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Canon Printers As The Best On The Market

When you go out to seek Canon printers, remember that they must suit your specifications and the magnitude of your work. Make sure you scout on your own; ask around for opinions and gather information from professional experts available to you or through the internet. Gather enough information before the purchase striving to ensure that you do not rely on secondary information but your own opinion. Canon Support Uk Number

Canon Printers right now are the most common type in the market. They are used on a world wide scale, their efficiency and reliability well documented. They are manufactured by a company called Canon, a leading manufacturer of cameras as well. Their accessories are also easily available and easy to use. Therefore, it would be a good decision to consider this brand because should they need any kind of repair, it will not be too difficult to get it.

Depending on the type of work you intend to do, there are different arrays of such machines on offer. They serve to satisfy customers at all possible levels so whether you are engaging in printing for your business or for leisure, there are Canon printers that will suit your specifications. With their level of technological advancements, finding the most appropriate machine will not be a back-breaking task.

They offer multi-function types that are suitable for use in the office as well as home. They are compact and easy to understand. It includes a copier and a scanner for efficient printing through modern computers. They offer a sharper resolution and have an impressive print speed. They also have slots for media support to ensure flexibility in using it. This is a suitable first-time choice.

They have laser printers which are reputable for being user friendly. These easy to use machines offer high printing speeds with excellent clarity and crisp imaging. They are unique to most others because they require far less maintenance hence can be very convenient at home or in an office. There are also the color-lasers which are suitable for work-group printing and colored documents. They use separate single-color cartridges to ensure maximum efficiency in bringing out the color.

Then they have the impressive portable ones which can print from virtually anywhere. You can carry them on business trips to ensure that you get what you need without having to rely on time-consuming and expensive faxes. These are particularly convenient because they have USB slots as well as in-built wireless connectivity. This enables a user to do his work from anywhere he is and it can save lots of time for you.

Lastly, they produce state of the art inkjet printers which are user friendly with a variety of features. They provide clear, quality work and can be used for photos as well. Some of them come with wireless connectivity hence enabling you to print conveniently and hassle free.

Therefore, when you find the best Canon printers, it is important to give them frequent maintenance. Clean them on a regular basis and use quality printing paper to ensure the job you do is perfect.

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All About Canon Printers For Office Use

The printers produced by Canon are one of the best one when it comes to delivering quality prints consistently. Most of the printers produced by this brand are multifunctional. These are equipped with fax, copier, and scanning as well as printing mechanisms. A lot of insight and effort has gone into making these printers and this is the reason why they yield superior printouts.Canon Support Number Uk

Features of Canon Printers Australia

The printers sold by this brand are class apart from the printer of other brands. It has high quality photo print with good finishing. The best part is that they come at an affordable price. These patterns are ahead of the league when it comes to the new system of patenting like the autoduplexer as well as the printing head. The speed of printing is also superb. These are the best when it comes to multifunctional printers capable of photo printing too.

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What Makes Canon Printer Most Preferred Printer?


Whenever the user is looking for a right type of printing solutions then user automatically looks up to Canon Printer. It is because of the in-depth form of evaluation of all the features and components by the engineers. So, the general form of problems which obstruct the flow of work are – device not printing correctly, the printer has become outdated, the printer is giving the message that ink is needed, Ink nozzles are not giving out the quality form of inks etc. The user should dial toll free 0808-169-1503 Canon printer contact number UK and then problems will be resolved instantly. This is not possible through other sources. 

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Thinking of shopping for a Canon Printer

I like Canon printers. so i think that if Canon very got their promoting act along they might be most wanted. One reason for my belief is that not like Epson, power unit and Lexmark, Canon's background has been within the camera business. in this business films (now memory cards!) and cameras are separate businesses.Canon Support Number

To an exact extent (I believe forced thereon by competition) Canon has appeared to not have succumbed to the temptation to sell the printer at breakeven, or perhaps a loss, and to create all its cash on provides. after all they still create most of their cash from provides - however they keep to the formula - higher original price: lower price of usage (see cost of usage during this issue of Incartekspressions.

They have additionally been nice to its dealers. Epson, and to a lesser extent Hewlett Packard have introduced several ranges of inkjet cartridges - typically with six or eight merchandise, alarmingly often - it looks with each printer announcement. this implies numerous product lines (or SKU's as we have a tendency to decision them within the trade). on the opposite hand terribly rarely changes its vary of consumables. till late 2005, there had not been a big modification on one vary (the BCI-3/3e/5/6 - basically interchangeable since around 1997 and one the lower finish since the BCI-21, later twenty four was introduced around 1994. There had been enhancements to the ink - however not a modification that meant stocking various lines.

