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Personalization through engraving or marking or through direct digital printing has considerable advantages that companies should take advantage of:

1. The added value is perceived by the customer as something very positive and is willing to pay more for the product.

The concept offered by product customization is very powerful. It is selling something unique and exclusive to the customer. 

In a globalized world like the one where all products are being standardized, personalization allows us to offer exclusivity and that amplifies the value of the product and the customer is willing to pay for it. If you are looking for London electric branding iron service, do not hesitate to contact us first.

2. It allows differentiating the product from that of the competition:

Product differentiation can be key when a consumer decides on one brand or another. If several products have similar characteristics, the fact that the consumer can participate in the design of the product creates an emotional implication that will give the product a value that goes beyond its price.

3. Foster customer loyalty:

With product customization with a branding iron, companies demonstrate their willingness to please and exceed the expectations of their customers and target audience. People like to be treated as unique, so this effort will be rewarded for loyalty.

4. If you are satisfied, the customer will recommend this product:

At present, you should not underestimate the power of the consumer to promote those products that you like or that have satisfied your purchase expectations, or even exceeded them. 

We want the customer to become a fan and a prescriber of the brand so offer a unique shopping experience with customization.

5. Impact at the point of sale:

If product customization can be carried out directly at the point of sale by means of an engraving machine or a UV digital printer, this creates great consumer expectations and generates additional traffic at the point of sale. 

The more customers that pass through your store or your stand, the more possibilities you will have to sell.

6. Store customization encourages the impulse of the purchase:

If it is possible to customize the product at the moment, without the customer having to wait, the momentum of the purchase is being created. Customization at the point of sale can help the customer make purchasing decisions much faster.

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Laser cutting is a digital subtractive manufacturing technique that consists of cutting or Control panel engraved a material using a laser. Laser cutting can be used in various materials such as plastic, wood, cardboard, branding irons for wood crafts etc. 

The process involves cutting the material with a powerful and high-precision laser that focuses on a small area of ​​the material. The high power density results in rapid heating, melting and partial or total vaporization of the material.

Since the area affected by heat is small (about 0.5 mm), the cut pieces have minimal deformation. Usually, a computer directs the high-power laser over the material and traces the path of the cut.

Laser cutting:

Three main types of lasers can be used for Laser Cutting, which can be pulsed or continuous. In hamiilton-rand.co.uk, we use CO2 laser cutters with a power of 100 W, since they allow cutting all kinds of materials faster than pulsed source laser cutters, and can cut pieces up to 15 mm thick.

What is the difference between CO2, fiber and YAG lasers?

The laser equipment available in the market is distinguished by the laser source they use. At present, there are only three main types of lasers that have sufficient efficiency and output power to process large-scale materials:

CO2 laser: Carbon dioxide sealed inside the laser is "pumped" (activated by heating) by an electric current that creates the flow of photons. It is usually used for cutting, drilling, welding, and engraving.

Fiber laser: uses semiconductor diodes as a pumping mechanism and an optical fiber doped with a rare-earth element as a laser medium.

The main differences between CO2 lasers and YAG and fiber lasers are the wavelength of the beam they produce. CO2 lasers usually emit a far-infrared light with a wavelength of 10.6 microns. 

This wavelength is very effective for processing a wide range of materials, including wood, paper, plastics, glass, textiles, rubber, and metals. Fiber lasers and YAG emit a wavelength of 1.06 microns and are suitable for processing metals. However, plastic or organic materials do not support this wavelength.

Uses and benefits of a laser cutter:

Laser cutting is particularly effective in several sectors where production rate and speed are essential. Where traditional manufacturing methods have proven ineffective, the laser facilitates precise cuts in all types of materials. 

While traditional production processes impose limits and restrictions, Laser Cutting allows freedom of design and quantity.

Together, laser cutting allows:

- High level of precision and positional accuracy
- Material savings with embossing heat tool
 - High production speed 
 - Sharp and clean edges
- Minimum deformation of the material
- Safe processes

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Large companies with industrial and non-industrial activities use embossing tools for marking, ornamenting or cutting all types of materials. Organic materials, ceramics, glasses, rubbers or metals can be treated with a laser.

You choose your laser source according to the material to be worked, thus the use of Electrical branding iron is more adequate if we want to keep a lasting and indelible imprint. 

There are different types of laser sources (YAG or crystal, fiber, and CO2 or gas. On the market, there are thus various ranges of laser printing)

The cutting of certain materials like acrylic requires additional or specific accessories such as special support. For quality work, you need high-performance graphic design software. Of course, the custom stencils machine is controlled by a computer.

These are processes that are practiced without contact with the material to be treated. It is quite possible to make markings on an inclined plane as well as in places difficult to access with a mechanical method. 

There is no mechanical effort to exert on the product. We are far from the time when cutting and marking required mechanical machines with moving parts. Nowadays, laser printing machines are used with maximum efficiency and less risk.

