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In life there is a time when you have to choose between long haircut and medium cut

The long haircut is always on the first position when women want to look elegant and feminine. The long hair is suitable for any kinds of age. It looks good on girls and adult women. The old women can also sport it well if they know the right cutting. There are several long hairstyles which make you look updated and new. You can have the hair at various lengths below the shoulder like. If you want to look adorable, why don’t you try the popular long hairstyles of Angelina Jolie? She looks lovely in chocolate brown colored hair. You can apply bangs if you want to give fresh and young look.

There are many celebrities who choose the popular long hairstyles. You can get the inspiration from the famous and beautiful Selena Gomez. The teenagers who want to look simple and nice can sport the chocolate brown color. You can part the hair in the middle and add layering effect on the side to give volume. If you want to make it timeless, you can try the layering cut of Jennifer Aniston. She sports the blonde color with side layers. You do not need to fit it with bangs.

The popular long hairstyles will never look plain if you can create texture. It can be achieved by having layering or shag cut. If you do not want to change the hair color, you can dye the hair in various options. It can be in auburn, caramel or platinum blonde color. You just have to pick it based on the color of the skin. If you want to make the long hair look casual and simple, you just have to cut it in shag. Then you can make it nice with blunt bangs. You can get the inspiration from Jennifer Hudson when she sported the super sleek popular long hairstyles. So long hair cut looks like a better choice. Shall we declare long haircut as best haircut of year, well not so soon, now let’s discuss about medium cut.

Women are inspired a lot by hairstyles for medium hair. The medium cut is easier to manage than the long hair. This style is suitable for any kinds of women. It looks nice on the women with round, square, oval, heart or even oblong face. The medium haircut will never force you to spend a lot of time. You can maintain the hair to look healthy if you are not lazy to treat the hair. Most women with long hair do not have much time to treat the hair properly. Cutting the hair in medium cut is simple to do.

You just need to check the facial shape and hair texture. You can flatter the hairstyles for medium hair naturally without using any chemical products. If you have curly and thick hair, you can use the hair relaxer when you want to tame it. You can cut the hair in shag. You do not need to add any bangs. The women who have round face can choose the shag hairstyle too since it will never give rounder look. When you want to style hairstyles for medium hair, you can try a glam look. Twisting the hair for a neat updo is a perfect option. Or you can have a side swept style with a bun.

There are many chic and elegant hairstyles for medium hair that you can get from various celebrities. Check the picture of Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow to get the beautiful medium cut. You can also change the color for enhancing the hair. If you want to look elegant, a blonde hair color of Gwyneth is a nice try. If you are boring with super sleek straight hair, you can try different style. You can apply ringlets or curls on hairstyles for medium hair.

In the end I will say both long haircut and medium haircuts look fabulous based on situation and face shape. Again if you want to try both then there is no stopping first go for long haircut and then once you are bored then move on medium cut.

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