise gotten its shading from the concoction compound which is soluble base feldspar. There are a few splotches of dim shading and dull dark colored found on the surface of the tan darker granite.


Read Also: Quartz Worktops and Granite Worktops – Astrum Granite

Tan dark-colored granite is prevalently utilized for inside design. Also, measurement stone as this stone is very solid and hard. Tan darker Granite is likewise favored for some other essential development needs, for example, floor tiles, kitchen worktops, models, asphalt controls, backsplash. A decent quartz worktops provider and installer more often than not offer sound guidance on the shading plan and right item relying upon the decision and spending plan of the clients. We help in choose granite and quartz and where slicing and cleaning are done to meet industry gauges. There are numerous providers in the UK, which ensure clients to get the best quartz kitchen worktops the UK alongside the most ideal administration and incredible costs.

Difference Between Granite and Quartz Kitchen Worktops

There are numerous organizations in the UK, which have family run business situated in York. They have a pleasing history of providing organizations and householders in Yorkshire with quality worktops in the best stoneware. For example, Compac Quartz, Granite, Compac Marmol, Caesarstone, and Cimstone. Set in York most providers in the UK, have over ten long stretches of involvement in fitting and providing bespoke quartz and granite kitchen worktops. The well-known kitchen granite worktops Yorkshire providers work all through the UK consequently. They can source the ideal stone for making really bespoke kitchen worktops. Read Also: How to clean quartz worktops – Astrum Granite

Choose Granite Vs Quartz with Experts Guidance

The kitchen is the main part of our home. Consequently, a large portion of us needs it to look great and engaging. In the event that you wish for a fantasy kitchen without spending much sum. At that point settle on stone worktops which are both reasonable and unrivaled in quality. With such a broad scope of hues and styles of granite worktops, you are certain to locate the best shading. There are numerous Astrum Granite kitchen worktops providers in the UK, which give the clients the correct prerequisites for kitchen worktops.

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Which Granite is Best for Kitchen?

With regards to overhauling your home, you need everything to look culminate particularly in the rooms where a considerable measure of your opportunity is spent. The kitchen is regularly the main part of home and picking materials for your kitchen, you need the best quality. This is the reason an ever-increasing number of individuals are picking Granite worktops and splashbacks for their workspaces. Granite kitchen worktops accompany numerous advantages, including the capacity to withstand high temperatures, an abnormal state of flexibility and the accessibility of numerous striking examples.


Granite is a characteristic stone material shape by the pressure of cooled igneous Granite. This implies Granite worktops are more than competent to withstand the hot cooking gear. And the device that is regularly put upon them. The flexibility of Granite kitchen worktops additionally considers additional items to be incorporated with the surface when acquiring, for example, skillet stands that will help decrease the effect negligible danger of discoloration and depleting notches to maintain a strategic distance from the occasionally undesirable glimmer of a more convention sink depleting board.

Granite Kitchen Worktop Colors

Granite Kitchen Worktops UK

The material has an abnormal state of obstruction too so with Granite kitchen worktops you are taking a gander at a more extended life expectancy due to far fewer scratches and stains taking up a living arrangement at first glance. Likewise, because of the way the stone shapes, it can found in an assortment of eye-catching normal examples, which will give your kitchen worktops that additional wow factor.


If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen look and want to know more benefits about the granite kitchen worktops. Then Astrum granite have a team of granite expert they will help you to make your decision for.

granite worktops near me

Follow Astrum Granite on Facebook. For the best and granite kitchen worktops the UK such as - Granite Kitchen Worktops, Quartz Kitchen Worktops, and Cheap Marble worktops also get updates to check out  here

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Today we gonna share some details about the granite kitchen worktops. Because we felt that the customer are very confused about the granite worktops. Mostly we saw that customers are very confused about this Natural Rock. People who like a lot know Granite is a very effective and shining rock and the customer wants to install than granite their Kitchen flooring.

If you are one of them who has some confusion about granite kitchen worktops that we should granite installation or not.  After reading this blog we are sure that those customers are sure granite is the best natural rock for the kitchen flooring. As well as share which is the best granite worktops provider installed top granite in the kitchen flooring. Let’s now.

  1. What is granite?
  2. How it looks when granite installation in the kitchen?
  3. How do you clean granite worktops?
  4. Different granites worktops colors
  5. How do we cut the granite worktops?


What is granite?

Granite is a natural rock (formed from the slow cooling of magma underground) with grains large enough to be visible with the unaided eye. It crystallization of magma below Earth's surface.  And composed of quartz along with mica, amphiboles, and other minerals.


If you do not see your granite you can see it above we share it. Now you’re thinking it’ look so bad and dirty look. So I would like to tell that this happens when it comes out of below Earth's surface. But, after the cutting, designing and polish the Granite kitchen Worktops its looks nice and shining look at the below some granite worktops after cutting and designing by Astrum granite.

How do we cut the granite worktops?

There are many types of cutting methods but depends upon the customer needs of customers. Mostly Diamond tip blades are used for the Granite Worktops. We also called “Waterjet” with this a high pressure of water on the across the granite stone and effectively slicing through the surface for stone.


With these methods, the user can also get attractive and interesting shapes on granite according to the need. See below.


How it looks when granite installation in the kitchen?

When customer granite worktop installation in the kitchen it changes the whole look of the kitchen and provides the best look which we never share with you see you own below.

How do you clean granite worktops?


