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Small and Medium business setup in Dubai, is one of the very demanding options of company formation available capital of UAE. Small and Medium Enterprises also called SME's reflect the positive and swift growth of the economic system of Dubai. According to a few of the news reports in 2015, the SME's epitomize over 95% of businesses regulating in Dubai alone, providing 40% workforce and also accountable for the continuous upsurge in the GDP. Certainly, you will find no disinclination to state that SME's have become the driving economic force of Dubai along with have contributed towards some other Emirates.


While Dubai has dedicated to rolling in knowledge- based business models and innovative global enterprises, the Small and Medium sectors become a pounding strength to the new agenda. However, growth of SME's has subsequently gathered lots of attention within the company community around the world as well, creating new-fangled expansions. The Dubai Government along with the Dubai's Department of Economic Developed beneath the agency Dubai SME has brought the initiation to widen the horizon of SME's by encouraging development in the related sectors. These will undoubtedly be rationed on the grounds of human capital, financial and non-financial investment, corporate governance ideologies, and self-assessment.


The small and medium enterprises are backed by countless variants in the town, that positively positions Dubai as an incubator for the SME's. Let's Have a look at some of the main characteristics contributing towards SME business setup.

Below are the characteristics that state Dubai as an incubator for the SME's: Pro-Business Government

The Dubai Government will always be welcoming towards the foreign investors and when maximum revenue is subsidized from the SME segment it is unquestionable of the us government to favour this sector. Moreover, Dubai has an exceedingly proactive pro-business government, with many translucent business protocols in the region.

DED backed Dubai SME Agency

The agency of the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai - the Dubai SME, was shaped to, direct and develop the little and medium enterprise and business formation in Dubai. Every interlude, the Dubai SME pops up with new interventions so that the SME sectors have constructive outcomes in terms of growth-orientation resulting in economic upliftment. The Dubai SME creates initiatives for SME's, mends laws to fortify the sector, identify and elevate potential of the organizations and forms some other encouragement schemes.

Private Sector Partners

Claiming the statistics, almost 95% of the company setup in Dubai, are SME's out of which 72% belong to micro-enterprises. Furthermore, the GDP ratio also showcases that trading SME's have 47% GDP, service sector SME's account fully for 41% and another 13% means the SME's related to manufacturing - thus seeking heavy economic gains the private investors pursue to capitalize with this market.

Flexibility Business Module

SME business formation in Dubai provides an extremely flexible business module in correlation between intense customization and supportive business procedures. SME's also cater to diverse information systems and integrated standard interference. In simply words, SME's provide a tailored approach towards business setup's which are least complied through economic restrictions.

Better Sustainability

With lesser financial risk and trivial tactics, the growth of the little or medium scale enterprise becomes easier and thus resulting in sustainable progress system. Apart from this, the profitable governmental intrusions and prevalent private sector partnership has additionally formed a security stimulating sustainability in SME ventures.

Economic Diversity

The rise in innovation and knowledge-based business has promoted economic diversity within the SME's. This has also created an opportunity for visionaries and innovators to become listed on the mainstream, has helped budding entrepreneurs and small scale businessmen to enter the commerce.

The Expo 2020

The upcoming Expo golf emaar 2020 has additionally allowed the SME's to endeavor into new prospects and pioneering procedures, reassuring these enterprises to participate several projects with heavy investment arrangements from the us government - having an objective for the sector to progress further.

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