Cost of possession

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Canon Ink: The Best for Canon Printers

Did you know that Canon was the first company to bring inkjet technology to the market? It's true. Canon introduced the world to inkjet printing in 1985 with the release of its first Bubblejet printer line. Back then, dot matrix printing was the method of choice in homes and smaller offices, because laser printing was too expensive. Bubblejet printers brought high quality printing into play at a reasonable price. And while other printer manufacturers have gotten in on the inkjet game, Canon still leads the pack both in hardware and ink.

Just like cars, people have their preferred inkjet printer. Fans of Canon printers are no exception. They often cite the sharpness of text, the depth and boldness of color, and the overall reliability of their machines. It goes without saying that Canon, as the original inventor of inkjet technology, probably knows a thing or two about producing quality ink. For my money, the best print job on a Canon inkjet printer is only accomplished with genuine Canon ink.

Re-Manufactured Cartridges

When you're buying re-manufactured cartridges from a third-party vendor, sometimes you see claims that they are using genuine Canon ink. But are they? Does Canon actually sell bulk ink to other manufacturers and cartridge companies? Canon has been silent on this question, but there are plenty of websites that suggest you can buy Canon ink in bulk, and even use a bulk delivery system. The problem is many of the companies offering bulk ink purchase their products from unknown companies in China. There's no way to track whether these companies sell genuine Canon ink, or whether it's a third-party knockoff. In other words, it's pretty safe to say that most re-manufactured cartridges are going to contain third-party ink.Canon UK Support 

The Superiority

Although generic inks can be adequate for use in everyday print jobs, they aren't designed for one printer specifically. So the quality is never as good as branded ink. Printer manufacturers invest a ton of time and research in producing print heads, cartridges, and inks that work flawlessly together. Yet third-party ink companies don't have the means to produce a high quality ink that works equally well in all kinds of printers. And there's the rub. Manufactures like Canon know how their printers work and are able to develop inks that give the highest quality print job.

The Cost

What drives most people to third-party ink cartridges is the cost associated with branded products. Genuine Canon ink cartridges can be significantly more expensive than generic or re-manufactured cartridges, sometimes to the tune of 100% to 150%. For most home use, the output does not justify the cost. But for professional use, as well as home users who do intense jobs like photo printing, the extra cost of genuine Canon ink is worth the investment. At the end of the day, what you use your inkjet printer for will most likely determine what you want to pay for ink.

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Canon printer and printers are one of the best computer printers till date. Canon keeps inventing new and improved printers with added features to provide better efficiency. Earlier, Canon was limited to the production of inkjet printers, but witnessing the competition by Ricoh, Xerox, HP, Xante Printer and Printers, etc., Canon started producing Bubble Jet Printers, Compact Photo Printers, Laser Printers, and Multi functional Printers. Now it has entered the market with revised printer and printers accessories, and is continuing with a good sales graph. Canon UK Support number

The printer and printers supplies designed by Canon are suitable to use and gives a wobble-free operation. You might encounter few problems hindering your work. But with a few maintenance tips, Canon printers can work as smooth as summer cherries!

Keep your Canon printer clean: Spending few minutes occasionally on your printer can increase its longevity. Remove the dirt from the printer routinely, failing which the cartridge's life may be affected. Canon laser printers in particular use static electricity. In the process, dust is accumulated around your printer. Cleaning the printer therefore becomes as important as using it!

Use quality paper: Constant paper jams can sometimes result in poor efficiency of the Canon ink cartridge. Changing your regular printer papers for the better would cost you only pennies, but it can better your printer and printers' quality. Get ready for this small change that would make a big difference. Buy quality printer papers that have less clay content in them.

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How to Install Canon Printer Driver

Canon is the manufacturer of a wide variety of products including cameras, video cams, printers, scanners, projectors and others. There are countless loyal customers of Canon printer worldwide. But with many of the products, some technical defects or troubles are always involved. You must try to fix some issues yourself or if you think that troubleshooting is not your cup of tea, ask for assistance from the technical representatives available at Canon Printer Customer Care Phone Number. They are known for providing effective services to their huge customer user base.

Before Installation, You Must Check for These:

Your product model name and number: you must have the model name and number of your Canon printer so as to download the drivers easily from the official website if they are hard to find, refer to the user manual.