  • For the clean of granite have to use dry dust mop first to clean granite floors. Because it’ll help you to remove the dirt and get the best shining look of granite which causes scratches.
  • The second one takes a bucket of normal hot water and mix dish detergent and sweeps the granite floor.
  • Start the clean with the corners first and after that middle of the floor. When it clean then dispose of the dirty water.
  • Once more fill the hot clean water bucket and then wring out before using it to sweep the floor.
  • Also, keep in mind clean the soapy mixture and then you can dry the floor.
  • You can get the dry rag mop and then drag it over the granite floor.
  • It’ll help in drying the granite floor.
  • The last step keeps in mind that it doesn’t walk on the floor over till it dries up completely.
See some granite worktops colors which provide by Astrum Granite in the Uk.
Best Absolute Black Granite

Absolute Black

Absolute Black Flamed Granite

Absolute Black Flamed

Absolute Black Honed Granite

Absolute Black Honed

Agatha Black Granite

Agatha Black

Ambar White Granite

Ambar White

Antique Brown Leather Granite

Antique Brown Leather

Arctic Cream Granite

Arctic Cream

Baltic Brown Granite

Baltic Brown

Belvedere Granite


Bianco Eclipse Granite

Bianco Eclipse

Black Forest Granite

Black Forest

Black Marinace Granite

Black Marinace

Blue Pearl GT Granite

Blue Pearl Gt

Colonial Ivory Granite

Colonial Ivory

Copenhagen Gold Granite

  Copenhagen Gold

Fusion Gold Granite

Fusion Gold

Giallo Veneziano Granite

Giallo Veneziano

Ivory Brown Granite

Ivory Brown Granite

Ivory Brown Extra Granite

Ivory Brown Extra Granite

Stonewood Granite

Stonewood Granite  

We hope by reading all this blog you don’t have any confusion about the granite for worktops but in case you have any confusion, queries or granite worktops kitchen so, you can take help on our number (+44) 0203-290-8427 our team will support you and provide the best support as well as guidelines.  

Follow Astrum Granite on Facebook. For the Best and Affordable Granite Worktops for Kitchens Such as – Granite Worktops UKKitchens with Quartz Worktops, and Marble for kitchen worktops also get updates to check out  here


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In this Article, We gonna shared with you some blogs content for Granite worktops which come on different platforms for visitor hope you like it and help to the decision the choose kitchen worktops for kitchen design lets get starts 

If you're designing a new kitchen, you're probably questioning which the best kitchen worktop material for you is. You may already have your wall colors picked out, cabinets designed and an idea of what look you want from your kitchen worktop.

But which worktop material – wood or stone, concrete, composite or metal – will suit not just the look of your new kitchen, but how you will use it, too? The options may seem endless, but it’s worth taking the time to get this hardworking surface right. 

granite kitchen worktops london

Think about how you plan to use your kitchen: will there be lots of cooking, or is your aim to entertain and impress lots of guests? If you use your kitchen primarily for cooking, what's your food preparation style – making everything from scratch with lots of cleaning in between, or is your approach more hands-off, sparing your kitchen surfaces constant cleaning and wiping? How you answer these questions will impact your choice of kitchen worktop material. Follow our guide to choosing the best kitchen worktop types for you.

Use our ultimate guide to planning, designing and budgeting for a new kitchen to get your new kitchen just right. Source

Why Do People in the UK Like Granite Worktops for Their Kitchen?

Kitchen worktops are one of the essential things in a house. Your house can’t be said to be cleaned if your kitchen area is not good. Although it is very hectic as well as boring work to choose from so many options if you know about it, you’ll get a masterpiece. The kitchen comes out to be the most important area of your house. It is rightly said, “Kitchens are made for bringing families together.”

You may not be aware of the fact that UK people like granite worktops over all others. The kitchen worktops London are famous all over the world. They will always go for the granite material due to its several advantages. Let’s take a look at some features of the same:

  • The material is earth-friendly: The granite material has the same look and shines like the natural earth. Granite retains its natural look and comes in a basic marbled top. You’ll get a feeling of being attached to the earth always.
  • Debris resistant: The greatest advantage of granite is that it doesn’t soak the dust and dirt. You can easily clean up the mess of your kitchen top as this wonder material granite gives you the smooth as well as the sealed
  • Durable: Scratching and chipping play no role on this surface. This material is really strong and will last longer. To increase its life, a sealer is also put on the top of the surface by the professionals. This sealer helps you in keeping away the strains. You’ll have a hard time scratching it as this material will not be affected very soon. These are the same as Kitchen worktops London.
  • Multi-colored: There are a variety of options available regarding color from which you can select your favorite one. There is some material that has limited stock and you have to go for from that only but granite gives you a wide range from which you can select the color that goes with your house.
  • High-quality material: Granite has the quality to take your kitchen to a completely next level regarding It has a rich beauty that other materials can’t match. If the sealer is properly, the shine of the top will remain as it is for many years. The eye-catching feature comes out to be the color that never fades.
  • Tough: The first thing that you look for in the kitchen-top is sturdy. With this, you’ll not have to think twice before putting the hot pan. It won’t get damaged or weakened with activities like cutting, heating, etc. This material is also non-porous that gives a major reason to choose it right away. Even you use it for decades; your worktop will remain brand new always.

As the owner of the house, you all want to keep your kitchen area to the best. Granite is one material that will never get outdated. You should always install your granite top professionally. Kitchen worktops Essex have many options available, and you can surely take a look there. For which kitchen-top are you going for? Source

granite kitchen worktops london


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Welcome to Astrum Granite, the UK's head Granite and Quartz Worktop processing plant. We present to you the best quality worktops at the best costs all through the UK. Our purchasing power implies we can pass our investment funds on to you. As immediate merchants of Granite and quartz, we can promise you won't get more aggressive like the statement. Our cutting-edge machinery and laser templating imply your kitchen will get the complete it genuinely merits at a value that will abandon you agreeably shocked.

Call us today for an Online Quote.


As experienced Granite and Quartz Fabricators and installers we can offer you a huge scope of best quality Granite worktops; quartz composite worktops; in addition to the recently presented Cosentino Dekton and the pivotal sintered earthenware surfaces, for example, Neolith from Spain and the new Lapitec Collection from Italy. You can rest guaranteed that in your in safe hands with Astrum Granite.

