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If someone asks this question, which is the Southernmost tip of India, then our thought jumps suddenly to Kanyakumari. But, according to history, the actual location points to Andaman and Nicobar islands. Surprised right? Yes, the one of the best tourist destination among island holidays, Andaman houses this point. Another interesting aspect about this point is that it has been named after the valiant women Prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi. Thus, India's Southernmost tip, Indira point is located at the Great Nicobar islands. A number of tour packages are sold to trip Andaman and the ones who have travelled would be known about Indira point. Nicobar islands are mostly not tourism friendly thus not many have visited this spot. Andaman has achieved its fame owing to its spectacular comeliness and tourism opportunities. And when nature demanded, it has gone through several changes. Once it witnessed the historical powers of many nations and fell prey to its atrocities. It has started experiencing its freedom after it came under the official possession of India. If you dig deeper into its roots, then an amazing blend of culture and ethnicity can be explored. Indira point is one such place where India has marked its supremacy in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Maybe owing to this reason, it has been named as a World Heritage site by UNO.

Indira point is, in fact, a village in Great Nicobar islands and previously it was named as Pygmalion point and after the visit of the former prime minister of India, Smt Indira Gandhi, his son Rajiv Gandhi has renamed the point to after his mother. Earlier this place was known by several names. The renaming was done during 1985 October 18 Th and before which its name was Pygmalion point. Indira Gandhi has visited Nicobar islands and the point, this made the place acquire its name. It has geographical significance too, the point lies about 500 kilometres North of the epicentre of the tragic tsunami of 2004. This portion is on the eastern side of the Indian ocean. Since it is away from Kanyakumari, the region has been claimed as the Southernmost point of Nicobar islands as well as of India. The interesting aspect of India point is the presence of a lighthouse having a height of almost 35 meters made with high cast iron. This lighthouse served as the important landmark for local fishing ships, trade ships as well as international ships.The lighthouse was built during April 30Th, 1972 but nature has taken a wrong turn and its result was seen in 2004 with the Tsunami. Nicobar islands being near to the Sumatra tectonic plates had been under the control of the sea. The tsunami caused devastation to the Indira point and submerging the lighthouse. The base of the lighthouse has gone to several metres down but it was not fully submerged. Slowly, it has started to partially appear as the violent impact of the sea has lessened in years. The lighthouse has helped the trade to progress in Andaman.

Here doesn't end the importance of this area. The great teacher and philosopher, Swami Vivekananda had ended his travel in India at this point in search of enlightenment at this very place. He used to meditate at this spot for days. He continued his meditation, till the sea wrapped him. Indira point is claimed to be the last place visited by Swami Vivekananda during his tour after Kanyakumari. It is a worth to watch this spot. The place enjoyed the presence of over thousands of households but all of it soon devastated after the inflicting of 2004 tsunami. If someone wishes to see the place, then it is a bit difficult as it is a buffer zone as stated by Government. So, it requires the permission as well as the Tribal welfare document. It is located near to Campbell bay and for further details, contact your travel operator arranging Andaman and Nicobar tour is suggested.
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Personal loans are one amongst multiple types of loans that you can borrow from a bank. These are typically general purpose loans you can avail these loan for paying for a sudden expense, education, vacation or little home improvement. One of the best parts of the Personal loan Bangalore is you need not submit any collateral for security. Like other loans, the lender can't automatically take a chunk of your property as payment for the loan. This is one of the reasons personal loans are harder to get. Personal loans are quite expensive, compared to other loan but it is worth of availing in the scenario when you need a cash in a short period. Besides, they're simply accessible, especially in the case of online loans. Some of the important tips when and why the personal loan should be taken are listed below.

5 Good Reasons for Taking Personal Loans


Paying off Debt

One of the most popular uses for private loans is paying off the debt. A personal loan used to pay off debt can result in easier cash management and a lower rate of interest. If you have got a smaller credit card balance which will end in 12 to 18 months, a personal loan won't be your best move. Instead of using private loan in Bangalore in paying off other loans that are becoming hard to manage will be the best move.

Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies can come to anyone without knocking at the door. During a medical emergency, good quality of health care isn't easily affordable these days, and once a medical emergency strikes individuals usually struggle with the expenses. In such situations, a personal loan will be extremely useful.

