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Although you may not be thinking about Christmas quite yet, it is a good idea to plan your promotional orders and start browsing the range of products a few months in advance. With this in mind, bmt Promotions has set out its range of Advent calendars available this season.

There are several types of Advent calendar which can be customized to your specific design requirements. It is a unique and tasty product to consider for your client for the festive period.

As well as the classic wall chocolate Advent calendar, there are other types of Advent calendar such as:

The Advent calendar house is a delicious way to countdown to Christmas, with either twelve or twenty-four doors. Behind each door there is a luxury RITTER chocolate. The house design is a clever and unique way to combine promotions for a company and the spirit of the Christmas season.

The desk Advent calendar is our classic design for the budget conscious business. With multiple theme options it’s a scrumptious way to await Christmas. It can be kept on the desk and can also be used as a promotion tool to gift to your customers. At bmt Promotions these Advent calendars are available now- it is never too early to order for your Christmas promotion!

The classic wall Advent calendar contains the traditional twenty-four doors, which contain a chocolate behind each one. There’s also an opportunity to write a unique promotional message for each date. There are a range of motifs available but equally, it is possible to upload a company image and design the calendar to suit your particular business. Have a look at our website, where you can see our full range of offers and send us your bespoke details so that we can provide you with a free quotation.

Like every year, there is a large demand for branded and customized Advent calendars. While we do try to keep our stock replenished regularly, we recommend that you order a calendar as soon as possible to avoid losing time if we have to wait for deliveries.

We produce the Advent calendar based on design and branding agreed with you. We use the highest possible quality of printing to produce your product and we ensure that quality checks are carried out once production is complete. Once we are satisfied with the finished product, we deliver it either to you or your requested location. This process can take a few weeks from start to finish and as a result, we recommend that you order as soon as you can to avoid delays.

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The bmt Promotions print room is very busy at the moment as some of our customers have purchased promotional calendars for 2020. They are in production, ready to be sent out as gifts later in the year. Fine designs, bespoke lettering and hand-picked images that our customers have chosen make for a truly bespoke promotional item that will be gifted to their loyal clientele and, will enable our customer’s business brand to be seen all year round.

Which calendar suits your business?

Depending on the type of business you have will help you in deciding whether a wall calendar or a desk calendar is best for you.

Wall Calendars

Wall calendars contain many useful features: a quick-glance view, the option to write in appointments and notes and an even larger assortment of themes that the calendar can be based around.

Wall calendars are suitable for many types of businesses. Here are a few points that might help you decide if they’re the calendar for you.

  • Wall calendars are suitable for businesses with a lot of staff that need to view when staff are in work, have appointments or are leaving for their child’s assembly. This all helps with job scheduling.
  • Your customers may choose to take the gifted calendar home. As many people are part of busy families with many activities arranged, having more than one calendar is logical. Even if people have their own individual calendars, on their smartphones for example, being able to refer to one central calendar where everyone records their information is important.
  • All kitchens need a wall calendar, one that can alert everyone in the household about the various events happening day-to-day.
  • When a strategic location for shared viewing is needed, such as in break rooms and conference rooms, a wall calendar is required.

Desk Calendars

These calendars are great for office desks at home or at a place of work. They are great for easy access viewing and scheduling daily tasks.

There are several styles of desk calendar: The prism calendar that has two-panels with 6 months on each side, easel calendars in numerous sizes starting from A5, quick glance calendars and desk planners where more detail can be written.

Promotional desk calendars are perfect for lots of types of people, including the following:

  • Anyone who spends a lot of hours a week, working at a desk. They will, at some point, need to look up a date or organize a meeting and a promotional desk calendar, with your business brand will be at hand.
  • Any consumer at an exhibition or trade show. The calendars great for this are pocket desk calendar or the smaller quick glance calendars as they are super portable. These calendars have a large variety of themes so it can be truly bespoke to your business and be eye-catching for the recipients.