Granite Countertops/Worktops


Granite worktops are a wonderful expansion to any home. Discover Astrum Granite's center scope of hues underneath. If you don't mind note we have numerous more hues that may not be recorded here. Granite is a characteristic molten shake that has framed more than a huge number of years. At Astrum granite, we take awesome pride in completing what nature began. In the event that you require any additional data kindly don't waver to call our inviting group. On the off chance that we have a sign of what shading cupboard entryways you have picked, the format of the kitchen and the style we can make a few proposals that may assist you with the troublesome choice of picking a Granite Worktop hues.


This jazzy and lavish Quartz gathering is selective to Astrum Granite and speaks to incredible esteem when contrasted with other 'marked' quartz composite worktop ranges. The range has an industry driving multi-year guarantee giving you extra genuine feelings of serenity.

Various accumulations with arranged surfaces, examples and hues to coordinate your own particular outline needs…

Quartz Countertops/Worktops


All other quartz brands are additionally accessible on ask for call our group now for points of interest or for a statement?

At Astrum Granite, we have our own particular select brand of quartz worktops available to be purchased in Lancashire and the encompassing zones. This quartz surpasses industry execution measures and determinations. It can be impeccably molded into a delightful, extraordinary and sturdy worktop for your home.

Our quartz is accessible in 12 shocking hues, implying that you can without much of a stretch locate a material to suit your inside outline. It likewise accompanies a remarkable 15-year guarantee. It furnishes you with the fantastic incentive for cash when contrasted and other quartz ranges.

Quartz is a delightful material with numerous points of interest. In the event that you are searching for another worktop for your kitchen, Astrum Granite can furnish you with the ideal quartz kitchen worktops in Cheshire and Lancashire.

Perceive how our exceptional scope of quartz kitchen worktops could convey a pinch of tastefulness to your home. We likewise create quartz from all the main brands like SileGranite, CaesarGranite, and Compac. On the off chance that you favor a worktop in any of these quartz marks please contact our group with your inquiry.


Need a New Work Surface? Call Us Now!

With more than 30 long periods of master involvement in providing, manufacturing and introducing regular and designed Granite surfaces, particularly for kitchen worktops, most would agree that we know this business back to front. We likewise supply Granite for outside utilization and our notoriety for quality, development and client benefit is broadly recognized. Bring in today to our broad showrooms where you can see one of the most stretched out scopes of rock and quartz kitchen worktops accessible in the North West in addition to an extensive choice of Granite clearing and floor tiles.

A critical piece of the Astrum Granite encounter is our obsession with granite. Our duty to just the most noteworthy standard of workmanship and client benefit. Our in-house group of master fabricators supplements our comprehensive expert tempting and fitting administration. We will deal with your task directly through from idea to the establishment and we are just cheerful when you are … with an occupation well done. On the off chance that you are searching for a provider with immense experience, industry learning, recognized mastery and a demonstrated reputation for dependability look no more distant than Astrum Granite the Home of Surface.

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Source: Quartz vs Granite Worktops

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At Astrum Granite, we have offered even more different designs in our ever-growing range of Granite worktops. Our latest collections of 10 new granite worktops are durable as well as easy to maintain like cleaning of the Granite worktops, and their different designs and styles will complement a range of kitchen designs. Granite Kitchen Worktops Granite is a characteristic extravagance material that never drops out of design and it's reasonable for all kitchen formats. On the off chance that you need a one of a kind search for your kitchen, at that point Granite will assist you with accomplishing that. With more than 10 different Granite worktops choices accessible, there will be the ideal strong surface for you. Utilize our astute six-stage Granite count framework, to get a cost in the entirety of our stone styles for your kitchen structure and necessities. All our strong surfaces are expertly format before being produced, so the data you supply on the Granite adding machine isn't complete. Be that as it may, if the data you supply is tremendously mistaken, additional charges may be applied. After the layout procedure is finished, the Granite conveyance and establishment group will have returned to fit the stone worktops inside 5 to 7 working days. If you don't mind note all statements done on the stone adding machine will incorporate the layout and establishment, as we feel this is basic to accomplish a shocking fit and finish to your kitchen. So you’re ready to find Best Granite worktops to your kitchen with Massive Savings on our Kitchen Worktops Range.

Absolute Black Worktops

Absolute Black Worktops

Absolute Black Worktops can likewise be known as Zimbabwe Black and Nero assoluto. For those searching for a plain Black Granite worktop then Absolute Black is the ideal decision. It is imperative to arrange a superior evaluation of Black Granite as the quality varies. When selecting a Black stone worktop you should go to see the chunks before they are cut. Black Granite is a characteristic material and can differ from section to chunk. It is an incredible decision against any light shaded or even wooden kitchen unit. The differentiation gives an exquisite look to a kitchen facilitated by its common sheen. An Absolute Black Worktops surface offers a warm and exemplary style. In Western design, Black is viewed as sharp, rich and ground-breaking. It is no big surprise then that Black Granite is in such appeal. A Black Granite worktop is a superb decision for any kitchen; it includes an excellent difference as well as will pass on an in vogue and majestic climate. Esteemed for its immortal properties, general bid and staggering looks Black Granite will consistently be in style. Your decision of kitchen worktops are the last touch to your new kitchen and the difference of Black worktops against contemporary units will make an astonishing impact. Black stone is well known for its sparkle and mirror-like appearance, settling on it a conspicuous decision for an ideal kitchen. It has every one of the characteristics of a run of the millstone, for example, low upkeep, hardwearing and solid, scratch, dampness, form, and warmth safe. It is likewise rich shading, adding uniqueness to your kitchen. One of the primary reasons Black Granite worktops are so mainstream is on the grounds that they bid to each style and taste. Black Granite will coordinate any style of kitchen and looks dazzling with its shining reflection including a contact of style and class to any kitchen. We supply just the most noteworthy evaluation Black worktops. On the off chance that you are hoping to buy new Granite worktops, at that point Black stone ought to be an interesting point.

