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See our whole choice of wall hung electric fires. He hung electric fires are among the most prominent kinds of heating at the moment.

Generally, there's a 3-foot space between the 2 devices. You only position the back end of the device right into the existent fire place opening up to locate smoke-free environment. If your location is rather cold as well as you prefer a very cozy environment after that it is possible to choose the excess products. Fireplaces use a region of complete peace and tranquility. There are numerous frameless choices that are a hugely prominent visual appeal. Just have a look in all our Flamerite fires Celsi's Puraflame variety is a bit special. You get the sensation of an open fire without the risks as well as tough work they entail.

In the existing market, you will find several sort of the electrical fireplace to purchase. If you wish to go with a multifunctional electric fire place than you need to raise your financial strategy.


Built-in electrical fire places are exceptionally trendy as well as refined. If you're looking for a superior high quality built-in electrical fire place, try out the Dimplex IgniteXL Collection.

You will certainly find some fireplace consists of logs or pebbles to increase the heat option. It isn't tough to preserve than an actual fire place. If you're searching for a wall-mounted electric fire place that will satisfy your needs, there are a series of factors that you require to take under consideration.

You have to select a fireplace with vent. When you intend to discover a wall-mounted electric fireplace, it is a sometimes overwhelming experience.

The fire place isn't difficult to mount by typically 1 individual as well as includes a mounting bracket and equipment. If you desire to find out more on the subject of electric fireplaces, have a look at our Electric Fire Place Acquiring Overview. A fine group of the very best rated 10 wall-mounted electrical fireplaces are provided for your choice treatment, probably one of the most significant thing you will do.


The warm will make damages as well as at times fire mishap can begin. Since the warm comes from the base of the fire place, it's suggested the TV be installed over the fireplace. Not just that, yet insulation additionally supplies cost-cutting usefulness that in the extremely long run permits you to obtain financial security on your electrical expenses.

Several gas fires need to have a 12 month-to-month inspection to make certain you're not in risk of fatal carbon monoxide gas problems. There are rather a whole lot of reasons to choose the inset electrical fires. The brand-new model of the electrical fire has a great deal of new capabilities!

Wall Surface Mounted Electric Fires are created to be set up on their own with no demand to have a border, generating your fire appear more modern-day, clean as well as stylish. Mount totally complimentary coal result electric fires are an outstanding option to the bulk of others like log or crystal.

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Utilize your cupboard routinely, checking your inventory to be certain you aren't overstocked. A few of these products are given listed below. It's estimated that Americans throw away regarding 150,000 lots of food daily, so discovering ways to reduce your result on the world's food waste is important for your wallets in addition to for the surroundings. To be certain that your coffee, tea bags, and also sugar can withstand for as lengthy as possible, it should be appropriately kept. Everything will be prepared for when you call for a great mixture or a warm mug of coffee. With both coffee, tea and sugar cylinders along with bread tins easily available, add a modern touch with a traditional appearance to your pantry.

Both key reasons they're so prominent are that they're relatively low-cost in contrast to pricey china as well as considering that they are available in such a big selection of colours. Ceramics are generally durable and hard-wearing because of their significant longevity. It was only much later that I began to figure out more about home plates and also find they were actually fairly preferred and, in some circumstances, valuable. I place a layer of glue ahead for extra hold. Or obtain the breeze together a flip-tight collection that can readily turn into a mix and suit collection. Self-made route mix is a superb treat and also straightforward to keep!


Canisters are offered in different sizes. These food-safe cylinders are just the area to remain to keep your tea and also cookies. They can can be found in a range of products or styles. They can end up being a beneficial way to individualize your kitchen area. On top of that, it's necessary that you have lids that will conveniently open up and close. For those trying to find Tupperware substitute lids, you can see them at the base of this web page.

Mix your adhesive with just a little bit of ordinary water. Nearly any motif you appreciate. It's a little attack however I love it. Prior to making a spontaneous selection, see to it to consider your options and also think of their finest uses.

Stack containers, containers and also various other products so the tags are easily read. It's likewise the most economical brand name of Made in the united states dinnerware. We hope you enjoy this item, yet ought to you determine it isn't right, you can return it at no cost. We endeavour to find the finest worths in food storage collections and solutions for our customers. A basic methods to do this is rather than purchasing a cylinder set, buy a storage container established such as the Temptations Floral Lace set.

