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While the Honor 8X is a device with a big 6.5-inch display, it has only 3,750mAh battery which doesn’t seem enough. If your phone is heating, slow charging or its battery draining very fast, then all this will affect your phone performance. Thus you will have to take care of the battery performance to maintain your phone performance.

Here is how to take care of your Honor phone performance.

How to fix heating problems of Honor 8X

Facing the heating problem on your Honor 8X, its temperature increases while using or charging. Here are some precautions and solutions to fix this problem.

  • Plug out the charger from the socket once it will fully charge. Because charging too long or after fully charge will heat the device.
  • Don’t use your Honor 8X for long while charging. Using it for a long time while charging will also increase your phone temperature and make it hot.
  • Give rest to your Honor 8X. Continuously surfing the internet or playing games for a long time is the major reason for the heating problem.
  • Close all the apps running into the background. Because Background running apps will also consume power and heat the device.
  • If your device is getting hot while calling, then make sure to turn off internet services (like Mobile data, GPS, etc.) and apps also.

These are some most effective solutions for Honor 8X heating problem.

How to fix battery draining and slow Charging issue

Both the heating issue and battery draining issue are linked with each other because the root of both the problem is same. Mostly this will happen when a device became hot; its battery will start draining quickly.

Here are some precautions and solutions to avoid this problem.

  • Check and remove the misbehaving app. A misbehaving app is the main reason for battery draining problem.

To view which app is misbehaving or draining the battery quickly: Go to ‘Settings’, click on ‘Battery,  and select ‘Battery Usage.’

To remove an app using unnecessary or too much battery: Tap on the app name you want to remove. > Then ‘App Info’ > select Disable/Uninstall.

  • Close all the apps running into the background and then reboot your Honor 8X. Because Background running apps will also consume power and drain the battery.
  • Turn off unnecessary or unusable features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, hotspot, GPRS, etc.
  • If you are using a memory card on your phone, then take it out from the device and use it after two or three days.
  • Avoid playing heavy games.
  • Check that all the apps of the phone are working well and updated to the latest version. You can go to the Play Store to update the app.
  • Turn off unnecessary notifications.

Slow Charging problem:

  • Check the charger, power socket, or any other accessories you’re using to charge your Honor device are working problem.
  • Do not use a laptop or PC USB regularly to charger your phone.
  • In case you are using a power bank to charge your phone is not the reason for slow charging.
  • Check, maybe the problem is with your device battery or USB port.

These tips and tricks will surely solve your problems also improve your Honor 8X battery performance.

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Source : Fix Heating, battery draining, and slow charging issues of Honor 8X

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There are many reasons for an iPhone to get overheated. Many a time it’s due to extreme condition, or it’s the multi-app that have been open in the background. Whatever may be the condition common overheating issue can turn into a severe problem and can affect overall performance! Thus, here are easy to remember tips that can help iPhone Overheating Problems with solutions:


Erase the Apps You Don't Offen Use

We cherish downloading another application the minute we tune in to something fascinating about it. Be that as it may, here is a proposal, if there are applications in your gadget that are not being used or you scarcely use it, make a point to erase those.

Check Battery Usage

iPhone overheating issue on iOS 11.3 can at times develop when some concealed applications are running out of sight as referenced previously. You can likewise check battery utilization that will tell you which application is gobbling up how many measures of the battery.


Quit utilizing the iPhone while charging

We concur that a large portion of the works is done on hands nowadays. We can't manage the cost of our telephones to get separated from us notwithstanding when they are charging. Be that as it may, utilizing the gadget while on the charge resembles fanning the flares.


Turn Off Personal Hotspot and Bluetooth

In the event that your iPhone overheating issue on iOS 11.3 is as yet not gone, check your Bluetooth and Personal Hotspot. Make off both the highlights if they are not in use. You can race to the Control Center and turn the Bluetooth off by tapping on its symbol and rushing to "Settings" > "Individual Hotspot" and flipping off the change to debilitate it.


These are a few things that you can keep in mind that can help you to with best iPhone Overheating Problems with solutions. If you are looking for cheap and best iPhone Battery Replacement Service in Singapore, then you must visit Macbook Pro Repair Singapore.

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How to Fix an iOS Battery Drain Issue?

