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The littlest share heaters have an electrical of 3kW and quickly reach an electrical of 9 to 12 kW. Because of this, it is recommended to equip your distribution section with a designer to plan the heating of the water during the hours of less activity. Though everybody's purpose is the same, you can find certain conditions that help us differentiate some electric heaters from others.

The material: the housing may be manufactured from blend material, plastic, but also aluminum or stainless steel. The concentration heater or, what is the same, the opposition that heats the water, may be manufactured from stainless steel or titanium. The ability: decides the pace at that your temperature of your share is rising. The normal selection is between 3 and 18 kW, but we could discover those that reach 45 kW and even 120 kW, (the latter are less common).

The electric pool Pentair master temp heater is mounted in the complex room intercalating in the filtration network. The heated water should reach the share as right as you can in order to avoid probable losses.

The Pentair pool heater is placed between the filtration and the push, on the one give, and by the concentration nozzles, on the other. But, the heater must be located before treatment programs such as for example electrolysis or ionizers. Simply on the basis of the style of your complex premises and the accessible space. You are able to choose from a vertical or outside and L-shaped or straight fixation. It depends for you!

Tip: the Pentair saltwater pool heater has just one path of circulation. Check always that you have usage of the thermostat in the setting you have chosen. But, most share heaters can be reversible. Read the directions carefully before installment and relate your heater with the protect of your pool. Either that or wait for your energy statement to run.

The material selected depends upon the use. When it is a prolonged use and throughout the season, it is much better to decide for a steel to manage to be stainless. The exact same occurs if the propane pool heater is susceptible to unintended bangs in where it is located. When it is a periodically heating an increased share, you need to decide for a plastic one.

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Being fully a robot created for frequent use, adjusting the filtration is simple and is able to do maintenance jobs quickly and comfortably. In addition, this robot is specially created for swimming pools that, due to its spot, accumulate plenty of dust or sand at their bottom. However the features of Hayward share cleaners do not end here. It includes a purification case that despite their great porosity is extremely resilient and with a purification volume, it manages to capture the smallest waste. 

In torontopoolsupplies.ca, we love to add the most recent technologies for the optimal share maintenance, therefore Hayward includes a brand new intelligent navigation program that stops the forming of knots in the pool.  At torontopoolsupplies.ca, we also handle the two-stage house furnace and hayward pool lighting.

From time to time, specially in the busiest situations of the entire year, our share needs complete cleaning and maintenance. Certainly, we cannot empty it continually to go to such cleaning but you will find intelligent solutions to completely clean the soles such as for example the Hayward Aquavac pool cleaner. They're their innumerable benefits:

Do not empty your share, or immerse your self as a diver to proceed to completely clean the underside of one's pool. This really is an impossible mission. To wash the underside of the share it is better to make the most of the benefits provided by new technologies such as for example the Hayward pool cleaner.  Revolutionary technology suitable for any type of share, equally public and private.

Small in proportions, suitable for storage in virtually any storage space, it's specially created for pools that have a square shape. Their use is simple and doesn't need great knowledge in terms of the equipment of this type is concerned. The robot submerges to the underside of the share and sweeps it, washes it and sucks it instantly removing all of the dust that's at the bottom. And not only there, but additionally on the share surfaces themselves.

To do your job, the Hayward Aquavac pool cleaner robot begins a 2-hour cycle. To reach their goal, it works on the PVA brush that's compatible with all kinds of pools and surfaces along with any type of coatings, that's cement, ship, fibre - a brush that also doesn't damage the top and is adherent. This is the newest engineering manufactured by Hayward and you'll find within our online store of pools and accessories.

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Because of scientific developments in the field of light you will find many different types and kinds of lights for swimming pools, is the most used: It is the oldest kind of pool light and is no longer used since their commercialization is prohibited due to large power costs.

It is also a type of old light although not as much as incandescent lights and very popular, they could be fitted equally outsides and within the pools.  They are perfect for light functions in the pool region, they can be purchased in various shades, styles, and types, plus flying light methods can be purchased that'll certainly include enjoyment to the event in the pool.

They are easy to use, maintain and transfer thanks to the property they've on the top, some solar light methods include devices included.  Its major advantage is that it doesn't conduct electricity or temperature, so there is number threat of a quick circuit, they could be regulated based on people's choices, therefore it is possible to create incredible marine environments. It is the most modern kind of colour pool light up to now and has numerous benefits with mention of the the other light systems.

They eat 75% less power than incandescent lights and have a duration of between 30 thousand and 50 thousand hours providing less temperature and manufactured with modern resources and large resistance. These light methods could be managed slightly and with programmed gentle adjustments, and the consumer can decide the shades and routine they need at any time. At torontopoolsupplies.ca, we offer all kinds of pool companies including Raypak heater parts and electric pool heater parts.

