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How To Get Rid of Your Old Mattress


You’ve found the mattress of your dreams and are ready to get an amazing night’s sleep. First, however, you’ll need to ditch your current mattress. If you’re prepared to haul your old mattress out of your bedroom and place it on the curb for trash pickup, think again — this approach is both inconvenient, bad for the environment, and potentially hazardous to your health. Make one wrong move and you risk throwing out your back. Furthermore, many municipalities do not allow residents to simply send their mattresses out with the trash. Thus, what might begin as a simple trip from the bedroom to the curb could become a significantly lengthier journey to your local recycling center.

Disposing of your mattress does not need to be difficult — you just need help from somebody with the tools and the physical strength necessary to get that pesky mattress out of your home. The hardworking team at Mattress Disposal is happy to help you dispose of your mattress in an eco-friendly manner. Follow these steps to get rid of your mattress in the easiest and most stress-free way possible:

Schedule Pickup

Once you decide to work with a mattress disposal service, you can book your appointment online or over the phone. Call at least one day ahead of time to ensure that a time slot is available. The Mattress Disposal can work around your schedule — pickups are available seven days a week, excluding major holidays. If you have a tendency to forget about these types of appointments, no worries — you’ll receive a call the evening prior to mattress pickup. You can expect this call to occur between 7 and 9 p.m.

A national service is Load Up. They have very competitive rates and can pick up your mattress for as low as $85.

Make the Mattress Accessible

The team that picks up your mattress can handle a lot, but you should do your part to make their lives easier. Clear away any objects that block access to your mattress. If you need multiple items to be disposed of, you can always use one of Mattress Disposal’s packages to get rid of your mattress, your box spring, and up to eight additional furniture items. As with your mattress, these items should be at least reasonably accessible by the time the Mattress Disposal team arrives. Keep in mind that all items hauled from your home must be pre-paid; team members are not allowed to accept additional items unless you call them in and adjust your order.

Get Rid of Mattress: Recycling Or Disposal

If you are getting rid of your mattress due to a bed bug infestation, it will not be recycled. However, the Mattress Disposal team is happy to pick up your mattress and dispose of it. Please let the team know that your mattress has been impacted by bed bugs. If your decision to ditch your mattress has nothing to do with bed bugs, it will be recycled at a local facility.

The hassle of getting rid of an old mattress can cast a cloud over the excitement of getting a brand new one. Fortunately, you do not have to face the burden on your own. Skip the hassle and risk of getting rid of your mattress, and instead, let an expert do the heavy lifting. Book an appointment with a licensed and insured mattress disposal service, and get ready to enjoy a restful night’s sleep on your amazing new mattress!

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Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers


Sleeping hot is becoming a growing concern among mattress shoppers. I think this is in large part because more mattresses on the market are incorporating foam into their construction. Most innerspring systems nowadays have a layer of foam for comfort. There’s no doubt that memory foam is one of the best materials for pressure relief which is why it is everywhere. However, the drawback is that it also functions as an insulator. There’s a reason that spray foam insulation is being used in houses.  So, what are your options for a good mattress for hot sleepers? I created the list below of some great mattresses for hot sleepers.

Eight Sleep Pod

Eight Sleep PodThe new Pod from Eight Sleep is not necessarily a mattress. It’s a complete comfort system that dynamically regulates your temperature as you sleep to give you the most restorative sleep possible. This is done by circulating water through tubes at the top of the mattress. The water is conditioned so that it can be warm or cool depending on your needs. It is can also be zoned so you and your partner can have different temperatures at the same time!

The bed integrates with an app on your phone to track your sleep and provide coaching on how to use the system to optimize your rest and recovery. Not only that but it can also integrate with other smart devices so that when it senses you getting into or leaving your bed it can adjust your thermostat or even start your coffee maker.

With the Eight Sleep Pod you can look forward to coming home to a warm bed on a cold night or chill out in a cool bed on a hot summer night. The choice is yours!

Learn more about the Eight Sleep Pod.

Molecule Mattress

molecule mattress hot sleepers

Who sleeps on the Molecule Mattress? Well for starters, star NFL quarterback, Russell Wilson does, and that’s just the start. Every month more and more top athletes are taking to the Molecule mattress to get optimal recovery. Athletes understand the importance of sleep and recovery and its correlation to performance.

The Molecule was engineered for comfort but also cooling. The super open cell foam breathes very well and will keep you in a deeper state of sleep longer than a traditional foam mattress. It’s hard to find a breathable foam mattress that is actually comfortable and has great pressure relief but the Molecule hits the mark. Read our full Molecule Mattress Review.


purple mattress

Hands down the Purple mattress is the best mattress for addressing heat retention. That’s because the Purple grid allows body heat to pass right through it. This mattress is a little on firmer end of the spectrum and in my opinion is best for back or stomach sleepers. Side sleepers should look for more contouring mattress.  To get the most out of your purple mattress, it’s best to buy a purple mattress protector and either purple sheets or stretchy sheets like Sheex or Bedgear sheets. The base layer of the Purple mattress is made of foam but the contouring and pressure relief comes from the purple grid.  Get the full Purple Mattress Review.



The Sleepovation mattress is actually 700 tiny mattresses that make up a super conforming sleeping surface that contours beyond what a solid piece of foam can do. Because the coil and foam pieces all work independently they also create channels for air to pass through making this one of the most breathable mattresses on the market. If you crave the feel of memory foam but don’t like to sweat this is the mattress for you. There are no compromises with this mattress, only benefits.

Read the full Sleepovation Review




A traditional inner spring mattress will almost always sleep cooler than a memory foam mattress. That’s because the coils create space for the mattress to breathe. But, once you get the feel for foam, it’s hard to go back to an inner spring. The Winkbed gives you all the benefits of a spring mattress along with the contouring and coziness that foam provides. Their top layer of very light foam is very responsive and breathable. The cover is made of Tencel fiber which is more breathable than cotton. This mattress is also on the firmer end of the spectrum but offers excellent lumbar support.

Get the full Winkbed Review


Brentwood Home Oceano 

oceano mattress

Brentwood home is a vertically integrated mattress company. They own the factory where they make their mattresses which allows them to create luxury mattresses at extremely competitive prices. The Oceano feels like a high-end luxury hotel mattress that should cost two to three times as much. They hand tuft this mattress which creates channels for air flow. The natural wool fire barrier also serves as a sort of thermometer to help regulate temperature. Below that is a layer of gel foam then miro coils followed by a layer of pocket coils. All these materials together make for a cozy yet cool sleeping mattress.

Get the full Oceano Review

In addition to a cool sleeping mattress, make sure that you have sheets that are breathable. I like Tencel/Cotton blend sheets which are available through Molecule. are an excellent choice in this regard. I am still surprised at how many people complain about sleeping hot but sleep with a down comforter. An easy step to remedy this is to ditch the down and layer up. Start with one light blanket and add from there. In the summer I use a cotton coverlet. Heat rises so the majority of your hot sleeping issues will come from your top layer trapping too much heat.

If you already love yourmattress or fell in love with the feel of a mattress but it sleeps too hot, you may want to invest in a Bedjet. The Bedjet can cool and/or warm your bed by blowing conditioned air between the sheets. It really works and is a simple upgrade that can make a world of difference. Check out my Bedjet review.


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Are you wondering if your mattress is too old? If you are asking yourself that question, chances are it is. But, if you want to be sure consider some of the following questions.

  1. When did you buy your mattress?

The typical lifespan of a mattress is around 7-8 years before you can expect some notceable breakdown in performance.

2. What type of material is it made of?

I often get asked which breaks down faster, springs or foam? The answer depends on the qualtity of both.