Instead, you can call us. If feasible, utilize eco-glue! In doing this it is going to enable you to identify what's missing out on and also what should be frequently re-supplied.


The Wrap-Up If you can, attempt to purchase book amounts of the staple products which you utilize the most. Feast is actually one of the most well-known brand of all 3 manufacturers on this page. Particularly for those that have a lazy Susan installed.

If you own a poultry style kitchen, for circumstances, there's a cylinder for you. I have actually discovered that it is far much better to try to rearrange your cupboard when you're alone, or have a block of time offered that you focus and also complete the job swiftly! Classifying shelves can help you keep your teams in order. You should certainly have the ability to designate as well as arrange a location in your house to act as the pantry. If necessary, it is entirely fine to develop several cupboard places.

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The flame might be utilized with or without heat. It looks very reasonable and also enchanting. The lively and also wonderful fire is the excellent simulate of the gleam and wavers of a real fire that makes the impression of genuine and also conventional fire.

Metal displays need extreme caution. They are planned to stop logs from turning out onto the floor. Movable metallic screens have the possible to end up being warm when positioned prior to a barking fire for any type of period of time.

The unit is freestanding as well as portable so that you can put this up against any wall surface you desire. It is very easy to set up by one to two people. It is created for areas that 130-150 square feet, giving you one of the most worth for the cash you're investing, and also helping you save cash in the lengthy run. If you're thinking about obtaining a device for your home, you would have to make a number of choices from size to colour and also features.

Prior to you pick one, you need to recognize which sort of fireplace will be perfect for your residential property. When you want to take an electrical fire place for your house, it's essential for you to consider some factors. Built-in electrical fireplaces are exceptionally awesome and also classy. If you favor to opt for a multifunctional electric fireplace than you need to boost your economic plan.



The heat will certainly make damages and also at times fire crash can start. Due to the fact that in sleep, it's difficult for you to receive up and also transform the warm to genuinely feel warm. Because the heat comes from the base of the fire place, it's advised the TV be mounted over the fire place.

If you are looking for a wall-mounted electric fireplace that will fulfil your demands, there are a variety of aspects that you need to take into account. A fine choice of the ideal ranked 10 wall-mounted electrical fire places is provided for your choice treatment, most likely the most considerable thing you will certainly do.

You will situate some fireplace includes logs or pebbles to improve the warmth choice. You need to select a fireplace with air vent. It is not tough to maintain than an actual fireplace.

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Planning for a designer-worthy style to your home? Creating a beautiful still life for yourself as well as your guests can be endearing is you know the tips and tricks of interior decor. To make a room look polished and pulled together, vignette is a loved style by interior designers. Payton Addison creates inspiring luxury interior designs; to find out more, visit the website.


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To any modern home, Custom black cabinets will add a sleek look. When they have the time to instead of when they can see the dirty smudges, this color will not show every single fingerprint or smudge, letting homeowners wipe them down. The modern kitchen cabinet in Canada is very reliable.

Just as easily as white ones, it tends to show scratches, which is the primary downside to owning custom black cabinetry. The only other con listed by consumers is that as white, black is not as versatile simply. If a homeowners wants to change and remodel everything over to a traditional style, these will complement modern styles, but won't look well.


In a variety of colors, Wood kitchen cupboards come but to the shade of wood, the same basics of grey white and black can be applied. For example, darker woods will not show dirt, but they will show scratches easier as well. Lighter colored wood will stand the test of time and is more versatile as with one remodel after another, it coordinates perfectly.


The type of wood is the crucial thing to consider when choosing wooden kitchen cabinets. Due to their durability, harder woods are usually suggested. The contemporary kitchen cabinets in Canada are in demand.

For couples, a great way is designing kitchen cabinets to make their home look unique. Through every single detail of their home, they showcase their personality.

To help their home both suite their needs and look unique, Domain Cabinets Direct offers customers a variety of choices. To be the ideal color and the perfect size, both bathroom and kitchen cabinets can be customized. For purchase bathroom and classic kitchen cabinets in Canada are also available.

In a wide array of materials, styles and colors, Cabinets are available. Customized cabinetry, bamboo bathroom and grey shaker kitchen cabinets, and kitchen cabinets are among some of the more popular choices. On the company website, the latest sales complete with pictures, and a full list of products can be found. Covering manufacturer defects, all products are covered by a one year warranty.

