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I had a distant relationship. Sometimes I just cannot resist the thirst and hunger. My boyfriend chose a vibration wand from beyourlover for me. That's my first ever toy, my boyfriend encourages and guides me to use it.


Here’s the pic of my first toy. It’s called svakom mini Emma. But I’d like to call it lollipop.

You can feed this lollipop to your mouth or vag, of course. It has a flexible head, you can bend it to any direction you want. The smart mode is super unpredictable. It will lead you to the heights of pleasure, which will make you melt from ecstasy. However, that’s not the way I’d play with it.


I tried to play lollipop with my whole body. It didn’t have much feeling to tap or sweep the tits or boobs with lollipop.



I love to use lollipop to tease my vag (or say down mouth) with the smart mode, of course. To tap, to sweep, to make circle, from labias to the clitoris. It’s my first time to use toy, I’m like so scared that I stopped right be before when I’m about to come. I have to stop for a while to get some rest. Then the second time, I’m fully relaxed. I’m like, keep doing the sexy teasing with myself. I can’t help carrying on. Lollipop guides me to the multiple climaxes. My mind seems like stopped and entered a new world, a world filled with fantasies.


At the same time, my facetime is on connecting with my boyfriend. Our mind are fully prepared for the first cybersexmy first one, and his first one with me. At this time, we wanted to let go but at the same time wanted to continue.


After just in a while, this strange but sacred sudden burst of current surged. I told my boyfriend with composure that I’m coming. My mind is like, black out for a moment, with a hot liquid that flowed out between my thighs out of control.


My boyfriend is even more exited to see this. I don’t understand why guys like to see this. He then started to fancy the scenes that we’re together making love.


After all these, my body is like softened, almost limp like a piece of silk on the sofa. Lollipop can make me feel some comfortable feelings like making love, but it’s like very intense but without touch or skin rubs. To me, other than having orgasm and pleasant sensations, I still need my boyfriend’s hugs, as well as feel the warmth of his touch. I kinda miss my boyfriend more after playing with lollipop. Like he said, to play toys in real life together will be like frost on the cake, so much better and happier.


This experience opened doors for me. My boyfriend said that my body is softer, even more beautiful. I love myself more. And I feel sexier. There are more confidence in me than there ever was.


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Looking for a top quality hidden camera vibrator?


If so, try the SVAKOM Siime Eye. It’s as good as they come. Click Here for more details


It’ll give you an enhanced sexual experience.


How So?

This hidden camera vibrator comes with many features that other models lack.


You’ll see that immediately in its price tag of $250!


We admit, that’s a lot for a sexy toy. But this specific product has so many features that justify the price…


Below, we’ll mention the most important. Then we’ll show you a place to get this hidden camera vibrator!



First - You Get to Record Yourself.

We’re starting with the obvious.


This toy lets you have sex with camera.


This built-in micro camera is at the toy’s tip. So it’s not large at all. And this means you can control it easily.


It’s perfect if you do sex acts on camera.


For example, you might be a sex cam model. Or, you might be recording masturbatory videos.


In that case, the easy control allows you accuracy during the act.



Second - There’s Wi-Fi Connection Too!

The sex with camera advantages don’t stop with control.


With this product, you can stream acts from the camera, to your phone.


You see, this vibrator can connect to Wi-Fi. So you can stream use of your vibrator, to whoever you want!



Excellent for Sexting.

It’s a good way to build up anticipation. And it’s much safer (and better) than sexting online.


This also ties back to the camera control point. Sexting is harder when you’re doing it in front of a web cam.


But it’s easier if your vibrator is the camera!


So it lets you position yourself as you wish. And this gives you more variety as to what you can do!



Third - Functionality.

Think the advantages stop with the camera features?


With this vibrator, you get more. Specifically, you get advanced battery management.



First – Power Indicator.

It has lights that show you how much power is left.


This is a useful feature. After all, you don’t want the vibrator to quit on you mid-use…


So with it, you know how long you can use the vibrator. And you know when it needs recharging!



It’s Rechargeable.

And as is known, rechargeable batteries have stronger performances.


