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Humans are inherently sexual creatures. We are some of the few species of animals that have sex for pleasure. We like sex and often like to try new things. Some people have normal vanilla sex, others want to be more rebellious. For some people, these more troublesome things may be hard to find in the real world. We want to experiment with lifelike sex dolls, which is definitely what you want to think about. If you feel that your sex life is a bit calm because you can't find a person to do it with you, you will want to consider experimenting in other ways.

Many people are constantly looking for freshness and excitement in their sex life. Real Love Doll can help you do more sexual exercises and develop your sexual fantasies and sexual skills. Discover new pleasures by better directing your love doll, imagine how to maintain your strong sexual desire and stimulate your nerves more to get better release.

Men are always dominant and other partners are obedient in the behavior of the anime sex doll with their eyes closed. However, men who dominate the bed and do not like submission often face problems in sexual life. Every girl wants to devote himself to his lover. But she likes to sometimes roll like a queen and become the dominant personality. Therefore, if such a conflict occurs, it will cause problems in sexual life. So if you are also a dominant personality, you should consider finding a solution that will satisfy your sexual desires and maintain a good relationship with your loved partner.

For many, the idea of ​​experimentation is what they want to try, but they cannot do it because of social norms, or perhaps even for others' standards. If so, it can be problematic for many people, men and women, and it often creates small problems, which can be very difficult to manage. How can you solve the need to experiment? You can't, but there are ways to get the most out of sexual exploitation. You can try it with realistic mini sex dolls.

The ideal solution is to use a love doll. Your daughter may not like the idea that you have always ruled her. Therefore, you must buy a mating doll that does not say "no" to your control. You can treat the doll as obedient all day. But a beautiful love doll will not make you feel sick and will not stop you. According to the instinctive behavior of the male organism, they are dominant in living alone and in groups. Like a group of lions, a group of monkeys.

flat chested sex doll

One of the great things about buying a love doll is that you can try all the tips and tricks of a real doll. In this restricted position, the love doll can be tied to any position. Press your legs against her chest and tie your hands behind her. You can group asian sex doll with ropes and different types. Neat love dolls are so flexible that they can easily deform. They can always meet everyone's demands to better match your sex life.

Men who still think about sex are the most popular buyers in the world. These types of buyers already know the most enthusiastic fantasy for closing their eyes and buying large quantities of love dolls. These men are so wild that their girlfriends are troubled by their needs and try new things each time they have sex. Therefore, they buy dolls online and realize their illusion at the highest level.

Experiments are often viewed as degeneration, especially when people think it's only bad, but there are many good things to do. You can really learn what you can get going on, maybe a big ass sex doll that will allow you to have the best orgasm you can have, and in general you will be much more about it You will feel better. You will learn what you like, so you can get better ideas of what your partner may like.

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KFDOLLS is a brand of Huizhou Shuntai Toys Co., Ltd. And KFDOLLS is professional high end adult sex doll manufacturer from china.The real dolls are very popular all over the world, including silicone love doll and TPE dolls. A realistic sex doll is like a real woman, with her skin, her eyes, her head, her vagina and other parts extremely close to the human body.

Today we will talking about how the lifelike love dolls that can visit your home.

China Sex Dolls Manufacturer kfdolls 116

Best China Dolls Suppliers

The real sex dolls have come to stay and to completely revolutionize the entire market of sex toys because they have become the favorites of many and already have a very special place in the hearts of several of their clients.

Before: To have a sex doll you just have to go to a special store.

The procedure that we all know and that is related to the acquisition of one of these lifelike sex dolls is the same, you go to a physical store or online and buy the doll that has the characteristics of your preference, however, other ways to enjoy of the favors of these toys have been currently being carried out.

Now: You can have one of these dolls in an establishment or in your home.

Recently, some visionaries have thought about enabling some places and many real sex dolls that offer pleasure to all their clients, somehow there are those who think that they have managed to modernize a very old trade, and that their main workers can be bought in a store, it is as well as some brothels where lifelike sex dolls await their users.

As if that were not enough, there is now a new way to obtain these dolls without having to buy them and without having to move from the comfort of your home. In China an option has been implemented where you can request the real sex dolls of your choice and they will be delivered to your home.

This mode prevents customers from having to approach places where sexual practices with lifelike sex dolls are regular, through an application you ask the dolls with all the details and preferences and in a short time they are delivered at home.

This can be said to be a fairly modern version of the brothel version of these dolls, and it can be seen that it will be much more popular than it.

For many, this practice should be better viewed by society, because although it is a sexual exchange, the integrity of any person is not compromised, but instead there is an object that meets certain purposes, with which clients can interact without problems.