By light the pool, you can produce different kinds of setting, shades, and designs with respect to the tastes and methods selected. Share light could be categorized into three major types. The light that provides gentle to the pool terrace and trails, to savor all their setting through the nights.

Marine spa lights, perfect for swimming through the night and producing incredible light outcomes and having an exceptional atmosphere. Marine light improves the prominence of the pool in the garden. Place light, which is used to incorporate atmosphere to the pool, can also be used on trees or shrubs or make impressive architectural elements on your terrace or garden.

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The second most significant element that you ought to evaluate when buying a pool purification push is the type of filter. Available in the market, the most frequent are sand filters and tube filters. Container filters are also quite effective, nevertheless, preservation involves investing in a new tube, that will be usually more expensive.
Before investing in a scrubber push, it's advisable to check its compatibility with the type of pool. The very best alternative is generally tube filters since they will be quite simple to gather and keep, and efficiently retain soil based on the volume of water in this kind of pool.
And, secondly, since the filter process must be of high quality such that it may clean the water effectively. In the event that you are going to choose a model of conversation, you need to pay attention it is of good quality, tolerant and, if at all possible, so it complies with some quality certification. If you want to purchase a Hayward ecostar pump, it should be anticorrosive and greater if it offers a prefilter, since it will assist you to ensure it is more durable.
If you are planning to purchase a pool push, we suggest first visit torontopoolsupplies.ca. We've an extensive array of pool sends including Hayward pool pump.  Properly, it is advised to consider the next position before buying Hayward super pump or any kind of pool pump. That is the main factor you need to consider before buying a pool pump. Depending on the liters the pool has, you should buy a motor with more or less power.
If you do not understand this quantity, you work the risk of shopping for a pool push that can not move the water with sufficient energy and, therefore, that can not successfully eliminate and filter the waste. On this point, we suggest that if you have a removable pool, buy a push with a circulation charge of approximately 3,000 liters per hour. For big pools, this quantity must be at least 5000 L / h.

When buying a push for pool therapy crops, it's convenient to consider the quality of the materials. To begin with, because it is an equipment that comes into contact with water and compounds that may trigger wear. You can get a Hayward tristar pump from our internet site at the most effective prices. We also deal with Goodman home furnace and all types of pool parts.

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The heater utilizing the gas program allows any water temperature to be achieved, whenever it is necessary to temperature it. Nevertheless, the gas usage to achieve the elevation of the water temperature is large and the machine is not environmentally friendly. The wood-burning program is generally the absolute most labor-intensive. The exchange cost is average, however the monthly is fairly high. It can also be price remembering it is not really a sustainable program since it must acquire lumber from character to feed the heating of the pool.

The thermal addresses are not something, but an accessory applied to maintain the heat from the heated water. That's because a heated share tends to reduce temperature to the surface. Hence, the thermal coating is really a barrier in order that the increased loss of temperature of the share water is as small as possible. If you're looking for the best share heater at the best prices, we recommend investing in a Hayward pool heater.

Having a home heating like an electric pool heater for your home's share is a superb thought to savor year-round use, whatever the year and climate. However it is important to buy an economical, sustainable share heater program with significant temperature power. If you wish to install a home heating in your share but still don't know things you need to take into account before buying it, follow our post.

The first step for folks who wish to temperature the water is to understand the most frequent forms of heating systems for the pool. You will find five: electric, temperature exchanger, solar, gas, wood, and thermal layers. The electric pool heater has excellent heating of the share water and although it includes a reasonable price, the monthly electricity usage is generally higher. The reason being if the ambient temperature is below 15º C, the electric gear drops performance, which raises power expenditure.

The warmth exchanger is utilized in most pools, and while the name says, it cooks within an switching and electric way. Even though exchange and monthly costs are larger, the heat exchanger matches the sustainability requirement. The solar heater is the absolute most ecological, since it uses the sun's radiation to raise the temperature of the share water by as much as 10 degrees. The system wants an area of fitted solar cells, comparable to how big the share, and depends upon the solar radiation that may behave on the collectors. Their monthly cost is minimal and their heating energy is considered average. Hayward Millivolt pool heater is one of the greatest options.

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Hayward Millivolt pool heater

A clear swimming pool is associated with healthy water and a beautiful look for the outside area. Thus, the pool washing schedule should be used to stop dirt from accumulating and creating distractions, such as for instance algae or gloomy water. A dolphin robot pool cleaner is the better selection to keep your pool clear simply and effectively. Some steps also effect maintenance, such as for instance within the pool for example. And to ensure that yours is obviously clear and ready for use, think about some tips to stop and eliminate water impurities? Let's find out:

The shower in the pool place is not really a superfluous item. The shower ahead of the leap keeps the pool clear since it eliminates various remains that could end up in the water. Dust, work, pollution, sunscreen, make-up, and treatment products are some remains which can be placed on people's epidermis and hair. If they enter the pool without having a shower, all that is taken into the water and unbalances it.