Agatha Black Worktops


Agatha Black Granite is a lovely newfound Granite from colorful Brazil. This striking stone loaded with character and enchant with its profound dark foundation and characterizing wave example of shiny white and dim needs to been found face to face to be completely valued. Regardless of whether utilized in an extravagance kitchen, business hall or a lodging anteroom of a selective inn it makes certain to establish a long term connection. Agatha Black Granite highlights a dim dark foundation that accomplices delightfully with light dim and white wavy veins that include development and profundity. Both 2CM and 3CM cleaned pieces are accessible and appropriate for a wide scope of inside and outside structure ventures. Make sensational, intense, and delightful Granite ledges, kitchen islands, backsplashes, floors, and complement dividers any place a solid regular stone is liked.

Amba White Granite

Amba White Granite

Amba white granite is a white base stone. It has a white base with dark-colored spots and dim veins. The fluctuating size of gems and mica in Amba White give it reality and profundity. The impartiality of the various shades of white in this stone will complement practically any shading plan enabling you to refresh your look utilizing accent hues in the kitchen extras, blinds and so forth. This stone has great composite quality and is particularly perfect for solid developments. Amba White Granite is exceptionally solid and strong, impervious to climate changes. Recolor/scratch safe and takes exceptionally sparkle clean finish. It is broadly utilized for different inside and outside applications, for example, Flooring, Paving, and Wall Cladding, Countertops, Backsplash and so forth. Amba White Indian Granite is accessible in Flamed, Polished, Honed, Brushed and Antique completions.

Black Marinace Worktops

Black Marinace

Black Marinace Worktops is an exceptionally novel decision for somebody needing something else. It is a blend of dark dim and white stones set into a dark foundation. Black Marinace gives a stunning impact to any kitchen and will quite often incite a response. It is such an abnormal structure, that individuals frequently think that it's difficult to trust it is regular. Black Marinace Worktops is mined in Brazil where numerous one of a kind stones start. If it's not too much trouble investigate the various kinds of dark Granite worktops accessible to see on our site or get in touch with us today to talk about your stone worktop necessities. Our Black Marinace Worktops are just of the highest caliber and grade. On the off chance that you really need something intriguing and extraordinary, at that point, you ought to consider Black Marinace as your stone worktop decision. It would be ideal if you peruse through our site for more thoughts or get in touch with us today for tests.

Blue Pearl GT Worktops


Blue Pearl GT granite is in a flash perceived for its excellent pearlescent impact. It is set against a dull blue foundation with flashing lighter blue light reflecting gems. Blue Pearl GT is the most restrictive kind of Blue Pearl because of the area where it is quarried. It is an extremely rich sort of stone which will supplement your kitchen a lot. Blue Pearl GT is quarried in Norway. Like each granite, it can change in shading from piece to piece. Blue Pearl GT is one of the most brilliant and bluest kinds of Blue Pearl accessible. It would be ideal if you investigate the various sorts of bluestone worktops accessible to see on our site or get in touch with us today to examine your Granite worktop necessities. Each Blue Pearl GT granite kitchen worktops that we supply and fit is of unparalleled quality. Blue Pearl GT can have a cleaned completion or can be sharpened for a level matte completion. If it's not too much trouble reach us to view tests and for more data.

Black Forest Granite Worktops

Black Forest Granite Worktops

Black Forest Granite has one of the most alluring qualities individuals search for in normal stone, with the most wonderful veins of solidified minerals in striking white interruptions. The stone extends from amazingly unobtrusive lines to broadly detectable, among numerous other astounding angles in this elegance. Its appeal and style will look amazing in some random space and its use goes on for quite a long time. Black Forest Granite is quarried in India and it is a magmatic shake which is made out of quartz and feldspar among different minerals. It happens normally beneath the world's surface more than a huge number of years bringing about an incredibly solid stone that has been utilized over numerous human advancements in the development of structures and landmarks and clearing. Most as of late, Granite has become the material of decision for private homes as it offers novel and extraordinary looks, solidness, quality and speculation incentive to any property in which it is applied. The absence of calcium in Granite guarantees the stone doesn't engraving like marble when presented to corrosive present in lemons, oranges, and so forth Chunk sizes will cover zones of between 5.5-meter square and 6.5 meter square, which guarantees enormous zones, for example, kitchen islands are introduced consistently. Standard thicknesses for this White Dallas black are 20mm and 30mm and it comes in standard completes in cleaned, sharpened and uncommon request silk and shrubbery pounded which take into consideration numerous alternatives as far as both plan and style.

Stonewood Granite Worktops

Stonewood Granite Worktops

This Granite from Brazil can be portrayed as having a splash-color design. Basically yellow in shading, it includes plainly characterized round striations of caramel, golden, oak, and chocolate on a sandy tan foundation. The hues are regularly extremely emotional and fresh. Despite the fact that more toward the unbiased shading palette, the examples seem, by all accounts, to be extremely striking and anything other than unnoticeable. While it's an example that is not really fit to everybody's taste, some see the burled wood symbolism as perfect. Also, regardless of whether their response is one of charm or apathy, our clients can't resist halting and looking at this convincing piece we have in plain view in our showroom. In case you're searching for a material that is especially exceptional, Stonewood Granite is it. Since its striations and veining are so sensational, you'll never discover two sections that carbon copy. In spite of the fact that this is valid with Granite worktops, when all is said in done, the arrangements and examples of Stonewood are significantly increasingly unmistakable. Believing that a unique regular surface like this may be exactly what your undertaking calls for? Visit our showrooms to see Stonewood Granite face to face. It's one of the most extraordinary stones you'll ever encounter!