These sites are not yet as popular, and this results in many of their potential customers prefer to stay out of the way and not get directly involved with this business; we must consider that many prefer total discretion when the issues are related to their private life, especially if it is about their sex life and everything that relates to it and their preferences.

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The option offered by this application would benefit many, since they do not have to be exposed in any way, the deal is made directly with the providers of the sex dolls and the client should only offer information about where he needs to receive the doll that he has previously ordered, making sure the seller sends the correct one, that is, the doll with the physical characteristics previously indicated by the service provider.

For more about lifelike silicone sex dolls,you can pay a visit to kfdolls website at



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Welcome to the KFDOLLS professional high end adult sex doll online store, real dolls are very popular all over the world, including silicone love doll and TPE dolls. A realistic sex doll is like a real woman, with her skin, her eyes, her head, her vagina and other parts extremely close to the human body.

If you wanna to buy luxurious lifelike sex dolls, you may need to know more about the relevant information. According to the classification of the label, you will be able to quickly choose the doll of love which you need. For example, BBW style, Japanese style, Blonde style, Black skin style, Milf style, Big ass style, etc. Surreal sexy realistic sex dolls have the same look as real women: elegant hairstyles, realistic faces, real size, very light, body color and soft texture, glamorous breasts and juicy tight ass. Above all, these passionate female.

For Inquiry,Please contact:

Company: KFDOLLS

Contact:David Liu





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The lifelike sexy dolls have come into our lives to make some intimate moments a little more interesting where you don’t need the presence of another person to be able to achieve pleasure, and that is that their main function has always been this, and all real sex Dolls have done their job effectively.

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China Silicone sex Dolls

Since they reached the market they have completely dominated it.

We know that the main engine for this business to be profitable is the sexual desire expressed by customers who became owners of the lifelike sex dolls, however, these dolls have become much more popular in places where according to government surveys, much of the population is not interested in sex How is this possible?

A region not interested in sex is one of the main consumers of this product.

We know that there are regions where its inhabitants are not too interested in sex, this because their lives are really busy, so much so that they assure that they have not managed to have a sexual relationship in their life, for not having time or why not they want to mix affectively with anyone.

It is at this moment that real sex dolls come into action and become a really useful element; In large part, these regions where the inhabitants are not interested in sex, are the result of an accelerated pace of life where maintaining a relationship is simply impossible and also involves a great investment, this is where the best option to continue carrying out your activities Normally without having to compromise your time is to buy a sexual doll.

This is how these dolls have managed to enter a market that seemed really impossible, and have managed to alleviate many of their clients’ problems. It is estimated that these dolls are able to completely supplant modern relations, since in many countries the idea of maintaining a relationship between two people is quite far from their possibilities, this thanks to various factors, such as the amount of free time, working hours, among others.

That is, the majority of this population that does not have sexual interest is benefited by having a hyperrealistic sex doll that can be an ideal partner since it does not require much time to have some kind of interaction.

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For those who have a very fast pace of life there is no less complex option than this, this is the most powerful reason why young people in the most important metropolis of the entire planet have chosen to choose as an roommate an aesthetically object Perfect to try to improve your days and to carry the heavy workloads and all the competencies and demands that you may have on a daily basis.

It is possible that this custom will spread in all the countries of the world and that in each of the continents there is a large group of the population that has these preferences that today are exclusive for some regions of the world.

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Welcome to the KFDOLLS professional high end adult sex doll online store, real dolls are very popular all over the world, including silicone love doll and TPE dolls. A realistic sex doll is like a real woman, with her skin, her eyes, her head, her vagina and other parts extremely close to the human body.

If you wanna to buy luxurious lifelike sex dolls, you may need to know more about the relevant information. According to the classification of the label, you will be able to quickly choose the doll of love which you need. For example, BBW style, Japanese style, Blonde style, Black skin style, Milf style, Big ass style, etc. Surreal sexy realistic sex dolls have the same look as real women: elegant hairstyles, realistic faces, real size, very light, body color and soft texture, glamorous breasts and juicy tight ass. Above all, these passionate female.

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Company: KFDOLLS

Contact:David Liu





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Are Sex Dolls Legal in the United States?

Are sex dolls legal? The short answer is yes with just one exception. All types of love dolls are legal in all the fifty states in the US with the exception of dolls that resemble children. And here at KFDOLLS, we deal with all types of variations such as mini sex dolls, torsos, and full life-size dolls. Our products are tailored to your specific needs because our core mission is customer satisfaction (pun intended). Is there a catch, though?