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What are the Arts


A Famous Definitions, From Antiquity to Now

Nietzsche tolstoy, Francis Ford Coppola, and much more effort to answer one of those questions.

Nietzsche tolstoy, Francis Ford Coppola, and more attempt to answer one of the greatest questions.

Russian author and occasional philosopher of the arts, Leo Tolstoy (Wikimedia Commons)

After the omnibus of definitions of science by some of history's greatest minds and definitions of doctrine by some of the most prominent philosophers, why not turn into an arguably domain of humanity? Gathered here are some of my favourite definitions of art, from antiquity to today.

Henry James in his short story The Middle Years:

We operate in the dark--we do what we can. Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task.

Leo Tolstoy, in his article"What Is Art?" :

Art is not, as the metaphysicians say, the manifestation of a mysterious idea of beauty or God; it is not, as the aesthetical physiologists say, a game where man lets off his surplus of stored-up energy; it isn't the expression of man's emotions by external signs; it isn't the creation of pleasing objects; and, most importantly, it's not pleasure; but it is a means of union among men, linking them together in the same feelings, and crucial for the life and progress toward well-being of people and of humankind.

Frank Lloyd Wright, writing in 1957, as cited in Frank Lloyd Wright on Architecture, Nature, and the Human Spirit: A Collection of Quotes:

Art is a discovery and development of principles of nature into beautiful forms appropriate for use.

Steven Pressfield of Art, one of five essential books on the creative process and fear:

Other than love is prostitution.

Charles Eames, mentioned in the fantastic 100 Quotes by Charles Eames:

Art resides in the quality of doing; process is not magic.

Elbert Hubbard at a 1908 volume of Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Teachers:

Art is not a thing.

Thomas Merton in No Man Is An What are the Arts Island:

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the exact same time.

An essential element of any artwork is risk. That has not been seen before, if you do not take a risk then how are you going to make something really beautiful? I like to say that cinema without risk is like hoping to have a baby and having no sex. You have to take a risk.

André Gide in Poétique:

Art begins at the point. No human masterpiece has ever been created without great labor.

Friedrich Nietzsche, made famous all over again by Ray Bradbury in Zen in the Art of Writing:

So we won't die of Truth We've got our Arts.

Michelangelo Pistoletto in Art's Responsibility:

Most importantly, artists should not be only in museums or art galleries --they must be present in all activities that are possible. The artist must be the sponsor of thought in at every level.

Federico Fellini in a December 1965 piece in The Atlantic, not now online:

All art is autobiographical.

Hugh MacLeod in Everyone that is Ignore: and 39 Additional Keys to Creativity:

Art suffers the moment other people start paying for it.

The Greek philosopher Aristophanes, writing in the 4th century B.C.:

Let each man exercise the art he knows.

And my own take I wrote for the National Endowment

Here is the power of art: The ability to transcend our, our on life, and relate to each other and the world with much more integrity, more curiosity, more wholeheartedness.

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Gheorghe Virtosu: Paintings for The Present

Gheorghe Virtosu's abstractions address all of the new realms, both the cerebral and the spiritual. This makes sense given his biography, which is authoritatively documented on the Virtosu Art Gallery website. The british abstract artists is interested in politics, science, philosophy, and the unconscious. Virtosu's family went through the Communist era. Through the pain, his passion for change and humanity's wellbeing was nourished and fortified. 

Virtosu was a gifted medium, and he had contact with "spiritual forces" in his early years. His interest in mysticism began as early as 1976 when he started participating in connection with nature and was further intensified after the death of his brother in 1980. He was engaged in a variety of meditational movements from the 1986s onwards. Later, he developed a keen interest in structuralism, and he also explored the human being and being human theories. 

He developed the ability to paint under leadership from higher powers. Virtosu is a mystic, if not a channel, who receives and shares enlightenment that he correctly understood as a vehicle for the transmission of social and spiritual information.


As a contemporary inspirational artist, Virtosu created two distinct bodies of work that might be described as the 'seen' and the 'unseen.' The 'seen' body of work is easy to apprehend and become a source of income for Virtosu. This work is mainstream. 


Virtosu's other body of work was radically different from his 'seen' paintings. It is largely abstract and explicitly explored spirituality. Beginning in 1996, his own, non-representational aesthetics are made on the distant periphery of Europe's and Asia's art centers.