Both wall and desk calendars can be printed in full colour, your business logo can be pantone matched and you can chose the theme that best suits your business. Get in touch with bmt Promotions to discuss more!

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When we shop for a wall clock for our home, we generally consider only two things – its look and price.

However, this is not the right approachto Buy Round Wall Clocks.Wall clocks are available in different styles and sizes and they are mostly used to complement your interior décor. Here are the 5 tips to choose a perfect wall clock.


1. Explore the Market

When you start exploring, you will realize that there are hundreds of wall clock designs to choose from. The big range of wall clock designs may simply confuse you, when you visit the store to choose the right one for your home.

2. Understand Your Requirements

Nowadays,everybody wants to give their home a modern look and decorate it in accordance to their taste and style. Here are a couple of the questions, which you can ask yourself, while buying a wall clock that is perfect for your home décor.

The first thing you have to decide is the size of the wall clock you need to buy. Roman Round Wall Clocks are available in different sizes and shapes that range from 10 inches to 40 inches or more.

You need to have enough space on the wall, if you’re planning to mount a bigger clock. In case your room is already over decorated, then using a big clock will not be the right decision. A wall clock catches every visitor’s attention, so you need to buy it in accordance with the decoration of your room.

3. Match with your interiors

People who have a taste for natural material can go for a wooden wall clock. If you have used wood and other natural elementsin your interiors, then go for a wooden clock. Wooden clocks are available in different shapes and textures.

Your selection depends on your budget and other preferences, but avoid imitation wood. When your room has furniture made of wood, a piece of plastic will ruin the entire decor.

If you are interested in the nautical theme, you can shop for your material of choice. Modern wall clocks in this category are manufactured from glass or metals like brass.

4. Use your Imagination

While buying Roman Square Wall Clocks, you may go through different options available in the stores. One thing will help you to decide the perfect wall clock for your room and that is, the layout of your room. Imagine the room with your chosen wall clock and then finalize the purchase deal.

Whether you are buying a modern decorative clock for yourself or to gift it to someone, design and material play a significant role. The kind of a wall clock and its design should be based on the individual preference of the person you are buyingit for.3819329265?profile=original

5. Choose from Digital Clocks

Digital wall clocks come in different sizes and designs that can be used anywhere including your living room and study room. These clocks are gaining popularity because they perfectly fit in everybody’s budget and requirements.

You can visit Wall Clock Online store and explore the art and craft of timekeeping for your home. You can check hundreds of designs available online while sitting in the comfort of your home.

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Furniture is an addition to the home decor as well as essential. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your decor is not just beautiful but also durable and classy.

What if you could design or get to customize your furniture according to yourself and the available furniture area? That would be so wonderful, right? Well, of course, you can, now let me tell you about the checklist that you must make in order to find the best Wooden Desk Mohali.

3819318573?profile=originalWhat purpose do you need the desk for?

One thing that you need to ensure is what purpose do you actually need this desk for, as that can help the carpenter to design accordingly. They have different style tables, desk or chair for a different purpose, which further makes its use comfier.

Decide on the size that you actually require:

Also, make sure to get the desk designed according to the space available in your home. For instance, if you have a small place, a bigger desk will make it look chaotic and more congested. Therefore, it is rather suggested to first analyze the size of the desk you actually need and have space for.

Select the wood & design:

Now that you are customizing your own furniture, you can also choose the wood type and color that you want. They will show you the color pallet of wood samples that you can choose from. Followed by this, you now can tell them the design that you want it to be crafted.

Compare the price:

Considering the fact that you have plenty of options available online for office, home, school or even Mess Furniture In Chandigarh. Here you can easily compare their prices with one another while looking for options. This will help you to do a smart purchase by investing a limited amount of money for your desired furniture.

This was a small checklist that can help you to purchase the best furniture in the city, which is not just the way you wanted it to be but also durable and inexpensive at the same time. Companies such as Falcon Furniture have an amazing collection of furniture and you can totally opt for such stores that are customer friendly and very reliable.