Compatibility requirements: you should check the system requirements. Also the operating system you are using so that incompatibility troubles can be eliminated

Correct driver version: there are many versions of the drivers available on the website for your ease, you must select the suitable and newly updated version

Steps to Install Canon Printer Driver:

Step 1: From the browser of your preference, enter the address of the Canon printer official website. Input the information of your Canon printer and click on the correct model from the list.

Step 2: You will see a box with heading ‘Drivers & Software’, click on it. Select the operating system of your computer from the drop-down menu and double click on the .exe file that applies to your version of the operating system. Click on the ‘I agree’ button to initiate the downloading.

Step 3: Once the download gets completed, double-click on the EXE file that you can find in your ‘downloads’ folder. Click ‘Run’ when the Windows asks if you want to start the program. Click finish when the installer program indicates it is done.

It is important that you must do the installation of printer driver accurately so that no issues must occur related to faulty drivers. In case of any trouble while installation, try reaching out to Canon printer technical support phone number that stays available round the clock.

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Canon printer tech support

Printers are amazing devices as it converts the intangible things to tangible. With your given instruction it prints the texts and images on a paper. In this time, these are greatly using everywhere, like in business houses, schools, colleges and also for personal use. But while buying this, you need to keep one thing in your mind, i.e., the brand of your printer.

To keep it functioning for a long period, you must go by a printer from the best brand, and one such brand is Canon printer. These printers are the best and perform outstandingly. You will get only high quality, portable and high-end devices with Canon printer. However, with so many high-end features and specifications, these printers also carry some issues which may arise with time.

During that time you will need Canon Printer Support to resolve those technical issues as soon as possible. You will get expert guidance to fix the issues. There are some issues with the printer. There are also some technical issues which require fixes on time. That’s why technical support team are there. They will offer you perfect technical support and expert services so that you only get the best solution related to your printer issues.

Issues which you may come across with your printer

  • You might not be able to get smooth access to your printer.
  • Insufficient ink in the printer.
  • Printing quality is not up to the mark, even though there is enough ink in the printer.
  • Frequent paper jam in your printer.
  • Carriage jam in the printer.
  • Issues with printer software driver installation.
  • Printer compatibility issues.
  • Spooling issues in the printer and more.

These problems are quite common in the printer and may arise anytime without any indication. When it happens, it will surely affect your work. That’s why it is important to resolve such issues instantly or as soon as possible. Take help of Canon Printer Support Number for this. You will get help from highly-trained professional engineers. When you get instructions from skilled engineers, you can easily resolve all your issues related to printer.

Advantaged of printer technical services

  • Professional services for printer set-up, installation and up- gradation. You will get the basic idea for printer software installation.
  • The simple guide to install driver and toner cartridge for the printer.
  • Troubleshot any printer issues just by calling on Canon Printer Customer Care
  • Solve all types of printer malfunctions and learn best printer configuration for more performance.
  • Instant solution to fix spooler issues and prevent error notifications.
  • Solve Windows compatibility issues through simple steps.
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Canon, a brand name of the most amazing printers in the world of manufacturing; Has marked its powerful existence in every corner of the world. With the user-friendly interface, Canon printers have sleek design and high-resolution printing. It is a fact that Canon printers in today's technical world are the symbol of perfection. Millions of users have chosen Canon printers because of their ease of operation and their incredible printing experience for their everyday print jobs.

Canon's name is more than enough to make its competitors to kneel because it used the best technology to provide the best services to its competitors and its products like cameras, calculators, printers, etc. are used by Millions of customers all over the world. The Canon printer is one of the most used products by students, offices, etc. Users usually encounter problems by getting printouts of their documents and the main behind is the old Canon printer drivers.

One of the best things is to have access to our Canon printer support service that allows you to avoid having to wait until Monday to bring your device to a service center to have it repaired; You will receive the unique remedy at your door. That would be the big and beneficial if you feel free to reach us; We are at your disposal 24/7 to get rid of the chaos that has disturbed you very much. The technical support  for Canon printers offered is available to the customer in the form of significant costs that encourage each user to try online support services. Users who are looking for an effective diagnosis of their technical hiccups can contact the online experts and get infallible assistance from them in a cost effective manner.  

More details:   

Call us:  +1-800-793-5007

  Visit us:

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Canon Printer is a device of appreciating functionality and a crisp and professional looking printout. But a lot of issues keep hanging onto the machine while you are using it. These issues can be in the form of simple problems or complex error codes or messages. Dealing with the complex error codes and messages is quite problematic. Therefore, the  Canon Printer Support Phone Number UK always remains by your side in the toughest of situations. Get helped by just calling them once and they will answer you with the most appropriate solution.