He is guided to make these paintings by a spiritual call, making himself a channel between the illusionary world and the natural one. "I paint the pictures without any preliminary thinking. I have an obvious idea of what the paintings are supposed to depict; I work confidently and easily, without changing much."

While Virtosu believes that the world is ordered and understandable, he also said, "Life is an illusion if a person does not wake up to the truth."

Virtosu's abstract paintings began from 1996 to the present. He made around 4,000 paintings, using oil on canvas, as well as 85 illustrated books. The books are intended to convey a "secret wisdom" to humanity. 

And all of his creation is tangible; One may be assured there is no legend or myth around it.


Virtosu's most important undertaking, The Devine DNA, and the Series' Richest Families in the World', what he referred to as "the commission," has been undertaken in 2019. After 1988, Virtosu studied the various components of the social fabric, including politics and philosophy, where he had achieved real knowledge 'of our world's existence.' 


The artist presents in his contemporary paintings an incredible linguistic system which we may term like the truth in revelation. Virtosu's "unseen" work appears in public lately. The unveiling of the work owes at introduction and diffusion to the public. The debut of Virtosu's abstractions finally takes place in 2018, when a selection of his abstract works, is exhibited in Abstract Painting 2000-2018 at the MSA.

It is easy to succumb to Virtosu's individualistic, if not idiosyncratic, biography. As his advisor says: "Virtosu walks his path through life with the easy gait of an athlete. There is nothing sentimental, dreamy, or weak about his nature. He has the answers to potential social and political questions—that are waiting to be addressed."

Nonetheless, his solo exhibitions present art that is visually beguiling, mesmerizing, and arresting. It is also familiar. "My paintings are diagrams and abstractions from ideas, representations of elements of the world 'seen' and 'unseen,' but felt in any scenario.


When first encountering Gheorghe Virtosu paintings, the viewer senses the forms and the language intimately familiar yet simultaneously new and unknown. His work encompasses so much information that you are left with a sense of universality or shared spiritual DNA. Visible themes in his work are historical, from European, Ottoman to Tibetan, Hindi, American, and political, social. Virtosu's work is an egoless one, and the comparison to intellectual art may be the most appropriate. The viewer is meant to analyze, meditate on it to finally make it to "the message."



Virtosu does not reveal the truth; however, he gives you the subject embodied in the artwork title. The revelations are for the viewer to discover by insight or intuition. As a result, you leave the exhibition with an intrigued and puzzled feeling, full of memories of specific things you saw. The art of the famous inspirational artists resides almost the entire social space. It is art for understanding how the world works. Just looking at the paintings would alter the viewer's consciousness. By reading Virtosu's books, the viewer will be awakened to the universal truth and knowledge that is buried deep from apprehension. They are not only Paintings for The Present but also paintings of the past, the now and the future.

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What is modern art


A Few Famous Definitions, From Antiquity to Now

Nietzsche, tolstoy, Francis Ford Coppola, and much more effort to answer one of the questions that are ultimate.

Francis Ford Coppola, Nietzsche, tolstoy, and much more effort to answer one of the questions.

Russian author and occasional philosopher of the arts, Leo Tolstoy (Wikimedia Commons)

After the omnibus of definitions of science by some of history's greatest minds and definitions of philosophy by some of today's most prominent philosophers, why not turn into an much more nebulous domain of humanity? Gathered here are some of my favorite definitions of art, from antiquity to today.

We operate in the dark--we do what we can. Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our job. The rest is the madness of art.

Leo Tolstoy, in his essay"What Is Art?" :

Art isn't, as the metaphysicians say, the manifestation of some mysterious idea of beauty or God; it is not, as the aesthetical physiologists say, a game where man lets off his surplus of stored-up energy; it isn't the expression of man's emotions by external signs; it isn't the creation of pleasing objects; and, most importantly, it is not pleasure; but it is a way of union among men, linking them together in the same feelings, and crucial for the life and progress toward well-being of individuals and of humankind.

Frank Lloyd Wright, writing in 1957, as cited in Frank Lloyd Wright on Architecture, Nature, and the Human Spirit: A Collection of Quotations:

Art is a discovery and development of basic principles of nature into forms appropriate for use.

Steven Pressfield of Art, one of five essential books at The War on fear and the creative process:

To labour in the arts for any reason other than love is prostitution.

Charles Eames, mentioned by Charles Eames:

Art resides in the quality of doing; process isn't magic.

Elbert Hubbard of Little Journeys to the Homes

Art isn't a thing--it is a way.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the exact same time.