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A service desk or a help desk represents the point of communication between consumers and a company. It helps provide any centralised information and services for support management to handle internal or external queries routed to a company. However, traditional help desks face a lot of problems today.

As the number of consumers increases, it becomes more challenging to entertain everyone without any delay. It results in a lot of complaints and often social media furores too. It is where a help desk software comes in. It allows for a faster and more efficient resolution of customer grievances.


What is meant by a Help Desk system?

A Help Desk System aids in organising information, streamlining workflows, and also eliminating other manual processes. Owing to this, an IT support specialist no longer needs to log issues by hand, or laboriously go through the random emails to get to the root of a problem. It also plays a significant role in improving customer satisfaction.

How does it improve consumer experience?

Enhancing consumer satisfaction has always been one of the major concerns of any company. Efficiently incorporating service desk software can significantly improve your consumers’ experiences in many ways.

Below are some of the methods in which this software can improve consumer experience.

1. Using the right software

There are different types of help desk software available. The foremost thing is to use the right one suitable for offering better support in your business.

2. Offering expert support

Delivering expert support via help desk groups is a critical factor in improving customer satisfaction. The essential element is to automatically route the tickets via the software to support representatives who are best suited to handle an issue.

3. Increasing the first contact

Increasing FCR (First Contact Relation) provides satisfaction to customers in more than one sense. It can be achieved by providing multichannel support and leveraging help desk groups with the aid of help desk software.

4. Setting strong expectations

SLAs or Service Level Agreements using the software helps outline the type of support which a customer can expect at times when he/she is submitting a ticket. For example – letting customers know the waiting time needed for resolution.

5. Personalising customer support

Help Desk CRM or Customer Relationship Management system stores large amounts of personal information. Having access to this information can help serve the customers better. This enhances consumer experience substantially, thus, promoting better relations.

6. Improvising the feedback section

It is essential to let customers know that they are essential. The help desk system can be used to receive valuable feedback from consumers. These feedbacks can bring to light the areas where improvement is needed.

7. Analysis and improvement

Boosting the satisfaction of customers is quite difficult unless performance is measured. This software records data which allow identifying the areas of strengths and weaknesses. It, therefore, helps in performance analysis and assists in addressing the issues which need improvement.

Customer satisfaction is one thing that should never be compromised, irrespective of the type of business. Incorporating a service desk software may be exactly what a company needs to maintain a competitive edge. It increases efficiency and enhances customer experience significantly. Therefore, having a software-based help desk can be a better solution to any consumer related problems.

Megha Jadhav is the author of this article on help desk software. Find more information, about service desk software.


Vision Helpdesk
Phone : +1 (408) 809-0004





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Clearing a Paper Jam for HP Deskjet 5740 Series Printers> Press the Resume button (Call-out 2) on the front panel of the printer>Turn off the printer>Remove the rear access door> Remove any paper that is inside the printer by pulling the paper out from the back of the printer> Replace the rear access door> Turn on the printer, and then press the Resume button. For more info visit";}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":513,"3":{"1":0},"12":0}">

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Computer Armoires

The Bridgeport by Riverside Furniture is a capacious and well-made piece, offering ample room for a large monitor and plenty of other gear as well. Perhaps best of all, the unit arrives fully assembled and ready for you to appoint and use at once.

3819151479?profile=originalPut your computer in any room of your home without risking style with the Riverside Bridgeport Computer Armoire. In a beautiful two toned burnished cherry and antique black finish, this computer armoire is designed to create beauty and style in any room, and it allows you to hide your computer and matching accessories neatly out of the way when not in use.Bridgeport Computer Armoire: Constructed of Poplar hardwood solid and engineered wood Two full-length doors are double-hinged to open flush with sides of cabinet for convenient access to all the interior features Top section features three open storage areas with a fixed shelf in each area and a task light mounted underneath on a pull-out shelf Center monitor area features a fixed shelf with a wiring access hole, small storage area with a fixed shelf and a power control bar One pullout work surface shelf and a separate keyboard pullout shelf mounted beneath it are a double-pullout with each mounted on extension guides Lower left hand side contains one adjustable and one fixed shelf, lower center section has two pullout shelves for printer and/or electronic storage Lower right hand side contains two small storage drawers and one small file drawer which will accept letter or legal size files Finish: Burnished Cherry/Antique Black Distress Level: Medium / None Dimensions: 43.00"W X 23.00"D X 67.00"H

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Can we use Epson ink in HP printer?

