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Amritsar is one of the most popular tourist places in Punjab, and people from around the world visit the city to experience its breathtaking beauty. While the city is the place of the holiest pilgrim of Sikh (Golden temple), it also has a lot of other options to explore. If you are planning a trip to this city and wondering about the best Amritsar attractions, then here is a list of some of the best places you could visit.

  1. Gobindgarh Fort

This historic fort has become one of the most popular cultural hubs in Amritsar. Known for its very essence of Punjab, this fort will take you on the tour of glorious history & culture of Punjab. Read More

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Are You Already Fed up With Crowded Beaches?


Also, are you already fed up with crowded beaches? Also, with envy, you are watching the snow-white Virgin Islands Sailing Charters disappearing into the horizon, or the Sailing Motor and yacht charters flying around your beach on the surface to send some juicy curses to their address, after a wave running ashore flushes your blanket with your cell phone? Don't despair! There is nothing easier than to enjoy such a holiday.

The captain's cap, which you see in the harbor drinking coffee on board a beautiful 15-meter yacht with an US flag, does not have to be a millionaire in rent. The opposite is true. The vast majority of Yachts are only rented, while the cost of renting a Yacht per person and day is not significantly different from the price for hotel accommodation at the above-mentioned crowded beach.

On the yacht, however, you have the opportunity to visit places where you will otherwise be difficult to reach. You can be your entire vacation aside from civilization on Virgin Islands, just like visiting ancient towns full of tourists. There is no more beautiful swimming than from the deck of a yacht in crystal water Virgin Islands. You can be in a different place every day to discover a much larger area than your land holiday. Moreover, who wants to ride in a 30-degree heat by car for trips around?

Virgin Islands Sailing Charters are fully equipped with everything you need to live. As a rule, you only need a swimsuit on a yacht, and these are not usually needed. The cabins are mostly double to triple. Each Yacht has one or more toilets with washbasin and shower. There is always a fully equipped kitchenette with gas stove and oven, refrigerator, dishes and everything needed for cooking in the common salon. However, if you cook, or visit picturesque cafes and pubs on the coast, it is up to you. You will often find them on a Virgin island operated only by Inthewild. The standard equipment of the yacht also includes bedding, inflatable Yacht, autopilot, depth gauge, speedometer, GPS satellite navigation, VHF radio, radio - CD player, necessary maps and of course there are also rescue equipment such as Rescue Island, waistcoats, harness or signal rockets.

There are many ways to spend your holiday on the yacht. In summer, family stays predominate, not only because of the summer holidays of our youngest, but also for quiet moderate weather and the sea, which will not cause your precious moments the first time trauma and vigorous rejection of another such holiday. On the contrary, more experienced Inthewild prefer spring and autumn months when "it blows" and the level of adrenaline in the fight against wind and waves can go up. In short, a yacht can come to everyone, just try what they like.

First you need to choose the right yacht. Rented prices vary by Yacht size, Yacht age, and season selected. Furthermore, you need to clarify in what number, how many adults and how many children will take you to the ship and if someone can sleep in the salon or not. Most of the Virgin Islands yacht charters allow 1-2 crew members to sleep in the salon, which, of course, brings a better price per person, but also the need for greater consideration by others.

Our offer is with a US skipper, but if you own a license to drive a Yacht, we will be happy to arrange the Yacht itself.

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If you are planning to sail in San Diego bay, then you can enhance your sailing experience by booking sailing tour San Diego for you or your family. Some of the great destinations you can visit while sailing in San Diego are mentioned below:

Marriott Marquis and Marina

If you have gained access to Seaport Village and the Gaslamp District, then it is a perfect way to enhance your weekend. With just a petty peace, you get avail all the amenities of the Marriott. Rent a bike and ride across the beach for an exceptional experience. There are plethora of restaurants, bars and eateries to add to your trip.