Francis Ford Coppola in a recent interview:

An essential element of any art is risk. If you do not have a risk then how are you going to make something that hasn't been seen before? I like to say that cinema without risk is like hoping to have a baby and having no sex. You have to take a risk.

André Gide in Poétique:

Art begins at the point where resistance is overcome. No masterpiece has been created without labor.

Friedrich Nietzsche, made famous all over again by Ray Bradbury in Zen in the Art of Writing:

So we won't perish of Truth, we have our Arts.

Michelangelo Pistoletto in the Duty of Art:

Above all, artists should not be in art galleries or museums--they must be present in all actions. The artist has to be the host of thought in at each level.

Federico Fellini in a December 1965 piece not online, in The Atlantic:

All art is autobiographical.

Hugh MacLeod in Everybody: and 39 Additional Keys to Creativity:

Art suffers.

The Greek philosopher Aristophanes, writing in the 4th century B.C.:

Let each man exercise the art he knows.

And my own take I wrote for the National Endowment for the What is modern art Arts:

This is the power of art: The ability to transcend our, our solipsistic zoom-lens on life, and relate to each other and the world with much more integrity, more curiosity, more wholeheartedness.

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It generally defines art produced after the Modern Art movement. However artwork isn't merely art produced during a specific time-frame. This genre of art does have style or its own strategy that distinguishes it from other people.

Yet, this type of art is hard to define because it features such selection. Some argue that modern Art's basic approach and goal is to challenge the nature of artwork itself. In addition, it can make the viewer question what it is that defines art. This style of art isn't particularly uniform, and it may be more challenging to describe than any other genre of art. Additionally, there are several reasons to contempory art is valuable to society, for instance it is a mean to express oneself as it's way to provide social and cultural commentary.

What is the style of Contemporary Art?

It can be difficult to define or describe any one fashion when considering Contemporary Art. Artists approach their work . A wide array of media and materials may be used to communicate a wide array of concepts, themes, and subject matter.

Much more can inspire the artists of today while religion, mythology, and the demands of the patrons that were paying influenced artists of the past and the work often grows out of their own interests or expressions itself. The work may reflect their culture, including current political climates and trends that are popular. However, with the ability to travel and incorporate more than what is seen in their world, art is increasingly global and diverse in its themes.

It is multi-faceted. The pieces reflect a diversity of perspectives and are reflective of the artist. This makes Contemporary Art a evaluation of present-day life. Include: review of sociopolitical institutions, and identity, the body, technology, globalization, migration, society, culture, memory, and time's passage.

What's Contemporary Art's history?

Contemporary Art originally grew along with Modernism it's currently seen as divergent from that school. This was a personal society where art could be purchased for museums. Throughout the 1930 institutions were founded with the terminology. Scholars in the area distinguished Modern Art as a fashion that did align. In contrast, the contemporary style continues to progress as over time, which increases the array of results and approaches.

What is a Contemporary Artist?

You may be contemplating what jobs you can get with a degree in art. Well, of course one of those career path it becoming an artist.Today, artists are as diverse as their products. In fact, the diversity among the artists making this style of artwork allows for styles and perspectives that become infused into their products. Artists can work as individuals. The arts are studied by many at college or in an art institute. In doing so, their perspectives could enlarge and enhance their craft.

In fact some art scholars and art critiques argue that artists should be working inside modern art's region and will need to have been formally educated. This allows these artists to coincide with the this field's historical circumstance, no matter it may be. Artists may then have their artwork exhibited at museums or art galleries. This art as with styles is also bought and sold through art auctions and private collectors.

There's some disagreement about whether artists working in today could be considered modern artists and if their work may be considered Contemporary Art. The general view is that, as these artists might be working beyond the reach of artists that are trained and are self-taught, their products should not be designated as artwork. Instead, some have taken to calling such art Outsider Art to denote that it had been created by those outside of the field of art.

The reality is that art does happen within a historical context, one that is influenced by the field forces and itself out of the field. It could be possible for a artist to make. However, those who are interested in getting renown artists are best served by obtaining an art education where they can immerse themselves.

