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Is it not possible for you to visit a place in the season that adds to its beauty? I know the feeling that grows like what fun it is to go in summers to a city like Bergen that is supposed to be visited in winters! Oh, it kills the buzz!

Well, worry no more as here are the things you can do in Bergen during any season and enjoy as much as a person visiting in favorable times! Keeping in mind, Norway is the most popular place and top-rated destination for tourists; explore this free walking tour Bergen guide! Get More Information free walking tour Bergen

Top 7 things to do in Bergen at any time of the year:

Go hiking: visit Mount Floyen that is a perfect destination for bikers, hikers and adventurers.

Explore Bryggen: it offers you fantastic dimly-lit facades and wooden alleys for mesmerizing sightseeing.

Sneak into the history: to go back in the time of Bergen history, visit Hanseatic museum!

Experience the fascination: visit Edvard Grieg museum, a Swiss wooden villa enveloped by fragrant gardens.

Take pleasure in the flavors: for fish lovers, Bergen fish market is the place.

Visit Bergen aquarium: take your kids here and let them feed the little watery creatures.

Explore sightseeing on a cruise: this is what Bergen is renowned for!

Bergen is the place that offers you vast diversity, any activity to do for fun as per your interest, vibrant culture to explore, and the best adventures. 

So here are the unique things you can savor in Bergen on sunny days as well!

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