Once the shower before fishing is established, usually, issues such as for instance oiliness and the synthesis of dirt crusts on the ends are eliminated. Also, the chances of the synthesis of chloramines, which trigger using eyes, among other issues, are reduced. Yet another crucial place to keep the pool clear is to look after your surroundings. Select cautiously the flowers that'll be around, in order that they don't release many leaves or flowers that may fall under the water.

Preferably every day eliminate remains suspended in water, such as for instance leaves, limbs, and insects. This may avoid the response with chlorine and also from settling on the bottom. Take extra attention in the fall weeks and also in instances with an increased likelihood of winds, as they carry lots of dirt from outside. You may also use a Hayward pool cleaner to keep your pool clean.

Chlorine maintains the pool water healthy and also stops the synthesis of algae, which keep the water natural and settle on the pool wall. It eliminates microorganisms which can be possibly harmful to wellness and also offers the event of inhibiting the expansion of disease-carrying mosquitoes. We recommend using the Maytronics robotic pool cleaner for your pool. If you are searching for the simplest way, we recommend using the Hayward Aquavac pool cleaner.

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Electric generators for swimming pools

Electric generators for swimming pools like Hayward salt generator are devices that offer us the possibility of taking electricity to any place, totally independent of whether there is an electrical network installation provided by the distribution company such as sologeneradores.com.ar

Next, we are going to talk about some of the most important aspects of this type of generators that are designed for swimming pools and so that you do not have any type of doubt when the time of purchase arrives.

Advantages of electricity generators designed for swimming pools:

If you are looking for an electric generator like jacuzzi chlorine generator for your pool, it is most likely because the place where it is located does not have an electrical network, it is obvious.

The main advantage of this type of Pentair aboveground salt generator device is that it will allow you to have electricity for the swimming pool treatment plant or for any other device that requires electricity to operate in the best conditions.

Another vitally important aspect is fuel consumption. As you may already know, electric generators need fuel in order to generate electricity. 

The cheapest generators use gasoline, while the most sophisticated use diesel as fuel. Completely independent of the type of fuel that these generators use to operate, over the last few years the technology they use has advanced enough so that we can be totally sure that consumption will be really adjusted.

Frequently asked questions about electric generators for swimming pools:

What does it mean that a generator has Inverter technology?

Inverter systems that incorporate many of the latest generation models of electric generators for swimming pools have the main objective of reducing fuel consumption and, consequently, the emission of polluting gases and the noise they produce while in full operation.

Furthermore, this Pentair chlorine generator technology allows the generator to be connected to any type of electrical appliance that would otherwise be connected to the electrical grid. That is why they are the ones used for swimming pool treatment plants because the tension they offer is constant.

How much are pool generators worth?

In this sense, it is difficult to offer exact figures on the price of electric generators for swimming pools, but they are in a range that can vary. The cheapest ones usually have a 2-stroke gasoline engine, while those with a higher price would correspond to those that use a 4-stroke diesel engine. 

The latter, in addition, are the ones that offer lower consumption values, which is why they are specially designed for those pools that will have the treatment plant running constantly or for long periods of time each day.

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What are the pump's functions in a pool?

Having a clean and crystalline pool is only possible with the Pentair superflo pump. Understand why the equipment is essential for the operation of the pool and how to choose between models and powers.

What are the pump's functions in a pool?

After the construction of the pool tank, it is time to choose accessories and equipment necessary for the leisure area. Some can be optional, such as the heating installation, for example. Others are essential for the operation of the pool.

Among the essential items is the Pentair variable speed pump, also known as a motor pump. The equipment is responsible for the filtration process to be carried out, which guarantees the quality of the water and leaves it crystalline for the bath.

Understanding the function of the pump:

For some professionals in the field, the pump is the heart of the pool. This is not for nothing since the equipment is responsible for propelling the water and making it circulate. This enables the filtering process, which eliminates all impurities in the pool, such as leaves, insects, soil, etc.

The pump is also essential for carrying out the water treatment because the movement also contributes to the chemicals spreading evenly.

The pump is still used for the operation of electric or solar water heating, as well as for the use of the waterfall.

Discover the types of pool pump:

In specialized stores, you can find different types of variable speed pump for swimming pools. However, these are two models most indicated by professionals in the field:

In specialized stores you can find different types of pumps for swimming pools. However, these are two models most indicated by professionals in the field:

Self-priming centrifuge: Its ease of adaptation makes it the most used. Highlighted in domestic swimming pools, this model aspires the water towards the filter and then makes it return free of impurities to the pool.

Variable speed: With a slightly higher price, this type of pump adjusts to its operating speed as needed. In addition to producing less noise, it also helps in saving energy, since the slow movement of water requires less consumption.

The powerful model is not always the most suitable:

As pump companies explain, the most powerful model is not always best suited for the pool. On the contrary, it can represent more consumption and even cause damage, mainly to the filter, which may not be able to flow the volume of water moved.