You can use Canon / HP / Epson type inks in all Epson and Brothers (PIZO), but for Canon / HP you have to use Canon or HP type of ink (BubbleJet). Photo

Epson Printer Customer Care print head based printers (APs / Brothers) can actually deal with most types of ink because the print head does not boil the ink.


Epson Printer Phone Number

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Service Desk Analyst Jobe Role

Service Desk Analysts are IT professionals who provide technical help for users of an organization. Analysts respond to inquiries, and they evaluate and resolve issues relating to IT equipment and applications. They provide technical care for any aspect of the information systems unit, including system hardware, operating systems, applications, and networks. Generally, they should be troubleshooting bent of mind and with proper communication to the stakeholders.

The Service Desk Analyst is accountable for gathering information through a client conversation, log on to support tools, and additional support staff (service resources) if needed. Issues outside the scope of their capability or responsibility are fixed by engaging in routine other service resources from other facilities, unit, organizational groups, or the businesses service desk.

Service Desk Analysts fixes the cases informed by consumers or customers. The Service Desk Analysts typically offer the first point of contact with the client. During the incident resolving process, analysts work with other experts, vendors, and specialists to solve the incidents for the customers.

Service Desk Analysts also generate provision of requirements for users in the self-service intranet, update requirements, and look up the position of requests.

Read More: Service Desk Analyst Salary

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How to Use a Dell Laptop ePSA Error Code to Help Resolve Your Issue after running the ePSA

Before understanding and implementing the technical procedure of resolving the ePSA error code in Dell laptops, one must first understand what is exactly ePSA error code? This word might be new for many of you, and it becomes really mandatory to have a short glimpse about it. The ePSA codes are nothing, but a set of information that is in the form of numbers. These numbers basically encounter for the errors that the laptop might face with. For every technical snag in the Dell laptop, there is an error code associated with it which guides the user about the issue. The ePSA codes are a set of information which guides the user about the errors within the computer system. There are several errors which can occur; moreover, it is quite hard to tackle these errors. The number contains the information and the data about the technical snag. There are different parts of the computer which can be inflicted with this error such as CPU, hard disk drive or optical drive. Whenever these external parts are unable to function properly, the system displays the errors in the form of numbers, which are basically ePSA error code. This blog will help you to provide some technical solutions on how to deal with such snags and if you wish you can read ahead. You might also get in touch with the Dell  technical support  to avail the technical help.

Since the Dell laptop goes through different snags, so the solution for each of the error code would be different. Through this blog, you will come across the solutions to some of them by getting a brief description.


The error with the CPU


CPU or the Central processing unit is the brain of the computer, and it is regarded as the most indispensable part without which the device cannot function. Whenever the CPU comes across any error, it is shown in the form of error code 2000-0111. This error corresponds to some malfunctioning in the motherboard, and the steps to tackle this error is given below:

  • Try replacing the motherboard or get it fixed
  • The System Bios needs to be updated
  • Change the laptop/computer’s battery and replace it with a new one or get it corrected.


The snag with the hard disk drive (HDD)


If your laptop displays the error code as 2000-0141, then it is an error which is associated with the hard disk drive. This occurs when the system cannot locate or read the HDD, even though it has been properly installed. To get a solution to this issue, you must read below:

  • Reset or format the hard drive.
  • Make sure that the data cable is securely connected with the hard drive and the power cord with the main power supply.