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With this Tartan Kilt, you can exude classic Scottish charm wherever you go. A modern tartan fabric that is ideal for wear in both casual and formal settings, this kilt provides you with versatile wear to fit into many kilt-wearing ensembles. You can make sure this handsome red and black kilt fits you perfectly by taking your measurements and feeding them into the site to be made to measure. Input measurements such as your fell measurement, waist size, hip size and kilt length. You can choose your own buttons and hardware in order to make this red tartan kilt completely your own. Finally, you can add matching hose flashes, a matching tartan wallet and even a tartan sporran to complete your look.


Pay homage to your land of origin when you don the kilts tartans. This kilt features classic Welsh tartan patterning complete with rich, dark red lines and forest green blocks that run together beautifully. The kilt is toned down and subtle, making it the perfect choice for wear with just about anything, no matter how casual or formal the event may be. Fashioned out of acrylic wool, the kilt is warm while still managing to be breathable. It is made using eight yards of wool in traditional kilt-making fashion, giving you an authentic look and feel. The knife pleating of the kilt really pulls together the classic look and brings you a kilt you'll be proud to wear anywhere. The design can be made to measure in order to ensure a perfect fit straight out of the box when you include fell measurement, waist size, hip size and kilt length in your order.

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Benefits And Procedures of Dental Implant

Teeth treatment has turn into a complete necessity for lots of people in the whole world; despite advancements and improvements in health and dental care, people are afflicted by gum problem and tooth problem. Till some decades ago, fixing dentures and bridges were two major choices for curing people with broken, missing or in conditions where teeth must be removed surgically.

Smiling woman at dentist

At the present time, dental care contains Dental Implant Procedure that is roots teeth replacement. Tooth Implant Procedure can effectively support one or more fake teeth; the process of implant is a screw prepared of titanium which is fixed into the jawbone in position of a tooth root at the time it fails. They give a strong base or foundation on which permanent or removable teeth can be repaired to match existing normal teeth.

There are different benefits to dental implants, a few of which are:

  • Higher comfort - Tooth Implant Process can assist avoid discomfort of removing and fixing dentures.
  • Simplicity of eating and chewing food - dentures don’t always fit completely; with utilization they turn into less fitting and possibilities of slipping out while eating or chewing food are good. With Dental Implant Process, this issue is removed.
  • Excellent oral health - Dental Implant Recovery don’t need other teeth to be adjusted or modified therefore confirming that more normal teeth are left uninjured thus getting better dental hygiene and health in the long-way.
  • Growth in look – as Tooth Implant Recovery are so planned that they combine with the jawbone; they turn into permanent and look like normal teeth.
  • Speech upgrading – not like mumbling or slurring mostly caused by dentures, Dental Implant Healing Time don’t slip confirming better communication and speech.
  • More self esteem and confidence - a perfect smile brings back full of confidence and a spring in the further step.
  • Expediency - dentures musts cleaned and removed daily; with Dental Implant Healing it is not needed at all.
  • Durability – if comes to dental plates then it can last a lifetime with regular dental check-up and proper care.

Implant Process

Most of the dental implants can be securely done in the office of a dentist under local anesthesia. Somewhat more difficult procedure may need intravenous sedation and hospitalization. Every procedure of dental implant is different as it comprises preference of the patient, the knowledge of the dental surgeon and the entire requirement of the situation.

If talking about the steps then it contains putting the dental plate flush into the gumline, burying it same as the tooth root would be. It is to provide healing time and to keep secure the implant from force. When the healing time is complete, the process of dental implant is uncovered by surgically eliminating some of the gum covering it.

In next step, the dental specialist examines the implant process to see if it has successfully integrated into the gum and positions a post or 'abutment' that is drilled throughout the gum. As the specific area around the gum treats it forms a collar that provides the dentist access to the dental implant while putting the prosthetic or artificial tooth.

Article Source :

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The enigmatic tale of Lord Shiva keeps us on the edge always. The charisma, the valour, the benevolence, and the unsophisticated personality of Shiva gave us an only a hint of what he really is.

If we talk about Hinduism, Shiva completes the wondrous trinity with the divines Brahma and Vishnu. Philosophers, historians, poets, and religious experts would tell you Shiva is everything but nothing. And if you know nothing, you will say, Shiva, is the destroyer who annihilate the universe.

None of the inferences hold true if taken separately. Although religious scriptures and ancient civilisations have been stating Mahadev through their texts, frescos, and Lord Shiva paintings, a lot of misinterpretation still floats around.