Giallo Veneziano Granite Worktops

Giallo Veneziano

Giallo Veneziano Granite is a characteristic stone initially discovered Brazil and quarried in the locales of Mantena, Minas Gerais and Zona di Pipinuque, Corrego de Agua Preta, Nova Venecia, Espirito Santo from where it is sent out to the UK and Europe. It exhibits a fragile beige foundation including traces of ochre minerals and medium measured grains in darker grayish spots, framing a reliable example that offers unmatched characteristic excellence and solidarity to inside and outside structural regions the same. Giallo Veneziano is a very adaptable material that is accessible in various completes the process of including sharpened cleaned, Anticato and shrub pounded that empowers various looks fitting pertinent plan conditions. Giallo Veneziano Granite is appropriate for use in kitchens, dividers, and floor materials. It requires little upkeep while giving complex looks in both inside and outside applications that require normal stone that offers a refined appearance with unfathomable presentation attributes and quality. Granite is a perfect stone to work with, offering the probability of having consistent pieces crosswise over enormous surfaces, for example, kitchen worktops, bar counters, restrooms, cladding, and islands.

Colonial Ivory Granite Worktops

Colonial Ivory Granite Worktops

Colonial White has just been a huge player in the British advertises since Kashmir White turned out to be so difficult to acquire, however it has doubtlessly left its imprint. Less direct than the Kashmir, and far less so than River White, the delicate dim and marginally smooth tones have been gigantically well known with clients who need a genuine light-hued regular stone for their rock kitchen worktops. Colonial White is a dominatingly white granulite from Northern India. Likewise, with other Indian transformative stones of this sort, there are intermittent (now and again visit) dark bits and groups, and ruddy garnet spots. Not at all like other Indian granulites, is the stone far less direct in design, having a genuinely riotous brilliant white cotton-fleece foundation. Colonial White looks staggering on white and light dim units and is especially on pattern with the design for light and splendid kitchens that hold a regard for normal materials.

Arctic Cream Granite Worktops


As providers of just the best top-notch rock worktops, the Arctic Cream Granite Worktops is no special case. Furnishing premium quality and style with its particular finished example, this white-based worktop is ideal for the two washrooms and kitchens. Be that as it may, in spite of its discernibly finished appearance, this worktop flaunts a flawlessly smooth completion and gives no test to keep perfectly spotless. What's more, with the rock painstakingly cleaned in the wake of cutting, the Arctic Cream comes went with unpretentious sparkle for an in a split second rich yet contemporary look. A genuinely striking choice without seeming ostentatious or overpowering, this stone worktop will supplement your home for quite a long time to come. If You Want these Granite Worktops at Cheap Price for Kitchen Design Contact on (+44)203-290-8427 and order the Granite Worktops.

Source: Granite Slabs Near Me

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Today, we gonna Talk about the Marble Countertops for Kitchen where we shared lots of thing about the marble countertops step by step so that you don’t have any confusions about Marble Kitchen Countertops!  


So Let’s Start the Begging about the Marble Countertops.

Cheap-Marble-Kitchen-Worktops   Marble-Kitchen-Worktops

Marble Countertops is a great countertops surface that numerous individuals esteem over all others: Marble. Exemplary white marble is desired on the grounds that it looks extraordinary in any style of kitchen, matched with some other kind of material. It resembles an essential white shirt that goes with any man's suit. So what precisely what is marble? And why it’s use for Kitchen Countertops? Marble is a transformative natural stone that is made when warmth or weight that changes over dregs into a denser structure. Marble's crystalline nature empowers it to be cleaned. It has veins of mineral stores that structure designs, making each section one of a kind. While white marble is exemplary and most mainstream for its structure adaptability, other common hues are likewise accessible: dark, dim, yellow, green, and pink. A few kinds have unmistakable veining while others have increasingly unpretentious examples. Polluting influences in the stone are what turn it specific shading. marble-worktops

Some Advantages of Marble Countertops for Kitchen

  • The upsides of marble countertops are numerous and go a long way past just magnificence, notes Pacific Stone Shores.
  • It doesn't effectively or chip or scratch,
  • It is heat safe.
  • While marble is commonly not as solid as rock, it is as yet a solid, dependable countertops material that will keep going for quite a long time.
  • In the event that you need extravagant edges, marble is a decent decision since it's milder to work with contrasted with stone, which is hard to cut without chipping.
  • The piece you see is the chunk you purchase.
  • The surface is normally cool, so in the event that you do a great deal of heating, marble countertops is a characteristic decision.


Five Downsides of Choosing Marble Countertops for Kitchen

  • One of the disadvantages of marble is that it is permeable and effectively recolored – red wine and other profoundly shades fluids are well on the way to recolor.
  • Acidic nourishments and fluids, for example, lemons or tomatoes are especially harming to marble since they will draw the surface.
  • Marble Countertops likewise scratches simpler than Granite Countertops.
  • Fixing the countertops basic. So, even a fixed marble countertops will take on shading after some time and build up a patina.
  • A few makers won't guarantee their marble counters in the event that they are introduced in the kitchen.

Likewise, with different countertops, two sorts of sealers can be utilized on marble: topical and infiltrating. The two sorts should be reapplied occasionally to safeguard the outside of your countertops. A topical sealant can somewhat change the vibe of the marble however it protects against acidic nourishments and fluids. Every single topical sealant will wear off and should be reapplied. They additionally make the surface less impervious to shading from heat.

marble kitchen worktops

Infiltrating sealants drench into the pores of the marble, which is the reason they are exceptionally suggested, particularly for kitchen countertops. These sealers make marble countertops more stain safe, yet don't improve their impenetrability to acids. Completing Options for Marble Countertops Marble can take on an alternate look contingent on the completion you pick. The most regularly picked completions for marble are cleaned, sharpened, and cowhide (otherwise called collectible). The completion you pick will influence the appearance and execution of marble countertops A matte completion – additionally called a sharpened completion – is a silken smooth, practically delicate feel that originates from sanding. Scratches and blemishes might be diminished with this sort of finish; anyway, it additionally quiets the shade of the stone. While it is an excellent completion, it additionally makes the stone increasingly permeable and effectively recolored.