As recommended by torontopoolsupplies.ca Pentair variable speed pump is one of the best models. Get in touch with us to know more about our other pool products. We also deal in pool pump parts.

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Know how does the pool pump work?

To keep a swimming pool in good working order, several pieces of equipment are needed, including the Hayward Ecostar pump. One of its functions is to guarantee the circulation of water, contributing to the cleaning of the pool. 

The Hayward pool pump can also be used in the heating and accessory system. In this blog, we will explain better to you how the pool pump and its main components work.

Importance and functions of the pool pump:

How does the pool pump work?

Dirt that accumulates in the pool over time can end up compromising water quality. Therefore, it is necessary that this water is pumped through the pipes to the filter, where the impurities will be removed. After this process, she returns to the pool, now clean and free of dirt.

In addition to enabling the filtering process, the pump also plays an important role in heating the pool. Accessories such as waterfalls, for example, also work through the force generated by the Hayward super pump.

The rules for recirculation and water treatment in swimming pools:

The Hayward Tristar pump system for recirculating and treating water in a swimming pool must comply with the conditions. And it is made to guarantee the hygiene and safety of those who use the pool during leisure time.

The requirements are related to factors such as the maximum recirculation time, project flow, the method of leaving, and returning the water, among others. Also according to the standard, the materials that make up the equipment of the recirculation and treatment system must respect some requirements. They must not produce toxic effects or transmit color, taste, or odor to the water. Resistance to chemical corrosion is also essential.

Necessary care of the pump:

To ensure that the pump continues to function properly, care must be taken with its maintenance. The ideal is that every 6 months a technical review of the equipment is carried out. Some tips can help you keep the pump running at all times:

- Strange noises or leaks may indicate that the pump is very worn. In that case, look for a technician.
- If you notice that the pump has a high temperature, immediately turn off the equipment.
- Check the pump sealing elements regularly.
- The pump must not operate without water, this can damage and impair its operation.
- Pay attention to the pump flow, which must correspond to the needs of the filtration system of each pool.

The Hayward pool pump has a motor with a compact design, presenting less noise and more resistance to corrosion. The self-priming model, built-in thermoplastic material, allows a higher flow and more safety to its operation.

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To heat your above ground or inground pool, there are different types of pool heaters. Solar, electric, or heat pump which solution should you choose to take advantage of your pool as often as possible?

Types of pool heaters:

To keep the pool temperature around 28 ° C from spring to fall, there is no miracle, heating the water is the only solution. Yes, but which heating system should I choose for my swimming pool? Heat pump, exchanger, solar? Don't panic, here is everything you need to know to choose your pool heating and enjoy your pool all year round.

The various heating systems like Raypak electronic heater, whatever they are, must be adapted to the climate of your region for optimal efficiency. It is also possible to heat your pool for reasonable costs while respecting the environment.

Choose the most suitable type of pool heating:

Having a private pool is lucky, but are you often frustrated with having to wait until the water temperature is optimal to enjoy it? Are you tired of depending on the climate to enjoy your pool? You can no longer count the number of times you have been disappointed not to be able to enter the water because it was too cold? It even happened to you in the middle of August, because of a few days of thunderstorms that made the water temperature drop!

What if you decide to opt for a water heating system? There are solutions, to finally bathe from the first beautiful days of spring, and until the mild evenings that the Indian summer offers.

No more soaking a hesitant and chilly foot to feel the water temperature, it will now be adjustable to your liking and you can finally swim for hours, whenever you want.

How to choose a suitable heating system for your pool?

Almost all energies are possible for heating the water in a swimming pool, but there are currently the following swimming pool heaters:

- The electric heater: simple to install but expensive to use. The simplest solution to implement. Consequently, the installation is inexpensive, but its use is quite expensive.

- The pool heat pump like Raypak pool heater: the most economical energy production

A system that pumps heat from the air, increases it, and transmits it to the pool water. No doubt more expensive to buy, it is nonetheless also more economical to use because it produces on average 4 times more energy than it consumes.

The most efficient pool exchanger:

The heat from the hot water in your domestic installation is transferred to the pool water. It is the most efficient system today, but it represents a significant investment. It should, however, be noted that the swimming pool should not be too far from the place of residence and the pool should not be too large. Saltwater pool heater is also one of the best heaters.

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Why use a pool heater?

Installing a pool heater like Raypak aboveground pool heater always gives you more comfort, without breaking the bank. Let us know here about the pool heater system for your pool.

Why use a pool heater?

Installing a pool heater offers many advantages:

Fun in any season:

The first is undeniably being able to bathe in the heated water at your convenience. Also, a heated pool with a propane pool heater is a pool that you enjoy longer. The swimming season is extended: summer, spring, autumn, and even winter.