China Silicone sex Dolls

Pre-pubescent Dolls are Illegal

Although the question “Are sex dolls legal?” is simple to answer, sex dolls are legal in all the fifty states in the country, there is just one small thing that buyers need to be careful about. Sale and purchase of pre-pubescent, small dolls are illegal, and that is where you need to hold your guards. As per the law, such dolls that resemble young kids are known to promote pedophilia, a psychiatric condition where the affected person is sexually attracted to children.
Even though such dolls are still sold in the market by scammers, finding yourself at the other end of the law in a private affair such as this can be a cause for lifelong embarrassment. However, this is just an anecdotal advice that we as a responsible sex doll retailer are sharing with you. We recommend you to take actual legal counsel to know more.

But, if you are well aware of the laws, why not learn more about the popularity of sex dolls!

Away from the Taboo and Stigmas

It is only in the 21st century that we are experiencing an unabashed and free consumption of sex dolls as an aid to satiate one’s sexual needs. Earlier, such aids were seen as a taboo due to the associated cultural stigmas. One would think twice before purchasing one, and eventually, end up suppressing their desires. Today, more and more people are coming out of their closets and embracing sex dolls as a solution for their private needs.
With technological advancement, this embrace and the conspicuously universal need has only led to a fillip in the sex doll industry. With dolls that have near human-like and responsive features, the average user is receptive to the central idea. Users are appreciative of the fact that these dolls are an epitome of complete submission and zero distraction. Which only adds to the flares in a testosterone-pumped man.
According to our customers, the one thing that they most love about their sex dolls is their flexibility. Crazy stunts on a night with an imaginary gymnast? Hell yes! No need for that outdated and often fruitless “Netflix and chill” encounters.

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Reach the Zenith of Pleasure with KFDOLLS

Since we only deal with sex dolls that are legal, you can directly jump into our inventory and pick your choice. Our products meet the highest safety standards, are tested for quality and erection (we mean perfection), and are known to last longer than the average alternative. Just hit us up on our website and our representative will guide you in your pursuit o ultimate sexual gratification.

We at KFDOLLS , retail and ship all our products within 2-3 weeks of purchase. And the best part is that we use discreet packaging to respect our customers’ privacy.

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Mini japanische Sexpuppen

Die japanische Sexpuppe ist heutzutage etwas von Bedeutung. Mit vibrierenden Teilen, beweglichen Teilen, echtem Haar und sogar realistischen Brüsten gab es noch nie einen besseren Zeitpunkt, um die verschiedenen Arten von japanischen Sexpuppen auszuprobieren, als jetzt auf dem Markt. In diesen Tagen können Sie eine japanische Sexpuppe bekommen, die aus etwas hergestellt ist, das der menschlichen Haut so nahe kommt, wie Sie es jemals finden werden, was bedeutet, dass es so aussieht, als ob Sie nachts wirklich eine Frau in Ihrem Bett haben, wenn Sie einsam werden und mehr als ein wenig geiler als du denkst. Beeindruckend besser als das ist jedoch die Art und Weise, wie Sie jetzt eine dieser ziemlich speziellen Arten erwachsener Silikonpuppen in einer sorgfältigen Nachbildung Ihres Lieblingspornostars in die Hände bekommen können, was impliziert, dass Sie wirklich diese Nacht der makellosen Träume haben können das hast du dir ständig gewünscht.
Wo fängst du an, wenn du Ressourcen für eine anständige japanische WM Doll benötigst? Das Wichtigste, woran Sie sich natürlich erinnern sollten, ist, dass Sie zuverlässig das bekommen, wofür Sie bezahlen, wenn Sie beispielsweise etwas mehr Geld beiseite legen, als Sie zum größten Teil ausgeben müssten. Für diejenigen, die etwas brauchen, das so nah an der tatsächlichen Einrichtung ist, wie es vernünftigerweise zu erwarten ist, wird das richtige Bargeld Sie einfach dazu bringen. Offensichtlich ist etwas billiger, wenn Sie einfach nur nach etwas suchen, mit dem Sie an diesen Abenden spielen können, wenn Sie zufällig das Haus für sich haben, eine überlegene Alternative. Die besten Materialien kosten Sie natürlich am meisten Geld.

170CM Real Doll shop
Der Kauf einer japanischen Sexpuppe ist heutzutage ein einfacher Vorgang. Es gibt nur viele Websites, von denen einige für beide Geschlechter bestimmt sind und einige nur für Männer, von denen Sie alle auswählen können. Wenn Sie die Wörter „Sexpuppe“ oder „Sexspielzeug für Erwachsene“ in eine beliebige Internet-Suchmaschine eingeben, erhalten Sie mehr Ergebnisse, als Sie jemals für denkbar gehalten haben. Ab hier ist es eigentlich nur noch Ihr Finanzplan und Ihre Energie, die sich auf Ihren Kauf niederschlägt.
voller Größe Silikon Liebespuppen mit lebensechten Pussy Anus