If you have a mattress made with dense foam, think memory foam that is slow to conform and slow to recover. This type of foam will last longer than some of the less dense foams on the market which are designed to be more responsive.

Coil systems also can vary in quality. If you have lower gauge coils that are firmer, they will also hold up longer but be less conforming.

Mattresses made of natural latex can last a long time upwards of 15 years. That’s because latex is a very durable material that isn’t as prone to breaking down as memory foam. However the trade off is that it doesn’t conform as well and can be more expensive than memory foam.

3. How Heavy are you? 

Finally, your weight and amount of use of the mattress also affects lifespan. Heavier people will wear down a mattress much longer than a light person. I can say for certain but I imagine for every 10 lbs. over 200 lbs in weight, you can subract 6 months off the lifespan of a typical mattress.

4. How often do you use your mattress?

If you have a matttress in a vacation home you rarely use, that will last much longer than the mattress you use every night. However even an unused mattress will still age over time.

5. Did you buy a quality mattress to begin with? 

If you bought a mattress with inexpensive components or poor construction you may not even get 3 years of good life out of it. You often get what you pay for, up to a point. Stay away from some of the bargain basement deals and makes sure that you know what is going in to your new mattress.

6. How does your mattress feel?

If you wake up in the moring with a sore back or you find yourself tossing and turning all night, then it’s your body’s way of telling you that you’re not getting proper support. Extra pillows can help but that is a bandaid approach. Stop by a mattress store to give a new mattress a test drive to see how they feel compared to yours at home. Give yourself enough time on the mattress, at least 15 minutes before making any conclusions.

If if it turns out you do need a mattress, you’re in luck. There are some great online brands out there that are affordable, have excellent free trial periods and feel amazing.


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Leesa vs Nectar Mattress


If you’re looking for a Leesa vs Nectar comparison, this should make your decision much easier. In this post I break down all the pros and cons of each mattress to help you decide which is right for you. Both the Nectar and Leesa are great mattresses but each have a distinct feel that will appeal to different types of sleepers. There are no winners or loosers here, just clarification for you so that you get the right mattress the first time.

Overview of Nectar vs Leesa Mattress

The video below gives you a side by side comparison of both mattresses. As you can see in the video below, my bowling ball reacts very different on each of the mattresses.

Both of these mattresses come with a generous trial period.

Leesa free trial period = 100 Days

Nectar free trial period – 365 Days

Here’s the breakdown on prices of the mattresses

Leesa mattress price = $940 (Queen Size)

Nectar mattress price = $795 (Queen Size)

Both of these companies offer discounts on a regular basis. Leesa tends to have a $100 off coupon making the queen size $840 and Nectar has $125 off with 2 free pillows making the price $670.

There is a significant difference in price here but not so much that it would be a deal breaker if one is better suited to your needs.

Leesa Mattress Construction and Materials

What gives the Leesa mattress that extra bounce you saw in the video is that they use a layer of Avena foam on top. The cooling comes into play in that it is convoluted (think egg crate shaped) so that there are channels for air to circulate.

Leesa-Mattress-Construction.jpg?strip=all&lossy=1&quality=70&resize=600%2C297&ssl=1 1024w, 300w, 768w, 50w, 1745w, 234w, 468w, 702w, 936w, 1170w" alt="Leesa Mattress Construction" width="600" height="297" data-lazy-type="image" data-src="" data-srcset="" />

  • 10 inches total height
  • Top layer is 2 inches of Avena foam,which is a polyurethane foam that performs like latex
  • Below that is a 2 inch layer of memory foam for extra comfort and pressure relief.
  • The base layer is a 6 inch high density foam used as the support base. It is the foundation of the Leesa matttress.

Nectar Mattress Construction and Materials

11 inches total height

Top layer is made 1 inches of quilted foam which is sewn into the cover. This helps with airflow and gives it an initial soft feeling

The support layer is made of 1 inch of 4lb. cooling gel memory foam.

The transition layer is 3 inches of 3lb. cooling gel to further the transition among the layers and provide even more contouring and pressure relief.

The base layer is 6 inches of high-density foam similar to the Leesa.

Nectar-mattreess-how-its-made.jpg?strip=all&lossy=1&quality=70&resize=602%2C207&ssl=1 1024w, 300w, 768w, 50w, 234w, 468w, 702w, 936w, 1170w, 2340w, 1920w" alt="Nectar Mattress How its Made" width="602" height="207" data-lazy-type="image" data-src="" data-srcset="" />

It should be noted that the Leesa mattress is made in the USA while the Nectar mattress is made in China. However, both are CertiPUR-US Certified. Which means that the foams used in the mattresses are tested by a 3rd party to be free of harmful chemicals.

Benefits of the Leesa Mattress

The Leesa mattress is a very versatile mattress in that most sleepers will find it to feel great right away. The Avena foam will allow you to quickly sink into the mattress and will recover just as quickly. This means it is easy to move around on and even has some bounce as it behaves like latex.

The other major benefit of the Leesa mattress is that it is very breathable. The convoluted foam and density of the top layer means it doesn’t trap as much heat as other mattresses.

The Leesa also has a great Made in the USA story. The foams used in the mattress and the construction of the mattress itself are all domestic. They even have some great brand ambassadors such as Michael Phelps. Leesa has also been around a bit longer than Nectar. As of this writing, they will soon be celebrating their 3rd anniversary.

Benefits of the Nectar Sleep Mattress

The Nectar Mattress provides excellent pressure relief. This mattress does a very good job of conforming to your body. It provides great pressure relief and support at the same time. The quilted foam cover and layers of dense foam throughout make it very resilient mattress as well meaning that it should last a long time.

The Nectar mattress is also one of the more affordable mattresses online. Given the construction and great feel it has proven to be one of the best values out there. Although they don’t have any brand ambassadors, it has been getting good feedback despite some of the shipping delays caused by large demand when the mattress was first introduced.

Nectar or Leesa, Which is Best for You?

If you are on the fence about which mattress to choose here are a few points to consider.

If sleeping hot is your primary concern, the Leesa mattress would be a good choice. I found it to sleep a little cooler than the Nectar. However, the cover of the Nectar mattress is made with phase change technology that will draw heat away from you so it’s not to say that the Nectar sleeps hot, it’s just that the Leesa will sleep cooler.

I often recommend the Nectar to people who complain about lower back soreness. I found that the Nectar provides superior pressure relief and contouring. The dense foam used in the Nectar can address certain pain points in ways other mattresses can’t.

If Made in the USA and buying American is important, then Leesa is a clear winner. They even have a Team USA Gold Medalist sleeping on their mattress. Considering how fit Michael Phelps is, I’m sure he could sleep on almost anything. I think the true test may be an out of shape arthritic, elderly person as those are the people who will need a quality mattress the most.

If you are price sensitive, Nectar is a more affordable option. And affordable doesn’t mean cheap. In this case you get quality and value.

I think 1oo days is plenty of time to figure out if a mattress is a good fit although Nectar has raised the bar with a 365 night trial so you basically get a whole year. I live in Minnesota where the seasons are very distinct. Winter nights can get as low as minus 30 and summer nights in July can be humid and 90 so being able to test a mattress out in extremes can be important.

In the end, you really can’t lose with either of these mattresses. You literally have nothing to lose by trying them out in your home. This guide was created to save you time and get you to the right mattress the first time.


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The Purple and Nectar mattresses are two very popular mattresses online. Interestingly, they are also completely different feels. In this post we break down the key differences between the Purple and Nectar mattress so that you can make a more informed decision about which is best for you.

Let’s start with the purchase process. Both can be bought direct online via their respective sites. Both should arrive about a week after purchase however because these mattresses are in such high demand, they may arrive a bit later than a week.