Constant temperature:

Pentair pool heater offers a constant temperature. Also, in summer, even if you live in a sunny region, you may have already observed that the temperature of your pool tends to vary. 

It's normal. When the outside air is lower than the water temperature, such as after a cold night, the pool water will tend to cool.

Evaporation of hot water, convection, or even the movements created by swimmers who bathe in the pool are enough to make it lose precious degrees. This is why it is necessary to heat your pool regularly if you want to have water that stays at a constant temperature.

Clean and controlled water:

Heating the water in your pool therefore allows you to have water at the right temperature. And water at the right temperature is water where the risk of bacteria growth is avoided.

It should be neither too hot nor too hot. In the first case, the pool water can become a nest of bacteria and fungi. In the second, the water can turn green. We therefore recommend a temperature of 27°.

Insulation, a key factor in successful pool heating:

Note right away that it is impossible to think of heating your swimming pool without having a good insulation system.

Indispensable during the wintering period, it is also necessary when you use your pool in summer. Indeed, if you have nothing to protect and maintain the heat, despite all your efforts, it will eventually disappear. The insulation helps maintain and preserve the heating of your pool a little longer. Pentair pool heater is a great way to save energy.

To be effective, the heating system by Pentair saltwater pool heater must be adapted to the size of your pool. You must therefore know the volume of water in m3 that your swimming pool can contain. 

You also need to estimate what temperature you want to heat your pool on average. These simple parameters are essential in order to correctly choose the heating system for your swimming pool and obtain efficient, economical and fair heating.

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A clean swimming pool is synonymous with healthy water and a beautiful look for the outdoor area. Therefore, the pool cleaning routine must be followed to prevent dirt from accumulating and causing inconveniences, such as algae or cloudy water. A dolphin robot pool cleaner is the best option to keep your pool clean easily and effectively.

Some precautions also influence maintenance, such as covering the pool for example. And so that yours is always clean and ready for use, how about some tips to prevent and eliminate water impurities? Let us find out:

1. Install a shower:

The shower in the pool area is not a superfluous item. The shower before the dive helps to keep the pool clean since it eliminates various residues that would end up in the water.

Dust, sweat, pollution, sunscreen, makeup, and moisturizing creams are some residues that are deposited on people's skin and hair. When they enter the pool without taking a shower, all this is taken into the water and unbalances it.

When the shower before diving is established, as a rule, problems such as oiliness and the formation of dirt crusts on the edges are eliminated. Also, the chances of the formation of chloramines, which cause burning eyes, among other problems, are reduced.

2. Take care of the outside area of ​​the pool:

Another important point to keep the pool clean is to take care of your surroundings. Choose carefully the plants that will be around, so that they do not release many leaves or flowers that may fall into the water.

3. Remove residues suspended in water:

Preferably every day remove residues suspended in water, such as leaves, branches, and insects. This will prevent the reaction with chlorine and also from settling on the bottom. Take extra care in the autumn months and also in times with a higher incidence of winds, as they bring a lot of dirt from outside. You can also use a Hayward pool cleaner to keep your pool clean.

4. Keep the chlorine parameters always regulated:

Chlorine keeps the pool water healthy and also prevents the formation of algae, which leave the water green and settle on the pool wall. It eliminates microorganisms that are potentially hazardous to health and also has the function of inhibiting the proliferation of disease-carrying mosquitoes. We recommend using the Maytronics robotic pool cleaner for your pool.

If you are looking for the easiest way, we recommend using the Hayward Aquavac pool cleaner.

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Pool ozone generators offer the most effective disinfection treatment for water, minimizing harmful chlorine odors. The production of trihalomethanes and other halogenated organic derivatives, preventing their accumulation in pool water. 

In this way, pleasant and safe bathing conditions are obtained. Eliminates eye irritation from the presence of chloramines and offers a higher quality environment in the bathing area. 

Once ozone is produced, it must be effectively dissolved in the water to be treated.

The diffusion of ozone in the water is carried out by means of a venturi injector, installed in a bypass of the recirculation circuit.

Through this bypass to the pool recirculation circuit, a percentage of the total recirculation flow is passed, and by means of a drive pump and the venturi injector, the water is ozonized.

This water passes into the contact chamber incorporated in the equipment, in which a first contact time is given, and where the degassing of the ozone gas that has not diffused in the water occurs, passing it to a catalytic destroyer of ozone, which breaks it down into oxygen.

The ozonated water reacts with the substances to be treated, both in this contact chamber and in the rest of the conduction of this sub-bypass.

By reincorporating this flow to the main recirculation, a small concentration of ozone remains, which reacts with the rest of the flow, causing the perfect treatment of all the water.

- Eliminates bacteria that can be commonly found, such as E. Coli, hundreds of times faster than chlorine.

- Inactivates certain types of pathogenic microorganisms, such as viruses, amoebae, and spores, found in swimming pools.

