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Established in the year 1963, CTC Trading Company started as a cloth-trading house in Chandni Chowk. Today, CTC Trading Company has evolved into a complete fashion house that reflects a fine line of exclusive ethnic & fusion wear and has established themselves as the best designer bridal lehenga shop in Chandni Chowk. Each of the carefully crafted pieces of designer wear including suit, saree, lehenga, gown or ready to wear attire carry the secrets of their traditional artistry infused with contemporary design aesthetics. 


Head Office: Delhi
920, Station Road, Chandni Chowk,
Delhi - 110006
Ph: +91 11 23941795
+91 11 23941796
Fax: +91 11 23916444

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Love is definitely eternal when it's true and originates from the heart. Our whole world is driven by one element which is none other than love. Humanity is a strange species. They are quite complicated too to be comprehended completely. And one of the most impressive functions exhibited by them is to achieve wonders and the difficult even under the most hard of zales wedding rings times. Under all these hard circumstances it is love that makes them keep on going towards the finish line as they really believe that there is always something excellent in this world to eliminate for. Love has numerous types as well. And the one we really relish is the one we get to show our partner or fiancee. Have you discovered your holy one yet? Have you discovered your soul mate? It is time to make a proposition and present the holy engagement rings.™Bizarrely off late, everybody seeks for the true love. It has actually ended up being an incredibly popular term. One can not actually stress on the aspect that you are bound to in fact be with only one individual who is truly that enjoyable and a perfect match. One can keep on disputing about this soul mate term permanently as there is no significant evidence. Then, it really feels excellent and remarkable to think of such things and treat it appropriately with such regard and importance. Irrespective of whether she is your true love or not, or you just think so if her that method, she deserves the best. She requires to feel special and special and you, who have actually made her love and heart, must make her feel the very same. The diamond rings you get should be rather unique and stylish.

Searching for such a special ring is never an easy job. Every engagement ring you come across is usually unique and stylish. She needs to discover the particular ring special and incredible.

Customizing rings is an extremely simple task which involves:


1. Choose the loose diamond( s) 2. Select the setting style3. Choose the product for the ring

And voila, you'll have a stylish and distinct diamond engagement ring.

There are lots of websites just providing details along with marketing fantastic rings. Make certain to collect sufficient information and buy quality accredited diamond engagement rings for your spouse. Never ever compromise over quality for cheap price at any provided day.

Not many believe of fashion jewelry when it comes to believing about stainless steel. The refined gleam on the surface area is worth buying it and is certainly one of the most economical options. The points discussed listed below highlight the methods you can get your groove on with low-cost rings on your fingers.

The trendy component

The preferred Stainless Steel Rings are normally worn by celebrities, and you can quickly discover them sporting with all magnificence. Right from sports stars, film idols to rock stars everybody is wearing them with flair. They have an exclusive masculine appeal and are scratch-resistant. The thin metal band that can be quickly endured the fingers does not stain due to wearing it daily. It is readily available in different styles to make it hip to wear. It is the supreme for the man who is style conscious. With a broad variety of choices they can be found in, the majority of them are fashionable and contemporary. If you are seriously thinking about buying one you totally should.


Competitive rates

There are lots of gold plated colors you will find in the Stainless Steel Rings. The rate point changes with each sort of plating. For models that cheap wedding ring sets have a volume of more than three cm3 of gold in addition to non-gold plating, the rate ranges are very different. An extra plating expenses extra. The compact models are often on discount rate. The highly in-depth stainless steel could be the perfect one for you to sport any style. Some of the rings have Titanium's strength incorporated into them, and the rates is done to fir every sort of budget plan. Some expensive designs have three-dimensional prints on them.

The surfaces


Every style that is embossed in the rings has their surface and material. If there are unpolished areas, they tend to look much darker than the ones that are polished. Many of the gold surfaces owe their golden tinge due to the rings being provided a gold bath with color.

Grades are the main point

Considering that they come in various grades, it is vital to understand that these kind of steel rings are made of metal alloys. The rings zales engagement rings that are black stainless steel are provided the highest regard due to the fact that they have a manly appeal and are sleek.

Staying armed with accurate knowledge

In spite of popularity, individuals require to muster enough understanding prior to acquiring the ring. They are the most economical rings, and you can always handle to have more than with yourself.