Each have a generous trial period although Nectar has a 365 day trial period while Purple has a 100 night trial.

Each also has a good warranty period. Purple has a 10 year warranty while Nectar advertises a lifetime warranty. Of course with any warranty it’s important to read the fine print but after reading through them, Nectar seems to be the most generous here.

Construction of the Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress is an all foam mattress. Below is a graphic that shows all the layers.

Nectar-Mattress-Layers-1200x453.png?strip=all&lossy=1&quality=70&resize=615%2C233&ssl=1 1024w, 300w, 768w, 50w, 1200w, 234w, 468w, 702w, 936w" alt="" width="615" height="233" data-lazy-type="image" data-src="" data-srcset="" />

Compare that with the specs of the Purple mattress

  • The top layers is a 2′ hyper elastic ploymer also know as the “smart grid”.
  • The midle layer is 3.5 inches of polyurethane foam.
  • The base layer is made of 4 inches of a polyurethane foam which is a standard foam mattress base.

Purple-Layers.jpg?strip=all&lossy=1&quality=70&resize=611%2C459&ssl=1 1024w, 300w, 768w, 50w, 1215w, 234w, 468w, 702w, 936w" alt="Purple Layers" width="611" height="459" data-lazy-type="image" data-src="" data-srcset="" />

In terms of motion transfer the Nectar does a better job in that it absorbs motion much better. Here are a few videos to illustrate the point.

First the Nectar Sleep Mattress

And now the Purple Mattress

Which sleeps cooler, Nectar or Purple?

Although the Nectar is treated with a phase change cooling material at the top cover, the Purple has the edge here as heat will pass right through the polymer grid. This makes it a top pick for hot sleepers.

In terms of cost, a queen size Nectar retails for $795 while the Purple costs $999 a significant difference in price.

Who should buy a Nectar Bed?

I recommend the Nectar mattress for people that want the ultimate in pressure relief. This mattress will contour extremely well. If you find your current mattress is leaving you with aches and pains in the moring, this mattress should cure that.

People that are looking for a good deal will be hard pressed to do better than the Nectar. It is one of the best priced mattresses online.

Finally, if your partner tends to wake you up at night from their tossing and turning, the Nectar will put a stop to that. You won’t feel a thing due to the high density foams used in the Nectar mattress.

Who Should buy a Purple Mattress?

Again, hot sleepers will find immediate relief with the Purple mattress. It is basically temperature neutral in that it really doesn’t trap heat. The top layer grid allows air to freely pass through.

I also tend to recommend the Purple mattress to heavier sleepers. We find at the Sleep Sherpa store in Minneapolis that heavier people respond well to the Purple and it gives them the right amount of support.

Finally, people that have tried tradtional foam and coil mattresses but are still unsatisfied owe it to themselves to give the Purple a try. It’s something you really need to lie on to understand how it works and for many, it’s the mattress they have been seeking.


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Goose Down vs Duck Down

Which is better – goose down or duck down? This is a question that is often asked in the world of bedding products. It is an important question to consider when you are looking for a down comforter for your bedroom. As you may already know, goose down has a higher value when compared to duck down. However, this depends largely on the product – for example, a high-quality duck down comforter may be better than a mediocre goose down one. It also depends on your specific needs and your budget. Let us take a quick look at a few things about the goose and duck down to find out which one is a better choice for you.

Is There a Major Difference Between Goose and Duck Down?

This is another important question to ask when checking out down comforters for your bed. The answer is no. Both types of down provide equal insulation, and they both share the same essential structure that makes down an incredible insulator. If there is a difference between a goose down comforter and a duck down one, it would be that the duck down blanket has about 87% of the insulating power that the goose down comforter has.

Goose down and duck down have the ability to maintain their warmth and loft for many years, maybe even decades, if they are well cared for. It does not matter which bird provides the feathers or down for your comforter. The secret is to find a well-made down comforter from a reputable manufacturer and take proper care of it to ensure that you always have a cozy and luxurious sleeping experience for many years.

Here is a look at a few important things you should know before deciding between goose and duck down:


Generally speaking, regardless of fill power, there is no major difference between the durability of goose down and duck down. Part of how durable they are depends on the down’s fat and oil content – there is an inherently higher content of oil and fat in some birds. Moreover, down, whether goose or duck, is an organic product and will vary from one season to another because of several factors including weather, bird condition, feed, etc. To ensure warmth-trapping – keeping the down resilient and pliable – there needs to be a certain percentage of fat and oil.

If the down is “over washed” during processing and an excessive amount of oil and fat is removed, it can become dry and brittle. This makes it easier to break down, which in turn decreases the fill power of the down. High-quality down comforters have properly processed down to optimize performance and durability, irrespective of whether it is goose or duck down.


As mentioned earlier, down is a natural product. Although a certain percentage of fat and oil is necessary to ensure its resilience and pliability, the presence of these substances also plays a part in the scent of the down. People with a highly acute sense of smell may notice a slight odor, even when the down is in the cleanest condition.

Because there is a difference between the feeding habits of goose and duck, there may be minor differences in smell between goose and duck down. This is due to the scent in the oil content, which is necessary to make the down resilient. You should look for a down comforter made with DWR-treated down – you will find that the odor of these products is minimal.

Higher Fill Powers

Birds, whether goose or duck, that are older more mature tend to provide down with higher fill power. When a bird lives long, it’s down cluster becomes more developed. Furthermore, to ensure that they achieve the fill power they desire, processors sort through large down clusters, small down clusters, feathers, etc. to produce down of a certain fill power and content.

Currently, the highest goose down fill power is roughly 1,000 FP. However, this is available in very limited quantities, and usually at extremely high prices. Comparatively, the highest-end and most expensive down, Eider duck down has an anecdotal rating of up to 1,200 FP. The more common fill power range for goose down and duck down is between 450 and 850 FP. As a result of improvements in the sorting process that filters out extra small down clusters and fibers, high-end 850-FP duck down has become more accessible in recent years.


Goose and duck down are both available in white and mottled grey. If you look at things from a historical point of view, the bedding industry desires white-colored down more, which is mainly due to the fact that manufacturers commonly use white in bedding fabric and prefer to hide the presence of down. Apart from a visual difference, white and grey colored down do not have a difference in performance – meaning that one is not warmer or more durable than the other.

The Conclusion

Both goose and duck down can insulate equally efficiently when you take variables such as quality of fill, fill power, processing, etc. into account.  Down quality has a direct connection to everything from the bird’s feed during its lifetime, to the length of its life, to the method of washing that is used in processing.

When you are looking for a great down comforter, you will need to choose between, goose and duck down. It is a good idea to know what goes into the manufacturing process to make sure that you make the best choice. Keep in mind that although goose down is considered superior to duck down, there are countless high-quality duck down comforters available in today’s market. They are, more often than not, more affordable and you get the same insulation that a goose down comforter provides.

Whether you choose goose or duck down, make sure that you pick the best quality down comforter for your bed. You can have a cozy, luxurious sleeping experience and make sure that you get restful, relaxing sleep every night, no matter what time of the year.


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The only time you get for yourself is when you are sleeping. This is when you are free from your worries, stress, anxieties, and not to mention, exhaustion from a long day of work. Since this is the only time for you to relax, how do you make the most of it? Well, a great idea is to have a down comforter to cuddle up with. No matter what time of the year it is, a down comforter is sure to give you a relaxing sleep and make sure that you are well rested for the next day.

What Makes A Down Comforter?