Solved: How to Fix FN Key Not Working Issue for Your Dell

There can be more ePSA error codes associated with the technical dysfunctioning of the Dell laptop. In order to understand more about them and how they can be resolved, you can talk to the expert professionals and techies at Dell customer service phone number without worrying about the time constraints.

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Future Role of Service Desk Engineers

Engineers support the field staff by catering to the requirements of their mobile devices. They maintain documentation of existing activities through weekly/monthly status reports and incident reports and records.

Engineers follow up on issue status and update information on the same. If they receive any feedback or suggestions, from clients, they pass them on to the appropriate departments.

They should be knowledgeable about networking and WAN technology. If they have certifications from CompTIA in A+ or Network+, it would be beneficial. They must have had hardware troubleshooting experience and be conversant with networking protocols and ITIL. Check more: Service Desk engineer Job Description

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What is Sage Fixed assets support number

Sage Fixed assets is a very reputed financial software that is aimed towards medium and large enterprises. It has very convenient functionality, and should help most accountants with their job. However, there are many different errors that could occur while you are trying to use the software, caused by various reasons. In case you are also frustrated by such errors, you are welcome to contact the Sage Fixed Assets Support Number. It will connect you to a team of expert IT professionals that will:

  • Handle your calls 24*7 for Fixed Assets Software support.
  • Give you personalized assistance.
  • Provide global Fixed Assets support services.
  • Offer economical prices to fit your budget.

We will try our best to help you out with your Fixed assets software, no matter what issue you face with your Sage Fixed Assets software. Just call our toll-free Sage Fixed Assets Support Phone Number. We guarantee that we will resolve your bugs and errors within the shortest wait time! Call today.

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How to Fix FN Key Not Working Issue for Your Dell

Function keys are the set of keys located at the top of the keyboard and range from F1-F12 or F1-F19 in some computers. Every key has a different function to perform and it can be programmed in such a way to cause the operating system by providing it with a command to perform significant actions.  Usually, they have been provided with the default actions. Sometimes the keys can work individually and sometimes, they work in unison with different keys on the keyboard such as Esc, Alt, etc. They are usually taken into considerations for keyboard shortcuts and by each key, you can perform a different role. But what if the function keys stop working in your laptop all of a sudden? It would be a moment of distress, and you must be searching here and there for the most appropriate solution. The reason to worry is now over, as you come to the right place. Just read this blog and get to know the solution within minutes. Make sure you implement them. If you feel that you need the help of technical executives at any time, then you must not hesitate to contact the Dell phone number that stays accessible 24X7.

The issue usually occurs when the users have upgraded their laptop to the Windows 10 version. In order to resolve the problem. You can try the following methods:

Method 1- This is the easiest method. Just hold the Function (FN) key and Esc key together and wait for the prompts. If it doesn’t work, then try the other method.

Method 2– The problem can occur if there is an issue with keyboard drivers. You can rectify the issue by reinstalling the keyboard drivers after deleting them from the system. For that execute the given steps:

  • Open the Device manager and then go to the options of Keyboards. Select the option to Uninstall the device
  • Restart the windows and after that, the driver will be automatically installed.

Method 3– Try to alter the Function key behavior. To do that you can:

  • Go to the start menu>Control Panel. Choose the option to View large icons in order to make it easy for you to access.
  • Select Windows Mobility center>Function key behavior
  • Customize the Function key by opening the drop-down menu and selecting the changes.

Solved: How to Resolve Dell Error Code 0141


These are some of the proven methods that would surely fix the given issue. And if the given methods, do not prove to be effective, then the Dell 24X7 customer care number is always available at your service as and when you desire.


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How to resolve Dell error code 0141


 An error code is basically a message displayed in the form of numbers depicting that something is wrong with that particular device and it needs to be rectified soon. The error codes basically occur in technological devices such as laptops, computers, mobile phones, printer etc. Every error code has some basic reason behind it and has different solutions and rectifications. Whenever there are some internal issues related to hardware, software, installation or download errors, the Anti-virus system not working or the update not working or any other issue, the problems are usually shown in the form of these codes.

