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How Voice Search Will Impact SEO in 2020?

Every year some new creation of technology takes place that alters the business productivity. Resultantly it can be hard for any industry, be it digital, manufacturing or IT to survive in the modern digital era. One such innovation in the field of digital marketing is the increased usage of voice search that is influencing the traditional SEO techniques in several ways.

To ensure that your website ranks well on the search engine, it is vital to check your website’s performance with the voice search. In 2020, internet voice search will increase tenfolds that will significantly alter the traditional search engine optimization methods. Every marketer and business must be aware of the role voice search will play in SEO from 2020 onwards as this will determine their revenue and productivity.

voice search seo 2020

SOURCE: How Voice Search Will Impact SEO in 2020?

The Hike in Voice Search Innovation

The launch of Watson by IBM in 2010 metamorphosed the technology of voice recognition enabled devices. Watson is an improved voice Q&A recognition program that astonished the world by transforming computers into smart droids. The program was intelligent and fast enough to overcome Trivia grandmasters on Jeopardy (TV quiz show.) In the same year, Google launched its Voice Search feature, and Apple introduced Siri on iPhone 4S, the introductory digital personal voice assistant. Later in 2014, Microsoft introduced its Voice Search known as Cortana, and Amazon Echo also released in the same year.

Amazon Echo is a unique smart voice-enabled speaker that can react to the human voice and reply with its artificial brain called AlexaGoogle Assistant was introduced back in 2016, as well as the Voice Search enabled speaker Google Home. Till 2019 Amazon Alexa steered the smart speakers market, but according to the current rise in Google Home users, it overtaking Alexa seems inevitable.

Voice recognition innovation has been continuously in development, and it is improving day by day since its genesis. Google claims that its voice recognition system is 95% accurate, but it is nothing comparable to the Chinese iFlytek voice recognition program that is 98% accurate.

The comprehensive voice search in 2019 was not only limited to smartphones and smart speakers, but it is also integrated into several other devices such as on Televisions, Internet of Things, smart thermostats, and in home kits. While 2019 was a big year for development in voice search, 2020 will revolutionize the digital world with the expansion of voice search.  

According to statistics, 31% of smart mobile users access voice search feature at least one in a week while 20 percent of searches on Google app and Android phones are done via voice recognition system. While the above statics of usage of voice search may be shocking, 2020 will dominate the manual screen web searches by 50 %.

According to a prediction by a media analytics organization Comscore, half of the internet searches will be done via voice in 2020. Gartner, another analytics firm, speculates that in 2020 30 % of the user queries on the internet will be made without using keypads. These predictions suggest that you need to be ready for the voice search’s effect on your business as well as modify the marketing plan that might be friendly with voice recognition systems. Another research organization speculates that 3.25 billion voice searches were in-use at the beginning of 2020. They forecast that until 2023 it may rise to eight billion voice search systems in use.

The Effect of Voice Search on SEO

The voice recognition innovation is meant to comfort your life and offer ease of access to web information. However, it may be a sudden sharp turn for marketers and SEO specialists. Let’s discuss in what way it influences your search engine optimization:

Natural Language

With the new and upgraded voice search detection programs, voice detection feature is now adept in analyzing day-to-day common language we use while talking to a regular human. The developers of voice detection systems analyze user’s voice queries, and then they optimize their voice detection systems accordingly. This makes voice identification programs much smarter in learning and understanding a natural language spoken by a human. So the point here is about the language you use in your online content should be natural and moderate. If it gets too formal, then the voice searches may not include or rank your site in the search engines. So your business website should have a standard conversational language that is used in day to day life.

Keyword Length

The method we were using until now was ranking our sites for 2-3 phrases keyword or short keywords, but it is now changing. When a person uses voice search is likely to speak out a lengthy keyword such as “Nike red men’s running shoes” instead of typing “Nike shoes.” This happens because while talking to someone, we mostly use descriptive sentences instead of saying two-three words. However, while using keypads, most of us are quite lazy and only types two-three terms to get the result. According to Backlinko, voice searches are mostly 29 words long and include natural conversational language. That means from now on, your online business content must contain keywords that are likely to be spoken via voice search. To get a better ROI in 2020, one should always long-tail keywords and may avoid excess usage of short-tail keywords.   

Question Keywords

Voice search based web queries will be made up with question terms like how, what, when, which, who, and where. These words are avoided while searching from a keypad. The SEO executives, leaders, and professionals need to bear in mind that the content provides accurate and to the point answer to these question keywords. Business website contents must include the relevant answers to their questions keywords to generate considerable traffic via voice searches.

Best keywords for voice search

It would help if you also used the verbs in your content that are likely to be used by users with the question keywords be it can, do, make, and other. You can also consider using the adjectives and nouns related to the query to get the most out of voice search.