The only thing that is annoying in an iPhone is an issue of low battery. The battery of an iPhone drains way too fast. The issue becomes worse when you can't even figure out what the problem is. There are many users out there who have reported that battery of their iOS drains way faster than usual. In this article, you will get to know about the issue and ways of solving it.


What are the reasons behind the battery drainage of iOS 11?

Users must be already irritated by the way iOS 11 battery causes issues. However, there is no single and straightforward reason behind this drainage. Many things have caused this loss of battery. Maybe the reason a bug. There are times when the battery runs down faster than anything. Perhaps the virus is there inside any of the apps or iOS. It can be the reason but not always. Sometimes the issue can be with your battery too. There are more than hundred of causes.

How to Troubleshoot Battery Drain of iOS 11?

  1. Upgrade iOS

If the reason behind your problem is iOS 11, then ditch it by updating to the freshest version that can be run by your device. All of the newly available versions are free. They are released by Apple several times a year. Just decide whether you have to update it wirelessly or with the help of using iTunes.

  1. Keep checking battery usage stats

Apple is well aware that people worry regarding arranging the health of battery life for their phones. Tools are built into iOS for letting you know what is taking the most power. For doing this:

  • Open Settings>Battery.
  • See what those features that have been using most of the power in the last 24 hours are.
  • Uninstall those apps that are using most charging.
  1. Update the Apps

Bugs and glitches get fixed if the developers release different versions of their applications. Try to update all of the apps just by going to:

  • App Store app>Updates.
  • And the issue is fixed.
  1. Keep control of the health of the battery.

Apple thought of adding "battery health feature" to iOS for letting you understand about the health of your battery. To find it:

  • Go to Settings>Battery>Battery Health.

The screen will tell you if the battery is in proper shape or not. There are some models on which you can change the settings for adjusting the battery life and speed of the phone.

  1. Turn off Background Data Refresh

Here’s how you can disable background data refresh:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open General.
  • Tap Background App.
  • Click Off.
  1. Set the Email to Fetch at the place of Push

Set the Mail app to fetch email.

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Passwords and Accounts.
  • Click Get the latest Data.
  • Select Manually, continually, every 30 minutes, every 15 minutes.
  1. Start the iPhone.

The leading cause behind the iOS battery issue is software problems. Users can't deny it that a quick restart can solve many software issues. If you restart your phone, then the software is also reset. It is effortless and fast, give it a try.

  1. Restore your phone to factory settings.

If nothing is working well and the battery is draining fast, then take a more extreme step. Restore the iPhone to "factory settings" as it will make it back to its previous stage. It is a fantastic way to solve out the issues.

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How To Troubleshoot The iPad Black Screen?

Many people come across the problem of black display in their iPad. They complain that their iPad is not responding at all to any touch input. This blog can be helpful if you are also going through this problem.

Here’s the way of solving the problem of black screen.

The Power Switch

It may seem that its very simple and will not work out. Frankly, most of the time it does work out.

  1. Firstly, press and hold the Sleep/Wake switch.
  2. Note that this should hold for a minimum half minute. Or till the time you won’t be able to see the symbol of Apple.

Charge it up

Many of the times, the iOS device does change into a black screen. The reason behind it can be that its charging got over. So prefer charging your device but note the instructions that have been given below-

  • Charge your device for a minimum of half an hour. You can even charge it for throughout the whole night.
  • Don’t use your device the time it is getting charged.
  • Prefer to place your device in room temperature.

Is an application creating the problem?

It has been observed that sometimes the battery gets exhausted quickly because of using a specific type of application. Read the given below instructions carefully to know about this problem and rectify it.

  1. Firstly, go to settings.
  2. Then, click on the Battery.
  3. After that, move downward to know about its usage. Note that the applications that are exhausting most of the battery will be placed above itself. The percentage of it will be shown immediate next to it.
  4. Next, prefer deleting applications after getting to know about the apps that are exhausting battery power a lot if those apps are of no use.

Change the brightness

It can be possible that your iPad is working, but the screen seems dark because the level of brightness is very less. If you’re walking on the road, then prefer standing under the tree in a shadowy place and adjust the brightness level.

Go for update

Even after completing the above steps if your iPad doesn’t work then you should prefer system update.