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Engagement is a time, when no appreciates which ring they will get, they only think of what they can provide. As they say, Diamonds are a woman's best-friend, which is definitely real. Irrespective of the number of gifts you have actually provided her, the addition of a diamond will just strong your bond as a couple. If you believe this is a best time to ask her that you are ready to settle, ask her with a diamond. In order to provide your beloved with a diamond, it is encouraged to select a celebration and after that present your life in the type of that band to her. Diamonds make the all-time favorite classic engagement rings. There are various jewelers who have the most perfect collection of engagement rings in the large variety of brand names. Now is the chance to ask the love of your life, "Will you marry me?" The question should not seem like the one taken in rush. For this reason, one needs to be prepared with a ring in order to support his concern.™An engagement ring certainly shows a couple's love to spend their life together for an eternity. It can just strengthen when you purchase a diamond engagement ring for her. However, the task of purchasing an engagement ring includes a lot of thorough research study as it is not a small investment. It is one of the most significant investment made in the category of emotions and finance. When you browse in order to buy a diamond engagement ring, you will need to face a selection of choices where you might discover it difficult to select one out of the various choices offered. One should never ever forget that diamonds are permanently, simply like your love. All you require to do is beware while settling that ideal ring, which will really explain your feelings for her.


You can also utilize the option of purchasing an engagement ring online, where you can look into well on that best cut and shape for your love. As they say, "Marriages are made in paradise, and couples make the idea real in the world."Well, individuals who quite believe in the principle would never ever disappoint ideas in order to make their engagement an unique affair. And if you're like the majority of other guys, you can ask your relative or good friends about the tips on purchasing an engagement ring. This will get you a double confirmation on the ring, which you want to provide to your precious.

The absence of comprehensive details on palladium jewelry and the relentless lack of knowledge among some members of the jewelry market is actually astonishing. A lot of the so called specialists, offering recommendations on jewelry online forums are most likely too busy writing posts, to find cheap engagement rings a long time to learn about this amazing metal. Another reality which is hardly ever discussed is the extremely low current rate of this uncommon metal compared to the other big ones in the jewelry market - gold and platinum. Palladium is rarer than gold and platinum and just in the end of 2001 was without a doubt more pricey than both of them. Whether the retail sector likes it or not palladium in gaining momentum and is reasonable to inform the consumer before the rates sky rocket.

Not brand-new for the jewelry industry palladium was rarely used on its own due to unique requirements in its casting procedure. There need to zales rings on sale be some deep political and cost-effective reasons to keep this incredible valuable metal under the lid, thinking about the long list of benefits coming forward when compared to white gold and the big cost space to its closest rival in quality - platinum.



I have actually engagement and wedding ring set always liked working with platinum, mainly due to the fact that this metal allows great expression of detail and it is possible to achieve really "crisp" surface, impossible for any other precious metal alloy. It gets even much better: palladium is 40% lighter than platinum and you get more ring for your gram. Affordable, palladium engagement rings use unmatched value for loan.

Why are palladium engagement rings superior to any other white rare-earth element?

Palladium is a noble metal from the Platinum Group of Metals. It is brilliant white in color, hypoallergenic, abrasion resistant and extremely tough. It is incredibly similar to platinum mechanically and even chemically. It is a dream metal for stone setting, producing strong grip with minimum thickness. It has the fantastic articulation of platinum, making it ideal for information intensive pieces like antique style engagement rings and it is seriously under-priced. As for the white gold, there is no single point where palladium does not have substantial benefit other than one; the manufacturing process of this metal is even more demanding and require appropriate knowledge and innovation. Fortunately is that this does not in any way affect the end product since when it is done it is trouble totally free.

Palladium engagement rings are terrific looking with 100% noble metal (palladium +ruthenium) content, low in maintenance, strong, hypoallergenic, long-term and beyond doubt the very best value for cash currently on the market.

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Do you notice in the digital world there are some peoples still have some fears to make online shopping? Because of the uncertainty in the online shopping process still, people prefer to shop at brick-and-mortar stores. If you need to avoid the uncertainty in online shopping read more the content.