Semantic Search

Instead of lexical searches, Google and other users are likely to use Semantic search algorithms. It does not only ranks websites based on used words but also considers the user’s geolocation, search history, glocal search history, and spelling variations of the user’s search terms. Google has a dedicated artificial intelligent system called RankBrain for this purpose, which identifies the arranged order of the words in a keyword. This helps Google understand the user’s purpose behind using the specific terms, and it also considers the other aspects mentioned above in this paragraph. Another program, Hummingbird, is used by Google to recognize and learn the natural language of a user. In short, voice search is related to a semantic search system as the voice searches sometimes have different intentions even if other users use the same terms for another purpose. 

Local Search

Voice innovation in smartphones is significantly focused more on the local search. It is at least three times more drawn towards local search than the non-location-based searches. For example, if someone is looking for a bakery shop nearby, then the user is likely to say, “Hey Google, best bakeries near me.” This is why voice search has a significant impact on the local search ration, and it is rapidly increasing as more and more people are getting aware of this feature.


The sites optimized with the voice search are mostly ranked in the top three positions on the search engine result page. You don’t need to be on the first rank on SERP to appear on the Answer Boxes located at the upper of the SERP. If your site is providing the most relevant answer to the user query, then your site will appear in the featured snippet. To appear in Google’s featured snippet, your website must have the most appropriate and logical answer to the user keyword. The voice search keywords are a great way to appear in these featured boxes.


Users are using a voice assistant to find their products online, and most of the e-commerce keywords are made through voice search. Approximately 40% of the users use voice search before making the final deal, and this means they prefer voice search while shopping online. If you are managing the SEO of an e-commerce website, then you need to use voice friendly keywords in your products.

How to Adapt to Voice Search SEO?

As you now aware of how voice is influencing the world of SEO, here are the tips that may help marketers adapt to the voice search change:

  1. Site Loading Speed: Google Voice search apps are preferring a lightweight website that can load quickly without any delay. So marketers are advised to optimize the loading time of their websites. One can do this by compressing the images of the website as well as avoiding the auto-play videos, which slows down the loading time.
  2. Use of long-tail keywords: Voice searches are long-tail keywords, and optimizing your site accordingly, will help you in generating traffic through voice searches.
  3. Featured Snippets: Voice searches are likely to contain question words, and by answering these question keywords with a relevant and short answer, you can list your site into the featured snippet. These snippets only consider summary answers from particular webpages.  
  4. Use Structured Data and Schema Markup: Your content must be well organized and should follow an excellent order and structure to appear in voice searches. Always use Schema markups on your website while posting traffic-generating content.
  5. Provide Local Information:  If your site is for your local business where you provide products and services, then you should include the details like physical address and map of your store or company. You can embed Google My Business on your site to boost the performance in local voice searches.
  6. Enhance the Domain Authority: Site that has higher DA is likely to appear in the voice searches because this increases the trust of search engines on your site. You can boost the Domain authority of your website by creating high-quality backlinks on your domain.

The voice search innovation is influencing search engine optimization for sure and recently it has significantly developed. In 2020 it will increase more than ever, so marketers should not be surprised if the traditional SEO techniques stop incurring the general revenue. It is time to buckle up and take advantage of voice search and get even more customers through the web.

Harry Williams is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles for AOI Tech Solutions, TekWire, Wire IT Solutions, Fegon Group, Zone Firewall. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience. To get in touch with the internet security service provider,  just visit on these given sites.

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How to Fix Steam Broadcast Not Working?

Steam Broadcast is a Steam feature which lets you broadcast gameplay independent of any other software. It needs a PC that has a good speed internet connection. Generally whenever a Steam Broadcast stops working the culprit is the system or the network hardware issue, Steam settings or else with Steam software itself.

Here are the ways to fix Steam Broadcast issues

Restart the system

The shutdown and restart of your system shall force Steam to reboot. Side by side it solves plenty of problems and leads in Steam Broadcasting feature to work correctly.

Power cycling

Prefer unplugging the modem and router of yours. This shall result in forcing them to discover new connections. Wait for half a minute and, then plug them in.

Go for ethernet connections

Use the ethernet connection instead of using Wi-Fi because ethernet works faster. Having your system nearby the wireless router can work out. It has been observed that sometimes moving any obstructions is helpful. Always remember that a wired ethernet connection is considered best because it has incredible speed.

Look the speed of your internet connection

Streaming shall not work correctly if the internet connection has some issues. You might face problem at the time when you are streaming in high quality if the upload speed gets slower.

Look anti-virus software of yours

Ensure that the anti-virus of yours did not recognize Steam as a threat. The step that you can take is that you should disable the anti-virus software of yours for some time to check whether your Steam Broadcast is working or not. By chance, it works the way it should then you should go for a different anti-virus program.