This toy comes with a 400 mAh Lithium battery.


It takes 1.5 hours for a full charge. And the battery can last you 2 hours non-stop!


We doubt your sessions take this long. But still, the extra battery power is good for intense vibrations!


And speaking of those…



Fourth - Intensity Control.

This toy gives you 5+1 intensity levels.


You can switch up and down as you wish. And you get more control over the speed you want!


With this toy, it’s easy to build up slow tension, before a final satisfying release!



Intelligent Mode.

You’ll see an “S” button on the toy.


This is for starting/stopping the toy. But also, it lets you activate an “intelligent mode,” which mimics vibration frequency of real sex!


It’s a special feature. And it’s one we highly recommend



Sound Control Too!

For a vibrator, the SVAKOM Siime Eye Model is quiet.


It isn’t as high as normal vibrators, which exceed 80db. Its noise is under 50db, which is less than a ticking clock.


This makes it quite the discreet toy. So you can use it if you live somewhere within thin walls and tightly packed surroundings!



Excellent Material.

The vibrator is covered with body-safe silicone.


So it triggers no allergies. It doesn’t irritate your skin, and specifically your vagina.


Also, beyond being safe, it’s also waterproof.


This vibrator is rated at IPX4. So it resists splashing water. Plus, it’s well-sealed from all sides.


And this means the camera works in moisture too! This is an advantage rarely found in sex toys. But is a reality with the SVAKOM Siime Eye Model!



Time to Get Your Vibrator.

There’s much more we could mention. They include the fabulous controls, and all the ways you can use the toy.


However, you’d need to check it out yourself. And you can do so at the “Beyourlover” store.


There, you’ll get all the sex toys you need. Be sure to visit, and explore the shop!

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This world needs love. Love is the only thing which can bind this world into a beautiful place to live in. It is love which can solve big disputes. And it is love alone which can remove distances. Love has an innate power which can even convert the minds of people and it is this same love which can destroy people’s mind too. This double-edged sword called love is by far the most powerful substance on earth. When used positively, this love has the power to convert everything into positive energy. But when love goes sour, it is only then that destruction takes place. Even mythology is witness to such love induced destruction.

Therefore, it is very important to understand the feeling of love within oneself and within the entire universe. While it takes worthwhile time and effort to understand and realize the true love within yourself and define it accordingly, it is important to release stress and enjoy such love as much as possible. It is possible that you might not always get the partner who can help you do so or even if your partner helps you the love might not resonate accordingly. Thus, you might need some extra push an effort to satisfy such unfulfilled love demands. Can someone help you with this other than your lover?

Well, you don’t need someone but something which can surely give you the same pleasure and satisfaction and in fact sometimes even better performance as compared to your partner. What more would you demand if such love and satisfaction can be attained whenever and wherever you want and at your whims and fancies. You are surely going to love it isn’t it? Then why don’t you try out Beyourlover vibrating love eggs. These cute looking objects are not only small and cute, but they can give you the utmost satisfaction at no time at all.


Beyourlover has now been established as a reputed manufacturer of quality products which help you relive your stress while giving you the utmost pleasure. Beyourlover is you customized and comprehensive sex toy and gadget manufacturer which not only understands your hidden needs but also gives it a luxury finish and style so that you can feel royal and pricy while fulfilling your carnal instincts and desires.

Beyourlover vibrating love eggs are essentially sensual vibrators in the shape of an egg or bullet. Ideally, they are small in size and thus help you stimulate your hidden passions. These Beyourlover vibrating love eggs can be either with or without wires as your need may be. Available in silicone, metal, plastic, glass, rubber, and composite materials, there are various choices available for you to choose from. You can even choose to get a remote controlled Beyourlover vibrating love eggs using the RF technology.

Beyourlover understands your hidden demands and thus Beyourlover vibrating love eggs provides you ultimate satisfaction as far as activities such as vaginal penetration, anal penetration, nipple stimulation, and clitoris stimulation are concerned. Make Beyourlover your trusted friend and use vibrating love eggs and other such products to get satisfied in love.

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