  1. Firstly, you require a computer or Mac. It should have the recent versions of iTunes.
  2. Then, try connecting the iOS charger to the iPad and your PC.
  3. Next, visit the iTunes on your PC.
  4. Press and hold Home and Sleep buttons.
  5. Observe that two options will get displayed in front of you. One is of Restore and the other of Update.
  6. Click on Update.

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Overheating and battery draining problem is quite common amongst Pixel owners. Google Pixel is one of the strongest gadgets, it has 2770mAh battery with optimized software.

Here is how to solve Pixel overheating and battery draining problems.

How to fix Pixel overheating problems

Is your Pixel overheated? It’s really worrying when you notice your device overheats suddenly. There are different reasons for your Pixel overheating maybe it will because of some apps, charger or battery fault, environment, etc.

•    Finding your Pixel overheats at the time of charging? Then perhaps the fault is with your charger. Change the charger you’re using to charge Pixel phone. Use the original Pixel charger manufactured by Google. Maybe the power outlet is faulty try to connect with different outlets.

•    Maybe the location is the reason for overheating. Your phone is in a warm environment just like in your pocket, or the case cover is the reason. Position your phone into an open place for some ventilation. And take it out of the case and leave it at room temperature.

•    Continuous usage will also overheat your phone. Mainly when using the power-intensive tasks, like playing a game or streaming video. Give a break to your Pixel and place it to a cool place.

•    Are you using a battery consuming app? Maybe the app is faulty and using too much power then this will increase your Pixel’s temperature. Check the battery usage by the app if you find an app using additional power without using it then uninstall the defective app.

To check the Battery Usage:

1.    Go to ‘Settings.’

2.    Then ‘Battery.’

3.    Tap on the ‘Three dots’ icon.

4.    And select ‘Battery Usage.’

•    An Android update will overheat your Pixel. If you’ve updated your Pixel recently (to Android 9.0 Pie) and after that, you’ll notice your device start overheating. Then possibly this will reason your Pixel is getting hot.

How to fix Pixel Battery Draining Problems

1.    Close all running apps: if too much app is open then possibly they are draining the battery. To view and close them, touch on the ‘Square’ button at the bottom of the Pixel screen, swipe toward right side to view all apps and then swipe up an app from there to close it or tap on the ‘Clear all’ options to close all.

2.    Restart your Google Pixel: Hold down the ‘Power’ button > select ‘Restart.’

3.    Installed or using a battery draining app: Maybe the app is faulty and using too much power then this will increase your Pixel’s temperature. Check the battery usage by the app if you find an app using useless power without using it, then uninstall the defective app.

To check the Battery Usage:

•    Go to ‘Settings.’

•    Then ‘Battery.’

•    Tap on the ‘Three dots’ icon.

•    And select ‘Battery Usage.’

4.    Disable Adaptive Brightness feature: If Adaptive brightness is enabled and using too much battery. Then try to turn off this feature by going to Pixel’s Settings, select ‘Display, then Adaptive Brightness and turn off the feature.

5.    Restore your Google Pixel: After trying all the solutions still your Pixel’s battery is draining fast. Reset your Pixel to factory settings, before restoring take backup of your Google Pixel.

Step to reset Google Pixel:

•    Go to ‘Pixel’s Settings.’

•    Navigate to ‘System.’

•    The ‘Advanced.’

•    Select ‘Reset options.’

•    And then select ‘Erase all data.’

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Guide to Fixing the Battery Life of iPad

With the coming of newer iPad in the market, it brings faster speed along with the improved graphics. Still, it manages the standard battery span of 10 hours. But for them who utilize their device in the entire day, they will find this battery span shorter. Over a period of time, iPad becomes older along with the shorter battery life. The first and foremost thing is to use iPad with optimum efficiency. But you can have a look at the following methods for resolving the issue related to battery power:


Source:- The Battery Life of iPad

1. Restarting your device

You can turn off the power button and reboot it for plugging the problem. Before going to the option of “Settings”, you can try this method for fixing the battery power issue. For rebooting your device, you need to press the button of sleep/wake constantly placed on the top of screen. When it asks for power down the iPad, then you can click. Similarly, you need to turn on the device.

2. Adjusting the level of brightness

The device has the functionality of auto-brightness for tuning the device on the basis of light intensity present. This feature of auto-brightness is not sufficient. For solving the issue of battery life of iPad, you can also vary the level of brightness by launching the settings option of the device. You can select the range of brightness by using the brightness scale. You can keep it at low brightness for saving some amount of battery.