Have a look at your firewall

See whether the firewall is not set for blocking Steam. If it is, then make a particular exception for Steam. An alternative option is to disable the firewall for some time and note if Steam Broadcasting works or not. By this, you shall get to know whether the firewall is creating the problem or not.

Go through the Steam Broadcast settings

After going through the above steps still if your Steam Broadcast does not work, then you need to look at the settings of it.

The method of fixing Steam Broadcast settings

Ensure that the Steam Broadcasting is enabled.

  1. Firstly, go to Steam.
  2. Then, click on Settings.
  3. After that, press on Broadcasting.
  4. Next, look at the privacy settings.
  5. Then, choose ‘Anyone can watch my games.’

Harry Williams is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles 
for Tekwire on NortonWebrootMcAfeeMicrosoft Office and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience. To get in touch with the internet security service provider, just dial 8444796777.


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How to Stop Spyware from Infecting Your Computer?

Spyware is one kind of malware that infects the computer. Configure your Internet browser settings again. Merely change the browser settings by changing the home page. Modify the results of the search. If you have already modified your settings, then this spyware will revert the settings of your browser each time. Users can get an unrequired pop-up about the sites that they visit. On your system, spyware can install keyloggers. They can even capture the passwords and usernames to specific sites especially your bank sites. Please go through the below-given measures to safeguard your computer from such an attackVirus attack concept. Control panel with red light and warning. Conceptual image symbol of computer infection.Download and install Anti- Spyware SoftwareProbably one of the most critical steps is to have an established utility to keep away the malware. Several applications are useful in recognizing the kind of malware. It is challenging to identify almost all of the malware. Investing in anti-spyware solutions is good. Users should keep their anti-spyware app updated.Be attentive while surfing the webNot to download it one of the best defenses. If you visit any of the infected websites, then do not visit the infected website. If you are going to an unknown site, then be attentive. Try to launch the applications only from the trusted sites.Lookout for the pop-upsMalware gets there into your system with a window that pops up in front of you. If you get a random alert, then don’t tap Agree for closing up the window. If you do this, then the malware will get installed to your system. Tap Alt+F4.Keep up with the Operating System UpdatesSome of the most critical updates give significant benefits like enhanced security. Not keeping up with Operating System is going to make your system vulnerable to current malware threats. Make sure that you have been using auto update windows feature.Download all patchesMake sure that the users are having freshly established forms on your apps like the “Microsoft Office software”, “Java and Adobe commodities”.Harden Settings of your browserUpdate your web browser that will help in preventing the exploitation through various steps of defense. Many browsers are going to warn you against several executable programs. Update your web and make sure that you have a safe browser.Enable the FirewallFirewalls monitor network and are capable of blocking out the traffic. Your system can be saved against infections. Users need to allow “Microsoft Windows Internet Connection Firewall” concerning your system.Harry Williams is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles for Wire-IT Solutions on Norton, Webroot, McAfee, Microsoft Office and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience. To get in touch with the internet security service provider, just dial 8443130904.SOURCE-
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Windows Firewall is the part of Microsoft Windows. This tracks the details which are coming to the computer from the Internet and helps to protect from dangerous programs. This blocks all the programs which will damage your computer and protect all your personal details.

It also protects you from different networks and secures your computer from the invalid connection. Windows Firewall works on all versions of Windows. Windows Firewall is a silent program as it works in the background.

It automatically protects all your data and from the unauthorized connection. It keeps track of all the networks that are going on the system, and this software also helps you to protect from different types of malware software which include adware, ransomware, keylogger, Rootkit, etc.

How to Disable Windows Firewall in Windows 7, 8 and 10?

Follow the given steps to disable the Windows Firewall in Windows 7, 8 and 10:

  • Go to the Control Panel. The simplest way to open the control panel is with the help of “Power User Menu” or the Start button in Windows 7.
  • Choose “System & Security” link given on the control panel page.
  • Select “Windows Firewall” option.
  • Choose to enable or disable Windows Firewall located on the left column of the Windows Firewall display.
  • Choose the circle given on the front of “Turn off Windows Firewall” option.
  • Press “Ok” to save it.

After completing these steps Windows Firewall turned off, you can apply these steps again to check that turning off that option has solved the problem.

How to Turn Off Windows Firewall in Windows Vista?

By going to the page of Control Panel, you can disable Windows Firewall there in Windows Vista, go through the below steps to know how to do this:

  • Enter “Control Panel” in the Command Prompt window and then click “Enter.”
  • Select “Security” from the control panel menu.
  • Press “Windows Firewall” button.
  • Choose “Windows Firewall disabling or enabling” located on the left column on the screen.
  • Go to the General page given in the “Windows Firewall Settings” menu.
  • Choose the circle to change it into blue color.
  • Press “Ok” to save those changes.