Love Dolls Beschreibung:

Material: TPE (Cyberskin) und flexibles Metallskelett
Funktion: Oral-, Brust-, Anus- und Pussy-Sex, emotionale Kameradschaft und Show-Model
Höhe: 160 cm
Brustlinie: 91cm
Taille: 64cm
Hüftlinie: 108cm
Schulterbreite: 35cm
Schenkellinie: 56cm
Calfline: 30cm
Armlänge: 65cm
Beinlänge: 70cm
Gewicht: 43 kg

H-Cup Real Sex Dolls
Aktualisierte Fraudoll-Funktionen:
Für eine bessere Lebensechte Sexpuppe leistung wurde eine neue verbesserte Fraudoll-Puppe entwickelt. Die Funktionen sind wie folgt:
1. Doppelter Gelenkhals für eine realistischere Halshaltung;
2. Verbesserung der Schultergelenke, wodurch die Schulter wie ein echter Mensch funktioniert;
3. Einfacheres Design der Kopfkombination;
4. Alle Skelette sind für eine härtere und realistischere Leistung aufgerüstet.

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Sex is an indispensable activity in human life. Also sex work is another form of sexual satisfaction, which has now risen to a whole new level of practice and even attacked the brothel. The advantage of using realistic sex doll as sex tools is that you never get an STD by using them, and it can be easily contracted from sex workers. If you want to have a love doll just for youself, you can save enough for a decent quality real doll in three months.

A Japanese businessman explains why he decided to get his sex doll. Because men are expected to have someone who can listen to them when they return from work without necessarily bothering them. Like other men, despite having been married for years, he has already found happiness in his RZR Doll. It sounds strange that a person who has been married for more than 10 years can find happiness and satisfaction with mini sex dolls that does not speak or move. But women and men allow their imagination, fantasies and dreams to help them create partners and give their love dolls personality.

However, these technological developments are not always liked by people. On the one hand, we have had a complex reaction to sex dolls that are very close to how humans look and feel. On the other hand, some people are delighted with this evolution. These realistic sex dolls are much better than your wife or girlfriend because they guarantee you are safe.

mini sex dolls

But those who claim that these love dolls are not a benefit but a benefit for us have some very nasty things to say. They believe that if a man can have sex without the companion consent, he will tend to treat the woman as a thing and will be able to satisfy the imagination that the real sex dolls can do. Silicone sex doll is obedient to these men, and this may give false expectations. According to these people, this can lead to a threat to women's safety around the world.

In my opinion, love dolls have no emotion, it is in favor, but the sexual experience is almost the same. They have additional benefits because they can't contract a sexually transmitted disease with you. Also they are clean and you can have unprotected sex with them. A sex worker is a real person who can talk with you, experience sexual pleasure with you. However, protection can be used because it can cause sexually transmitted diseases. In the event of an accident during sex, unlike sex workers, cheap sex doll will not be injured or become pregnant.

It is not easy to run such a business. Brothel owners must be careful to ensure that nothing about their business will disturb their neighbors or cause any kind of problem. You also need to make sure that the customer is satisfied and work to ensure that all sex dolls are clean, hygienic and in good condition. If you decide to try a sex brothel for a maternity love doll, you will play your part to facilitate their work. Follow the rules. Do not hurt the Japanese sex doll you use. Do nothing to make cleaning up excessively difficult.

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A letter from lovers of Lifelike Sex Dolls

I think, me and my love here on in all the years have made it clear to the readers of our blog, how the life of a person with his lifelike sex doll changed not only his everyday life forever, but how many other topics open this special kind of love that goes far beyond the technical level of interaction. The technical handling of them will always be only a part of this world, because the human has a soul.

But our special way of life together is only a way of life. He is not valid for all ways of life of friends of love dolls and certainly not he is universally valid. Of course, even though our blog posts have shown in great detail and detail what a person feels that is going that way, it has still been his only individual path.

I think it's a good time to reiterate that this scene does not just consist of such lovers. Some see their dolls as pure sex dolls, others let them live out their fantasies and otherwise they feel little for the silicone sex doll and yet others enjoy their tenderness and beauty, but they do not see in her soul, but she simply remains a doll. The world of people who love sex doll, is colorful, broad-based and very individual, as the society is usually, and the real doll is no exception.

Especially in the mass media, a certain image of these people has been conveyed, who in this way wanted experience love and sexuality differently. We both have a real relationship and we look to each other as partners. Of course, this kind of approach has been particularly appealing to the media because it is controversial and tends to push these provocative themes into the limelight. But that is not the universal reality in this scene!

mini sex dolls

Especially in the forum has become wonderfully clear that there are so many different ways of loving mini sex dolls, as there are people who love them. There may be diverse groups that have a certain style or a certain closeness to them, but the exact form and the exact handling of them is still a very individual thing.

