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Oklahoma’s White Collar Criminal Defense Team

The team at Wyatt law Office cares about you. It’s not just today’s challenges that concern us. We also work to improve your future by achieving the best outcome in your case TODAY. While our attorneys have helped clients facing nearly every criminal charge, we especially enjoy “white collar” criminal defense. Why white collar? There are several reasons. Primarily, it’s the challenge. White collar defense often entails a more sophisticated approach than traditional criminal defense. We like a challenge! And always give all to fight for our client.


We are defined by old-school values and work ethic, but Bob and Clint offer a unique pairing with different approaches, strategies, and experiences that bring the old school and new school together in one team. One thing we have in common is that we don’t give up until our clients are happy or we have exhausted every available option.


Put a Top Rated Legal Team to Work For You

The criminal defense attorneys at Wyatt Law Office understand that our work impacts your family, your freedom, and your livelihood. With so much at stake, you need to know that your Oklahoma criminal defense attorney works as hard as they can to get you the best result possible. Looking for the best Oklahoma criminal defense law firm? Contact one of our lawyers in Oklahoma City or Tulsa for a free initial consultation.

 Contact Wyatt Law Office for top rated defense for white collar criminal defense in Oklahoma.

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Dog collars are supposed to be attractive, comfortable as well as unique. And considering this part, needlepoint dog collars are in trend and are known for the comfort that it provides.

So, let’s talk all about custom needlepoint dog collars that you need to know and must consider while purchasing a dog collar for your beloved pet:

Lead With The Correct Size:

One thing that you need to make sure of, is that the size of the collar that you are purchasing is just the right one. Especially when you are shopping online, you can ask online assistants to help you with the exact size.

Check The Material:

The material of the leash can vary for both puppies and larger dogs as for puppies a slightly thick leash and robust for larger ones would definitely do. You need to make sure that the material being used to prepare those dog collars are comfortable and aren’t hurting those dog’s neck.

Preferring leather made dog collars are much better as they are not just comfortable and durable but they also look great. Customizing the dog collar involves engraving patterns, designs or names on the dog collars by handmade threads.

The additional advantage would be that other than the up-mentioned things that you need to look up to is that they are believed to be much reasonable yet classy and can also hold up to quite a long time with your pal.

So, these were all you needed to know about custom needlepoint dog collars before you buy them. You can consider these factors seriously for a smart buy. There are several online available companies such as Good Threads that sell dog collars, belts, keychains and other as such products and the best part is that they are customized.

There are several things that you get customized over them according to your requirement. So, in case you are planning to a new dog collar for your beloved pet, you can surely shop from this store as they have a record of selling quality products.

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