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I had a distant relationship. Sometimes I just cannot resist the thirst and hunger. My boyfriend chose a vibration wand from beyourlover for me. That's my first ever toy, my boyfriend encourages and guides me to use it.


Here’s the pic of my first toy. It’s called svakom mini Emma. But I’d like to call it lollipop.

You can feed this lollipop to your mouth or vag, of course. It has a flexible head, you can bend it to any direction you want. The smart mode is super unpredictable. It will lead you to the heights of pleasure, which will make you melt from ecstasy. However, that’s not the way I’d play with it.


I tried to play lollipop with my whole body. It didn’t have much feeling to tap or sweep the tits or boobs with lollipop.



I love to use lollipop to tease my vag (or say down mouth) with the smart mode, of course. To tap, to sweep, to make circle, from labias to the clitoris. It’s my first time to use toy, I’m like so scared that I stopped right be before when I’m about to come. I have to stop for a while to get some rest. Then the second time, I’m fully relaxed. I’m like, keep doing the sexy teasing with myself. I can’t help carrying on. Lollipop guides me to the multiple climaxes. My mind seems like stopped and entered a new world, a world filled with fantasies.


At the same time, my facetime is on connecting with my boyfriend. Our mind are fully prepared for the first cybersexmy first one, and his first one with me. At this time, we wanted to let go but at the same time wanted to continue.


After just in a while, this strange but sacred sudden burst of current surged. I told my boyfriend with composure that I’m coming. My mind is like, black out for a moment, with a hot liquid that flowed out between my thighs out of control.


My boyfriend is even more exited to see this. I don’t understand why guys like to see this. He then started to fancy the scenes that we’re together making love.


After all these, my body is like softened, almost limp like a piece of silk on the sofa. Lollipop can make me feel some comfortable feelings like making love, but it’s like very intense but without touch or skin rubs. To me, other than having orgasm and pleasant sensations, I still need my boyfriend’s hugs, as well as feel the warmth of his touch. I kinda miss my boyfriend more after playing with lollipop. Like he said, to play toys in real life together will be like frost on the cake, so much better and happier.


This experience opened doors for me. My boyfriend said that my body is softer, even more beautiful. I love myself more. And I feel sexier. There are more confidence in me than there ever was.


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