Car Repair Bills

If you have ever got your car repaired, then you know how costly the bills can get. Even minor car paint repairs might set you back by a couple of thousand rupees, and if there is a need for component replacement then the bills will go lots higher. However. you'll always take a personal loan in such scenario if required, however, try to repay it as short as possible to reduce the interest.

Remodel your home

Do you need to undertake a remodeling project for your home? maybe, you want to add a landscape, roof repairs, etc. You don’t need to wait any longer, as a result of you'll approach your bank for a personal loan for home improvement functions. So, forget the waiting and start creating your dream home. There are several banks providing personal loans for this purpose. whatever project add price to your home, a personal loan could be a great way to meet your dream at the affordable Rate of interest 10.49%*.

To pay for your wedding ceremony

Many people need their wedding day to be a memorable one. The problem is that sometimes, the couple doesn’t have desired money to make it happen. Personal loans have resolved this problem for several individuals. Some people take a personal loan to cover the other marriage expenses. As long as your Minimum salary 20k and the company is listed under LLP firms or proprietor companies you can avail the loan easily.

Choosing the Right Personal Loan

So, currently, you came know the benefits of personal loans. Before applying for a personal loan in Bangalore From Private Finance check interest rate in a different bank and you can also use personal loan EMI calculator for further reference. If you’re facing any financial problem, before taking any additional debt, it is better to choose personal loan in Bangalore. If you’re unaware of the procedure and benefits of personal loan you can seek advice from personal loan agents in Bangalore.

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One thing a peregrinator always loves more than a travel is indulging in the preparations for identically tantamount. A well-orchestrated travel always involves packing and preparations from the onset of booking hotels and tour packages. For some, it is a once in a lifetime experience and will utilize to the maximum to treasure recollections. But, travelling is not that facile as we cerebrate. A well-planned itinerary is a must and, along with that modern gadget and its uses always help travelers.  Since, most of the time, tourists pick destinations outside their homeland. For example, Kerala is the favorite destination of all vagabonds. Now, understanding language is not an issue with the avail of Google translator. Likewise, we must carry some paramount stuff amidst the tour for making it comfortable as well as memorable. Kerala is not just a mundane place and to make the tour to Kerala, a more indelible one, we can carry some things with us. It is true that the travel organizers providing tour packages to Kerala will definitely take care of your needs but still, they won't remind you to take the necessary things that can help you on the way. Genuinely, it is an effort to make an error-free journey with all comforts. For example, honeymoon must not be a flop as it is once in a lifetime experience. These are just some of the things that people who are commencing to peregrinate must take.


Smartphones and Tablets: Getting your way into road trips will help your Smartphone and tablet go hand in hand. Moreover, do not forget to take chargers and power banks as well. On travelling with kids, there are at times, you won't be able to manage them and it is the best idea to carry the favorite video game of your kid on your tablet. They will not get bored then especially amidst the destination transfers. You can also buy special chargers for the trip. It's a good idea to assemble a multi-task power string to charge all the devices together. Cables can be used to cut all the cables well. Internet dongle is definitely an issue. Data can be accessed using the Opera Mini browser while using apps.


Song and Book: The rides to places like Munnar, Thekkady and Wayanad are mind-blowing, and how good it is to have a pleasant music at that moment. Another benefit of listening to music while travelling especially while riding heavy hairpin curves, it can distract your worry of being sick as a majority of people are suffering from travel sickness. The Journey and music are the best combinations. Also, the beach shores or some outstanding verandas are perfect places for reading your favorite author's masterpiece. It can make your brain work more. The ideas will soon immerse in your senses. Thus, If you have a long journey, you should have a good collection of books and music players with you. Earphones should also be considered for listening.


Notebook, Camera: Notebooks can be used to capture beautiful moments and information that is lost during travel. Another useful thing with notebooks is that you can start writing your travel blogs by jotting some thrilling moments amidst your tour. It is true that nowadays, notebooks are outdated but still, some while travelling we must go back to old times. At certain historical places in Kerala, the guides and other staffs will share important information about the monument which may not be there on the internet. If you note down these, it can benefit you later. A camera can also be used to copy the images. If you do not have a camera, use your Smartphone. It is desirable if you think about the type of lenses you use on your Smartphone.