How to Turn Off Windows Firewall in Windows XP?

The steps to disable Windows Firewall in Windows XP are not the same as the new versions of it, but you will find it very easy.

  • Type Control Panel in the Window section by pressing on “Start” and after that, Control Panel.
  • Press “Network & Internet Connections” option.
  • Press “Network Connections” given in the “or pick a Control Panel symbol” column.
  • Right-Clicking on the Internet connection.
  • Select “Properties.”
  • Go to the “Advanced” button.
  • Press the “Settings” app.
  • Select the “Disable” tab.
  • Press “Ok” given on the Windows Firewall screen and then press “Ok” in the “Properties” screen of the Internet Connection.

Sara is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Sara has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

Source : Windows Firewall

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QuickBooks is helpful software that makes accounting work easy and convenient. It comes in various versions as per the needs of different business types.

QuickBooks 2016/17 or QuickBooks 2018 software regularly requires internet access to send/ receive communications or to carry out other operations as well. Several times the users face errors or issue with the ‘QuickBooks firewall settings’ in windows that might interfere with QuickBooks operations.

The QuickBooks Firewall ports hinderance hampers communication via the internet leading to unwanted communication delays. To solve this problem, it is necessary to correctly configure the ‘Windows Firewall.’

 How to Configure Windows Firewall

You can configure the ‘Windows Firewall’ automatically by downloading & installing ‘QuickBooks file doctor.’ Running the QuickBooks File Doctor will automatically open the ‘Firewall ports’ and will remove any blockages set on it.

Manual Firewall Configuration

To configure the ‘Windows Firewall’ manually and remove the obstructions that are there you need technical help and you can seek the help of a technical expert at QuickBooks support number.

The solutions will vary as per the firewall version you have:


Windows 7, 8 10, 2008 & 2012


  • Firstly, navigate to ‘start’ option and type in ‘Firewall’
  • Now from the list that comes – press ‘Windows Firewall’
  • Click ‘Advanced Settings’
  • Right-click on the ‘Inbound Rules’ & Press ‘New Rule’
  • Click and select ‘PORT’ and press ‘NEXT’
  • Ensure that the ‘TCP’ is marked & now fill-in ports for your QuickBooks version. Such as:
    • For QuickBooks Desktop 2016 – 8019, 56726, 55368- 55372
    • For QuickBooks Desktop 2017 – 8019, 56727, 55373- 55377
    • For QuickBooks Desktop 2018- 8019, 56726, 55378- 55382
  • Once you have selected the right port- Click ‘NEXT’ & ensure that ‘Allow Connection’ option is checked. Press ‘NEXT’ after that
  • When prompted – ensure all profiles are marked & press ‘NEXT’
  • Fill in the ‘appropriate name’ for the Rule & Click ‘FINISH’
  • Now repeat steps for the ‘Outbound Rules’ as well. Click on ‘Outbound Rules’ to fix new rules.


If you see there is an issue with network connectivity or you need to have a direct exception on the ‘Firewall’, you do this by allowing QuickBooks with more/ increased access.

  • Click ‘Start’ and type word ‘Firewall’
  • From the right-hand options Select ‘Windows Firewall’ and choose ‘Advanced Settings’
  • Choose the ‘Inbound Rules’ by doing a right-click on the advanced settings & choose ‘New Rule’
  • Now browse and select ‘Program’ & press ‘Next’
  • Select ‘This Program Path’ & browse to find paths in the table and press ‘NEXT’
  • Now ensure that ‘Allow Connection’ option is selected & press ‘Next’
  • Make sure all the profiles are marked & when prompted, select ‘NEXT’
  • Fill in an ‘appropriate name for the Rule and press ‘FINISH’
  • Repeat the same steps for ‘Outbound rules’


Finally, check if you are able to open the  QuickBooks Desktop software without a firewall or anti-virus software in which windows firewall is blocking quickbooks the access. If you could not do it even now than it can be a ‘Third-party anti-virus software blocking the software and will have to be separately configured to amend the issue. For technical help, you can speak to a QuickBooks Expert at QuickBooks support number 1.888.502.0363.




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Configure QuickBooks 2019 firewall ports

If your QuickBooks 2019 is experiencing errors specifically for certain QuickBooks programs or files then it is a possible scenario of firewall blocking the Internet access. To make the QuickBooks 2019 firewall ports functional, a manual configuration of QuickBooks Ports is required. Accountant Squad has a team of QuickBooks and Accounting software experts that can resolve this error with the right steps. The correct steps will ensure:

  1. a) Quickbooks 2019 firewall ports functioning again
  2. b) QuickBooks ports exceptions made for Anti-virus or Firewall
  3. c) 24/7 through 365 days technical assistance available

Talk to an expert now at Accountant Squad support number to make your QuickBooks firewall ports properly functional.

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