Therefore, those interested in lifelike sex dolls and outsiders should not be too dependent on rating. You should look around the forum and see how people deal with their dolls very differently. You should understand that love dolls are not just about "this kind of people". It not only appeals to people who have never had a real chance of a happy relationship with a woman and are now finding a replacement and a way out for their loneliness over Real Dolls. You should see who else dives into this world and what the individual reasons for it are.

This article will surely have taken many readers inhibitions and perhaps prejudices against the love of love dolls. Maybe he has confirmed other prejudices as well. But he is not the truth about love for tpe sex doll. It is not even the forum. The truth does not exist here. There are only people who have bought a doll for individual reasons or want to do so.

This is just a small outline of it and therefore you should not rate it too high. He was just the attempt to represent an individual way of a love doll friend and nothing more, not less.

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ラブドールが身体的に反応できるだけでなく、あなたの好みやあなたの人生についての詳細を思い出すことができる人形が今あります。あなたにお誕生日おめでとうを願うリアルラブドール、または名前であなたを迎える人形に目覚めさせることを想像してください。あなたが見にいくつかのラブドールブログを見つけに行くことができます。 AIのおかげでそれは可能であり、そしてこのようなリアルドールは主流の消費者に後で利用可能になるかもしれません!






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Sex doll treated as a loving partner

Men who own real sex doll usually experience extreme joy when they have the opportunity to perform the illusion. In addition, they felt deeply connected and treated as a loving partner.

With the psychological benefits of cheap sex dolls, these toys provide erotic well-being treatments that help to reduce the fear of anxiety. Recent studies in cardiology have made heart health and stress relief much easier than with normal sex. This is difficult for men looking for the best fit.

As one of the providers of sexrealdoll, the realistic mini sex doll products we create have positive and significant effects on the health and emotional state of men. They were happy and confidence in them was greatly improved.



Removes sleeping pills from your life and encourages you to sleep naturally. Sex Doll Exercise is a great way to get a good night's sleep. The day after you wake up, your mood is refreshed and it's much better to wake up than headaches. It is an effective sleep aid for men, which helps the everyday stress.

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Are you satisfied with your sexual life?

Does lack of passion in your life make your life boring? Use a lifelike sex doll to spice up your sex life. Don't worry; you are certainly not the only one with this problem. Research shows that 45% of the world's population has sex. Frustrated, many people experienced this terrible feeling until they found that silicone dolls can satisfy them in the best way. If you have tried adult sex dolls yourself, you will choose to believe that it will give you a heavenly feeling. Even if you can follow the same principle - buy yourself an adult sex doll and get it in the most direct way.


You can simply use these sexy dolls to make your night more risky, as I have ever done. What do you expect from a sex doll? Believe me, it is a sex doll that can satisfy all your sexual desires. It never complains, is not tired, and is not bound by time. It is a perfect choice, which will allow you to achieve the highest satisfaction and make your life more exciting. Here are some of the advantages of the publicly-recognized adult sex dolls that we have summarized for you: to give you a real touch and experience, the raw materials for productive dolls are safe. You can choose the most suitable shape for you from a wide variety of shapes and sizes. I have to say that sex dolls are becoming more and more realistic, more beautiful, and will not grow old or become ugly. Just keeping young is the reason that many users want to buy more sexual dolls of different sizes. It just enters any position you want to satisfy all your libido. How do you choose the best sex doll? I want you to know that there are a large number of TPE dolls sold on the internet, you can choose from different body shapes to body materials. The best is those that are soft and flexible and can be done anywhere to meet your needs. Here's an article we offer you: How to pick a sex doll?


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Sex dolls may be their last resort

However, it has also been suggested that for customers with social anxiety or disability, the service will be invaluable. For example, the Aura doll in Toronto apparently received many inquiries from visually impaired and hard of hearing people. Cheap sex doll can also be used as a way to vent a person who likes violence or does not want to hurt the real thing, but does not want to hurt the real person, even those who want to experience monogamy without deception. . Therefore, not all people who may enter the brothel of the dolls are angry and sick women, who are ready to release the desire to rape. It may take a while for love doll to become mainstream.


Nevertheless, with the advancement of artificial intelligence technology, lifelike sex dolls capable of replicating human sexual reactions have become a thing. It is not impossible for sex dolls to one day enjoy the same relative dignity as vibrators and other sex toys. Personally, I am waiting to see if male sex dolls will catch on.

Sex doll just can't agree, there is no limit. Some people worry that some customers may start to think that this is normal, which in turn will spread some fairly problematic and inaccurate views about human women. However, the founder of a California-based spiritual group called UNICULT believes that with the advancement of artificial intelligence robotics, sexual robots can change the way human perceptions agree. Still with me?