Travel Organizer: Travel organizers will help you keep things that are easy to travel. It is important to keep the money in separate chambers. Special plastic covers can be used to place the clothes used. Managing luggage is an art and we must sort the needs and wants amidst tour. One must only carry needful kinds of stuff and avoid carrying unnecessary items with luggage. In travel organizer, make separate slots for everything. For example, in your honeymoon days, sort the dresses of both of you in separate slots so that you can avoid mess ups. The things that must be used in an emergency must be kept in your handbags and in a well-organized manner.


Guidebooks:  The internet does not necessarily mean that the phone should access data everywhere they reach. Therefore, you can point out important information about the hub and another place in the book. Keep it in places where it can be accessible too. It can be helpful to find the restrooms on the way. In Kerala, at certain hill stations, the availability of network coverage is nil and you should not expect your GPS can help you to find the routes. It is at this point, the use of guidebooks will work. The PDF version of these books can be downloaded and can be made as a hard copy. In case, the battery of your phone has run out, then this print can be utilized for the same. For skin care, you need to have enough body lotion, face wash, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, wipes, and sunscreen.


Medicines: While travelling often happens in the inner areas, it is difficult to get essential medicines. The essential medicines such as antibiotics, antibacterial ointments, paracetamol, allergic drugs, painkillers, etc. should be considered. If someone in a particular condition is ill, it's good to get the information out. It is common for a honeymoon or other tours, the climatic conditions can adversely affect the health of a traveller. Since most of the tourists are coming from other parts of the country apart from Kerala as well as from foreign countries, there is more probability of getting ill.

We used to miss many important items to take for travel may be in a hurry or due to the lack of a meticulous plan. When we are travelling far, we have to become more responsible for taking care of ourselves. The above given are some of the things you must not forget to take with you.

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Of course, there is a need of moving company in the complex phase of relocation which is commercial goods shifting. A person can manage household relocation because there are only limited goods in the same but in case of commercial goods shifting the process is really going to be tough. The number of goods is more in commercial shifting and along with this every item is complex. Hence, in order to deal with the things properly so that it may reach to the new place safe and secure, one should have the assistance of professionals in the same.

The staff of your office would not be interested in dealing with packing and moving their stuff because you are not paying them for the same and this is a reason why there is always a need of professionals to deal with every requirement of shifting. Considering the importance packers and movers is the first thin that comes to the mind of people who plan of commercial shifting. Now, the big question and one amongst the most common concern of people be that, how to find a decent packers and movers company for the task.

Comparing the packers and movers in Delhi for commercial shifting is very much necessary and this is because only with comparison one could attain a good result. Now, the question is that how one could compare the movers. The first thing that you should compare is the services the moving companies are offering. Look at the scenario and find out which company offers the best services. The second point of comparison is the charges of the movers.

Now, as you already know about the services, you can compare the prices and can get to know whether the company is offering services that are value for your money or not. The last thing to compare is the credentials and the image of the movers and packers company. Go with the one that has the complete registration and fulfil all the legal formalities too.

Checking the reviews and ratings of the company would be additional benefit for you because this would bring you closer to a good result by the end of the move. These are the three very important points that could help you to compare between the packers and movers Banglore for safe commercial shifting. A good decision taken in the beginning would always help you out in reaching to a positive conclusion by the end of the move.

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Tips for Safe and Damage-Free Household Shifting

A lot of people shift from one place to other for betterment in life or grabbing some good opportunities. Relocation is a process we never look forward to. You have to contact utility companies, clean your entire home before you leave, and much more. This is not an easy task for an individual to handle it alone. And the safety concern of the goods makes it even more stressful event. A relocator faces so many obstacles while moving and shifting his home so, here in this article we are going to discuss some important tips that will help you to have a safe and damage-free relocation experience.

Plan Early

Relocation can take time more than your expectations hence, you should start planning your move at least 4-6 weeks prior to your moving day.

Purge Your Home

The more quantities of the goods are there the more moving cost will be. So, you should get rid of the unwanted goods such as old clothes, broken furniture, plants, etc. that are no more useful for you or you can take along with you in your new home. You can either sell the goods or donate it to charity.

Approach Professional

What else could be the best way to enjoy safe and hassle-free relocation than approaching a reliable and trusted movers. You can approach the best and trusted packers and movers in Gurgaon via Internet where you will find many online portals that are associated with reliable moving companies.