- Prevents the accumulation of odor-causing products, harmful or refractory derivatives of chlorination of human organic contamination.

- Hayward salt generator improves chlorine breakpoint reactions and ammonia clearance. This means that there will be no “pool odor” as well as irritation of the eyes and nose.

Pentair chlorine generator eliminates the precursors of chloramines and trihalomethanes.

- Proven ability to safely reduce free chlorine levels.

- Proven ability to safely reduce free chlorine levels.

- Significant improvement in water and air clarity.

- Improves algae control

Torontopoolsupplies.ca is one of the leading pool service providers. We also deal with pool filter parts and pool cleaner parts. No matter if you are planning for pool opening or pool closing, we offer a comprehensive pool services.

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Know here which pool heater is better?

Gas pool heaters will always be the most effective in generating heat in your pool. They are strong enough to be used in the colder winter months regardless of location. They will heat your pool faster than any of the other alternatives.

However, this comes at an additional cost. Natural gas or Hayward propane pool heater will be used constantly when the water is heating, and they need special facilities so that the gas passes safely. 

While propane uses a tank that must be refilled frequently if it is used a lot. If you have natural gas in your home, this option is more recommended than propane. However, the electric pool heater is also in high demand today.

 Pool gas heaters are:

- Faster to heat water to high temperatures.
- Available in both natural gas and propane.
- Highly more expensive.

Heat pumps:

Depending on the costs of utilities in your area, a heat pump will generally be a less expensive way to heat your water. However, heat pumps do not work in all climates. 

When temperatures drop below 8 degrees C, heat pumps can no longer convert heat from the outside air and transfer it to pool water. If you want to extend your swimming time until fall or start in spring, this shouldn't be a problem. But if you want to swim in the winter, this is a deciding factor. In this scenario, the Hayward Millivolt pool heater is the best solution.

Pool heat pumps are:

- Good for maintaining a temperature rise in a short time.
- Slower than gas coolers to reach a high temperature.
- Poor if your pool is below 8 ° C.

Solar pool water heater:  

Solar air conditioners heat the water slowly and require more ideal conditions to be effective. IF you live in a cloudy or rainy climate, it is probably not very beneficial for you to have a solar pool heater. 

However, if you live in a hot climate and are convinced to increase the water temperature by a small amount, a solar cooler is the ideal solution at a low cost, and without using public services.

Important note about pool heaters:

It is important to note that neither solar air conditioners nor heat pumps are close to generating the same heat as a gas pool air conditioner. 

Don't expect to be able to heat your pool water in a short time with them. Heat pumps and solar heaters can take days to generate a large temperature change in the water, and cannot be used in the winter months.

If you want to install a k-star electric heater or any model of heaters, do not hesitate to get in touch with torontopoolsupplies.

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If you are looking for options to heat the water in your pool as quickly as possible, a two-stage home furnace is for you.

Ameristar gas furnace boilers or heaters are very common water heating devices. Chances are, you have one at home to heat your everyday water. In this post, we will share everything you need to know about the use of gas boilers for swimming pools.

What is a gas boiler and how does it work?

Gas boilers are, as the name implies, heaters that work thanks to propane or natural gas to heat a pool.

Advantages of using a gas boiler:

Goodman home furnace offers great performance due to the constant supply of heat to the pool water.
- It is the fastest method to heat water. So if you have a spa, you can heat it almost immediately, while for the large volume of a pool, less than 48 hours will suffice.
- They have a control panel where you can program what temperature you want.
- Ideal for specific periods, such as keeping the water warm for a weekend, the Easter season, etc.
- The operation of a quality gas boiler is safe since it has the necessary pipes so that the combustion air is properly disposed of.
- The best option for aquatic complexes that they need to have hot water throughout the year.
- A great offer of models and capacities.

Types of pool cleaners:

There are currently several types of pool cleaner on the market.
- Pressure pool bottom cleaner: They work due to the pressure of the water that comes from the pool pump, if it is not very powerful it is likely that you need a second pump for the cleaner, they move thanks to the pressure and the wheels they have.
 - Suction Pool Bottom Cleaner: These are hydraulic pool cleaners that connect directly to one of the suction inlets. All the dirt from the pool is sucked directly through the filter of the pool since it does not count on its filtration system. This type of cleaner is usually the cheapest, due to its cleaning system, more chemical must be used in the long run with this type of cleaner.
- Pool cleaner robots: The electric pool cleaners like maytronics robotic pool cleaner are automatic robots independent of the pool's filtration system, they move thanks to their motors and you only have to worry about them once they have finished the cleaning cycle since you must remove them. 

If you want to buy Hayward aboveground pool heater or looking for any types of pool services, do not hesitate to contact us at torontopoolsupplies.ca.

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Here is the best Pool Cleaner Robot

Among the most popular models and from our point of view, the following are the best pool cleaner models in the market along with Hayward pool cleaner.