A down comforter is made of three things:

Construction: This refers to how the down comforter is made and sewn together. It is important to keep in mind that these comforters are filled with animal feathers. This may trigger allergies for some users. This is why different manufacturers have different ways to make these products. You may find that some comforters look fluffier and cozier, but they may not have been thoroughly sanitized – this is a major reason that allergic reaction may be triggered.  On the other hand, you will find other comforters that look and feel cozy and luxurious, and are also hypoallergenic. It all comes down to how the manufacturer constructed the comforter.

Fill: This refers to the type of feathers and down that is used in the comforter. Needless to say, this is the most important component as it determines the comforter’s performance. There are two options when it comes to the fill that comforter manufacturers use – duck down or goose down. Comforters that have a goose down fill are more expensive than those with duck down. However, you should keep in mind that comforters with duck down provide an equal amount of insulation as goose down comforters. However, goose down and feather are larger and fluffier, so comforters with this fill are cozier and more luxurious and provide better performance.

Fabric: The texture, quality and feel of a comforter are determined by the fabric that it is made with. Down comforters are most commonly made with four fabrics:

  • Damask: Outstanding quality that comes at a great price
  • Cambric: Uses basic weaving to provide excellent value
  • Batiste: Lightweight and provides high durability
  • Sateen: Offers a soft feel with high sheen

How to Choose the Best Down Comforter

With the right comforter, you can add a special touch to your bedroom and have a soft, fluffy and luxurious bed to sleep on every night. So how do you make sure that you have the right down comforter? With a few tips in mind, you can choose the best down comforter for your bedroom:

  • Choose the right design and size: Before you start checking out comforters, the first thing you should do is figure out the size of bedding you need. For instance, if yours is a queen-sized bed, your comforter should be a queen-sized one too. However, you could also treat yourself to a king-sized comforter to extra comfort and luxury. A larger comforter also gives you that extra length and width for coziness and warmth during the cooler months. Comforters come in different designs that you can choose from as well. For instance, you will find some comforters with box-stitch pockets that are placed for holding down and feather fillings firmly in place, while others are reversible and colorful, which is superb when you want interesting accent pieces in your bedroom.
  • Choose the ideal weight: The best down comforter for, you might be a medium-weight quilt that can be augmented with extra blankets or an all-season type that comes with a mid-level tog rating. You may, alternatively, prefer a lightweight down comforter for late spring through early fall. You can also pick a winter-weight quilt for the colder months. To get the ultimate experience in luxurious sleeping, you might want to consider adding a featherbed to your bedding during the winter months.
  • Choose the best filling: Lightweight comforters usually contain a mixture of duck and feather down, which provides both warmth as well as cost-effective construction. Nowadays, there are also feather fiber, down fiber and down-alternative fillings that you can choose from. Down alternatives like foam work quite well with feather fillings and create a lighter, loftier comforter. If you suffer from allergies, you should consider buying a hypoallergenic comforter – these have a special down-resistant shell fabric that keeps the feathers firmly inside the quilt, thereby reducing your overall potential for sneezing.
  • Check out ultra-light down alternative comforters: As mentioned already, there are a few down alternative comforters that are made to feel like the real thing. If you cannot tolerate down, these blankets may be the best option for you as they still provide the luxurious, cozy experience you get from down comforters. Polyester batting or fiberfill pieces can give you the light, warm feel of goose down and feathers. Ultra-light down alternative comforters are hypoallergenic, naturally resistant to dander and dust and not to mention, conveniently washable and dryable.

You will have no problem finding the best down comforter for your bed, no matter what your personal taste or style. There are numerous amazing choices out there these days. Apart from the natural goose and duck down and feather comforters, you can also choose from a wide array of down-alternative materials that are excellent for people with allergies and other problems. You do not have to compromise on comfort and luxury with a vast selection of down comforters that are available nowadays.

If you are looking for a relaxing, comfortable bed to sleep in every night, you should definitely consider getting a down comforter to cozy up with. You can forget about sleepless nights when you have a fluffy, cozy comforter in your bedroom. With thebest down comforter, you can make sure that you get restful sleep every night and say goodbye to stress, anxiety and fatigue. Wake up feeling refreshed each morning after a comfortable sleep with your down comforter.


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Welcome to the World of Brentwood Home


Over the 2 years I have been given multiple mattresses from Brentwood Home for review. I created this post to introduce readers to the Brentwood Home line. In every respect they have exceeded my expectations when it comes to quality, customer service and craftsmanship. Not only do they offer high end mattresses at an affordable price they also have sheets, pillows, blankets, candles, baby accessories and more that make your house a home.

First, the mattresses. Most people are introduced the the Brentwood Home brand through their mattresses. They offer mattresses for every type of sleeper and budget. One of the first mattresses I reviewed was the Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 which still ranks as an exceptionally comfortable mattress at a price.

A big reason why Brentwood is able to stand out from the pack is that they have their own factory. They make all their mattresses and pillows in house. This means they can test and refine their product quickly to make sure its the best it can be. Here’s a picture of their loom creating a cover from the factory floor during my visit.

stitching-machine.jpg?strip=all&lossy=1&quality=70&resize=540%2C405&ssl=1 952w, 300w, 768w, 450w, 50w, 234w, 702w" alt="stitching machine" width="540" height="405" data-lazy-type="image" data-src="" data-srcset="" />

To give you an idea of the quality, here’s a shot of a worker sewing the handles onto side fabric for a new mattress.

Brentwood-Sewing.jpg?strip=all&lossy=1&quality=70&resize=617%2C463&ssl=1 1024w, 300w, 768w, 450w, 50w, 1574w, 234w, 702w, 936w, 1170w" alt="brentwood" width="617" height="463" data-lazy-type="image" data-src="" data-srcset="" />

They also have a separate office that houses their creative department and other staff in LA. This is a peek at their offices which doubles as a studio space for photographing their products. It’s a great space that is very relaxing and has a California vibe.

Showroom.jpg?strip=all&lossy=1&quality=70&resize=595%2C447&ssl=1 1024w, 300w, 768w, 450w, 50w, 1443w, 234w, 702w, 936w, 1170w" alt="showroom brentwood home" width="595" height="447" data-lazy-type="image" data-src="" data-srcset="" />

Now, on to the products. Like I said, with this company, there is something for everyone. My favorite mattress so far has been the Oceano which looks and feels like a mattress you would normally pay 5 times more for. For many people, latex mattresses are out of reach due to price. Brentwood offers some amazing mattresses with latex without the high price tag and an excellent 120 return policy which is one of the best in the business. Try out the Sequioa for that latex feel.

oceano mattress

For pillows, Brentwood has recently introduced two new options. The Aliso pillow is a shredded memory foam pillow with bamboo cover for $25! There are many shredded memory foam pillows on the market but they are often overstuffed making them too firm. This one is a great balance of softness and support where you can scrunch it up just right to keep you comfortable all night.

If you’re looking for a more natural option, check out the Helena pillow. It is made with latex ribbons and kapok. Kapok comes from a tree. It is the silky seed pods that make for great pillow stuffing. This mixed with natural latex give the pillow a nice loft that is soft, cushy and supportive.

Helena-Pillow.jpg?strip=all&lossy=1&quality=70&resize=630%2C481&ssl=1 1024w, 300w, 768w, 450w, 50w, 234w, 702w, 936w" alt="helena pillow" width="630" height="481" data-lazy-type="image" data-src="" data-srcset="" />

Brentwood also has an emerging line for babies. Their crib mattresses are innovative and are made with natural materials that minimize environmental impact and create a healthier sleep environment for babies. The Wildfern crib mattress is made with coconut husk and natural latex.

Brentwood even has quality beds for your pet which are made with the same quality and care as their mattresses. These pet beds have furniture grade upholstery and look great in a living room to complement your existing furniture.