Start Packing

You should start packing at least a month prior to your move so that you will complete packing of all the household goods even the tinier ones. You first start packing with one room and then move to other this way you will pack accordingly and have hassle free packing also. You should start with guest room, living room, bedroom, bathroom and then kitchen.

Do Transit Insurance

Everyone concerns about the safety of their goods and it is also everyone’s priority to transport it safe. It is possible that the goods can be get damage so you must do insurance for the safety of your goods so that at least you won’t suffer any loss even if any damage occurs. So do insurance of your goods before moving it to another place.

Always approach the right and trustworthy removal companies to relocate your home otherwise you can be in big trouble. Hence, follow the above-mentioned tips to find a reliable moving company and having a safe and damage-free shifting experience.

Packers and Movers from Pune to Nagpur

Packers and Movers from Pune to Kanpur

Packers and Movers from Pune to Coimbatore

Packers and Movers from Pune to Delhi

Packers and Movers from Pune to Thane

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Vehicle transportation is something really difficult to handle. People are attached with their vehicle and it is a part of their daily routine too, hence they have the strongest desire to carry it along with to the next destination. Vehicle transportation is easy when you are moving to a shorter distance and in such a case it is not a problem but an asset because you can use your vehicle as the moving vehicle but the situation just becomes reverse when you are supposed to make a move with your vehicle.

Taking vehicle to a new destination is never easy and especially when the distance is more, in such a situation there are two ways either you have to hire the professionals or have to leave the vehicle there only. However people also go for one exceptional option and it is driving the way to the new place. Well, in case the distance is low then this can be managed but in case the distance is far away then it is really going to be a complicated task to manage the same.

Things are not going to be easy when a person is supposed to take vehicle to a long distance that too driving the way. So, the safest option all the time is to hire a vehicle moving company and assign them the task of taking vehicle to the next place. There are many benefits of having the vehicle transportation company by the side. They could always ensure the safety to your things. They would make it a super convenient way for you to have the services of your vehicle at the next destination as well. The professionals would always deal with the requirement in the best manner.

There are two ways in which they would transport your vehicle. There are few vehicle transportation companies that provide door to door delivery services which mean they would pick your vehicle from the source and would handle you the keys of your vehicle at the destination point. Another is port to port shipping. In that case, the vehicle need to be delivered at port and received at the port of the new destination. Both the services are better in their part and as per the convenience and budget one should opt for the same. So, as a conclusion of this, it could be said that the best way to transport vehicle is definitely through the assistance of packers and movers Pune to Bangalore.

Packers and Movers from Pune to Ahmedabad

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Relocation is a tough business and more than that, it is complicated to settle down the things at the next destination. When a person moves with his possession from Pune to a new place then he is surrounded by many things and questions. He has many responsibilities to take care of. Settling down at the new destination is always tough and one amongst the most important responsibility of the time is to take care of the security of the new place, reason being the unfamiliarity with the new place. Well, if you have just settled down at the new place or you really need to take care of things well. We are here mentioning few of the important things that you have to take care of when shifting to a new place.

Change Locks: First and the foremost important thing that you need to do once you are at the new place, is to change the lock system there. This is a necessary act because it would ensure that everything at the home remains safe. You never know how many people have the access key of the house; hence without taking a risk, it would be better to change it.

Install Proper Alarm System: You should install proper alarm system to be at the safest side of the move. It would really be helpful for you to do this because you are unaware of the environment at the new place and being prepared from your side for the things would really help you out.

Check Lightning System: Check the lightning system of your house to be at the safest side. On the same day of landing at the new location, you should check it out. This would make the things simple for you and of course you would enjoy your cozy and comfortable stay there too.

Conduct Home Safety Assessment: It is necessary to conduct a home safety assessment. It would be great if you will try out these things beforehand. This would make it simpler and pretty easier for you to proceed for a peaceful life there.

Plan for Emergency: Well with the best hopes at the new home, you should be well-planned for the worst too. It is required that you should plan out for emergency too. This would keep you under the safest zone ever.

These are few of the very important things that you are supposed to do when you move into the new home. To be at the safest side ever, try out the best things from your side.

Packers and Movers from Pune to Goa

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Magic the Gathering From the Vault: Transform Unboxing
Hey guys!
My first unboxing video! and what better to start with than something close to my heart, Magic the Gathering. Ive never had a From the Vault set, so i was super excited for this mtg unboxing!
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