The use of a laser allows a high precision during tracing. The finesse of the lines is incomparable. The most famous markings are always white markings and black markings. 

Depending on the materials used, it is possible to make color markings. In the end, the visual rendering is a guaranteed success. Also, the market offers easy-to-use laser machines.

In the context of cutting work, the use of laser offers advantages such as the saving of material, the absence of deformation of the treated product, or even the absence of tools. The use of a laser machine guarantees precision work in a very short time.

In an environment characterized by strong competition, companies are forced to seek perfection. To meet this need, the use of laser engraving ensures high speed and high-quality printing. For equipment producing companies, the laser allows marking of plastic or metal supports.

It should be known that each type of material reacts differently when it is worked with the custom branding iron. Acrylic, for example, is easy to process, even at high speed. 

Once this type of material has been laser-treated, its possibilities for use are very varied. 

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Modern technology in engraving services


Currently, markings and steel marking stamps can be carried out with laser technologies. This type of engraving is a method where you use a laser beam to get the job done.

Industrial engraving is rising in manufacturing field. It can be used as laser material processing, laser marking, or laser micromachining.

This technique should be compared with other engraving solutions, in particular mechanical solutions such as milling. You should know that laser Engraving services offer many advantages that we will detail in this article.

Modern technology:

Modern electric branding iron machines can be used to alter almost any surface. Only a few thin layers are removed with each laser pulse.

Laser engraving therefore has much less risk of damaging or deforming the material since this technique is very precise. The illustrations using the lasers thus make it possible to keep the initial shape of the object, which is more practical for the personalization of the latter.

It is therefore a more efficient procedure than traditional engraving, especially for small objects such as jewelry or accessories.

The advantages of laser engraving:

Laser cut stencils have several advantages. It is a process that takes place without any contact with the materials used. However, this produces a very pleasant and convincing artistic result.

Laser engraving therefore has enormous advantages over traditional engraving methods by the precision and finesse of the finish. In addition, the completion time is very fast which gives better productivity.

In addition, the risk of damage to the material does not exist unlike manual or mechanical engraving. The laser engraving machine also ensures the protection of its user unlike the old engraving methods. Not requiring any contact with the material, this considerably reduces the risks for the latter.

In addition, stencil marking is permanent, unalterable and aesthetic. All supports and materials are compatible with this engraving technique such as metal, steel, aluminum, glass, wood, leather, etc.

Of course, depending on the material, you must use the appropriate laser technology. For example, for wood, slate, stone or even leather, the CO2 laser will be suitable when the laser or the fiber laser must be preferred for metal or plastic.

Even if the other techniques continue, laser engraving is in many cases preferable, regardless of the material to be engraved or marked. Note also that the laser can be used for cutting.

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Who doesn’t love later outfits with stunning designs? But if you do some research, you will understand it’s very hard to find the unique design on the leather outfit. Most of them are too common or doesn’t suit your personality. But there is an easy solution to this problem. By using laser engraving tools you can easily make unique designs in your later jackets, pants or other accessories. You might be thinking it’s the job of the experienced professionals but due to the recent advancement in technology, normal people like us can also do the carving on later outfits. Just by uploading the designs in the software you can easily engrave your designing using CNC laser diode laser engraving tools. In today’s article, we will teach how to make unique carve with an extreme level of precision.

Selection of leather

Many people don’t really understand why they should bother about the type of leather they use. The secret lies behind the technology used to do such delicate engravings. For instance, if you use chrome-tanned leather, the carving will not last long due to the softness of the surface area. Usually, the professionals suggest engraving on light color lather since the designs look more vivid and promising. And make sure you not trying to engrave complicated designs as it will look messy due to the small surface area of your leather outfits.

Sponge the leather with water

Before you start your engraving process, it’s highly imperative you sponge the leather with water. This will soften the leather to a certain extent without compromising the structural integrity of your delicate designs. Make sure you use x-carve CNC machine so that carving becomes extremely precise. Once the carving is done, wait for few hours to dry off the leather outfit. If you are still confused, go for a test run on a sample piece so that you understand the actual process of engraving.

Selection of your design

The selection of your design plays a vital role in making delicate designs. Make sure the designs are not extremely big or complex. Try to engrave the designs on the large surface area so that you don’t have to face complicated issues while making the designs. However, if you are making designs in a plain piece of later this will never be a problem since you can always clip of the unnecessary leather part according to your need.

Applying texture to your designs

If you are looking to apply texture or add a different color to the engraved part, it’s better to avoid the round and raised part of your outfit. If necessary use camouflage tools to fine-tune your leather product after the engraving. But always remember adding texture via camouflage tools requires skills to a certain extent. Unless you are confident to add texture, it’s better to avoid this part. However, you can still learn the proper use of camouflage tools using the spare parts of your leather outfits. Though you will be using smart technology to engrave designs but still, human skills count for high-end leather products.

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