Talking about Dell computers, one of the error code that it can be inflicted with is error code 0141. You will be able to see a display message saying “Error Code 0141: No Drive Detected”. This type of error usually occurs when the system is not able to detect the computer’s hard drive. This error can arise due to many possible reasons related to the hardware issues.  Some of them include Corrupt Hardware, some kind of internal issues or mechanical failure, Hard Drive Failing, again and again, the system has been attacked by some antivirus, etc. If you are able to see the display message on your computer, you should surely work on the steps and guidelines given in this blog. You can also reach out to the Contact for dell technical support and get an expert opinion.


Measures to resolve Dell Error Code 0141

Method 1- By running the Dell Diagnostic Tool:

There is an inbuilt ePSA diagnostic tool which works on the aim of checking and scanning the hardware for damages and faults. You can use this tool to resolve the error. This is how it is done:


  • Hold the Function key of your Dell laptop and also press the power button.
  • Once done, your system will automatically enter the diagnostic mode and you can follow the prompts to complete the scan.


Method 2- Ensure that the hard drive has been properly connected:


For this, you require a little technical knowledge and expertise. You will be required to open up your Dell laptop. Make sure you do it properly without causing any damage. You can clean the connectors, connect the hard drive again and secure the laptop properly.

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There can also be several other methods which will help you to resolve the Error code. For gaining insight into different alternatives, you can always get in touch with the Dell helpline number and avail the solutions.

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Dell Inspiron n5110 Power Issue

Dell Customer Support Number

Technology has overpowered the human race, and now no one can think of their lives without the use of technological devices. Nowadays people prefer to buy their personal computers also known as laptops, which comes in handy and can be carried with them anywhere they want. Laptops come in varied sizes and they are not like computers, which have to be made stable in one place. You can work with a laptop in your bedroom, at the office, sitting comfortably on a sofa or anywhere where you prefer. Many companies manufacture laptops and add different features and technicalities into it. Everyone must have heard the name of Dell, and very well know that their laptops are famous in the whole world, and they are known for its brand. Dell Inspiron is a laptop which provides you with immense gaming experience with great graphics and high resolution. Those who have purchased the Dell Inspiron can very well tell about the experience they have with these laptops. But unfortunately, not everything can have 100% positive results. Technology, no matter how advanced it is, has its own technical faults and glitches, which one cannot ignore. One of the issues that Dell Inspiron faces with or might face is the n5110 Power Issue. It forces the laptop to shut down suddenly, crash in between or not start at all. This blog will shed light on the solutions that can be worked to rectify this problem. You may read this blog even if you have not encountered with this problem yet, to be prepared for the future. If the proposed solutions do not work, due to any massive technical snags, then you can get in touch with the technical executives at Dell customer support.

What to do when the laptop stops responding?

  • Hold the power button for a minimum of 20 seconds to switch off the laptop.
  • Now disconnect all the external devices such as a keyboard, mouse, flash drives, USB devices, printers, etc.
  • Remove the power cord, if the laptop is connected to the power supply and remove the battery.
  • Remove the memory cards that may be inserted inside the laptop.
  • Press the power button again to drain any remaining battery.
  • Now again connect back the power cord and the battery back again in the laptop.

What to do when the laptop faces with no power issue?

  • Connect the cables and the wires back again securely (all the power and data cables), if they are not connected properly.
  • Make sure that the main power supply which has been connected to the wall outlet is giving enough current to charge the laptop
  • Disconnect all other things that might be connected to the laptop, like printers, any smartphone, CD, etc.
  • Try removing the battery once and insert it back again after 1-2 minutes.

The above-mentioned solutions will surely help you in the situation of crisis. This issue is not to be worried about and can be rectified easily. But if by chance, the problem doesn’t get sorted out by these solutions, then it is advised that you directly contact the experts at Dell customer support phone number and get the technical assistance at any time.


