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Holley has worked in multiple threat intelligence and cyber positions over the past ten years, including a stint as a Threat Intelligence Lead with the FBI, and this allows him to offer some advice to security leaders that have been tasked with setting up a robust threat intelligence program for their organization.

One of the first steps towards establishing a threat intelligence program is to know your risk tolerance and set your priorities early, he says. While doing that, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not possible to prevent every potential threat.

“Understand what data is most important to you and prioritize your limited resources and staff to make workloads manageable and keep your company safe,” he advised.

“Once you know your risk tolerance you need to understand your environment and perform a comprehensive inventory of internal and external assets to include threat feeds that you have access to. Generally, nobody knows your organization better than your own operators, so do not go on a shopping spree for tools/services without an inventory of what you do/don’t have.

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After all that’s out of the way, it’s time to automate security processes so that you can free your limited talented cybersecurity personnel and have them focus their efforts where they will be most effective.

“Always be on the lookout for passionate, qualified and knowledge-thirsty internal personnel that WANT to pivot to threat intelligence and develop them. Having someone that knows your organization, its culture, people and wants to grow goes a long way compared to the unknowns of bringing external talent,” he opined.

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Cybersecurity Roles You Need

There are many different job titles and roles available in security. I’ve worked as a Security Consultant where I did a lot of systems administration work. I’ve seen jobs posted with the title of Security Consultant, but the description is hacker work. Other postings for Security Consultant jobs were for a sales role or strictly working on policy and advising leadership. Another popular job title in information security is a Security Architect.

I’ve seen Security Architect jobs doing code review and working with programmers. Some postings for Security Architect were strictly designing security systems. Other postings for Security Architect were jobs involving systems administration work like managing servers and user accounts and network administration tasks like managing firewalls and routers/switches.

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The point is that if you look at job titles, analyzing job opportunities can get confusing. It is discussed ad nauseam that human resources and information technology departments do not effectively communicate at many organizations. Many people have tried to define job titles and standardize them, but that just doesn’t work all the time. To target the right jobs, it is easier to create roles that jobs fit into instead of relying on the job title given.

When looking at the tasks performed in job descriptions, they can be split into several different roles that stick within their area or combine several. Most likely, each job will require performance in two or more roles.

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cybersecurity engineer

The person who safeguards the computers, networks, software, hardware, and data from malware is termed as Cyber Security Engineer. They use various techniques and methods to provide cybersecurity. The main reason behind this problem is the lack of security, which means that we are at risk.

A security system is said to be well established if it is multi-layered connecting various fragments such as computers, networks, data, etc.

Every organization which has a well-built IT infrastructure It’s their responsibility to protect it from cyber-attacks. So, don’t let threats approach you, protect each and every element by providing the best security. Build a rugged security framework, ensuring that the organization is not subjected to risk.

Cyber Security Engineer Job Description, Role & Responsibilities :

The design information security plans and support in carrying out the strategy. They also propose enhancements to the existing model. In order to qualify for cyber security engineer jobs, the below responsibilities must be manageable.

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IT Security Assessment Raleigh


The Scarlett Group, with locations in Jacksonville, FL, and Raleigh, NC, was founded in 2006, exists to simplify IT, save resources, foster growth and facilitate innovation. With a team of highly-credentialed IT Professionals, it provides businesses with IT Services, Managed Services, Managed IT Services, IT & Business Consulting, IT Auditing, Disaster Recovery, and Cybersecurity.

The Scarlett Group | (919) 436-1600

4208 Six Forks Road, Suite 1000, Raleigh, NC 27609

Business Hours: Monday-Friday: 08:00 AM-05:00 PM

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The Scarlett Group North Carolina


The Scarlett Group in Raleigh IT firm that focuses on delivering proactive Managed Services, IT Consulting, Cybersecurity, and Disaster Recovery.

The Scarlett Group | (919) 436-1600

4208 Six Forks Road, Suite 1000, Raleigh, NC 27609

Open 24 hours

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Security Assessment Raleigh


The Scarlett Group, with locations in Jacksonville, FL, and Raleigh, NC, was founded in 2006, exists to simplify IT, save resources, foster growth and facilitate innovation. With a team of highly-credentialed IT Professionals, it provides businesses with IT Services, Managed Services, Managed IT Services, IT & Business Consulting, IT Auditing, Disaster Recovery, and Cybersecurity.