Point Loma Marina

It is a new marina in the bay. It is a highly romantic destination for the couples. Sprinkled with bars and live music, you are bound to get lost in the charming atmosphere and freshest sea food smell of the place.

Glorietta Bay Marina

Get to Coronado Island from downtown San Diego for a pleasant eve. Though Coronado may be a little pricey but the marina is highly pleasurable and romantic. You can go surfing and sailing here. So, if you are looking for additional adventure and something more than routine private boat cruise San Diego activities, then visit these places.

Not one day has passed when you don’t see the humpback whales and grey whales. If you have booked a 3.5 hours San Diego whale watching cruise, then you are bound to come back with the biggest smiles on your face. With the grey whales doing the flips and the dolphins playing on their sides and raising their flippers, you are bound to witness the most exotic sea life, right in front of your eyes.

Sailing and cruising next these giant aquatic animals will make your trip mesmerizing and amazing. Basically, you can book different types of trips for yourself. Whether you want to book for corporate entertainment or group outing, for catering and dining or for an exquisite occasion as wedding or engagement ceremony. No matter what the occasion is, the sailing tour San Diego is preferable for everyone. Just the tailor the private trips as per your scheduling needs and plan your day along with lunch and cocktails. Enjoy the beautiful sunset from the ocean and propose your loved one in the mid of the sea.

Isn’t it the most charming thing to do for your loved one? Will it not make their day and prove to be a lifetime moment in their life? So, what are you waiting for? This is the season. Book one of the San Diego whale watching cruise and enjoy a perfect trip with your loved ones. Check out the different species of whales and dolphins swimming their way from one end to the other right in front of your eyes. You are going to love every moment you spend on the cruise with plush catering and dining arrangement and exotic cocktails at your service.

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By becoming a member on Wholesale Destinations you can make your vacation dreams come true within your budget. Yes, Wholesale Destinations is one of the most successful travel agencies in North America with its directors having more than 25 years of travel management experience and offering the best vacation deals to their members at wholesale rates. You can surely enjoy a wonderful holiday with their help and choose across hundreds of destinations across the world with customization options according to your interests. The travel agency help you plan a wonderful holiday whether you want to enjoy a family vacation, honeymoon travel, adventure tour, luxury resort vacation and many more for you to make a choice. The destination vacation wholesaler offer you the best of cruise packages and travel itineraries that would meet your holiday interests so that you can simply leave behind all the worries and just enjoy the holidays whole heartedly. The Wholesale Destinations has access to 9,500 luxury resorts, 409,678 hotel properties, 987,456 vacation homes and 15,000 cruise sailings for you to enjoy the best travel options with unbelievable savings by just being a member with the travel agency.

You can avail personal travel concierge services who shall take care of your holiday planning and the necessary arrangements for you to enjoy a smooth holiday without any hassles. The destination vacation wholesaler also makes it a point that you enjoy the best savings on world tours like the more you travel the more you get the discounts which also include golf discounts, hotel discounts, lowest airfares, best car rental deals, discount offers on activities and excursions, along with bonus benefits that you might have never imagined by just becoming a member on Wholesale Destinations. The travel agency also helps you with wonderful travel resources like updates and information on the weather conditions, customs, time zones, warning from the U S department of state, maps, health, flight info, currency calculator and also best travel tips to whichever place you are planning for a holiday across the globe.

By choosing the Wholesale Destinations travel agency which is recognised and fully licensed to operate and a 100% debt free company you can be assured about a wonderful holiday experience within your budget. The company has also won many awards for its excellent customer services in the travel industry. You can contact them online to discuss about the membership and holiday tours.

Wholesale Destinations is one of the most successful travel agencies in North America with its directors having more than 25 years of travel management experience and offering the best vacation deals to their members at wholesale rates. Check our website for more details.