You might have heard the first class technology stored in Canon Printer Mp230 model. But there is a no. of error codes that can make it unworthy and sometimes troubling. If you see error code 1300, this actually means that some paper is jammed in the paper output slot or the Rear tray. You have to take out the paper that is causing jam inside the machine. And for that, you need to turn off the machine and remove jammed paper during printing. Thereafter, press the Stop or Reset button for cancelling print jobs before you turn it off.

The right steps for removing the paper are as follows:

• As a first step, just pull the paper out slowly, from the rear tray or the paper output slot.
• Thereafter, just reload the paper, and press the Stop or Reset button on the machine.
• When you turn it off the machine in step 1, all print jobs in the queue should be canceled. You can try to print again if you want.

When you can’t remove the paper or the paper tears inside the machine, this means something else is causing trouble. This might mean that paper Is Jammed inside the Machine.

You can remove them out by following the steps as below:

• Just turn off the machine, and unplug the power cord as soon as possible.
• And then open the scanning unit, in case your paper touch these parts and blot or scratch them, the machine might get damaged.
• Thereafter, ensure that jammed paper is not under the cartridge holder.
• When the jammed paper is under the FINE cartridge holder, you need to move the FINE cartridge holder, slide it to the right or left edge.
• And then keep a hold on the jammed paper with your hands.
• When the paper is rolled up, pull it out for tearing it slowly. 
• Keep sure of the thing that all the jammed paper is removed as needed.

In case, you see any other alarming situation, you must connect the experts for Canon Printer. Issues related to paper jam can caused in any of the situation and with any of the printer model. And this case, is most seen with Epson Printer, if you ever get so, connect the tech supporters at Epson Printer Online Customer Care Number UK for ultimate solution. The experts are really helpful for any of the issue you see.

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An Overview of Canon Printers

Canon is one of the leading manufacturers of printers and cameras. This company is involved in the production of an array of home and commercial use printers sold under names like Pixma, Selphy, Laser Shot and imageCLASS. Canon printers are the most popular computer printers available on the market. These printers and their accessories are known for reliability and quality. The following are some of the printer types and models that Canon offers.

Major Canon Printer Types

Inkjet Printers: These are all purpose photo inkjet printers with varying features and options. A few models also offer a wireless printing solution. The quality and state of the art technology used in the making of these printers makes them ideal for personal or business needs.

Color Laser Printers: These printers use single or separate single-color cartridges like cyan, yellow, and magenta. They are suitable for colored documents and workgroup support number uk

Laser Printers: These are user friendly printers that feature quick printing speeds. Canon laser printers provide crisp and clear image quality and require less maintenance than other printers.

Multifunction Printers: These are compact and functional printers applicable for both home and office needs. They include a printer, scanner, and copier. They offer rapid print speed, higher resolution, and also media support.

Mac Printers: These inkjet printers are compatible with the Apple Macintosh computer. They can be used to print quality documents and also scan photos.

Portable Printers: These printers provide mobility and function similar to a mobile device. They also include a USB port and inbuilt wireless connectivity to easily scan or print from anywhere.

Leading Models of Canon Printers

Canon Pixma MP490 Multifunction Printer: This new model is comprised of Easy-WebPrint EX technology that helps to edit, print and merge directly from the web. It can also be used to print photos from a memory card. The Auto Photo Fix II feature enables it to perform minimal photo correction during the process of printing.

Canon Selphy CP780 Photo printer: This is a compact and user friendly photo printer available in four color variations. It can be used to print photos directly from a memory card, camcorder, or camera.

Canon MP560 All-in-one Inkjet: This printer offers good printing quality with a smart and simple interface. It holds an auto duplex facility that aids in two-way paper feed. The printer also includes a 2400 dpi scanner applicable for high quality scanning and copying.

