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Fertigparkett - Parquet made of bamboo Floor

Features of fertigparkett  timber The fact to be produced from materials of really small size, almost dust, allows it to be etched or machined in the same solution to stable wood. Among the great advantages of MDF in comparison to solid wood is their value, much more competitive. It is perhaps not necessary to use tools other than the one we can use to work with stable or plywood. The top of this kind of timber is ideal for applying shows and varnishes. However, to reach an ideal end it's preferable to use solvent-based shows rather than water-based paints. The end result is the same in all guidelines as there's no grain.

MDF panel is a replacement product. That's, it's almost the same uses. Therefore, it's common to ask which alternative is way better with regards to the use which is given. Landhausdielen represents medium-density fibreboard. This type of panel is made from timber materials (approximately 85%) and compressed artificial resins, which provides it a higher density than old-fashioned agglomerates or plywood. It is commonly named MDF timber this really is perhaps not appropriate, since we are perhaps not speaking about timber, but an item based on it. During the manufacturing process, specific compounds can be included to include additional features to the MDF, such as for example repelling water or preventing the look of fungi or mold.

Flexural strength: Though there are very important differences between producers in terms of absolute values, normally an MDF has much more weight to bending. For instance, a 16 mm solid MDF has weight to approx. of 30 Deborah / mm2, while an agglomerate of 14 Deborah / mm2. Moisture weight: Neither substance has a specific humidity resistance. However, it's more common to find water-resistant MDF, than water-resistant chipboard. Fat: The fat of the fertigparkett aus bambus MDF or chipboard depends entirely on the density. In that feeling, you can find differences between each maker, while generally phrases the MDF is usually denser and thus heavier.

For instance, the density of 16mm solid chipboard is usually between 675-700 kilogram / m3, while a mdf of equivalent thickness between 700-720 kilogram / m3. Software of Completes: The massivholzdielen is a product with a clean surface, well suited for the application form of all kinds of finishes. The agglomerate is hard, and the effect following sanding isn't good. Therefore, when we are going to lacquer, color or varnish, the sole alternative is MDF.

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Luxury Mens Boxers

At Chill Boys, we’re passionate about one thing…Your Comfort. The idea for Chill Boys boxers was born from our own need to be freed from the discomfort of sweaty, itchy, binding underwear. Working with an experienced clothing design team in St. Paul, Minnesota; Clothier Design Source, we set out on a mission to design the most comfortable boxers on the planet, made from the most comfortable, high-performance materials we could find.

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A cool pair of sunglasses is something that can absolutely upgrade your style. One moment you are just a random swimmer on the beach and the very next moment, with your shades on, you are a sort of celebrity with a personality that is almost magnetic. But really great sunglasses cost a lot! If we leave aside the cheaper imitations, quality sunglasses are expensive. And then they tend to get lost! This makes things worse. When you lose a pair that almost cost an arm and a leg, you are petrified, right? Well, our sunglasses with UV protection and polarized are nothing short of a treasure.

Instead of taking it to the beach we would rather keep them in a safe. But, if you can’t flaunt it, what is the point of having it anyway? Instead, you can look for better alternatives. Look for the following features:

  1. Cost-effective: Style is something that comes from within. While you’ve got to pay for the style enhancing accessories, the cost shouldn’t be too much.
  2. Light-weight: If you have worn sunglasses for more than half an hour without losing them, you would know that they can get heavy; if you don’t want your nose bridge to bear all that weight, look for lighter options.
  3. They shouldn’t get lost: There is nothing more upsetting than losing a cool pair of sunglasses in the pool or worse the bottom of a lake. So, look for sunglasses that can float in water and not get lost!

Sounds dream-like, perhaps? Sunglasses that can float in water! But, that is not a wish anymore. You can actually have sunglasses bamboo frames! And you can buy these from Tymber Shades.

Yes, you read that right. There are sunglasses with bamboo frames. And these absolute stunners are a solution to all your problems. Bamboo isn’t the most expensive material, so they are cheaper than others. Bamboo floats, so these shades won’t drown in the pool. And also, bamboo is light, so your nose-bridge can be at ease. Also, it is an environmentally friendly option. And Tymber Shades is the company that offers these innovative and very useful alternatives. Before you pack your bags for the beach vacation, make sure you visit Tymber Shades and choose a pair that suits your style!

About Tymber Shades:

Tymber Shades is a reliable sunglass company specializing in polarized bamboo sunglasses.

To know more, visit

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When comparing the average tensile strength values of bamboo on its weight, it turns out to be the green steel of the building.

Steel is one of the most widely used materials in construction and can be used in different ways and various load requests. Bamboo has characteristics very similar to steel. Its resistance to compressive and tensile forces is very high and can be used - if properly calculated - simultaneously for these two efforts. 