Examine the product details

Take your own time to read and understand the contents of the displayed item from degree gold bridal hand fan Ghana. To avoid suffering from a bad case, you must prefer to check information about the products before adding them to your cart.

Don’t forget to validate the price

Instead of bargaining the online site dealers, you can validate prices of the products with a variety of offers. You can get the accessories from ornament to electrical type from the online Ghana computer accessories store. Lead to ensure the benefit of paying the lowest for an item and buy the product.

Applicable Payment methods

To complete your online purchasing process you have to make a payment for your cart items. You can get a couple of options for Online Bill Payment Method to pay for the selective items. Check out the options available for you to make the payment if possible prefer to go at your doorstep payment method.

Shipping mode and return policy

The shipping mode is the only way the product to reach the customer you can select the mode to get the product. Give priority to check the return policy against every material to avoid inconveniences occurring. Keep track the online educational stationery accessories you ordered to assume the timing and date to get the product.

Final thoughts

Mind the aforementioned points while you shopping online and waiting to receive the ordered items. These tips are reasonably high to secure you from receiving different product.

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Khushboo Sharma.

Director Gracious Avatar -Academy of Makeup Make-up Artistry and other professional courses.

What is wedding /bridal makeup?

Wedding makeup is a vital part of the wedding preparation process. Crafting and designing the perfect look for your wedding day and is first and foremost on any bride’s list as experienced by Best Bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon Khushboo Sharma.
Why hire a makeup artist for your wedding?

Best Bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon Khushboo Sharma says: There are various reasons to hire a trained and professional makeup artist .One of the most important reason to hire a professional makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding day is that a professional makeup artist will meet with you prior to your wedding day to do a trial run of the makeup look or hairstyle you want. (This may cost you extra)

1. Stay hassle and stress-free on your wedding day.

Of all the reasons to hire a professional makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding day, this may be the single most important benefit. Take it from experienced brides Best Bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon Khushboo Sharma says ... your wedding day is guaranteed to be demanding and will likely include a few unexpected challenges, so don’t let your appearance be one of them.

You shouldn’t have to spend time worrying if your eyeliner is straight so Best Bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon Khushboo Sharma says any reputable artist that is a professional will meet with you prior to your wedding day to do a trial run of the makeup look or hairstyle you want. On the day-of, your beauty team rolls in, on location, and knows your skin type, your desired outcome, your theme, and any complications in the trial.

2. You want to look Natural, Dramatic, Asian or Indian bride

Best Bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon Khushboo Sharma says to give you the desired result as per your demand your make-up artist will have to select your foundation shade to your lips to the perfect eyeliner; makeup artists know how to choose the colors that match your unique character and features. Your wedding day will keep you photographed, perhaps more than any day in your life.

3. Professional grade cosmetics that last long

Best Bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon Khushboo Sharma says it’s a fact that there is a big difference behind ordinary, less costly makeup and hair products vs. professional ranking products that have been created for specific applications.

No matter makeup artist’s work for passion or living whatever the case may be they apply cosmetics of high quality and possibly very expensive luxurious products.

4. Application techniques

As we all know make up just helps us to enhance our beauty, every female is pretty and beautiful .Any makeup artist would actually not change anything about you.
Best Bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon Khushboo Sharma says However Industry professionals study tricks to emphasize a person’s best facial features while disguising other, less flattering ones just by applying makeup.

However a professional makeup artist can use special makeup techniques to make that happen with the help of right makeup application technique.

5. Guaranteeing perfection

This is one of the most important things Best Bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon Khushboo Sharma guarantees this .Like we mentioned above, beauty professionals use high-quality products that are blended with rigorous expertise. When you a hire a makeup artist or hair stylists for your wedding, you won’t have to worry about your makeup wearing off during your wedding festivities or your hair falling from its form. There are special primers, setting sprays and powders that your artists will know exactly how to apply to ensure complete bliss.

Contact Best Bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon Khushboo Sharma – Get your desired look which is pocket friendly and impressive too.
You won’t regret it.

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The silk industry in India is truly one of the most acclaimed and in-demand garment industry domestically, as well as for the world outside.

Raw materials are often obtained from the cocoons of the eri and muga silkworm, and there are many parts of the country were one can get different varieties of traditional silk garments produced as individual centers of a cottage industry at large. They also tend to have their own celebrated features and value points, which make them truly stand out to the purchasing public at large.

