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It’s been quite some time since Rocksteady Studios have been teasing their latest addition after the success of the Batman Arkham.

 Many fans were speculating that possibly Rocksteady Studios may include their new game in 2018 E3, but no such speculations came to life as there was no such release announced for the title.

Still, it’s too early for fans to get disheartened as, after a long wait, players may receive an announcement for the title.

 Community members and fans have managed to come up with a theory which is hard to deny, and it appears that gamers may soon experience a new Batman game in the near future.

Recently Rocksteady Studios have posted some job vacancies on their official website. Interestingly these job positions are for the marketing department, which includes the position of the lead brand artist, video promo artist, and senior user researcher.

 By seeing the job description, it is quite clear that the studio is in search of people to promote some new material. Mainly fans are speculating that Rocksteady Studio is all set with promotional material and now they are undergoing with their marketing strategy for a new title.

 A lead brand artist is a person who is responsible for maintaining continuity between different source material like trailers, screenshots, metadata, behind-the-scenes and promo art for the in-development game.

 On the other hand, a promo artist is responsible for creating high definition, special effects, editing of gameplay and last minute tweaks in the promotional material.

The job listing on the official site confirms that a new title is on its way to be released also it gives some bases to the ongoing rumor of Rocksteady Studios, that they would introduce a new title in the first quarter of 2019 or the upcoming E3 2019.

Many more speculations are also floating around, speculating as to what the new title will feature. Many fans are suggesting that the underdevelopment game is associated with the rise of Superman, as players have already experienced Batman Arkham.

But Rocksteady studios have denied any such claims and rumors associated with the upcoming title and instead have kept the forthcoming title in the dark. Almost a year ago, Rocksteady Studios teased fans with this title and claimed that this game would be mind-boggling.

Fans are eagerly waiting for this title; they are not quite sure as to what mind-blowing gameplay is awaiting for them. Still, it is interesting that the studio is making a reasonable effort to pitch the game amongst the community.

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