The Scarlett Group | (919) 436-1600

4208 Six Forks Road, Suite 1000, Raleigh, NC 27609

Monday-Sunday: Open 24 hours

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Before going to get started with Cyber Security statistics let’s see the definition of Cyber Security. Cyber Security means protects networks, programs and computer systems from digital attacks. These types of attacks are usually meant for changing, destroying or sensitive information, forcing consumers to dispose of the money or to interrupt the general processes of the business.

Today most of the companies rely heavily on technology which also translates to a rise in online hackers.  The bigger the company, the risk of cyber attacks is higher. This is when cybersecurity comes into the place.  Day by day Cybercrime gets worse and But it makes sense like it’s profitable. Cybercrime is projected by a $1.5 trillion industry and some countries now surrounding their economy around cybercrime. Like this cybercriminals are now strengthened with new technology that helps to get data breach attacks with easy and more accessible. In addition, recent research suggests that many companies have insecure data and poor cybersecurity policies, which can result in data loss.

Here are some lightweight cyber schedule statistics on what you expect in 2019.

Cybercrime is growing or cybercriminals are getting better and more efficient in their job. Since many cybercriminals are in other countries and are given the underlying aspect of cyber attacks, they are almost zero risks.

By 2018, about 70% of businesses have experienced some of the cybersecurity attacks, and half of them face a data breach. In addition, 60% of small businesses will be closed within six months of a major cyber attack. Data infringements and network security threats are expected to only increase in 2019. Actually, the majority of threat types are not changing the way of delivering threats delivering.

Let’s come to the point i.e. Cyber Security Trends that expect in 2019

Cyber Security Automation:

This can be seen in staffing, increase in automation of security and data privacy. As networks become larger and grow automation and artificial intelligence play a more important role in cyber day-to-day work. Many security information and event management (replication) are rolling on cyber maintenance platforms to control the power of automation of enterprises.

However, our research suggests that this research firm is more dependent on it. Only 33% see the trend of cyber security automation in 2019, and 13% are expected to have little effort towards automation. There is no need, but most businesses will take some time to reach a real stress point to come reality.

Mobile Device as a Cyber Threat:

The company is growing, the group of mobile devices is increasing, which means the number of endpoints to monitor and rescue. According to our survey, 84% of respondents said that this increase and endpoints would be added to IT complexity. Most of the businesses often buy and control different devices from a variety of vendors, making it harder to implement strategic and integrate cyber security fixes.

Ideally, cybersecurity leaders want to see these endpoints in a comprehensive suite of a seller. This represents a hole in the market for an established final location security brand or "next generation" seller, which can detect the market next year.

Want more data privacy regulations:

Companies are preparing for more data privacy laws in 2019. After the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in 2018, there are a variety of U.S. and international requirements in the coming years. Now, 88% of respondents will see their control pipeline growing in 2019 for data privacy.


Finally, there is a need for the market should expect to see increased security measures against these attacks in 2019.  This year it will bring many new challenges - and it is expected to be the worst in 2019 with financial losses for cybercrime. If you do not want your company to be caught in coasters, the latest threats and continuously invest and improve your cyber defense.

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Spotting trends in inputs, hiring the right person, and harvesting the data one possesses are the milestones an organization would like to focus upon for maximizing the value of their cybersecurity investment.

Talented workers that would help maximize the value by capitalizing cybersecurity efforts are the second in command for the important initiative after one invests in deploying a cybersecurity technology.

Organizations bring into use a number of technologies to mine the unknown credentials that help them to set up a fruitful strategy.

Many ways like the following can be leveraged by organizations to unearth golden points from the technologies in which businesses invest.

1. Right talent

Technology value can be increased by hiring a suitable candidate to deal with it. It not only compliments the growth of the company but also supplements the output that one is slated to obtain from the investment in the technology. An organization can eschew user errors by learning as much as they can about the capability and limitation of the technology.