If you are looking to buy sarees online, and it would preferably be made out of pure silk, then take a look at the list elaborated below.


Chanderi Silk Sarees

Specialized by a curious and valued amalgamation of Chanderi cotton and silk, the results are often unique to their own very end.
Rooted at Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh, the material is ‘shimmering’ in its appearance and lightweight upon touch.

Banarasi Silk Sarees

Undisputedly referred to as the best variety of silk garment, especially for the purpose of fashion, it has never gotten out of style but has only increased in originality and demand.
Despite four different types, you cannot miss the signature gold and silver zari work is done upon the fabric.

Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

Kanjeevaram has become quite famous over the years, especially considered as one of the very best varieties of silk products to have come out South India.
Their austere and bright appearance has been especially valued over the years in a holistic way, and the place of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu has become a tourist destination primarily due to this very fact.

Mysore Silk Sarees

Produced with the help of iconic mulberry silk, the tradition of Mysore Silk shall seemingly continue for an extended period of time. It is also one of the most easily identifiable silk varieties, and you can quite safely and assuredly buy Mysore silk sarees online.

Baluchari Silk Sarees

Also manufactured by a very notable silk strain known as Tussar silk, Bangladesh has a foothold in the variety first. Extremely fine and instantly valuable as a product internationally, the variety in India is primarily centered in the Malda district of West Bengal

All of these varieties can serve instant and effective implementation as a Designer sarees online. Through a bit of research and consideration, you can get the actual and accurate products quite effectively at the best prices imaginable.

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Latest Clothing Outfit Ideas & Pairings

Designer Bridal Lehengas

The world of Designer Lehenga Choli still eases nerves, especially during the wedding seasons and festive months. If it was all about Bridal dressing, long Lehenga Cholis would have had serious competition from the likes of gowns, sarees and kurtis. but when it comes to ethnic charm stitched with comfort, a Lehenga Choli set is the winner hands down.


The Fabulous Lehenga Choli

The lehenga choli is a customary Indian outfits which is made up of a skirt, blouse and scarf. The skirt or Bridal Lehenga Choli is structured with neat pleats and tied with a drawstring around the waist, while the choli or blouse usually end just above the navel, leaving the midriff bare. The lengha choli was the favored outfit of respectable women for a long time. This comes across in the exquisite and graceful aesthetic of lehenga. The Indian lehenga choli is a popular ethnic-wear choice for weddings, festivals and ceremonies.


Types Of Lehenga Cholis

Major and Minor Designer lehenga choli types below :

  • Mermaid or Fishtail Lehenga
  • Panelled Lehenga Choli
  • A-line Lehenga Choli
  • Straight Cut Lehenga
  • Lehenga with Jackets
  • Half Saree Lehenga
  • Ruffle or Layered Lehenga
  • More Than Just Bridal Wear

Anarkali Lehenga Choli

Most of you would’ve heard of Anarkali. She is in fact, a famous character of the Mughal Empire. Her dressing legacies still continues in dressing. The anarkali lehenga choli, has full length lehenga choli that goes down completely. In other form, you can say it is ethnic form of long western skirt. This Anarkali choli can be kept to a couple of inches above the floor. When this outfit is provided with beautiful zari work, popularly known as embroidery, georgette then this outfit will make you shine like the star of the eve. You can select lehenga-choli collection beautifully decorated with the help of stones, thread work and sequins.


Unique Collections Of Gowns At Online

If you want uniqueness, then we are the people you are look for. Forget about a designer gown being clothing with a bodice and a skirt. It is more than that, and as you go through our collection during your Prom Gowns online shopping, you will understand this. It is all about perfecting the idea associated with a fancy gown and transforming it to be a superb style. We have understood this, and that is why our designer party wear gowns are the best. This is what makes khushbu Fashion unique. We stick to what create Indian dressing culture what it is while using it to revolutionize any clothing culture that is not of Indian basic.


Ease of Wear Combined With Glamour

Designer Gown has carved a niche for themselves in the hearts of the younger descent because of their perfect description of femininity and flair. Its rest and ease of wear, has quickly found its way into the heart of the Indian ladies. They serve aa great rational choice for you to wear at a wedding or any evening event. Khushbu fashion offers some of the best gowns with contemporary designs and patterns to help you stand out from the multitude.