The organization plans to open a robotic brothel in West Hollywood. The concept that only sentient beings can give consent, UNICULT presents a model that customers will show their respect for robotic sex dolls by getting session points in advance through an app or spending 30 minutes on dolls with "Avatar" before making love. I don't believe this.

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How to use sex doll correctly

Often the reason why we buy lifelike sex dolls is only for physiological needs, but many men don't know how to use sex dolls correctly,just know that they have mastered the method a little bit, but this is not the case. Improper use and habits can damage sex dolls. Next, I will introduce you to the tutorial on correct use of dolls.


First, check
When you get the sex doll, first open the box, and carefully check whether the sex doll accessories are complete. Such as: Patches, heaters (sticks), lubricants.


Second, cleaning and disinfection

1. Before use

 The doll is cleaned and disinfected. Although the product is made of high-grade non-toxic medical material soft rubber, it can be cleaned or disinfected with medical alcohol or washed with warm water due to the surface contact with the outside world and the delivery of the product. Pay attention to the cleaning process. Do not touch the circuit or metal structure. If you buy a sex doll with a warmer (stick), you can warm the lower body of the sex doll. After warming, you can enjoy the warmth of the human body. Then apply the oil. After about 10-15 minutes, feel the temperature is enough to remove the warmer, then you can start enjoying your doll!

2. When using

When using a solid sex doll, in order to maintain sufficient lubricity inside the physical part of the physical doll, a lubricant must be used. If the lubricant is not used, the internal body of the doll is not sufficiently lubricated, which may cause the private part of the physical doll to rupture after use. It is also possible if you wear a condom with sufficient lubrication.

3. After use

After using the doll, the inside of the doll's private part needs to be cleaned with water, and the whole body of the doll is cleaned. After the physical doll has been completely sterilized, wash it again with warm water, dry the inside and surface of the doll with a towel, or dry it naturally, and then save it for the next use.


Third, take a bath to remove oil

In order to make the doll's body soft, an oil component is injected into the silica gel, which also gives the doll a charming aroma. Some products also have a care powder, so that as time goes on, there will be oil on the surface of the doll or impurities. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the doll once before use to remove oil. If there is 75% medical alcohol, it is better to use it for scrubbing and disinfecting after washing.

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HIV transmission with sex doll possible?

Because there is currently no effective treatment for AIDS, the mortality rate is high; and many of its diseases are related to improper behaviors (such as sexual problems and drug use), making it socially stigmatized. Therefore, AIDS Spreading is not only a medical issue, but it also has a huge psycho social impact.


Normally, AIDS is mainly transmitted through blood, sexual intercourse and mother-to-child transmission. In the worst case, if your TPE sex doll is likely to be used, only skin damage will be transmitted. And from a medical and biological point of view, HIV will die in a period of time once it leaves the host cell, so don't worry about the HIV infection that will be bought from sex dolls.

According to clinical studies, HIV has not been found to survive in other animals. They mainly live in humans and apes, which may be related to their genetic matching rate of more than 90% to humans. The genetic similarity between humans and apes is extremely high, and blood is more suitable for the survival of HIV. Basically, the two determine the way of survival and transmission of HIV.

To draw a conclusion, despite the peace of mind, HIV is not transmitted through the goods.

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実験は退化として捉えられることが多く、特にそれは悪いことだけであると人々が考えるが、実験するための良い点もたくさんあります。 あなたは本当にあなたが進んで何を得ることができるか、おそらくあなたが持つことができる最高のオーガズムを持つことを可能にする3穴ラブドールを学ぶことができ、そして一般的にあなたはそれについてはるかに気分が良くなるでしょう。 あなたはあなたがあなたが好きなものを学ぶでしょう、それであなたはあなたのパートナーが好きかもしれないもののより良いアイデアを得ることができます。

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Read this before buy a sex doll

Speaking of the standable function of the doll, first of all, the principle of standing sex dolls, as we can see in the picture below, the sex dolls generally bear the weight through these three fulcrums and get a standing posture. We often let the doll sit, lie down and lie, and this situation can be considered cheaper. But if you want to add more styling and posture, the ordinary model can't stand because it will cause damage to the doll, because the structure without the weight of the foot can not bear a lot of weight.

Generally TPE sex dolls, their body consists of two parts, skeleton and filling material. Of course, the stainless steel skeleton doll is the best choice. Another thing to consider is the filling of the chest, which is divided into two types: solid and hollow. Hollows are more comfortable to use, but they are also prone to deformation and shortened service life. When choosing small  breast dolls we recommend buying a solid sex doll on the chest. Of course, you can also choose the type you want.