Canon Pixma MX870 Wireless Office All-in-one: This is an all-in-one printer useful for home and office requirements. This printer allows sharing across the network with its Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity

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An additional letter of paper is being printed, due to the print settings. This setting is usually used in offices where print volumes are high and many users are printing, an extra sheet of paper prints to separate print jobs, but if you are printing only one It can really be annoying. Thankfully, this is a simple fix! Go to your printer and device on your computer, click on your printer, and then click on the printer preferences. You should be able to deselect separator pages from. If During this, if you face any technical error, then you can call at +1-888-600-6920 Canon Printer Support Number

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If you want to print envelope using Canon Printer then, before anything you have to done the preparations to start printing. Just press down all the four edges of your printer in order to flatten them and load the paper by pulling out the cassette of the device. After that, you need to place the envelope with the print side facing below and ensure that you have to place them in the cassette’s center. And then get the paper guide align in front of the envelopes and slide it on the right and left accordingly. Insert the cassette back again and open the output tray.After preparing all that follow the below given steps after that:• You need to open printer driver setup window and choose Media type and select envelope.• And then, choose the correct paper type that you have forced into the paper tray.• And then select Orientation that is Mainly Landscape.• Now, choose the desired print quality that is high or standard.• And then, complete the setup and click OK to finish.If you have related query, you can connect to the technical team at Canon Printer Phone Number UK @ 0808-101-3524 (Toll-Free). They assure easy handling of your issues and suggest best workaround. For more information visit the site
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How to Troubleshoot Canon Printers?

Canon is known to be one of the renowned brands in the Printer industry. They are widely used worldwide and are renowned for their everlasting quality. However, sometimes Canon users suddenly face some problems regarding the Printer. After-all printer is an electronic device, it may misbehave in terms of working. Often users have various complaints like the paper is stuck in between or the print is blurry or sometimes there is discoloration too or there is too much sound or the printer is slow. The issues may vary from user to user but the solution is in right hands of the Canon Printer Customer Service professionals, who are certified technicians with an answer to your problems related to the Canon Printer.

How to troubleshoot Canon Printers 300w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />

By following some simple steps you yourself can troubleshoot any of the issue or error related to Canon Printers. In any case, you face some problem while dealing with the device, you can always reach out to Canon customer care phone number which is available 24×7.

Troubleshooting Canon Printers

Step 1: Start your Canon Printer and take the handy guide manual which you got at the time of purchase of the printer. See if the printer light is blinking and then refer to the manual to check if it is fine or not.

Step 2: Make sure the cord is properly inserted into the power plug as well the printer is connected to the computer. Do a quick visual check-up by opening the external flap of the printer as if there is any paper stuck or any insect is lying dead there.

Step 3: Try checking your color ink cartridge if that is filled properly or not, have a look at the print head too and also take a look at the paper tray.

Step 4: After the proper inspection of the computer as well as the printer, turn the printer off and then restart it. Give the print command and print some material to check if any flaws or errors persist or not.

In case you come across any other issue while troubleshooting your canon printer, do not forget to reach out to Canon Customer Service Phone Number anytime.

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Canon printers are known for its amazing printing quality. Canon provides a wide range of printer models which has been utilized by worldwide users. Because of its superb quality of printer users purchase Canon printer models. Yet there are some hassles occur with a canon printer. To resolve the printer customers can opt for Canon Printer Customer Service. If you are also a user of Canon printer and get trouble while printing. Without delay, you can reach to customer care team and ask them to resolve printer problem. Have a look which kind of issues get solved by the team of customer care.

How to Resolve Canon Printer Technical Issues 300w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 960px) 100vw, 960px" />

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Best Canon Inkjet Printers - Printzone


The Canon inkjet printers are some of the most widely used inkjet printers in the market. They are high-quality printers that are durable and long-lasting. These printers have been designed to give you the best printing results than any inkjet printer can give you and making complete use of this product depends largely on using the right kind of Ink Cartridges.

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Best Wireless Printers 2018

Wireless printers are the highly popular choice for business people and homes due to its extensive features. Printers are always available with latest technologies to offer high-quality print. Wireless printers that have been discovered in the recent years are using trendy technology & benefits. Here are the lists of best wireless printers 2018.

  1. HP Envy 4520

With the new modeled HP Envy, you can able to accomplish everything in a perfect way. This model printer is available with modern technology which seems to be the perfect companion for your business needs. It comes with small design and hence can be quickly installed using wireless feature. It performs various functions like copy, scan, and print.

  1. Canon Pixma iX6820

One of the best printers is canon printer which can able to perform all sorts of printing actions in quicker time. The Canon Pixma iX6820 wireless printer comes with plenty of features to offer high-performance on its usage. The image quality is tremendous. This canon printer will help you in terms of business growth & it is the perfect choice for office because you can able to print everything ranging from photos to spreadsheets and also presentation charts. With high resolution, the device can offer awesome printing. 

  1. Brother HL – L5200DW

Anyone who looks for monochrome laser printer must consider for the brother printer. This print has the capability to provide 42 prints per minute. The major highlight of this printer is its blazing speed, excellent optional paper-capacity & good standard, low running cost, multiple wired & wireless connectivity choices, Good output quality in terms of text print. You can easily connect this printer with Wi-Fi network to take print out easily.