Cleaned completions are made by granulating and buffing that makes a serious shine surface. This improves any detail and draws out the marble's shading, veining, and character. This completion is less permeable than the matte completion but on the other hand, is bound to end up harmed any acidic substances. You might need to consider this completion just for surfaces that don't come into a lot of contact with nourishment and beverages. A cowhide finish adds surface to a sharpened marble Countertops and can be portrayed as an orange strip sort of finish. The delicate sheen isn't intelligent and is ordinarily utilized with dull marbles. Finishing helps conceal fingerprints and blemishes. 6 different Tips to keep Marble Countertops delightful in Your Kitchen

  • Tidy up spills immediately. The less time a fluid spends sitting superficially the less possibility they have of recoloring the stone.
  • Try not to utilize rough items on marble, including powdered chemicals, tub and tile cleaners, grating cushions, and universally handy chemicals that contain acidic fixings.
  • Utilize gentle fluid dishwashing cleanser or cleanser and warm water with a non-grating towel or wipe for ordinary cleaning.
  • For extreme wrecks, utilize an impartial stone cleaner.
  • Utilizing slicing sheets and trivets to ensure the surface. ]
  • Reseal the countertops at any rate once every year.

Kitchen Worktops by Astrum Granite

Choosing a Marble Countertop for Your Kitchen Interior Looking for marble countertops can be tedious and confused, as per kitchen Worktops Source. Working with your temporary worker is critical; however Stone Source says there are three different things to remember: Different Edges For Marble Countertops The most fundamental edge for marble countertops is the straight edge, as indicated by Marblecityca, yet progresses in marble cutting innovation have made various diverse embellishing edge choices. The ogee marble Countertops edge is rich and has two smooth, clearing curves, one inward, and the other rose. Another is the bay plan, which is basically an inward angle on the top edge. The Simpler facilitated edge adjusts off a 90-degree corner and a bull's nose has the profile of a half-circle. Marble likewise noticed that it's even conceivable to etch the edge of white marble Countertops with your preferred example. Obviously, the more intricate your edge decision, the higher the cost will be. What's the sticker price of Marble Countertops? Marble is certainly not a low spending alternative. The value range is generally between $350 to $355 per square foot. Request and accessibility both influence cost, as does the thickness of the chunk the intricacy of the establishment. You can help control the expense in three different ways:

  • Work with a decent fabricator who can spread out the activity in a manner that limits squander.
  • In the event that you have a little undertaking, you may have the option to finish it utilizing remainders from different employments.
  • Be available to an assortment of shades and examples, which gives you more alternatives and a more extensive scope of costs.

Alternatives to marble Countertops for Kitchen A few property holders need the vibe of marble yet don't need the upkeep — or the cost. While there are laminates kitchen countertops that copy the appearance of marble, they are regularly less alluring, particularly with regards to resale time.

Built, or "refined marble" is a mix of stone particles and tars that are joined with shades to deliver a wide scope of hues and reasonable, normal-looking examples, says GoMajestic. "In contrast to characteristic stone, refined stone is thrown in molds to make explicit pieces, for example, baths, sinks, countertops, backsplashes, moldings and trim, shower dividers and shower dish." The subsequent item is nonporous and low support. The individuals who incline toward refined marble esteem its focal points:

  • Excellence — "Veining and examples can be fused during the throwing procedure, making character, profundity, and intrigue that imitates its regular partner," notes Go Majestic.
  • Simple Maintenance — cultured marble needn't bother with fixing and is anything but difficult to clean.
  • Strength — cultured marble is non-permeable and impervious to stains, buildup, and chips.
  • Cost — it is more affordable to make and introduce than section marble.
  • Custom choices – Because it is a fabricated item, it offers a wide scope of shading alternatives and pieces can be formed to accommodate your particular needs and stylistic layout.

While introducing a marble kitchen countertops is commonly not a do-it-without anyone's help venture, it is conceivable to make a false marble countertops with solid utilizing a solid overlay item called Ardex Feather Finish. This can be spread onto existing countertops. The task includes putting down various layers of shifting shades of the overlay substance. The marbleizing happens when you sand down the various layers that you applied. The covered surface is then fixed for wonderful countertops at a small amount of the expense. On the off chance that your financial limit and plan permit, regular marble is an exemplary decision that never leaves style. A little interest in care and support will yield huge outcomes over the long haul, particularly when it's a great opportunity to sell your home.


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Installing a new sink and faucet is just one of the simplest things you can do in order to earn a huge effect on the way that your kitchen looks and functions. Black quartz floor tiles are perfect for kitchens, developing a modern and luxurious look in the center of your house. In reality, if you're a DIY enthusiast, modular granite is just about the very best mid-range granite option that can be found on the market nowadays.


If your bathroom has more of a conventional impression, darker colors could decidedly be great choices for you. Including a stone countertop to your residence will definitely increase its value. Our kitchen appears beautiful.

Customized Pedestal Table Base Granite table tops may be custom made from any type of stone or they are sometimes purchased from pre-made inventory. All granite countertop slabs are in-stock and prepared for prompt shipping. When it is properly installed and cared for, it will not crack due to normal weather conditions.

Installation of Corian countertops is a relatively simple procedure, in contrast to other countertop installations. It is possible to also get granite remnants some very excellent bargains on countertops at Ikea. It is a natural stone and is one of the most popular countertop materials on the market.

Generally speaking, granite countertop prices vary based on the kind and format of the material. It is very important to remember that installing a granite slab demands special tools, professional wisdom and meticulous care. Your outdoor granite ought to be supported in the exact fashion as any indoor installation.