Dog-Bed.jpg?strip=all&lossy=1&quality=70&resize=562%2C429&ssl=1 1024w, 300w, 768w, 450w, 50w, 234w, 702w, 936w" alt="dog bed" width="562" height="429" data-lazy-type="image" data-src="" data-srcset="" />

To top it all off, Brentwood Home is expanding its line of bedding to make your bedroom complete. I expect to see more great products in 2017 for this company and it’s great to see that they are bringing quality to the mainstream at factory-direct prices and a laid back California style.

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Microfiber Sheets, Are They Any Good?


Is it that time of the year that you purchase new sheets? Is your old set too stained, ripped or just worn out and need a change? Most of us splurge on expensive pillows and comforters but often overlook bed sheets. When it comes to bedding, durability and quality are of paramount importance, after all, we spend nearly one-third of our lives between our sheets!

Cotton and Microfiber are two popular choices when it comes to bed sheets. It is important to remember that they are very different materials, and the one for you depends on several factors. These bedding materials, each offer a different level of breathability and feel. They also differ in drying time, durability, and cost. You will need to take all these factors into account while picking the right bedding for yourself and your family. They are both very good choices, and each offers a bunch of benefits. That said, you get what you pay for. And while many people prefer cotton, premium quality microfiber sheets do not tear easily and nor does the color turn dull with repeated washing.

Nowadays, there are more and more bed sheets on the shelves made from microfibers. Microfiber sheets have become rather popular, but are they the right choice for you? In this article, we compare cotton sheets and microfiber sheers to see what all the fuss is about.

Feel – Many prioritize feel over durability. If the feel of your sheets is an important deciding factor for you, you are sure to love microfiber sheers. These sheets are perfect for those who love a silky feel. If your kids or partner moves around a lot at night, these sheets will let them slip and slide without becoming a tangled mess. While these sheets do not offer the crisp feel of cotton, you will love crawling into these sheets as they feel soft against the skin. On the contrary, if you are someone who prefers crisp linen, cotton is your go-to choice.

Warmth – Microfiber is an excellent choice for those who tend to get cold easily as it retains your body’s natural heat. If you tend to kick the blankets at night or are prone to night sweats, cotton is a better choice for you. Since cotton is a natural fiber, it is more breathable and keeps you cooler. It also wicks moisture better making it an ideal choice if you sweat a lot during sleep. On the contrary, microfiber is a lot better at resisting stains which makes maintenance a breeze. However, remember that though microfiber sheets do resist stains better than cotton can, it can be a herculean task to get them out once they find their way in. If you accidentally spill a cup of coffee on your microfiber sheet, the cleanup is time sensitive. Unlike its natural cousin, if you wait too long to attend to the stain, it will set!

Durability of Microfiber Sheets– Low-quality sheets, be it microfiber or cotton will last you only a couple of washes. While cotton sheets are subject to pilling, poor quality microfiber sheets are likely to tear in just a few weeks. High-end microfiber and cotton sheets are both quite durable. However, cotton doesn’t hold dye as well as microfiber and hence begins to fade over time. Microfiber is more resilient and is likely to remain bright and vibrant after repeated trips to the laundry. Most users will agree that cotton wears over time, thinning and piling before becoming entirely useless. Microfibers tend to deteriorate all at once – either ripping or tearing when you least expect it.

Airflow – Premium quality sheets made from both cotton and microfiber are woven in a percale which is touted to be the best weave to facilitate good air flow. When comparing the percale woven microfiber to percale cotton sheets, the latter has more weight and thickness but does boast of better air flow. Microfiber sheets, on the contrary, have a thin and light feeling and yet manage to trap air within it.

Cost – Whether you pick cotton or microfiber – the higher the thread count, the more expensive will the sheet be. A higher denier count means the thicker the fibers will be. The Denier rating affects the cost of a microfiber sheet just as the thread count affects the cost of cotton sheet. However, when compared to one another, cotton is a lot more expensive than microfiber since microfiber is man-made. If you are on a budget or have many beds to make, microfiber is hands down the best choice for you.

Maintenance – Cotton sheets are not just more expensive too but also are more expensive to own. They are thicker and take longer to dry when compared to sheets made from microfiber. Cotton sheets can be easily washed and dried in the comfort of your home. Some of them may shrink after the first wash, but they do get softer the more often you wash them. Microfiber sheets can also be machine laundered at home and tend to shrink after the first wash much like cotton sheets.

If you wash your sheets regularly, you may spend a lot more at the laundromat if you own cotton sheets. Microfiber sheets are perfect if you do not have much space to hang your sheets outside to dry and are on a tight budget and wish to reduce your laundry expensive.

All in all, there are pros and cons to each of these sheets. Microfiber is a great option for people with allergies, but in the end, it all does come down to your personal preference. If you are convinced that microfiber is a better choice for you, you may consider investing in the MezzatiLuxury Bed Sheet Set.

Why buy Mezzati Luxury Bed Sheet Set?

The Mezzati Luxury Bed Sheet Set is one of the most affordable yet premium quality bed sheets on the market. It is available in sizes ranging from Twin to California King. The set contains 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 standard size pillowcases. All pieces in the set are hypoallergenic and made from premium quality brushed microfiber. Not only are they wrinkle and fade resistant, but also have a soft silky feel to them. These breathable sheets are ideal for any room and are also resistant to dust mites. The pillowcases come with classy embroidery that renders an elegant touch to them Easy to care for and available in attractive colors, this bed sheet set is meant for those who love luxury!


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What’s worse than making the bed? Keeping the sheets and covers in place the whole day. For those who hate making the bed, having to put the sheets and covers back in their proper place several times throughout the day can be quite a chore. Unfortunately, bedding tends to get all tangled or end up in a mess on the floor. Not only does this look unpleasant but also makes for additional work when making the bed. Even those who do not dislike making the bed can get frustrated if the sheets and blankets keep tumbling down to the floor throughout the day and during the night. Keeping the bedding in place is the key to a tidy bed. Even if the sheets and blankets do not slip off on their own, several people are in the habit of kicking off the sheets and covers during the night. When bedding comes into contact with the floor, it gets dirty and requires more frequent washing.

Weighted Blanket to Prevent Slipping

There are a few ways to prevent bedding from slipping off the bed without spending a fortune. One of the most popular ways to achieve this is by using weighted sheets. In recent years, weighted sheets have become known for the ability to alleviate symptoms of insomnia and anxiety and aid in more restful sleep. But heavy sheets and blankets have long been used for preventing the bedding from slipping off. To achieve this, you need a blanket or top sheet that’s heavier than the rest of the bedding. The heavy weight of the blanket or sheet helps keep the bedding from slipping off.

What we now know as a weighted blanket is actually a sensory blanket filled with plastic pellets used for insomnia, anxiety, and autism. These blankets are expensive than regular blankets. But for keeping your bedding in place you do not need these sensory blankets sensory blankets. A regular blanket that is significantly heavier than the rest of the bedding can work just as well in keeping the rest of the sheets in place.

Choose the Right Materials

Regardless of the type of top sheet or blanket that you choose, special attention should be paid to the materials. There are a lot of people who are fond of the silky, luxurious bedding materials, such as satin and silk. In places like hotels and resorts, these silky materials are found all over, because they are supposed to lend a stylish and luxurious touch to the bedroom. People often use these materials for their regular bedroom decor.