Pentair: the best cheap:

This pool cleaner robot is very popular. The Pentair connects to your filter pump in minutes without any tools, plus it comes with 10.4m of the hose.

Its two mechanically programmed steering wheels which costs much less than an electronic program allow it to move in small and large ponds or pools, whatever the bottom lining. It is capable of cleaning leaves, debris, and sand in the most inaccessible spaces in your pool.

It is the only robot in its class that cleans 90° on the walls of your pool, allowing it to thoroughly clean down to the waterline. It is also really universal and adapts to any type of pool, shape, and cladding. Hayward Aquavac pool cleaner is also the leading model you can buy online.

Zodiac: the best of mid-range:

Here's another model, but this time more powerful: it's the Zodiac Pool Cleaner. It has the best suction power among hydraulic robots thanks to its cyclonic system and unique programmed navigation.

It cleans any type of pool, bottom, and wall, and it does it quickly, simply and effectively. It is capable of operating on surfaces up to 10 meters, and it adapts to tile, plastic cladding, painted concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. 

Its X-Drive intelligent navigation system is a must, and its cyclonic aspiration is the best of all aspirations through a filtration system. The adjustable flow can be optimized to avoid excessive flow.

Robot Zodiac: for small and medium pools:

The Baracuda Zodiac is a perfect hydraulic robot for any type of pool with rigid walls, simple shapes (rectangular or oval) and modest dimensions. It is suitable for tile type coatings, polyester coating, reinforced PVC and painted concrete. The Zodiac Barracuda can work with rectangular or oval pools.

In principle, it is only suitable for cleaning bottoms, but several YouTube videos show cleanings of this model on pool walls. As for its design, it must be recognized that it looks like a marine being.

This robot cleaner uses the water pressure emanating from the filter pump. When the pump starts moving, the water aspiration passes through the robot. This “sticks” to the bottom of the pool and begins its work of scanning through the small “fins” that surround it. It is capable of vacuuming large debris, even small stones.

Looking for the best and complete pool services? Do not hesitate to contact us through torontopoolsupplies. We also deal with pool pump parts and Hayward heater parts.

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If you are planning to buy a pool pump, we recommend first visit torontopoolsupplies.ca. We have an extensive range of pool pumps including Hayward pool pump.
 Well, it is recommended to consider the following point before buying Hayward super pump or any type of pool pump:
1. Pool capacity:
This is the most important factor you should take into account before buying a pool pump. Depending on the liters the pool has, you should buy an engine with more or less power. 
If you do not look at this number, you run the risk of buying a pool pump that cannot move the water with sufficient power and, consequently, that cannot efficiently remove and filter the waste. On this point, we recommend that if you have a removable pool, buy a pump with a flow rate of about 3,000 liters per hour. For large pools, this number must be at least 5000 L / h.
2. Type of filter:
The second most important element that you should evaluate when buying a pool purification pump is the type of filter. In the market, the most common are sand filters and cartridge filters. 
Cartridge filters are also very effective, however, maintenance requires buying a new cartridge, which is usually more expensive.
3. Type of pool:
Before buying a scrubber pump, it is advisable to check its compatibility with the type of pool. The best option is usually cartridge filters since they are very easy to assemble and maintain, and effectively retain dirt according to the volume of water in this type of pool. 
4. Materials:
When buying a pump for pool treatment plants, it is convenient to look at the quality of the materials. First of all, because it is an apparatus that comes into contact with water and chemicals that can cause wear. 
And, secondly, because the filter system must be of good quality so that it can clean the water effectively. If you are going to choose a model of conversation, you should pay attention that it is of high quality, resistant and, if possible, that it complies with some quality certification. If you need to buy a Hayward ecostar pump, it should be anticorrosive and better if it includes a prefilter, as it will help to make it more durable.
You can buy a Hayward tristar pump from our website at the best prices. We also deal with Goodman home furnace and all types of pool parts.

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What products are there to heat a pool?

There are different ways to maintain a pleasant temperature and heat the water in your pool. From torontopoolsupplies.ca, we want to inform you and advise you on choosing the system that suits you and best suits your needs so that you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy.

Take advantage of the comfort of having a pool ionizer system at home with a pleasant temperature during almost the whole year.
From electric heaters, heat exchangers (gas or electric heaters) and heat pumps. Even solar heating systems are methods used to provide heat in your pool.

Electric heater:

Hayward propane pool heater allows heating the pool water throughout the year. Depending on the geographical area they are suitable for pools up to 68 m3 and off the ground. 

Very easy to install, you just have to insert it in the pool filtration system. The increase in the pool is achieved in an approximate period of 2 to 5 days. Thanks to the continuous filtration mode program. The operation of this system consists of electric resistance, of titanium that heats the water when it comes into contact with it.