3. Turning off the button of Bluetooth

Many a time, service for pairing the other devices through the Bluetooth mode remains opened. It goes waste if there are no pairing connections. That’s why you should take care of your Bluetooth mode for saving battery.

4. Turning off the Backdrop applications by refreshing

This particular type of applications updates the installed apps by refreshing them whether the device is in an idle state or other application. These applications can drain the battery span. Thus, you should go to “Settings” and then select the option of “General Settings” and move down till you get the section of “Background App Refresh”.  You can pick out for turning off the services completely or turning off those apps which are not regularly used.

5. Fixing the battery of iPad by searching the errant application

In general case, the applications that consume the significant portion of the power are employed by you mostly. It is a better solution for monitoring the applications that are draining the majority of battery power of device. You can launch the section of “Settings” of the device. Now hit on the button of “Battery” located on the left-hand side menu bar. There are a battery level graph and its events graph placed on the top of the display. In case you are not getting the biggest fall in the level of battery life while device is in active mode then there is a problem in single app. In case you are finding the number of events in the “activity graphs” then it indicates that there might be having a problem.

6. Reducing Motion

It keeps the battery life saved but with the little extent. Actually, the user interface of iPad adds some animations such as zoom-in, zoom-out, and parallax effect on logos which renders the hovering over the backdrop photos. You can switch off the effects of the interface by heading to the option of “Settings” and hitting on the “General Settings”. And, you can hit on the option of “Accessibility” and then search the switch by opting for the “Reduce Motion”.

7. Purchasing the Smart-Case for saving battery life

Usually, the Smart Case keeps the potential of battery saved by switching the mode of the device into the suspension while closing the flap side of Smart Case.

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Fast Fix - iPad, LG, Google Tablet Screen Glass Repair Service in NJ

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Broken Phone LCD screen? Fastfixprorepair is solving all issues to fast fix cracked Cell Phone and iPhone screen repair in South Orange, NJ. Get your cell phone LCD screen glass replacement,battery replacement, water damage and various repair by our expert technicians while you wait. 


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The worldwide Lead acid battery recycling is amazingly sensible and arranged by the presence of a few global, commonplace, and indigenous organizations. The Lead-acid Battery is a kind of battery-powered battery that rehearses plates arranged of lead oxide or unadulterated lead. These plates have lead anodes joined by debilitated sulfuric corrosive that exhibitions, for example, an electrolyte.


An exemplary lead-corrosive battery includes unadulterated lead with reference to, for example, a negative terminal [Cathode] and lead dioxide that is used as a positive cathode [Anode]. The gathering of these is called as cells. The moment, at least two cells are consolidated, it makes a battery. The battery typically discharges the moment no present keeps running among the phones.


Development of the car fabricating in the countries, for example, Brazil, Mexico, China, India, South Africa, Germany, and Indonesia is required to inspire the advancement of the business. Moreover, developing utilization of vitality putting away courses of action and UPS in organizations, for example, atomic power, power age, mining, oil and gas, gas turbine, cordiality, development, keeping money, producing, and off-lattice sustainable, is anticipated to spur lead corrosive battery request over the forecast time frame. Developing charges of non-renewable energy sources are evaluated to welcome extra clients toward utilizing these environment compassionate e-bicycles. Moreover, developing people and traffic sticking are probably going to trigger the interest in e-bicycles, which, successively, is relied upon to build improvement of the business over the inevitable years.


The zone of Asia Pacific is relied upon to watch phenomenal advancement because of the developing need for vitality putting away courses of action. Developing interest for sustainable power source joined by promising sponsorship from the legislature for the enhancement of sun based and wind vitality is assessed to spur the act of vitality putting away frameworks. The recently referenced component is probably going to influence item request over the expected years certainly.


These organizations continually challenge with one another to accomplish most extreme grasp in the market and their advancement over the span of the forecast time frame is dependent on issues, for example, solid contention, fast enhancements in aptitude, ordinary changes in government techniques, and serious conservational rules in the number one spot lead-acid battery recycling.

