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Under the leadership of Mr Sailesh Raj Bhan since June 2007, this scheme has generated noteworthy performance by maintaining exposure to large-cap equity stocks. After SEBI re-categorization, Reliance Top 200 Fund has changed its portfolio allocation and was renamed as Reliance Large Cap Fund. Now, the fund manager is investing around 81.92% assets in companies which are ranked from 1st to 100th according to the market capitalisation. The current Reliance Large Cap Fund NAV is Rs 33 (as on 6th Feb 2019) for investors who wish to purchase required units in this scheme. Here are the types of investors who can invest in this scheme based on their risk-appetite, time horizon, and expected returns.

Investors with Moderate to High Risk-Appetite

Reliance Large Cap Fund growth invests significantly in large-cap stocks and the remaining in the debt, small-cap, and mid-cap instruments and ensures stable returns for the investors. The beta of this scheme is 1 that the scheme follows the index and shows lower volatility than the benchmark. Coming to the standard deviation, this scheme shows higher volatility than the mean value as compared to the benchmark and category average. So, for the investors with moderate to high risk-appetite, this scheme is perfectly suitable.

Investors Aiming for Stable Returns

Since inception, Reliance Large Cap Fund performance has been good and produced around 10.94% annualised returns. In last 3, 5, 7, and 10-years, it has consistently outperformed the benchmark and category average by producing 15.06%, 18.06%, 15.35%, and 17.49% annualised returns, respectively. In the unfavourable market condition of 2008, this scheme was able to sustain the market losses below the benchmark and category average. However, during 2011, it was not able to manage the losses below the benchmark and category average. Considering the overall performance, Reliance Large Cap Fund g has produced stable returns and sustained the market volatility averagely well.

Investors Having Long Term Capital Gain Aim

Considering the performance record, it is significant that the investors who are looking for the scheme which can produce long-term capital appreciation by maintaining moderate risk in the portfolio can invest in this scheme over a long-term horizon of 5-years and more. The investors can also choose SIP mode of investment and invest at MySIPonline in Reliance Large Cap Fund with Rs 500 per month as well. By investing through SIP mode, it will help the invested amount to utilise the advantage of the market volatility, compounding interest and rupee cost averaging over a time period.

Investors Planning for Large-Cap

As Reliance Large Cap Fund g invests in the stocks of large-cap companies, it is a good option for most of the investors who want to purchase stocks of reliable and well-established companies but couldn’t purchase them due to high pricing. By investing in this scheme, they are required to keep on investing whether through SIP or lump sum mode of investment over a long-term horizon for reasonable returns.

Summing it up, all the investors as mentioned above can utilise investing in Reliance Large Cap Fund and get adequate returns as well. If you want to explore top recommended list, you can get assistance from experts at MySIPonline for the required solution.

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When it comes to taking investment decision for conservative investors, they are required to put risk measures in the centre because investment in a mutual fund is a risky consideration. But, as you know every problem comes with a solution. This problem also has a solution which can provide an opportunity to invest in equity instruments and fulfil their financial needs, and this solution is a large-cap investment.

3819089737?profile=originalFor conservative investors, making an investment decision in equity is although a tough task as they fear to lose money. So, here is how to take the investment decision in large-cap mutual funds:

Investing Money That Is Not Required in Short Term

The conservative investors should invest the money, which they think will not be needed in a short term, in large-caps. Making an investment with this thought help them to sustain the market volatility, and thus they do not become cautious over the different market conditions. As they invest only the surplus money which they are planning to save for future needs, they get the confidence to stay invested for a long-term horizon.

Getting Relief from Fear of Inflation

If you are a Conservative investor and believe in fixed deposits and savings bank deposits only, you should know that they cannot help you in creating wealth over time. So, put your fear of inflation threatening your savings away by investing in large-cap equity instruments.

Not Being Left out

With the increasing investment folios in a mutual fund, the number of investors are increasing day by day. And, in this situation, not following the trend of investment can make you left out at a later age. Realising your fear of left out is necessary because it will give you clear insight to understand the value of investment in large-cap funds. So, be concerned over the thought and start investing in equity instruments. As already mentioned, you are not required to put all your sum in this category, but a significant exposure to large cap is necessary to generate maximum returns for the invested money.

Focusing on Future Needs

Every person whether he/she rich or poor has investment needs to fulfil in future. Some may have high risk-appetite and good financial status to invest in small cap, mid cap or thematic funds, whereas some may have low risk-appetite. Large-cap funds are a good option to invest for investors with low-risk appetite as they produce risk-adjusted returns over a long-term horizon and provide capital appreciation.

Investing for Long-Term to Reduce Risk

The conservative investors can reduce the overall risk by investing in large-cap mutual funds for a long term horizon. Further, they can start smartly with SIP investment to sustain the market volatility. This way of investment will not only help the investor to feel confident with the investment but also generate long-term capital appreciation without deviating over certain issues.

If the conservative investors start investing with the above-mentioned thoughts, they will certainly generate stable returns over a time horizon without fearing to be left out. MySIPonline also provides top recommended large-cap funds list to help the investors.

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scottish hats

Regardless of whether you are dressing up in prestigious, stately and regal Scottish military dress or are heading out wearing one of your casual civilian dress looks, you can find the perfect balmoral hat here at Scottish Kilt Shop.\


Whether you are looking for a clan-specific tartan or simply a tartan that you enjoy wearing for style, you will find a striking hat to match. The hats are made from top quality, totally pure wool and available in a number of different styles and sizes. Each one features a strip of colorful wool alongside the traditional pompom on top of the hat that will have you looking dapper, no matter what you have chosen to wear with the hat.