There is no doubt that silk and satin are more stylish and attractive than fabrics like cotton or wool. But unfortunately, these silky materials are also notorious for sliding off the bed. Instead, choose cotton, linen or flannel sheets, duvet covers, and quilts, avoiding any fabric that is shiny and silky to touch. When cotton, flannel, and linen are washed regularly, they keep becoming softer but not slippery. If you want to give a luxurious finish to your bed, you can choose fabrics like cashmere or chenille. These fabrics are often used to make chunky blankets that can also be used as a top sheet or a throw. These fabrics offer the softness of satin or silk while the chunky knit adds weight and keeps them in place.

If you still prefer satin or silk sheets and blankets, choose a fitted flannel sheet on top. The friction that is created between the silky sheets and the flannel top sheet keeps the bedding in place.

Keep It Tucked In

Another easy and effortless way to keep bedding from slipping off is to tuck the edges of the sheets or blanket underneath the mattress or the box spring. Sheets or blankets that are secure are less likely to slide off or move around and also require less time and work to make the bed in the morning.  Regardless of whether the sheet is heavy or light, keeping it tucked under the side of the mattress can prevent it from moving even when you toss and turn in bed.

Use Bedding Straps/Suspenders

Keeping bedding secure is a foolproof way to prevent sheets and blankets from sliding off. This can be done by using bedding straps or suspenders. Straps or suspenders provide bedding with an additional layer of security. Once the sheets and blankets have been tucked into place, the mattress should be lifted at the corner at the foot of the bed and clipped to the suspenders crosswise along each corner.

If you clip them crosswise or diagonally, the blankets remain tucked without having to run an entire suspender along the foot of the bed. If you buy high-quality bedding straps, they are capable of attaching to more than one layer and can be used to hold together the sheets, blanket, and quilt at the same time. This not only removes unnecessary bulk at the foot of the bed but also provides a neat, hassle-free solution to keeping the bedding in place.

Make the Bed

The unfortunate truth is that even the best-made bed becomes messy by the end of the night. Therefore, you cannot expect your well-made bed to last forever and stop making your bed every morning. More often than not, sheets and blankets tend to slide off a bed that’s disheveled. To make your bed the right way, first spread the sheets and then tuck the edges underneath the mattress, folding the corners over and tucking them along the sides. This process should be repeated with the blankets. The heavier items should be placed on top of them to keep the layers from sliding off. Don’t forget to tuck the edges and use straps to keep the layers together.

While weighted or heavy blanketsdo keep the bedding in place, they aren’t the only solution. Using the right fabrics, clipping the layers together, and making the bed the right way every morning are also equally effective in keeping the bedding from sliding off the bed.


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Spartan Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding


The new Spartan mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is a luxury performance mattress that utilizes some of the best foams, fabrics and coils to create a sleeping surface that provides maximum contouring, support and recovery. This mattress sets itself apart from the rest of the hybrid mattress pack incorporating a cover made with Nanobionic technology. As I understand it, this is similar to Celliant technology. Both are registered with the FDA and can make a claim that they turn body heat into waves of energy to promote faster recovery and better sleep. Since this technology is part of the mattress, you reap the benefits night after night without having to think about it.

The Spartan is quite a bit higher than many of its hybrid competitors at $1,999 before discounts, but the quality is apparent throughout.

Overview of the Spartan Mattress

Here’s a quick video overview of some of the main benefits of this mattress. It has a distinct looking cover with handles along the sides.

Unboxing the Spartan Mattress

Your Spartan mattress will arrive in a box like the one below. It is made by Brooklyn Bedding, an Arizona mattress manufacturer.

As you can see below, the mattress comes roll packed. It requires heavy machinery to roll a mattress this tight.


This is the mattress out of the box but still in the packaging. You can see where the coils are towards the bottom. These will spring to life quickly.

spartan packaged

The picture below was taken just minutes after opening the mattress. It is basically ready to sleep on. The wrinkles around the edges will go away and of course you won’t see them with sheets over the mattress. There is some smell to this mattress but not too bad.

spartan opening

Construction of the Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Mattress

Below are the construction details of the mattress as listed on their website.

Spartan Mattress Layers

  • Three levels of firmness let you decide the level of support you need.
  • An elite performance top utilizes Nanobionic® technology, registered with the FDA, to transform your body’s heat into waves of energy—reflected back to you through the medium of fibers, helping to enhance faster recover and promote quality of sleep.
  • A 1.5” top layer of patented CopperGel Energex™ foam provides responsive contouring with targeted pressure point relief and the highly conductive, antimicrobial properties of copper.
  • A second 2” layer of hyper-elastic TitanFlex™ foam provides cloud-like comfort with immediate response technology that adjusts to your body each time you move.
  • A patented phase change molecule surface infusion of TitanCool™ maintains body temperature at an ideal 88 degrees.
  • A third 1” Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam layer provides enhanced contouring and deeper compression support with added cooling.
  • An 8” base of up to 1,189 individually encased Quantum™ Edge coils delivers ultimate pressure point relief while decreasing motion transfer.
  • A 1” high density foam base adds durability to the mattress while reinforcing individually encased coils as they compress.
  • Delivered in a box, allowing for easy transportation from your door to your bedroom.
  • Proudly custom made in the U.S.A. with a 10-year warranty.
  • Offered with a 120-night risk free trial.

How Much Does the Spartan Mattress Cost?

Here are the latest prices as listed on their website.

My Spartan Mattress Findings

Right out of the box you will notice the distinct look of the matttress. Don’t let the dark color discourage you from purchasing. After you put a mattress protector over it, you won’t see the dark color through the sheets. Also, you will still get the benefits of the Nanobionic fabric through the mattress protector and sheets.

Here you can see the handles stitched into the side if you would like to rotate the mattress. I recommend rotating every other month, especially if you sleep with a partner with that is signficiantly heavier or lighter than you.

spartan handles

Here’s a pic of the cover. The fabric has some stretch to it so you can sink into the layers of foam.

Below is my 14 lb. bowling ball on the mattress to illustrate sinkage. There is a good amount of sink with this mattress which makes it great for side sleeping.

spartan sinkage

Here you can see how the foam layers start to sink with the bowling ball.

spartan inside

This mattress will have bounce given it has a coil system but they are pocket coils so they don’t transfer motion. Also, the top layers of foam absorb most of the impact when dropping my bowling ball.

In the video below you can see in more detail how each layer reacts. What surprised me was that the foam is quick to recover but still feels like a denser foam. When I laid on the mattress I had really good contouring.

My Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Mattress Recommendation

The Spartan mattress sets itself apart from the pack of other performance mattresses in that it is able to incorporate all the latest foam and fabric technology to create a great feel. Aside from the benefits you get from the Nanobionic technology, it just feels like a well-made mattress. If you want to get the contouring of a dense foam with less heat retention and much more responsiveness, this mattress is a great choice. You will sink into this mattress a bit and you get a nice cradling sensation that is perfect for side sleepers. While you certainly pay a perimium, this mattress should have a good lifespan and in my opinion is a solid investment.

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Best Sleep Chairs


Furniture plays an essential role in making our homes a more beautiful and comfortable place to live in. the inclusion of sleeping chairs has the latest trend in functional households as they are known to provide the comfort of a conventional chair while transforming into a bed at night to make up for that extra sleeping space.

Sleep chairs are the perfect inclusion in the household of a minimalist individual who is looking for clutter-free accommodation. While there are a plethora of options available in the market, some of the top-rated sleep chairs in the market that can be the best fit for your house furniture are listed below.

D&D Futon Furniture Black Sleeper Chair

sleeper chair reviews

If you are looking for a fancy chair with no metal frame and high-density foam, then the D&D Furniture may just be the perfect choice for you. The versatility of this sleeping chair makes it suitable for use in your living room or any outdoor space such as the patio.