  1. Canon Selphy CP1200

Printers are sometimes bulky and big but not everyone has the same room in their house or office to accommodate such device. This is particularly true when you want to print your photographs. The Selphy CP1200 model from Canon is just 7.1 inches wide & 2.5 inches tall without any paper tray attachment. The weight of this wireless printer is only 2.5 pounds. Due to its size, it can able to print only 4 by 6-inch size photos. The newest cannon Selphy printer provides a perfect mixture of running costs & low price, multiple connection choices, portability, good print quality and multiple connection choices.

  1. HP OfficeJet Pro 6968

This model of hp printer is developed for business & can deliver fast results with high-quality color. Besides from that, this printer can able to handle plenty of printing tasks without spoiling the overall performance of the device. It is considered to be the all-in-one printer because it is equipped with touchscreen display of 2.65 inches to let you print, fax, scan and copy quickly. Though this device is considered to be wireless connectivity, there are facilities for Wi-Fi direct, AirPrint and Ethernet port for connecting the printer to the PC comfortably and safely.

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How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 6000?

Steps to resolve Canon Printer Error Code 6000 on your PC
When someone thinks of the word print, the name instantly comes in the mind Canon. Canon is one the leading company which provides us multiple products like camera, printers in different models, rates, and features. It is a company which provides you photo printer basically, it is a photo printer best for home and office uses. It boasts with Auto Duplex prints, Auto Photo Fix, Borderless printing, Document printing and 2-way paper feeding. It has a feature of 5 individual ink tanks. However, impressive features do not always mean that everything is perfect because of these good features there is some technical issues which can be occurred during the time of printing.

A Flashing Canon Printer Error code 6000 is one of the most common errors faced by every user. Canon provides services with their best features, but sometimes companies are always responsible when some technical issues occur. Error 6000 is the line feed error which can occur in any of the photo printers.

But while printing the error 6000 occurs then it will damage your printer internally or sometimes damage your window operating system, keyboard or mouse input.

Causes of Canon Printer Error Code 6000
Let’s talk about the causes to protect you from different causes that are occurred during the time of error 6000. There are so many factors due to which Error occurs. It might destroy your window registry system or computer or printer might be shut down for few seconds don’t get panic it will automatically restart. Here, 3 main causes of error 6000 which can be described below in detail error 6000 means there is a problem in the line feed-

The line feed is either scratched or smeared.
Some small particles, debris or a foreign object is stuck in the L.F Drive.
There might be any defect in-line feed slit os sensor unit.
But sometimes there is a possibility in occurring of error 6000 is that of continuous usage of the printer or the printer is heated because of the temperature issue, inside and outside temperature of the printer may different so the error can occur. The Canon printers can recommend some minimum and maximum temperature to their users for the best use of printers.

How to fix Canon Printer Error 6000?
There are many solutions to fix the error 6000 some will be described by us to you. Follow these steps and you can get your solution to fix the error 6000. Error 6000 as we tell you earlier is the line feed error in your printer.

Method -1

These steps are very easy to follow and understand. While following the steps just remember you have to follow carefully.

For a smeared and scratched line feed, simply clean the LF and EJ slit film with a noncorrosive solution.
For stuck particles, debris or foreign object in the LF drive removed the jammed object carefully.
For any defective printer part, replace the defective component. The defective components will include one or more of these items i.e LF/ EJ slit film, LF/ EJ timing sensor unit, paper feed roller unit, logic board and paper feed motor.
If you are still troubleshooting with the problem of error 6000 then follow the second method you will get the best result.


Resetting or restart your printer might help you in solving the error 6000. Below we discuss how to reset your printer.

Unplug your printer from the power plug, and leave it for few seconds in the “Pause Mode”.
Now, plug the power cord on the power plug and “Switch On” the printer.
Press and “Hold” the power button for few seconds. Then press the “Stop” button Twice.
Repeat this procedure one more time.
This time keep in your mind that slowly release the “Power” button.
Press the “Stop” four times.
This method surely helps you and clear the continuously shows error 6000 message from your computer screen.

If you are still unable to solve the Canon Error code 6000 then refer the manual provided to you with the printer by the companies or you can take help from your experts by only dialling the Canon printer support number.

Canon Printer Support 24*7 always helps you in finding your problem instantly. For instant help just dial the toll-free number of Canon printer customer support.

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