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There have been great developments in lighting system world over with more and more sophistication and technological advancement like LED lights has revolutionized the market. Faced with stiff completion from International players due to the opening up of the economy combined with globalization, International marketing demands high quality, sophistication, advancement in look, aesthetic design, long life, sleek and elegant looking table lamps by both commercial and home-owners. In this competitive world customers are very demanding and look for state-of-the-art LED table lamp for their personal or office use. Lustrat understands the pulse and demands of the market and has always strived to remain ahead of time so as to capture customer attention and pulse. The organization is professionally managed with highly technical and experienced personnel in each of the department to produce high-quality lamps in the market.


The company has earned a reputation and have established credentials as a quality supplier with the most competitive pricing of lamps to suit every customer as per their preference and taste. They have a large variety of lamps in their product line like a table lamp, Christmas decoration lamp, night lamp, home and décor, desk lamp, holiday light, outside lamp beside others. The company has a very user-friendly approach and gives top priority to customer satisfaction. They adopt an environmentally friendly approach in all their production till delivery with an eye on the most updated trend in LED light and table lamp. The customers are fortunate to have not only trendy, latest quality lamps but also quality service and excellent customer support.

• The company employs the economy of scale in production methodology to minimize the cost of the final product but without compromising on any quality material components.

• They enforce strict quality control at each level of inspection to deliver the best to the customer.

• This has helped the company grow and build large clientele base in not only the United States but also in other parts of the world. 


• The table lamps are conveniently available online from with customers making payments online by security enabled credit or debit card.

• The company practices ethics in all their dealings and extend easy hassle-free return policy whereby customers can return the purchased product within 30 days of purchase if they are not satisfied with an account. 

• The customers can have any of the table lamps like adjustable metal, ultra-thin touch, portable LED or premium lamp with an alarm clock with a variable voltage 90-260V A.C power source.

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Free AI Super Phone Giveaway

EquiiText has partnered up with a local Las Vegas telecommunications companyto bring you the latest and greatest in business VoIP services!

No matter what kind of business you’re in, whether you’re a remote worker or a large call center that specializes in inbound and outbound calls, the EQ-F3P is your perfect sales and communications solution.

EquiiText specializes in using our patented artificial intelligence system to make SMS marketing simpler and more functional than ever before. Recognizing this advantage, we have combined our ALINA (Artificial Language Intelligence Application) with Equiinet’s robust VoIP business phone. If you miss a call, the ALINA system will send you an SMS alert regarding the call, and it will also send a customized text to the caller, letting him or her that you will call them back!

Not only is it SMS enabled, it also comes equipped with a feature known as Voicemail Auto-Drop: now you have the ability toleave pre-recorded voicemails quickly and efficiently, allowing you to call more leads per day than ever before!

Gone are the days of waiting for the customer’s voicemail to play through before you must “leave a message after the tone.” Thanks to the smart EQ-F3P, you can “drop” your voicemail the second the phone stops ringing and move on to your next call! The built-in ALINA system is designed to begin the message only after the tone is heard, ensuring your voicemails will never be cut off due to the customer’s voice recording.

The average length of time it takes to ring through to a customer’s voicemail box is twenty seconds, or four rings. A voicemail recording can last for up to three minutes, which potentially means a single phone call can take nearly seven minutes. With the EQ-F3P Voicemail Auto-Drop, you can call twenty-one people in that same length of time. In a six-hour day, that equates to an additional one thousand calls!

If you’re still reading instead of calling us for your EquiiText phone right now, let me also add that the EQ-F3P also allows you to record your own IVR so inbound callers are greeted by your voice and directed to the appropriate extension. It is even designed for simultaneous ring capabilities, ensuring that calls will rarely be missed as they will also be delivered to your cell phone.

These are only a few of the incredible features offered on the EQ-F3P, so give us an email, call or text today to find out how this AI Super Phone can be yours! This offer is only available for a limited time, so don’t wait – contact us now!




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