Contact Address:

Wholesale Destinations
3030 N Rocky Point Dr STE 150A
United States
1- 800-714-3417

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Traveling is the best way to discover yourself.As you move to new places you can experience what life is all about by meeting people, sharing knowledge and realizing your dreams.Marcel Riemer is one person who choose a different path in life coming out from his comfort zone and started his journey to find out what life is all about. In this process of moving from his home and traveling across the world he has found his real potential to sense, comprehend, absorb and embrace life through his experiences that would have never come across him if he has not moved out of his comfort zone. He also shares his wonderful travel adventure stories through his adventure travel blogs that are really a worth reading which are not only inspiring but also motivate you to pack your bags and find out the real meaning about living life.

His adventure travel trips stories really gives you an insight into his travel experiences wherever he has moved and how they shaped up his mind to win the game of life. He shares his stories on the travel blogs that surely make quite an interesting read to the readers. He was thrilled to visit Sabah on Borneo, Malaysia which he truly believes as one of a crown jewels on earth. He is so excited moving across the diversified nature and wild life along with meeting people who are so warm and welcoming offering a life time experience to the visitors at this place. You shall surely fall in love with the destination going through the photographs taken by him and posted on his blog that would tempt you to visit this destination at any cost. You can experience the serene scenic beauty of the places in Sabah through the images captured by him in the destination. He also shares his life time experiences of his stay in Hong Kong during 2006 to 2008 and the present state of his mind visiting the same place after many years that brought back his memories once again. He now enjoys being in the place and leaves us a few of his impressions through his photographs about the destination.

It is really a wonderful feeling to known about the moving process of Marcel Riemer from negativity to positivity through his travelling across the world and understanding people and life at its best. He also shares adventure travel guide tips that would be useful to everyone who would like to pack their bags to explore the world.

Are you searching for adventure travel destinations in Online? Then, you have landed to the right place. Marcel Riemer has a best travel blog where you can get adventure travel trips stories, ideas and many more. If you have an inspiring story, please do visit our website.


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The Environment Adventure Stories of Marcel Riemer Are Truly Inspiring

Traveling surely broadens your horizons giving you a chance to meet new people, understand different cultures and also experience life in different angles.Marcel Riemer is one person who believes in traveling to places to understand the winning strategy in the game of life. He just not only travels but also shares his beautiful experiences with others through his blog posting environmental adventure tours that has been a part of his life. Marcel Riemer is a thinker, visionary and enthusiast who believes in the ultimate power of human thought and motivates the people around him to find their path for personal development and soul searching by coming out of the comfort zones. He strongly believes that one should move on in life and discover their true potential to lead a fulfilled life. Marcel Riemer encourages everyone to think big beyond their regular jobs and accomplish something that gives a true meaning to their life. He believes in gaining knowledge by opening doors to new horizons that would make his life complete. He is a person who embrace life with love, live life to the fullest and acknowledge life through the things he do in his life.

Being an avid traveller Marcel Riemer shares his beautiful environment adventure stories to inspire others to explore the world rather than just sticking to their dull and boring lifestyle. He shares his crazy adventure travel ideas that would surely give you an insight on how to choose the destinations and plan your trip to enjoy the extreme adventures tours. Being a nature lover he finds places with serene environment to relax and rethink about his life and his contribution to the people around him. He was so fascinated with his recent travel to the Sabah in Borneo, Malaysia where he has experienced beautiful Sabah beaches and sunsets that would truly make the destination as one of the best on the planet. He is so impressed with the diverse nature and lovely people who are warm and welcoming the visitors to their place. You can find beautiful pictures of this destination on his blog that would surely tempt you to visit this place at least once in your lifetime. You can also come across many of his adventure tours to Hong Kong and other places that would give you an insight about the beauty of traveling to these places to enrich your vision about what life is all about.

Marcel Riemer is offering environment adventure stories thorough his online blog Movingwithvision. He is sharing extreme adventures tours ideas in it. If you will follow him you will get a peace of mind and live a happy life like him, please do visit our website.


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