Heat exchanger:

This appliance is installed in the conventional gas or electric boiler used for heating your home and sanitary water. Its installation is very simple and the cost is relatively reasonable, although not all boilers are designed to support this system. 

Heat Pump:

The Hayward propane pool heater to heat the water taking advantage of the hot air. Its installation consists of a simple connection to the water circuit and the electric current of the pool. 

Among the different advantages, we can highlight its high performance, since it multiplies from 2 to 6 times the energy consumed. With the heat pump, the water heating process takes 2 to 5 days. 

Solar heating:

It consists of a closed circuit that heats the water using solar energy. The solar collectors are installed near the pool well located and facing the sun. Water is pumped to the solar panels that return hot water to your pool. 

It is recommended that the surface of the panels be 50 to 75% of the surface of the pool. Because the free solar energy that can be captured is understood between these months. This system has a high initial cost, but it can be profitable if used in a region with good sunshine and high outside temperature.

At torontopoolsupplies.ca, we offer comprehensive pool services. We also deal with pool filter parts and pool heater parts.

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The advantages of the using pool cleaners

From time to time, especially in the busiest times of the year, our pool needs thorough cleaning and maintenance. Obviously, we cannot empty it constantly to proceed to such cleaning but there are intelligent solutions to clean the bottoms such as the Hayward Aquavac pool cleaner. These are its innumerable advantages:

- Do not empty your pool, or immerse yourself as a diver to proceed to clean the bottom of your pool. This is an impossible mission. To clean the bottom of the pool it is best to take advantage of the advantages offered by new technologies such as the Hayward pool cleaner. A revolutionary invention ideal for any type of pool, both public and private.

- Small in size, ideal for storage in any storage space, it is specially designed for pools that have a rectangular shape. Its use is very simple and does not require great knowledge as far as the machinery of this type is concerned. The robot submerges to the bottom of the pool and sweeps it, cleans it and sucks it automatically eliminating all the dirt that is at the bottom. And not only there, but also on the pool walls themselves.

Latest technology for pool cleaning:

To perform your task, the Hayward Aquavac pool cleaner robot starts a 2-hour cycle. To achieve its objective, it uses a PVA brush that is compatible with all types of pools and surfaces as well as any type of coatings, that is concrete, liner, fiber - a brush that also does not damage the surface and is adherent. This is the latest technology developed by Hayward and you can find in our online store of pools and accessories.

But the advantages of Hayward pool cleaners do not end here. It has a filtration bag that despite its fine porosity is highly resistant and with a filtration capacity, it manages to trap the smallest waste. 

Being a robot designed for common use, changing the filter is very simple and can perform maintenance tasks quickly and comfortably. In addition, this robot is specially designed for swimming pools that, due to its location, accumulate a lot of dust or sand at its bottom.

In torontopoolsupplies.ca, we love to incorporate the latest technologies for the optimal pool maintenance, so Hayward incorporates a new intelligent navigation system that prevents the formation of knots in the pool. 

At torontopoolsupplies.ca, we also deal with the two-stage home furnace and hayward pool lighting.

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Having a pool in the garden or home patio is a dream for most people, the benefits of swimming pools are great, as well as giving us the best summers of all time and hundreds of hours of shared relaxation and fun with family and friends. 

In addition to this, we can mention hundreds of elements that decorate the pool making it more attractive to all, among these elements we have the LED pool light.

Nothing more beautiful than an illuminated pool, the Pentair Globrite color led lights to give a special glow on the water which invites people to enjoy it.

Why light a pool?

There are many reasons why lighting a pool at night is a great idea, among them we highlight:

Pentair Intellibrite colour led pool light provides a higher level of security by keeping it lit at night and especially during events around it.

- The aesthetics of the pool changes to be illuminated, especially the lights that are submerged provide a special atmosphere.

- The pool acquires an unmatched value by being illuminated, which will surely be a focal point in all meetings and events at home, in addition to being the main protagonist of hundreds of photographs.

- The options to illuminate the pools are practically endless. Currently, you can purchase lighting systems of various types and models. Pool light system that can even be controlled remotely by remote controls, the styles of the lamps can vary as desired and the number of lights and density of lighting can be regulated according to people's tastes.

Safety of pool lighting:

In addition to providing protection when illuminated, the lights that are installed in the pools have a degree of IP protection that makes them resistant to constant immersion, eliminating the risk of short circuits and problems that may affect people's health.

How many spotlights do I put in the pool?

In the construction pools, it is recommended to put a spotlight every 3 to 70 cm from the edge of the pool and oriented in the opposite direction to the house or the terrace where we will be to avoid glare.

In the case of having a dark interior tile, increase the number of bulbs to install. we must also take into account what type of light we are going to put and how it is going to be projected in the pool since there are ceiling lamps that have greater aperture than others.

At torontopoolsupplies.ca, we have all types of LED lights for swimming pool at the best prices. We also deal in pool cleaner parts and pool pump parts.

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