The distinguished irony

Do you know what the word ‘Shiva’ means? Shiva means auspicious. Sometimes, Shiva is also referred to as “something related to the creator”. While there are few eminent religious scholars who do not shy away from saying Shiva means “That, which is not”.

Quite interesting that one word has a different meaning for people. The first two meanings are quite similar to each other, the third though, is quite distinctive.

Shiva is nothing? I mean how can we relate to it? Because all my life I have learned that Shiva was the God, then I came to know his role and title of Adiyogi (the first yogi who walked this earth as mentioned in Yogic science) and now this?

Well, the thought may seem berserk but it is quite deep if you connect to it. Science is progressing at a rapid pace and every now & then we are getting closer to understanding the long road of the evolution of our universe and of course earth.

Today, we all know that our universe before the big bang was nothing. This nothing gave birth to something and if the prophecies are to be believed, then this something will be again dissolved in nothing. And the cycle goes on. Shiva is defined as this nothing, which always prevails, even where the light is not present and the rivers don’t flow, and the not even a single life exist.

We all are destined to come out of Shiva and fate will again suck us back to him.

Now, the problem arises when the novels, scholars, and artists who create exquisite Lord Shiva paintings argue against this. According to them, Shiva was a man who attained extreme enlightenment that no one could ever accomplish.

Shiva was also the founder of Yogic science. A lot of people perceive Yoga as a practice of folding legs and hands or exhibiting great flexibility. But, Yoga is an art to utilise your body to the limitless possibilities by attaining specific postures or asanas.

Interestingly, this kills the concept of perceiving Shiva as a non-being or nothing. I know not many people would like it when I would refer Shiva as the darkness, but let me complete first.  Nothing can never include light; it can’t incorporate anything. Nothingness is a state where not even a single element can concur with. IMHO, this definition came from his ascetic nature.

Shiva is titled ‘Bholenath’ or the one who is super naïve because of his continuous state of transcendence he maintained. He could meditate to decontaminate his mind of any evil or a good thought. Yes, good also, because he knew that both good and evil occur together and absence of one may create misbalance. So he eradicated all the emotions.

That is why, the real attempt of people saying Shiva meaning “That, which is not” is maybe connecting with the lesson that through meditation one can enlighten himself/herself to a blissful state where nothing exists. And we all know, where nothing exists, God resides. That’s why in every religious scripture and tale, God is adjudged above human emotions and anything we can imagine.

A blend of spiritualism, science with Yogic science

Go through Lord Shiva paintings online and see how artistically artisans have tried to show the immaculateness and the dynamism by crafting him into a physical being or body. I am sceptical about when and how someone came of this blue-skinned physical figure because it is believed that Shiva walked on the earth 1, 15,000 years ago.  

Moving on, the representational form of generic Shiva with crescent stuck in headlocks, and Ganga River flowing from his hair is the most common manifestation of Adiyogi. His forehead also has a third eye, which according to Hinduism Shiva opens only to annihilate the entire universe. However, the real story is that his third eye destroyed Kama (the god of love) who was sent by Parvati to get Shiva out of his transcendence state.

The Nataraja form of Shiva is known to be present in CERN’s headquarters in Vienna, Switzerland. Reason? Well, some say because CERN acknowledges the true and hidden meaning of this form.

Shiva is seen dancing in a particular posture inside the ring of flames and he seems happy (as he is shown smiling). Now, his stance is regarded as Yogic postures and the flame behind him is the eternal fire of materialism. Shiva is performing a cosmic dance i.e. also known as the dance of creation and destruction.

The entire idea to depict Shiva in a figural form is to make common people understand the true teachings. Although, there is one form that can be found in almost all of the Shiva temples around the world is quite abstract. This form is known as the ‘Linga’.

You might have seen it and might also have heard that it represents the phallus of Shiva, which is by far the most absurd explanation.

The Linga is a form of description of human life in Hinduism. The Vishnu and Brahma are considered proton and electron respectively, while Shiva is the neutron.  The disc beyond the lingam signifies the Shakti (a form of energy field).

Till the time the neutrons and protons are same in number, the atom is stable. The very second neutron is touched, the atom becomes unstable. So, in theory, when Shiva is not disturbed and separated, it remains calm.

So, in terms of science, Shiva Lingam is a pure representation of an atom.

A lot has been said by the scholars and experts, various Lord Shiva paintings were created to match the significance and charm of this great deity, but still, the reality will be probably far stranger than what we know. What’re your thoughts? Let’s discuss.

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