On the flip side, lower-end kinds of granite will cost less here, and you'll have more negotiating power. Likewise, counter tops are getting more subtle in regard to material thickness. You may have to compromise on the kind of countertop you wish to spend less in the long run.

The intricacy of the job the range of seams and corners and the type of sink you select will get an effect on Countertops countertop costs too. Granite table bases need careful consideration since they could have to support lots of weight. For example, the edge pieces typically feature an integrated bullnose while the back pieces feature an integrated backsplash.

Natural stone is just one of the most frequently used materials in countertops. It is rated the best natural stone countertop material because it is less expensive and easier to repair than other natural stone countertop materials. A decade before, quartz was far more costly than granite.

Pelican white also contains some sparkle within it. Quartz Made from crushed rock, the mining is a bit easier as there isn't any need to cautiously preserve massive slabs. Check with a countertop contractor if you want to find out more about how granite compares to other all-natural stone materials.

Due to its hardness and comparative cheapness with regard to marble, granite is frequently used to earn kitchen countertops. If you own a slab granite countertop installed, it is going to take anywhere from a couple of days. Generally, granite countertops are not as costly than quartz, especially in recent decades.


Granite is mined in many US locations and about the Earth, so shipping costs can be a big element in price. Client service and personal attention to every situation is valuable to me. At the exact same time, you won't need to compromise on appearance and caliber of the cabinets.

The caliber of the granite you select will have the biggest influence on the last price. When there are lots of renovations you can do which will not result in the general home's value, a superb stone countertop will raise the price value. Utilizing tile for a countertop material also creates an ideal DIY undertaking, so you're able to save thousands of dollars on the price of selecting a professional installer.

Our vast collection of mosaic tile backsplashes will provide a style that satisfies your needs. Obviously, each stone resembles a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Natural stone is the best application for commercial and residential projects together with virtually any form of remodeling.


While Corian doesn't arrive in grades, it's created by DuPont in a selection of thicknesses. Homeowners considering granite countertops are going to have vast array of colours, patterns and designs from which to select. Our quartz tiles can be found in a variety of colours so you're sure to get a shade that perfectly suits your colour scheme.

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Granite & Quartz Kitchen Worktops for Renovation of Kitchen in London – Astrum Granite  

Granite & Quartz Kitchen Worktops for Renovation of Kitchen in London – Astrum Granite
Are you looking for Kitchen Renovation Materials at CheapPrice in London? Astrum Granite is the best kitchen worktop seller near you where you can buy the best designing materials in the best shapes for your kitchen at cheap prices like Granite worktops and Quartz worktops.  You Just simply call on this (+44)203-290-8427 where Astrum granite team will assist you and share all details which you want like prices, shape, and design of the material.
Granite & Quartz Kitchen Worktops for Renovation of Kitchen in London – Astrum Granite
Order Now!!! And Avail this Offer
Thank You!
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Marble is one of the best & popular kitchen worktops right now. Marble can be a soft and porous material; however stones like arabescato-corchia, arabescato-orobico, arabescato-vagli and statuarietto. But customer needs with these materials at cheap price. And Astrum granite is the best spot for best materials with cheap Price in London, UK where customers can easily fulfill own desires and decorate their own dream Kitchen Design.

marble kitchen worktops uk


So what you waiting for? Call now on (+44)203-290-8427 and Order Material at cheap price for your kitchen.


Thank You!

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Marble Kitchen Worktops/Countertops & Natural Stone Surfaces from Astrum Granite. We supply Marble kitchen Work Tops in London the UK.  Astrum Granite is Proud to Install Granite Worktops in Fife! Our Marble Worktops are all handcrafted to each kitchen’s specification. Whatever your budget, material or color, we guarantee a luxury finish. So Order now on Astrum Granite the kitchen worktops/countertops provider in London.




Our aim is that everyone should build their dream kitchen at a cheap price. So if you want to build your dream kitchen design then contact for marble worktops material on (+44)203-290-8427.


Thank You!

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Renovate your kitchen roof and wall with Mable Worktops at Cheap Price in London on Astrum Granite which’s the hub of Marbles. Here customers can buy a particular design of marble in different shapes. They offer the best categories of materials like arabescato-corchia, arabescato-orobico, arabescato-vagli, and statuarietto.


Available Sizes:


  • 600mm Worktops

4100mm X 600mm X 38mm


  • 900mm Breakfast Bars

4100mm X 900mm X 38mm


  • 665mm Breakfast Bars

4100mm X 650mm X 38mm


  • Upstand

4100mm X 100mm X 20mm

3819547043?profile=original Avail on marble kitchen worktops/countertops and order now on (+44)203-290-8427.


Thank You

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Granite is a very popular choice of timeless beauty into every kitchen and Quartz is durable and hygienic surface material of naturally beautiful. Both of these materials are very popular for kitchen installation in London and the best thing is customer could bring these materials at cheap price on Astrum Granite the Wholesaler of Kitchen Countertops/worktops in London.


Granite Available Thickness:


20mm Thickness - £349.64 /sqm

30mm Thickness- £355.80 /sqm


Quartz Available Thickness:


30mm Thickness- £365.92 /sqm

20mm Thickness- £350.00 /sqm


Or you can order as per your Requirements of Materials


Avail Now!


Without waste of time Order Your Favorite Kitchen Countertops for Your Kitchen to renovate your kitchen. Call on (+44)203-290-8427 and get order now our sales team will be waiting for a valuable call for Order.


Thank You!

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A bathroom is a place which requires high-maintenance regarding hygiene. Most of the materials installed inside a bathroom get damaged gradually over time, due to continues presence of water, steam and high moisture level in the inside air.

Material to be used in the bathroom must be super strong and durable enough to bear all the damage caused by water and steam. Since bathroom materials are constantly under touch with water and steam and are less subjected to direct sunlight or air, thus they suffer more from the presences of germs and microbes. They should be either made up of microbe-free material or must need really high hygienic maintenance.