For More Information :- Womens Clothing Online Shopping Website

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Family photos are the one that people cherish as it is the one which reconsolidates all the memories. To make it more memorable, we choose the best photographers for clicking the best pictures.

When it comes to the family photographs, these are equally important than the single clicks and choosing the Family photographers in Charleston SC, who is specialised in family photos depends upon the person’s taste.

Finding such photographers is a little bit time consuming as you need to understand what type of photos you want to click as well as the type of photo shoot.

The foremost thing that you need to consider before choosing the photographer is to understand your requirement. What type of photos you want as there are several types of photo shoot needs that depends upon the individual taste.


Some photographers click candid pictures of yours and some are good in clicking portraits according to their perfection. Thus, you need to choose the one who is best for you by considering their portfolio and see what style grabs your attention.

Both styles have its own benefits as the portrait one allows to have the whole family in a single frame while candid one helps in getting a wonderful click. Jolie Connor photographers click perfect family wedding pictures that look striking.

The very next is the photo shoot types that is studio sessions or the informal photos. The best is to find the photographer that knows how to click the best picture of yours in both the styles.

Every photographer has it's own style if you are comparing the one’s style with the other you will not get any result. As photographer work according to their styles and angles and the best one try to provide you with creative work by clicking photos that you have not seen before.

Thus, choosing the best and creative photographer takes time but in turn, you get the best pictures of your family. Which becomes an asset and brings a smile on your face whenever you open that bundle of joy

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“Find the Perfect One For your Wedding”

Gowns are loose robe-like attire available in both long as well as short in length, which is preferred by ladies to wear on special occasions such as marriage, reception, engagement or any prom parties.

It is a perfect set of women's costume are the latest trends, available in various types, designs, patterns, colors, fabrics & many other aspects loved to wear in special occasions especially on Wedding.

There are significant types of Gowns available in the market. We listed the top 5 latest types of gowns appropriate for Wedding. Hope will be a beneficiary in selecting suitable Wedding Gowns Online to get elegant look bringing charm on your face.

1) A-Line Wedding Gown


A-Line Wedding Gown is a very simple, elegant and classy type suitable for not too slim & not too fat brides. It flows out to the ground in an A-Lined flare. A-Line flare hides your fat tummy and helps you look slim. Fabric like satin and raw silk is not suitable to create A-Line Gowns. Jewelry like diamond ear-rings, sophisticated necklace and bracelet are preferable to wear along with this gown.

2) Empire Waist Gown


Empire Waist Gowns are very much trendy will give a dignified look. It has a high waistline, below the bust and flares flow out till the ground, perfect outfit for the rectangular shaped body. Suitable fabrics to make Empire Waist Gowns is satin, silk, and cotton. Matching jewelry set and flowers to hair will be an add-on to get an elegant look. Persons who are slim can also have a look for Wedding Long Gowns Online will get a shape as Empire Waist Gown.

3) Jacket Gown


Jacket Gown endows a classy look to the bride suitable for the rectangular and hourglass body. It is highly-preferred to worn in the Indian Wedding and it plays a role as the savior if a wedding is in the winter season. Fabrics like silk, satin, and zari bordered silk are preferred to make this gown. Pearl-drop ear-rings along with bangles are the matching accessories for this admirable gown.

4) Sheath Gown


The vertical natured gown is a body-lined gown from hip to hem. It looks stunning on you even without flares. It is suitable for tall and slim brides as it enhances the height. Fabrics like net, lace or georgette can relevant to use to form this type of gown. Pearl jewelry set, hair band or tiara will be an add-on with this gown. Shopping evening gowns online especially Sheath Gowns is the perfect choice to make out if you are tall.

5) Draped Gown


The Draped Gown has a beautiful split front which drapes around the body flaring out as an asymmetric skirt, usually suitable for hourglass, pear-shaped, tall and slim brides. Fabrics such as silk, satin or georgette are suited to use in this type of gown. Embellished jewelry set along with the bracelet can be worn with the gown to look gorgeous.