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It is a known fact that you should best consult a technician rather than try attempting to solve something you have no idea about. One should always prefer consulting the professional locksmiths to resolve any trouble relating to locks. Dealing in locks is one such thing. One has to just go through the telephone directory or the yellow pages to find them easily enough. Experimenting with the automatic and digital locks on your own might end up in you getting into a deeper problem, so its always better to leave the technical work to the professionals.

New innovative and high-tech lock systems are flooding the markets. So it is worthwhile to know that your locksmith is trained and qualified enough to deal with the security issues of your homes and vehicles. Known for their expertise with the locks worldwide, these locksmiths are capable of providing you with speedy and reliable services, 24 Gate Hinges /7, all yearlong.

Some of the leading local locksmith in Miramar, CA are Aaronson Local Locksmith, Green Locksmith, Locksmiths Plus, Infinity Locksmith, 24/7 Locksmith Services, North County Lock & Safe, Alpha Omega Security Locksmith, Hernandez Locksmiths, etc. They are experienced locksmiths who are trained in their craft and get a license for the same. One can even ask around and find out the best locksmith company by asking around or going by the opinions of ones relatives, neighbours, colleagues or friends, who may have availed the services of the locksmith companies. Thankfully, there are good numbers of local locksmith in Miramar, CA.

Nowadays, the locksmiths are trained, keeping in mind the modern technological and technical changes in the lock and security field. the list is endless.

.Lots of companies nowadays provide professional locksmith services. Locksmiths in Miramar, CA, on the other hand, have to compulsorily get the license in order to work professionally in the commercial fields.

Services offered by a local locksmith Miramar, CA may include all the above, or they may even go beyond the services listed above. Even vehicle security is becoming a priority for many individuals.

Contacting a reputed local locksmith in Miramar, CA is not a hard task at all as there are plenty of such companies, which offer quality services and qualified locksmiths at any given time.

Your choice for going for a particular local locksmith Miramar, CA can also be based on the kinds of services offered by them

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How to wear a baseball cap with a ponytail in 2018!

Get it here:

Sporty never looked so sweet! These CC Glitter Caps sparkle like a girl's best friend and will be sure to be your new favorite go to accessory.

This cap features a rounded bill, a glitter front, a mesh back with a glitter Velcro adjustable back strap, and top opening for your high ponytail or messy bun.

Get it here:

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What is Pica in your dog

You can also make chewable item of your dog unpalatable by spraying chemical additive such as Bitter Apple in order to add a foul taste. A dog toy, rope toys and crunchy dog biscuits will be ideal.Train your dog as early as possible with the word "NO" that can save your dog from disasters. You can also remove the item before your dog reaches for it or supporting your "NO" with a spray from a water bottle, a loud clapping of the hands or a light but convincing tap on the nose will also help you to make your dog lose interest in whatever he may have been chewing on.

What is Pica in your dog? Pica is a type of illness that causes your pet to eat non-food items in an attempt to deal with nausea. Using the word "NO" in an affirmative tone every time when you find him chewing uneatable things is the best way to train him. Though chewing is a normal and healthy part of any pup's development, as they learn about their world through chewing much the same as human children but care should be taken to protect them from the dangers that lurk in their explorations. Next most effective training is the Crate Training which stops the chewing behavior of your dog.

Do not give chase to your dog chewing on an undesirable thing because they will interpret this action of yours to be a game and they will be most happy to play for hours instead, calmly remove the object without being notice.Dogs differ in their temperament so if your dog becomes aggressive and territorial, when not allowed to chew their favorite item then take the help of professional assistance to avoid further problems or biting. Therefore beside having some acceptable outlets there are also unacceptable outlets in chewing.

It is also not likely to completely destroy your dogs urge to chew, as this habit is healthy for them when exercised correctly. If you find your little beast gnawing your things from shoes to books or anything that is not eatable then rush to your veterinarian and make sure PET bottle your animal has a proper treatment because such habits may get dangerous for the pup. They should be offered suitable objects for their chewing pleasure and would provide good outlets for a dog's destructive behavior and also help to keep up the oral hygiene of your pet

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Best Baseball Caps For Men | How To Wear A Baseball Cap Properly | Men’s Baseball Hats Advice Make Me That Guy | Men’s Fashion, Dating, Fitness & Nutrition London.

How do you wear a baseball cap properly? I walk around London and I see guys who have great baseball caps but have no clue on how to wear it. This video is for those guys!

Ollie Pearce shows you how to look cool wearing a baseball hat and which ones have gone out of fashion.

Watch the video to find out how to wear a baseball cap properly.

The tips are simple enough but everyone seems to be getting it wrong. They buy the wrong shaped hat for their face or wear the wrong colour baseball cap so it doesn’t match their clothes. Simple style mistakes that are so easy to solve.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with our advice on how to wear baseball caps? Everyone has their own opinion so we’d love to know yours. Let us know in the comments below..

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Ollie Pearce is a professional model and fashion stylist with over ten years experience in the self-development industry, during which time he has worked with hundreds of clients, giving on- and off-line advice on Fashion, Fitness, Social Skills and Confidence.

The term “That Guy” is a concept not an individual, “That Guy” is who we are at our full potential and “That Guy” is what we push our students towards becoming. He is as successful as he can be in every area of his life, he has success with women, career and has good health.

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