2. Hire professional service handlers

In case a suitable hand is not available to deal with the technology, or if skills fall short in dealing with the technology, then the solution can be found externally. Contracting a managed IT services team with the necessary knowledge of the technology will provide returns on investments. The returns can be in the form of adept handling of the technology with insightful metrics and reporting.

3. Log combing

Malicious activities can be unearthed by effective threat hunting. Right data analytics tools and software can help organizations to deal with large data sets which in turn yields information on possible threat activity. The data sets can be juggled between data management software like SIEM which also provide easy interpretation techniques. A proactive approach rather than a wait and watch attitude comes a long way for threat hunters in dealing with malicious activities.

4. Data Trends

One may find the need for incorporating the best data handling techniques to detect anomalous behavior when static signatures and rules are restrained to the old approach. Organizations consider machine learning and behavioral analytics tools to find and flag suspicious data trends or unearth leveraging data sets.

Organizations should look out for the limitations up front in a machine learning technology before purchasing it. It is essential that the purchase is centered on the needs that deem fit for an organization. The analytical software can be bought by keeping in mind the points like the type of data sources used and the limitation of restrained informatics that comes with the set of data.

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Ava Williams is a McAfee product expert and has been working in the technology industry since 2002. As a technical expert, she has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

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Cybersecurity and threats management is a major worry of companies. There is not a single complete security arrangement that can detect, exploit and dispatch security threats alone. White-hatters are continuously armoring the industry from different cyber-attacks, but they are also not untouched from human errors and mistakes. So the industry is very desperately looking for an automatic and fault proof protection.



Pentagon autonomous challenge came with a brand new endeavor that stands out on every single aspect of concern related to cybersecurity. Mayhem supercomputer, built by ForAllSecure enterprises is the new face that can handle any kind of security threat. The winner crown of DARPA security challenge justifies its claim.  It establishes itself in the World’s largest summit of hackers by participating in “Flags to Capture” competition and grasp the attention of all with its big and several meter long apparatus. It requires a huge amount of electricity and water cooler to cool itself from the warmth of 300-kilowatt electricity.

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has been conducting such attempt to protect the software and application and select the most efficient software program that can run in almost every kind of device of daily use and make them safe and attack proof.

Enhancement of technology and implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) makes it more crucial and urgent as inter-device communication enhances the widespread of the virus and threats injection from one device to another.

Working of Mayhem mega machine

It primarily works on two concepts that are fuzzing and symbolic execution.

The combined effort of two individual approaches to analyze and dispatch the duty is the core mechanism of fuzzing and symbolic execution. If we have to say it in simple words, Symbolic execution creates an equation for each logic that is implemented in an attacking program and fetches the solution of a bug accordingly.

On the other hand, fuzzing is the process of permutation and combination of information under a program, so that program gets crashed and in this way, it determines the vulnerable nature and weakness of a program. It works quite perfectly in determining the solution and weakness of most frequent program. Fuzzing is inserting the unknown set of data continuously into program’s string till the equation designed by symbolic execution reaches to its solution.

Fuzzing is like hit and trial method with tremendous speed. It guesses about the solution very smartly as well as very speedily. Symbolic execution is similar to solving a mathematical equation and knows that which input can spoil the attacking software system and inserting that very solution into the software to dismiss the attack.

Olivia Jones is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats.Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at


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Engineers apply and maintain security policies at the points of access to clients’ networks, such as the Internet, VPN, and connections of their business partners. They predict possible network security breaches and execute and document techniques for detecting violations of security policies. Engineers devise inventive solutions to foil the attempts of cybercriminals intent on stealing vital information. They fix complex issues by researching and analyzing.

Security Operation Engineers automate the evaluations of firewall records, besides formulating and documenting proper actions and communication channels on suspicion of breaches of network security. They also aid in devising, implementing, installing, managing, monitoring, and performing upgrading of various firewalls, such as Checkpoint, Juniper SRX, and Cisco ASA or PIX. Security engineers also resolve complex network issues. They apply software security patches to applications and operating systems.


Engineers implement security defense mechanisms for computer networks. They evaluate the security vulnerabilities of each computer system by making use of relevant resources. Engineers document how incidents were identified and detail all measures that were taken to resolve them. They devise and disseminate computer systems’ security policies, processes, criteria, and roadmaps based on the compliance needs and best practices of their organization.

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