To look out all the above-listed types of Gowns especially suitable for Wedding Occasions visit

Moh-Mith a Women’s Apparel Online Shopping portal versatile various kinds of Women's Fabrics such as Sarees, Lehengas, Gowns, Dress Materials & many other. We are well known for our latest bridal collections of tremendous latest Wedding Gowns Online afford at best price in India listed various types of Gowns in our online catalog. You can also avail cotton dress material online, wedding lehengas onlineof your choice at the best price.

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Despite being one of the latest trends, pre-wedding photoshoots are still a questionable topic for many couples. There are people who don’t see any relevant significance of pre-wedding shoots and consider them as a waste of money.

To be honest, pre-wedding shoots have a series of benefits, not only for you but for your photographer as well, especially if you are planning to hire the same photographer for your wedding. How? Well, for starters it gives you a chance to build an affine relationship with the photographer. Rather than looking for Bridal Photographers Charleston SC a month before the wedding, it is much better to hire someone who is already familiar with your style.


Furthermore, if you have already worked with a photographer during the pre-wedding shoot, you are going to be quite comfortable around him at the wedding as well. Your photographer can be at his best if he is already familiar with your character, and the best photography angles that suit you.

Apart from all the technical benefits, which are mentioned above, the pre-wedding photo shoot is also one of the most precious and romantic moments for a couple. While in a conversation with a team of Bridal Photographers Charleston SC, they explained how their clients are more excited for pre-wedding shoots than the actual wedding photoshoot.

Mainly because the wedding is sort of a gathered celebration, while pre-wedding shoots allow you to spend every heartfelt moment with your partner. Imagine how perfect it would be to sit on the top of a hill during sunset with the vast blue ocean in front of you and a photographer right behind you trying to capture every essence of that precious moment. Sounds quite romantic, doesn’t it?

So, if you are also making your wedding plans, make sure to keep a day or two vacant for the pre-wedding shoot. Visit, Jolie Conor Photography, a team of professional photographers who are ready to capture every special moment of your life, be it the pre-wedding or actual wedding day.

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Buy Latest Bridal Sarees Collection Online

Are you looking to buy latest bridal sarees collection online? Every and every bride needs to be her prettiest best on her wedding day. She needs to look ethereal and illustrious. The main thing she begins making arrangements for her wedding is her wedding outfit. In many parts of India, the ladies wear sarees for their wedding. The six-yards of perfection has been the symbol of an Indian lady from time immemorial. On her wedding day, a bride needs to look her great in her bridal saree. Give us a chance to view a portion of the genuine ladies who carted away sarees with awesome balance on their big day.

Bridal sarees online are weaved wedding sarees online to give the lady the required sparkle and shimmer for the beginning of her new life. You can purchase bridal sarees online which are only made to keep up the planner outline as are made in a restricted amount in each outline.

The wedding is a standout amongst the most imperative events in a single's life. Everybody needs this day to be extremely uncommon. Everything, beginning from the area to invitees, to sustenance should be in its place. A standout amongst the most critical parts that get the attention of nearly everybody to introduce at a wedding is the marriage dress. The marriage dress leaves a gigantic effect and is associated with years.

A bride might want to look extremely special and emerge of the group. The lady of the hour has a tendency to choose the best dress accessible that can make her look more delightful and observable among the group. Each woman needs to be all the rage on her big day.

The gorgeous looks and the classy and elegant appearance have forced a lot of women around the world in wearing these dresses at their wedding. Moreover, the bridal sarees online shopping in India as well as other countries have made it really easy to own this form of a garments factory.


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Globofam is one of the well-known firms which deal with the selling of best quality personalised bridal robes and other accessories. If you are searching for an online store to buy robes, this is the right place for you. We provide a variety of robes of different sizes. You can pick your robe any time, in addition to this; you can buy here bridal robes also.

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When it comes to ry jewelry, ladies cannot keep control on how much they would desire to spend. Mainly women have the common feeling that their appearance will get a boost if they put on a couple of jewelry pieces.

If you choose designer bridal jewelry, your necklace is the most important piece. Bridal jewelry should be chosen with as much care as your dress. Here are few important bridal jewelry and necklace that every bride likes the most.