  • Easy portability
  • Comfortable to sleep and sit-in
  • High-density foam
  • Unique design


  • Relatively costly
  • Hot to sit on

Stone & Beam Kristin Loveseat

love seat sleeper

A traditionally styled Sleeper chair with a pull-out twin bed comes in handy when there are guests in your house. The soft polyester fabric on the seat makes it easy to clean with a low maintenance requirement. The laminate frame with solid hardwood and round arms with stylish edges makes it the ultimate choice for users to stretch out and relax.


  • Easy-to-clean fabric
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Attractive color schemes
  • No hassles of assembling


  • Not suitable for lengthier sleepovers

Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat PU Leather

padded chair

The sophisticated office look of the Homall sleeper chair blends it well with your living room or office space. The thick steel frame support of the recliner with double-thick foam padding enables it to carry the weight of up to 265 lbs. this chair is equipped with a wide and curved armrest that enhances the comfort and offers the required stability to the user.


  • Excessively comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Money’s worth


  • Can accommodate only one person
  • Possible manufacturing defects

Giantex 5-Position Adjustable Convertible Flip Chair

giantex review

The high-grade foam and ultra-suede fabric of this reclining chair by Giantex offers a casual yet stylish option for home interior furnishing. The five adjustable positions of this chair make it appropriate for different users with varied position requirements. The overall manufacturing of this chair follows a scientific principle that protects the spine of the user from soreness.


  • No assembling required
  • 5 different adjustable positions
  • Top-quality foam
  • Stable frame


  • Difficult for older people to use
  • Probability of the zipper to break easily

Simmons Upholstery 9025-01M Mia Denim

simmons sleeper sofa

This mini sleeper sofa by Simmons Upholstery is a perfect fit for restricted spaces with accommodation of up to two people. The frame of the chair is made from Hardwood, making it long-lasting while adding strength to the chair.

The enhanced innerspring and soft foam provides the utmost comfort and ensures shape retention. Its polyester-blend fabric is comfortable to touch and offers durability to the product.


  • Soft mattress foam
  • Top-quality fabric
  • Long-lasting and durable


  • Non-detachable back cushion
  • Available only in a single color

Cortesi Home Savion Convertible Accent Chair-Bed

cortesi chair

This foldable chair is a perfect fit for people who frequently encounter unexpected guests to stay overnight. The upholstered taupe fabric with simple construction upgrades the ambiance of the living area without taking up too much space. The back seat can be bent to three different angles enabling the user to lounge, sit, or lay flat on the sleeper chair.


  • Attractive design
  • Easy to transform
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Sturdy metal base


  • Stiff surface
  • Unstable when converted into a bed

Different Types Of Sleep Chairs

There is a wide range of sleep chairs to choose from depending on the purpose for which it is to be used. This includes –

Fold Out Sleeper Chair: This chair type folds out perfectly to provide you a bed to sleep on. When the chair is unfolded, it transforms into a single-seater chair or sofa. It is ideal for people living alone and hesitant to invest in a separate piece of furniture.

Pull-Out Sleeper Chair: This is the most common type of sleeper chairs available in most households, which can help you accommodate some guests without the need to include a separate bed for the same. Its solid constructions with pleasant upholstery make it the perfect option for rooms with small spaces.

Twin Bed Pull Out Sleeper Chair: This classic armchair with a solid frame and fabric upholstery is spacious enough to accommodate up to two individuals.

Loveseat Set Sleeper Chair: This type of sleeper chair is popular for its extra-supportive headrest and quality upholstery, making it functional and stylish at the same time.

Armchair For Camping:  There is also an option to get an inflatable sleeper chair that you can carry while camping. If you are a part of any active camping community, then this chair type will be the perfect choice for you.

Essential Features Of A Sleeper Chair

To purchase the best sleeper chair from the market, it is necessary to know the features associated with quality sleeper chairs to help you make an informed decision. This includes –

  • Thickness Of The Foam: Comfort should be the topmost priority when it comes to either sitting or sleeping. The varied foam thickness of sleeper chairs makes them unique for different types of needs. However, you need to keep in mind that the more the density of the foam, the higher will be the cost of the chair.
  • Chair With Wheels Or Normal Feet: If you need to move your chair frequently from one place to another, you should consider purchasing a sleeper chair with wheels. Else, a chair with normal feet would do the job.
  • Quality and Comfort: Since a sleeper chair assists in performing the dual task of sitting and sleeping quality and comfort should be the primary consideration. So, make sure the chair you are going to purchase needs to be sturdy with a supportive structure. Browse through verified reviews to make an informed selection.
  • Fabric Cover: The fabric of the sleeper chair should be easy to clean and machine washable. Make sure that the cover and not hard to remove, which can make cleaning a tedious task. Try to opt for dark fabric with bright colors to complement your living space.

The Bottom Line

Buying asleeper chair is no easy job as you need to consider a host of factors while purchasing one. Compare and contrast from the list of available alternatives to see which one suits your needs the most. Fortunately, there are a plethora of options, each with its own set of features and specifications that can meet the needs of different classes of customers.

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Sports Betting - 7 Tips Greatest And Fullest

Why does Ace-King fail so time and again? A lot of participants are staying their hand for starters. There is not you will probably to do regarding which will. You'll still in order to lead out and wagered. Next, it probably just seems similar to AK is losing an awesome deal.

They have purchased into the thrill and below are anticipating converting actually little sum of cash to produce a very huge sum money. Certainly when those outcomes are not appearing they are fast to call machine they were using a fraud. Calling something a fraud doesn't create a good. These individuals might have actually had an judi bola online effective soccer gambling program, but they do not have the self-discipline to stick with it.

Major economies issue their very personal gold and silver coins with essentially the most famous involving UK being gold sovereigns. Other famous gold coins include US Eagles, Southern African Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs and Australian Kangaroos. Price the islands the age and weight of the coin.


betting online offers better lines that aid in increasing your regarding winning. Online offers more places to bet which increases your chances of obtaining a better carefully thread. Online sites also possess a reduced juice so discover risk less of your budget on each bet you'd put. By risking less money, can you will be able to win more through a long certain time.

Read excellent. Before you make your sports picks, investigate latest injury reports or academic ineligibles which will help make the games closer compared to they otherwise might possibly be.

The second step is choose a sport. A large portion on the successful sports bettor aren't betting on every sports entertainment. They are specialized 1 sports where they focus their makes an attempt. They, sometimes, also bet on other sports, for fun or variety.

It's understandable to within the hand approach I did, but my beat might been easily avoided n' t simply had trusted my instincts. I now just how to important betting speed is and apply it daily in order to myself a grip.

If you are going to in gambling as being a vocation instead of entertainment, it's analyze more than simply the possibilities. You will need to analyze the risk versus reward probabilities. Perilous positions usually give you best payouts. Absolutely balance costly risk by having an offsetting sports bet that is low risk and relatively low winnings. I'm sure this isn't news to for you. But the way to analyze the data might be. What do the professionals write?

We want to add extra value to being a full-client of Vegas Sports Authority. Obviously, providing winners is the bottom line. However, we have a associated with clients who also play their own picks provided her and they to see what possess playing or considering to deliver some extra guidance in relation to own stuff. Many of our organization is very sharp bettors who just do not have period to follow 119 college and 32 pro football teams.

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What fabrics we apply to the cooling bedding?

Get a better night's rest with advanced hotel bedding supplier solutions from Spring Smartkool®. Whether you suffer from night sweats or just prefer to be on the cooler side while you sleep, our cooling bedding products are designed to help regulate nighttime temperatures and keep you comfortable. Don't endure another sleepless night caused by your bed being the wrong temperature. With a variety of styles and fabric to choose from, we're sure you'll find the right solution to your nighttime needs.

In addition to the hotel bedding supplier, we have more cooling fabrics.