 Stone is a good choice for bathroom usage. Use of stone for the bathroom is popular since ancient times, and it is still considered lavish and luxurious. You can still find many-many ancient castles having natural stones in bathrooms all around the world. Such stones are ideal for bathroom use due to their properties such as –

- Durability

- Elegance

- Easy maintenance

- Hygienic properties

- Organic

- Varieties of colors and patterns

- Heat resistance

- Water resistance

- Stain resistance

- Scratch resistance

They can be installed from the floor to the countertops and many more. Here are the two popular stone materials ideal for use in the bathroom-


Marble is usually the first choice for every homeowner. The elegance provided by marble is unmatchable. Highly polished marble is a site of pure elegance. But it should be sealed properly before use to make it stain and microbe-resistant. The only con of marble is that it is a little expensive and needs proper sealing for durability.


Now a day’s granite is becoming highly popular among the homeowners due to its highly resistant nature and easy to maintain properties. It provides a rich and shimmery look which adds instant beauty to your bathroom. Its durability and heat, stain, and scratch-resistant property make it an ideal one.

Few tips-

- Follow proper care and maintenance instruction for durability.

- Go for dark color stones as they are less porous as compared to light-colored stones.

- Always get them sealed and resealed time to time to avoid any damage.

- Avoid harsh chemical’s use such as acids on your stone, especially if it’s marble.

- Allow air flow/ventilation into your bathroom to let moisture escape.

- Lastly, stay aware

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We specialize in producing and fitting quartz, marble, and granite worktops throughout London and the UK. Browse our collection of natural stone and composite surfaces which have been selected from across the globe.


granite kitchen worktops in uk



We have over 16 years’ experience working with natural stone, and the skills and expertise to handle everything from a small bathroom vanity unit to a major house redevelopment project. You can trust us to get it right for you - from the early stages of finalizing your kitchen design to the installation of the stone. We have the tools, experience, and capability to produce exquisite and durable worktops.


Our granite installation teams are conveniently located throughout London and the UK in order to provide a truly nationwide worktop fitting service. Don’t pay through the nose buying your worktops through your kitchen company; send your kitchen plan or measurements to us today to find out exactly how much you can save. Browse from our huge selection of materials and cut out the middleman by dealing directly with the stone suppliers.


Our granite worktops and other surfaces are carefully selected from the world’s quarries based on the source and the quality of the stone. As a natural product, no two granite slabs are identical; equally natural stones excavated from different quarries will vary in natural properties. No matter where the granite is mined, the stone is an igneous rock and consists of prominently of quartz, feldspar, and mica. Granite has a durable reputation with a melting point of between 1215° and 1260°; which is one of the many reasons granite worktops are used in kitchens throughout the world.


Granite Kitchen Worktops


Granite kitchen worktops london


Granite tops in a kitchen are a sign of quality and add a touch of class, elegance, and sophistication. The fact that the work surface is the most noticeable element in a kitchen means that a well-fitted piece of quality granite really does complete a kitchen project the right way. Many people are surprised when they see the diversity of colors available, compared to the restricted selection most people are typically offered by a kitchen designer. We encourage our customers to view the slab either in our factory in Bedford or at one of our granite suppliers in London.


A kitchen surface is in constant use; it is, therefore, essential for it to be resilient for the daily usage it will invariably encounter. At I Granite we use only the highest quality full-sized granite slabs and never touch inferior blanks that can be inadvertently purchased online. All of our granite range is professionally sealed and treated at no extra charge, using the world’s leading stone sealant product ‘Dry Treat’. As an approved applicator, we offer a 15-year warranty against staining on all granite we worktops install. Gone are the days of worrying about every splash and spill. Sealant treatment technology has truly evolved, resulting in granite worktops being more resilient than ever before.


Granite worktops are available in 30mm gauge thickness, with certain colors also available in 20mm gauge thickness.


Quartz Kitchen Worktops


quartz kitchen worktops uk


Quartz is a premium manufactured countertop product containing 92% quartz, 7% resin, and 1% color, forming a resilient hygienic practical work surface. The material is an excellent choice for customers who want a modern contemporary finish with a consistent grain pattern and elegant.  The versatile stone is available in a huge selection of colors from the four leading UK brands (Silestone, Quartzforms, Compac, and Ceasarstone). The versatility of quartz worktops makes them an excellent choice for kitchen surfaces and bathroom vanities, as well as a suitable material for internal wall cladding.


Quartz worktops typically fare better against staining than untreated granite against staining due to the stone’s virtually non-porous nature. Quartz is impact and scratch-resistant thanks to the polyester resin elasticity and Vibro compression technology incorporated during the manufacturing process. Quartz worktops are scratch-resistant and virtually impervious to acidic consumables such as lemons or orange juice.  As a testament to the quality of our products; all of our collection is sold with a minimum of a 10-year warranty against staining.


Quartz worktops are a typically purchased in 30mm gauge thickness, but are also available in a thinner 20mm gauge thickness alternative.


Marble Kitchen Worktops


Marble Kitchen worktops london


Marble is an instantly recognizable stone; its soft colors, vibrant warmth, and naturally occurring veining make this material an excellent choice for those seeking natural beauty and elegance. Many people often think as marble as being white with grey veining; however, they may be surprised to see the complete range of different colors that are available to create beautiful marble worktops.


Marble is a versatile product, suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and wall cladding. The stone is often used in classic or farmhouse style kitchens complimenting wooden cabinets. Despite its traditional usage, marble has recently been the worktop surface of choice for kitchen designers and interior architects seeking to complete a kitchen in an unrivaled way.


Marble is a softer stone in comparison to granite and quartz and is extremely sensitive to acidic liquids such as fruit juice. The stone is sensitive to marking and scratching, and over time will age with the kitchen. Read more about the potential advantages and disadvantages of having marble worktops. Request for Sample of Material


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