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A Road Trip from India to Bhutan

It's time for your annual trip planning activity and you are on the hunt for someplace new. We agree the world is open for you to travel but a Bhutan itinerary is sure to make your vacation tranquil and exotic; after all, you are traveling to the Land of Happiness. This land is mystical, magical, adventurous and beautiful; it's a must-visit destination. March to May is the best time to visit Bhutan and it's the spring season when you find the valleys in full bloom.

The Visa or No Visa 

The best part about traveling to Bhutan is that Indian passport holders DO NOT require a visa. All you need to do is to carry a valid passport and your voter id card along with a few passport size photos. And lo and behold! You can obtain your permit at the border entry point itself.

The Route

There are three routes mainly that you can take, of which two are via Assam. However, the easiest route we find is from West Bengal through Siliguri. Take the route from here and you will soon reach the last Indian town of Jaigaon before the Bhutan border begins. This is a 157 km drive and the shortest. The roads aren't as well maintained but if you are not averse to a bumpy ride, then you are sure to enjoy your trip along with the hilly views. 

Once you reach, you will be able to get your permits from the Bhutan Immigration office that's open from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (Make sure you don't reach on a Saturday or you will be stuck). The permit process takes a couple of hours provided the queue isn't too long. A permit isn't required to enter Phuentsholing. However, once you exit there and start towards Paro or Thimpu, you will come across an immigration checkpoint that will ask you for a valid permit.

Once you enter the main cities of Bhutan, thus begins your adventures overland. Travel across this beautiful country and you will return refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Bhutan tour packages 

Bhutan is the he place that is known for the Thunder Dragon and the last incredible kingdom of Himalaya, this spot is the heaven for tourist from all over the world. With the logic of Gross National Happiness, this goal is best for the individuals who are looking to simply detach from the world and find some inner peace within.


Bhutan has some thing for everybody. It is where rice is red and chillies are appreciated as a primary dish and not a part of the dish. Maybe a couple of the numerous reasons why you should visit Bhutan are the astonishing snow-topped Himalayan Mountains, rich green timberlands, and one of a kind engineering that it offers. Visit Bhutan to cover the high-height trekking trails and respect the shocking widely varied vegetation. We offer Well planned Bhutan Tour packages from Kochi Kerala,Chennai, Delhi and other parts of India.

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The blend of Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour will take you to the final Shangri-La on the world. You will begin this journey from the Himalayan goal of Nepal. This little area on the world delineates stuffed with differing culture, landscapes, and peoples who call it home.

The following stretch of this visit is to the "Top of the World" Tibet. The Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour packages to be sure are the unique experience. Go through shimmering turquoise lakes, crosswise over tremendous fields scattered with yaks and traveler’s tents the extent that the eye can see and over high passes hung with beautiful petition banners.3747569193?profile=original

The last stretch of this visit is "The Thunder Dragon Kingdom" of Bhutan. Visit different Monasteries and Dzong in Paro and capital Thimphu. Visit different vacation spots in the capital of Thimphu, appreciate the natural air amid your ride to Punakha, and visit the biggest Punakha Dzong and the celebrated Taktsang Monastery "Tiger's Nest". You will then fly back to Kathmandu and finish this visit. We have numerous shocks when you are back to Kathmandu. Try not to miss a part of the optional exercises in Kathmandu that we have for you.

The remarkable trips to Tibet Nepal and Bhutan joining three of the most puzzling and detached districts in the Himalayas, we are pleased to offer a mix of Tibet Nepal and Bhutan tour packages for an ideal ordeal. We will discover the intensity of Mount Everest, the isolated secret of Tibet and the immortal customs rehearsed in Bhutan as we discover monasteries, old architecture and traditional cultures while respecting the spectacular excellence of the Himalayas.

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