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Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys

3772537022?profile=originalA fatal boating accident results in long-lasting injuries. If you have been seriously injured in a boating accident, then you can hire contact Los Angeles personal injury attorneys as soon as possible to discuss your case. Our experienced personal injury lawyer helps you get the compensation you deserve for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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Our lives are slowly but steadily getting more and more dependent on electronics. A smartphone has become one of the most important and integral part of our life. We are way past the days when we would have to memorize contact numbers, ask around for directions, carry a camera to click photographs and get a review of a restaurant through word of mouth. With a smartphone, all of these are available at our fingertips. However, more than these devices, our lives revolve around the batteries that power these devices.3741521223?profile=original

iPhone and battery issues seem to be going hand in hand. As the charge slowly leaves your iPhone, you keep hoping that there was some way through which you could prolong its life. The simplest way to increase your battery life and in turn your phone’s performance is through identifying the apps that are draining your battery and turning it off. This will save up your battery’s juice thereby powering up your device for a longer duration.

Steps to identify apps that are always running

Apps that are constantly running on your phone take up the most battery. Even if you have exited the app, chances are that they will be running in the background and constantly syncing or checking information to notify you of any message or downloaded data. Furthermore, some apps keep your screen on while other apps, like the ones that run games or play videos, can put a strain on your phone’s internal processor.

You may not have to stop using these apps, but it is important to identify the apps that are always running. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Launch the settings of your iPhone.
  2. Scroll below until you find the option for “General” settings
  3. Tap on Background App Refresh.
  4. Your phone will now display a list of all the apps that can refresh their content when you are connected over a cellular or WiFi network. If you do not use the particular app as often, you may turn off the app as it will preserve your battery.
  5. Tap on the toggle switch to turn the app refresh on. The switch will go from green to white.

Steps to identify the battery draining apps

You can easily identify the apps that are draining your battery. Here is how you can check the list of apps:

  1. Launch the settings of your iPhone
  2. Tap on Battery
  3. You can see the battery usage of your phone and the percentage of battery that has been used up each app for the past 24 hours.
  4. You can also preview the amount or percentage of battery used for the entire previous week too.
  5. When you tap on the app’s name, you can see the breakdown of how much of the battery was drained due to the active use of the app and how much of it occurred due to the app running in the background.
  6. If an app is taking up too much battery while being used in the background, you can turn it off especially if you do not need constant updates from the app. Do so by following the steps given above.

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There is currently a lot to discuss on solar battery storage. With a 5kW solar power, the use of a battery storage system is considered as the best option.

Do you know how much a 5kw solar system cost in 2017?

Before taking about solar battery system, you must know the Best Price 5kW solar system which is about $1.26 per watt – or about $6,800, with a high of $2.10/W ($10,500) and a low of $1/W ($3,500).

If you are thinking to add a 5kW solar system, you must be wondering whether your decision of investing in a solar battery system is a right one.

A solar battery system usually functions by taking the excess power generated by your solar panel and store in for future use during the hours without daylight.

In many cases, homeowners have gained the maximum benefits of implementing different kinds of the solar battery system and have finally recovered its costs along with money saved in electricity bills.

Obviously, it completely depends on your electricity needs, your lifestyle and size of the home. However, it is true that the solar battery systems are only getting better and their value for money as well.

Here are the 3 things you should consider if you are thinking to invest in a battery storage system for your 5kW solar panels.

  1. Decreasing prices

The price of the solar battery system is going down just like the 5kW solar system price. It simply means that having a grid of power will not only save your money but also controls your energy bills. Due to the heavy demand for the solar battery system and the advanced technology, the batteries are becoming easier and efficient to implement.

  1. Failsafe

The best thing about solar battery system is that it has the potential to provide security in blackouts. In a blackout situation, the battery storage will continue to provide power to your business or home.

This is the best useful investment for your business where you know what happens when a blackout occurs.

  1. 24hr Power Supply

Usually, a home needs at least a 5kW solar system in order to produce enough power for some to store into solar battery storage instead of getting back them into the grid.

If you have this battery storage, you will get 24–hour uninterrupted power supply. Thus, solar batteries are perfect for houses where less power is needed during the day.

The excess power produced by solar panels can be saved and when it is dark, you will have an ample power supply for the home.


Overall, solar battery systems are becoming more common day by day and have proven to be a good investment for a large portion of homeowners. So, if you are considering in making an investment in a 5kW solar system with battery backup, give Solar Beam a call today on 1300-004-077.

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