The details of the head can be considered from the wig, such as the style and color of the wig. If you have more requirements for the hair of the doll, you can learn the selection of the wig material, which will make your doll have a more realistic experience.
In addition, the appearance of the life-like sex doll is not the only standard for good looks. You can make your doll look different by choosing the color of the eyes and choosing different styles of makeup.

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What's Casual Sex

A sexual act that is not related to a relationship is called Casual Sex. Because there is no bondage in the general relationship of love, emotional attachment or even unfamiliar between sexual partners, no emotional relationship, booty call, one-night stand, purchase sex service, wife change, etc. can be defined as casual sex. Of course, this is Wikipedia's definition of it. In general, whether a sex doll is also included. It also affects people's health under prevailing conditions, but experts point out that it is not the behavior itself that affects us. The motivation behind the behavior does.


100 cm sex doll

Want to be happy
Want to explore and learn
I believe this is a worthwhile experience.
A way to escape the bad feeling
Want to please others
Looking forward to a long-term relationship
In case of being induced or forced
There is a direct relationship between motivation and the impact of the subject.


flat chested sex doll

Any kind of thought can fall into unsafe sex. So what is the safe Casual sex? Please bring a condom throughout the journey, starting with any external lower body contact. Wearing condoms is not only to prevent human life, but also to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infections (many people carry viruses, but do not show symptoms, they may not know themselves, please Google STI), and anti-AIDS and hepatitis C. Not only physical safety, but also psychological security can not be ignored. When we want to date casual sex, what are our real motives and what we really want. Anything that wants to get a retaliatory balance is an insecure motivation.

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Different Feeling of Sex Doll Materials

The sex doll we can buy are usually TPE and silicone dolls. There are different advantages and disadvantages depending on the price and feel of the raw materials. Here, we will talk about how the different materials feel.

The general view in the market is that silicone is harder than TPE sex doll, most of them are like this, but why do women use slicone breast implants instead of tpe for breast augmentation? In fact, the degree of hardness is related to the pursuit of manufacturers, and some manufacturers pay attention to appearance. It is necessary to make the silica gel have a certain hardness, about 0 degrees or more. The advantage is that it does not drop makeup, and the love sex doll has a three-dimensional effect. This is the advantage of silica gel. The softness of tpe is related to how much oil is added, so the common problem with the soft tpe is the oil, which requires constant cleaning and talcum powder. The high-end silicone prosthesis is filled in the market, and the feel can be compared to real people, but the price is naturally expensive. So if you don't consider the price as a factor, you can use the best silicone material to ensure the makeup and three-dimensionality, as well as the feel.
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Unexpected use of inflatable dolls

1.Life raft

When the floods in Australia struck, two 19-year-old thought of using inflatable sex dolls as a means of escape, but unfortunately they finally failed. In the face of floods, we can only rely on the big trees to wait for rescue. The police warned that inflatable dolls can not be regarded as a floating device. Of course, in the critical moment of life and death, we can not regard this as a child.

The same role of inflatable love dolls was also discovered and entertained by Russians. They use inflatable dolls as floating objects for swimming competitions, but in fact it is more like a game, I mean that they are struggling to get into the water and can really make you happy.

2. Raincoat
For Dutch artists, inflatable dolls can also be made into raincoats. A Dutch artist, Sander Reijgers, made raincoats from recycled inflatable dolls.

3.traffic control
In order to drive on The Carpool Lane, many people use realistic sex doll as their co-drivers. Because it is required to travel more than 2 passengers on such a road, the dedicated lane of the vehicle can be used. This is also for the environmental protection and energy saving of the traffic line.

In China, a woman tells an inflatable doll to be tied to a tree on her front door to distract the driver and slow down traffic. She put on a red dress for the inflatable doll, hoping to slow down the high-speed car in this way, and in fact her practice does work, the accident has been reduced since the woman made a compelling solution.

4. Scarecrow
In order to prevent the radish in the ground from being eaten by the deer, the farmer David Gray from the United Kingdom used the inflatable love sex doll as a scarecrow. And said that this method is more effective than the traditional Scarecrow.

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My love story of love doll

This is my sex dolls.Its size is 1.64 meters. She has big green eyes and pink candy lips. Measurement: 90/64/94. She is wearing a black transparent body to reveal her breasts. She sat in a high chair with her legs tapered and her hips bounced. When I saw her, I knew she was. She was surrounded by several girlfriends, all of whom were well installed in the living room of uloversdoll. Plastic Gynoeceum.