Mangalsutra is a fortunate thread, consisting of black beads and gold chain and pendant that every bride wears. The tradition is grooms tie a Mangalsutra around women’s neck at the wedding. Because it symbolizes, it is mandatory for every woman to wear it, especially in the Hindu culture. Though the design and size of the Mangalsutra different from one another, the mixture of beads, gold and pendant is universal.

Choker necklace:


Chokers have a more defined look. They are designed to show off the neckline. These types of stylish necklaces need to be worn tight. Chokers are often very straightforward pieces of velvet material with an unusual or stunning jewel or emblem attached. These are ideal for evening wear when the clothing and occasion demand a touch of elegance. For a larger budget, there are diamond studded chokers available to purchase. These are truly stunning necklaces for women, however, should only be worn at the appropriate time.

Pendant necklaces:


Pendant necklaces for women will have additional decoration attached to the chain. These can be created in many different materials. Wearing this style of stylish accessories outside of the clothing is very popular. This enables the pendant to be shown off and admired by everyone.

The length of the necklaces for women depend on the situation and style that wants to be achieved. Some women prefer shorter styles, while others like the longer look. Designer necklaces should be comfy and lose fitting, except it is a choker style. There are different styles and types of necklaces for women.

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One of the best aspects of getting hitched is the regal feeling when each and every festivity is carried out with you as the central concern. Every girl has this dream of looking like a million bucks in her bridal lehenga. The first thought that comes to your mind is that your bridal lehenga must have full skirts flare that could cover the entire Indian mandap!

However, this is not the only aspect that can make you look like a dream in your bridal lehenga. Your lehenga must be chosen on the basis of your body shape. You must first know your body type so that you can customize your lehenga in such a way that your body flaws can be camouflaged to bring out your beauty and real worth.

Hour Glass

If you have an X shaped body or an hourglass body then pretty much anything will suit you. You can choose a lehenga skirt that has straight cut and has a flowing material so that it can sway with all your movements. You can go for any type of blouse but be careful to show off that beautiful waist of yours which must not lose focus. You are blessed with an ideal figure that can flaunt any type of bridal lehenga with absolute ease and grace.

A Rectangle Body

A rectangle body means that you have a lean frame, but less of curves. This has to be neutralized with certain illusions created. You must wear a bridal lehenga that has a flaring skirt. Choose a material that will have a stiff material which can give a flare to the skirt. This will help you to lessen the broadness of your torso. The blouse must have a plunging neckline that will give the illusion of curves.

A Round Body

If you have a round body, this will mean that all your chest, waist and hips are a little bulging. For such body type, you must choose a straight cut lehenga that has a stiff material. This will give a narrow look at your bottom part and will also toe down the contours of your waistline. Additionally, you must go for a blouse that will cover up your waist p[roperly. This can help you conceal the flabby portions of your waist. Again be careful in terms of draping your dupatta. Try not to overdo the dupatta. Draping it in a traditional pallu form will be a good idea.

Choose The Colors Carefully

Now once you are done with the cuts and the designs of your bridal lehenga, you must pay good attention to the colors of the lehenga. This is an aspect that can really affect the quality of your look. Your skin tone will also help you decide regarding the colors of the bridal lehenga that you must go for.

Ladies with a lighter skin tone can go for any type of color. The ones who are a little on the duskier side, I’d say celebrate – the range happens to be equally variant for you. Choose vivid dark shades to light pastel shades that can make you look like a million bucks.

Choose the accessories right so that the look can be completed to perfection. From jewelry to kill for, clutches to die for and the best-fitted pairs of sandals go for the most intricate hair flower decorations that can make you look like a shinning piece of gem, holding on to the attention of every living soul in your marriage hall that day!

There is a large number of brands in the traditional market that can offer you really beautiful bridal lehengas. These creations are not an only super designer in their looks but have been made with the vast majority of Indian women figures in mind, which are not always perfect. This is something that helps a large number of you to get the perfect fit for your body types. The wedding lehenga online collections are also super good and can offer you more pliable prices. Be sure to order the type that will suit your body type the best and not the most fashionable one. This is the basic bottom line.
While getting your wedding lehenga be sure to check the minor aspects like the stitches and the hemlines and the buttons. If you are going for heavy and detailed sequin work then you must be going through these detailed sequin work with attention and care. This can help you get perfect fits and no hassles on the D-day.

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