When hotel bedding supplier comes to staying cool while you sleep, nobody does it better than Spring Smartkool®. Our selection of proprietary fabrics and designs are meant to promote a better night's rest by keeping users cool, dry and comfortable. If you're tired of tossing and turning in a hot bed, you owe it to yourself to try one of Spring Smartkool® bedding options. More sleep suggestions, please contact me.

If you would like any more information about mattress protector, please visit our website: Or Spring Hometextile video channel: can contact Tina at:

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Introducing Smartkool®(Part 2)

How we measure?

The hotel bedding supplier test is the most common and acceptable way to measure the instinct cooling effect in textile industry. It measures the instantaneous value of heat loss (w/cm²), which happened in the simulation of skin contacting with cooling fabric.

Higher the Q - max value, better the cooling effect.

Why Choose Smartkool® Fabric Mixing With UHMWPE?

hotel bedding supplier fabric provides a cooling solution that goes beyond traditional moisture management fabrics. It derives its cooling function from its special cooling polymer yarn that mixing with heat conducting material- mica or polyethylene, rapidly dissipating the body’s excessive heat, accelerating moisture evaporation and cooling your body down. 

Ultra high molecular hotel bedding supplier polyethylene (UHMWPE) has extremely long chains of polyethylene, which all align in the same direction. Its molecular mass is up to 3.5-7.5million amu, which is far higher than polyester yarn with a molecular mass about 20000.

When used in fibers, the polymer chains can get a parallel orientation greater than 95% and a level of crystallinity from 39% to 75%.

hotel bedding supplier fabric roughly divided into two categories: Smartkool® jersey and Smartkool® knitted. They are made into mattress protectors, mattress toppers, duvets and pillow protectors. 

If you would like any more information about mattress protector, please visit our website: Or Spring Hometextile video channel: can contact Tina at:

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Introducing Smartkool®(Part 1)

What is hotel bedding supplier?

hotel bedding supplier a Spring registered trademark for cooling bedding product collection. By takng the best use of diverse cooling material, Smartkool® cooling products are featured with:

  • instant cool to the touch
  • anti crease
  • quick dry
  • easy care

Smartkool® bedding collection includes: pillows, duvets, mattress topper, mattress protector, pillow protectors.

How does it cool?

It’s all about heat conduction!

hotel bedding supplier fabrics derives its cooling function from its special cooling yarns that mixing with heat conduction material---mica or polyethylene.

With high lever of crystallinity and molecular mass, UHMWPE yarn has better temperature conductivity, which can quickly transfer heat and realize ultra cooling effect.

A fresh and comfort night comes with Smartkool®

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Do Cooling Mattress Pads Really Work?

Getting a good hotel bedding supplier sleep not only helps you feel energized and ready to take on a new day, it's also a vital component of your overall health and well-being. While there are many factors that can have an impact on the quality of your sleep, your body temperature is among the most important. If you suffer from uncomfortable temperatures at night, investing in a cooling mattress is one of the most effective and trusted solutions for keeping cool and dry when it counts.

A cooling mattress hotel bedding supplier is enable to absorb extra heat and regulate your temperature for a comfortable night's sleep. Simply put: A cooling mattress keeps you cool, so you never have to worry about going to bed or waking up uncomfortable. In today's market, cooling mattress pads come in a variety of different design. For cooling performance while you sleep.

With a hotel bedding supplier mattress pad, you will be able to enjoy a good night's sleep no matter the season.Because it can regulate your temperature according to your body heat.

By eliminating body moisture and uncomfortable temperature levels, a cooling pad will keep you cool and temperature regulated all night, giving you great, uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

A hotel bedding supplier mattress pad is an excellent investment for your lifestyle and health. Instead of purchasing an entirely new mattress, adding a cooling pad to your bed is a much cheaper and arguably equally effective solution to creating a tranquil and comfortable sleeping environment. In addition to the extra comfort and rest you'll experience, a cooling pad will also eliminate your need for additional cooling agents like fans and air conditioning units, thus cutting down your utility bills.

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If you are a hotel bedding supplier of uncomfortable temperatures at night, maybe and just maybe you have not heard about cooling mattress pads. A cooling mattress pad is a special cooling product designed to ensure you are sleeping cool and dry no matter the weather.

What this means hotel bedding supplier that you will no longer be woken up by hot flashes and excessive sweating and this eliminates the need for a fan. According to a recent research, the most favorable sleeping temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.  And a good cooling pad/topper will maintain your bedding temperature to this range. Therefore, by investing in a cooling mattress pad you are choosing to have healthier nights.

A cooling mattress pad could be a mattress pad having a material and construction that enables the pad to absorb extra heat, exchange it with air through its open cells or gel infused construction.

All the same,hotel bedding supplier important to note that modern day cooling pads/toppers are more advanced and can get costly. So, maybe you can try another way to cool your bed. Spring Home Textile Ltd developed the Smartkool® mattress protector which can cooling your bed also can reduce your cost.

Traditionally, cooling fabric has been achieved using chemicals that wick away sweat, keeping you dry when you perform which do not necessarily cool nor touch cool.

Our unique hotel bedding supplier fabric provides a cooling solution that goes beyond traditional moisture management fabrics. It derives its cooling function from its special cooling polymer yarn that mixing with MICA, rapidly dissipating the body’s excessive heat, accelerating moisture evaporation and cooling your body down.

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The New Fabric---- Smartkool®

Today I wish like to briefly introduce the technology that goes into creating hotel bedding supplier temperature-regulating bedding.
All of our Smartkool® bedding is made using special Cool Technology. This technology was first developed by hotel bedding supplier to keep astronauts cool during space travel. Then late the technology was further developed for use in our Cool-jams bedding. Through heat and moisture management, these cooling blankets work throughout the night to regulate your body temperature. This means that the fabric absorbs heat when you're too hot and releases it back to you when your body temperature drops. This ensures that the temperature and humidity under the covers stays in the perfect range to allow you to sleep peacefully.

Cooling bedding from hotel bedding supplier is perfect for anyone who suffers from hot flashes or night sweats. It can help regulate your body temperature before the sweating even becomes a problem. By moving the excess heat away from your body, our fabric can help you stay cool and dry. hotel bedding supplier temperature-regulating bedding is also great for couples who can't agree on the ideal sleep temperature. If one person is always hot while the other feels cold, Smartkool® fabric can help both partners feel more comfortable during the night. The hot sleeper will be cooled by having heat moved away while the cold sleeper will have heat transferred to his or her body.

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How Is Cooling Fabric Work?

What if you could change the temperature of your own clothing instead of heating or cooling your entire home?

A variety of products are emerging in the market from yarns through to finishes in generating this cooling effect. Each piece of clothing has its own hotel bedding supplier in the fabric, which expand in the cold and shrink in the heat. They will keep the wearer’s skin at an even 36 degree, regulating the person’s temperature regardless of the surrounding air.

Dynamic cooling hotel bedding supplier can applied at the padding process of the textile manufacturing, give a cool touch to fabrics and is becoming a popular add-on in giving fabrics a performance aspect through layering technology. Also, it can be washed more than 50 times. So, it is a cost effective way of adding a higher level of performance to get that cool feel.

Many different kinds of hotel bedding supplier can benefit from the effects of a temperature-regulating blanket or mattress pad. People who naturally sleep hot, people in warm climates, women going through menopause and couples who disagree on the perfect sleep temperature are perfect candidates for temperature-regulated bedding. These cooling blankets can help anyone avoid night sweats and the feeling of being overheated in the middle of the night. Don’t you want to know how the Smartkool® fabric differs from the fabric of other types of bedding? Please read my next blog.


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