But I only see one. I told Jean-Philippe: "That. He smiled and convinced his creature's charm. "This is Elina's face. My favorite, I participated in its design. I was inspired by public figures such as street strangers. I saw a beautiful mouth here, beautiful eyes are there, we assemble everything. "

I approached beauty and touched her hand. His skin is very soft. "I won't give you my silicone formula. It's a secret. She puts a hollow and mysterious look into my sight. Dizziness. Heart brothel. Pulsation disorder. "This is your week. "It started like this, my doll and me.

This is the kind of love that 50-year-old Jean-Philippe Carry saw when he met his first doll. That was in 2005, in Tokyo. “I was looking for a new business. I saw a silicone sex dolls in the window. A few months later, I created Doll Story and imported my first model in France. “Jean-Philippe sells two weekly. To four dolls, prices range from 6,300 to 7,500 euros. He built several types of institutions and hired four employees, including his partner, Siham, for 30 years. His studio is located on the outskirts of Lyon and is the intersection between Dr. Frankenstein's iconic architecture and robotics factory. A headless body, separate legs and gender differences were installed on the table. The 21-year-old Guillaume is dismantling a new specimen. “This is a very subtle step,” comment on the owner of this place. Fingers, feet, nipples... everything is there! Next door, Seattle's sister, 33-year-old Myriam is responsible for makeup. It provides color for the hairless pubic bone. Passing a blush on Pravork's Frivory did not cause any concern to him: "This is a job like anything else. At first it was difficult to explain to the family. But now it has been Widely accepted."

Buyers can order a woman. There are six bodies, three skin colors and twenty-five faces. Not to mention the color of the eyes, nipples, hair... "In short, there are more than 30,000 possibilities," Jean-Philippe said. Future lovers can also choose the classic vagina or "extractable", a "vaginal" is more convenient to clean. The anus is also "available". For fans of Lord of the Rings, Jean-Philippe also offers a seductive elf. Who bought a doll story lover? "In most cases, men are alone, but there are couples and sometimes women. I am thinking about leaving the studio: I will never see the bride again in a few days.


This is her! The driver looked at me strangely. The big box with a human body size of more than 30 kg is doubtful. I let my girlfriend leave home for three days. Myself. With my tpe dolls. Excited. I opened and a package appeared. Inside, beautiful... no head. His face is in a small box. A care kit is also available. Inside: two wigs, a comb, a lubricant and an enema pear... I put my head on the bust and adjust the wig. Ah, I know! I must baptize it. In the editor, he has been given a small name: Dolly. It reminds me of Uloversdoll, a succulent porn star from the 1990s... and the first cloned sheep of 1996. This is an interesting combination. In my arms, Dolly! Yo. She is very heavy: 31 kg. I am trying to carry her into my living room. I wear painful underwear and vests. His metal joint creaked. After getting dressed, I put it on the sofa and sat next to it. Have. We... suddenly, silence. I am watching Dolly. She looked at the wall. Nothing happens. What are we doing now? The evidence shows: I don't know how to handle the doll.

"I live with Lilica and Yurica. I think they are my companions. I talk to them, they follow me everywhere at home. Fred, 35, is an expert. He received him in 2010. The first doll was once again disappointing. "I am a shy person. My emotional relationships are all failures. When I found the movie Monique, it staged a real love dolls American, I thought, "This is the solution to my problem! When he broke with his girlfriend, the sadness did not last: he borrowed 4000 euros and offered Model Lilica Doll Story. "The first night was magical. I opened the curtains and put down the lights. She is perfect. I was immediately tempted. I left the relationship for two years. Some people will comfort themselves in the embrace of the first coming. I comforted myself in the arms of a doll. “He was so fascinated with his beauty that he invested in a website (, a hot topic for silicone worshippers. He successfully won him a beautiful gift from Jean-Philippe Carry: New doll after a month. This is Yurica.

Since then, Fred has been a happy person. "They gave me a lot of happiness. I happened to fall in love with two people at the same time. Is this the fantasy of all men? Of course, it is not as good as a real woman. The doll is not active, but she always says yes. This may be The most shocking thing. There is a doll at home, why not, but love a piece of silicone, I know this is disturbing. In order to break the bad image of the big breast dolls owner, Fred held three related to his experience today. Website. "We are not perverted. I won't do anything weird about my doll. I am very romantic and very attentive. I prepared a small meal with candles and rose petals. Once, when I took the photo, I broke Lilica's back. I cried "

Fred is a good person. For the complex emotional world, it may even be a bit too much. So he lives in school. He is the only master in a fantastic universe. The woman hurts him; his doll will never hurt him. "For me, they are not sexual objects. It doesn't stop there. It's love. Obviously, this is not reciprocal. But it is love. I put my hand on Dolly's knee. I can't see her for the first time. A huge sex, but as a person. I take these words: "How are you, Dolly? In the silence of my apartment, my judgment failed.

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