When comparing the average tensile strength values ​​of the material on its weight, we realize that bamboo blinds can withstand the equivalent and, in some cases, even a greater load than steel. 

One of the factors that attribute the green steel slogan to bamboo is the ease of obtaining the material, with minimum standard physical and mechanical strengths for the building industry, in just a few square meters of planting. 

Another advantage is the annual re-growth rate, which enables periodic harvesting without harming the crop. On the contrary, the more it is cut, the more it tends to spread.

If you are looking for a high-quality Woven Parquet, you can visit our site for an extensive range of collections.

Bamboo products:

There are many building materials currently made of bamboo, such as prefabricated structural panels, ideal for facilitating the assembly of entire houses within hours. 

With industrialization processes, it is also possible to make laminates, plywood, and different woods, used by various companies in the manufacture of floors, coverings, panels, and furniture.

Bamboo has many technical advantages such as lightness, natural beauty, unique finish, durability, ease of use and strength.

Constructive systems:

Several building systems can use bamboo. The simplest, but no less efficient, is its fresh or plump use. Countries like Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Indonesia, and India have structures designed and built using plump bamboo. 

Bamboo is such a special material that it allows the use of different shapes and together with various materials such as bamboo and earth, bamboo and cement and bamboo and glass. 

Another way to use bamboo fences is by changing its shape. With proper knowledge, the circular appearance can be changed for bamboo mats, which still have all the fibers and, as a result, much of the physical-mechanical resistance, but with greater flexibility.

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Yugure - Twilight
Composed and performed by Adrian Freedman.
Photography – Christopher Fryman
Filmed at the Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery, Kyoto 2013
Adrian plays a 2.4 Zenmura shakuhachi





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Yugure - Twilight
Composed and performed by Adrian Freedman.
Photography – Christopher Fryman
Filmed at the Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery, Kyoto 2013
Adrian plays a 2.4 Zenmura shakuhachi





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Seijaku - Stillness
Composed and performed by Adrian Freedman
A poetic study of sound and silence in the stillness of a Japanese temple garden, with rain falling gently in the background.
Filmed and edited by Christopher Fryman at Eiun-In Temple, Kurodani, Kyoto, April 2017
Adrian plays a 3.0 shakuhachi made by John Kaizan Neptune





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Advantages of bamboo flooring

For those who are in charge of a building project and are looking for sustainable and economical solutions for the work, a good eco-friendly and cost-effective option is bamboo flooring.

Parquet flooring offers many benefits in construction, but it also has its weaknesses. In this article, we will show you the advantages of bamboo flooring, so you can consider using this material in your construction.

What are the advantages of bamboo flooring?

Bamboo flooring has many good points for a building project, as listed below:

- The product easily accessible and easily replaced: Bamboo is a fast-growing and easy-to-renew plant: it is mature to the point where it can be worked like wood over three to five years. Trees whose wood is used for furniture and wood flooring are at the appropriate maturity from the age of twenty. Therefore, bamboo is more cost-effective than wood at this point.

- Floor easy to care for: No special product is required to clean and maintain strand woven bamboo flooring. A broom or vacuum cleaner and a cloth dampened with water followed by a dry cloth are sufficient for the care of this environmentally friendly material.

- Good water resistance: Bamboo flooring can better withstand water damage, deformation, and stains such as infiltration.

- A natural material that lives up to the philosophy of sustainability: Being sustainable has ceased and has become a lifestyle for many people who care about nature and the future of the planet. With this kind of thinking, bamboo is “joining the nature team” and being viable for a sustainable life.

- Affordable price: Solid bamboo flooring, when compared to another wood flooring, does not differ much in price. So bamboo has its competitive value because of its sustainable differential, offsetting your investment in this regard.

- High strength material: Bamboo is a plant known to be as strong as cement. Compared to other woods, a bamboo floor can stand as long as a red oak floor. Bamboo is a very strong material!

- Sophistication and elegance: Bamboo wood has its style, giving a unique look to the environment where it was inserted, something between rustic and luxurious.

- Easy to repair material: If over time the bamboo floor scratches, discolored or is damaged, the repair is easy and easy: just sand the material and apply a new finish on top and you are done.

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Tourist Destinations For Blissful Holiday Trip

Myanmar which is also known as Burma is one of the largest countries in the Southeast of Asia. It’s the home for various mountains, virgin jungles, beaches, ancient temples and pagodas. It’s very rich in history, culture, tradition and custom. There are so many tourist destinations are mystical in nature and unexplored up to date.

In addition, this country has the best accommodation facilities to cater for the needs of the many tourists who visit it every year. One of the best famous place which has the best hotels for guests is the Inle town which is located alongside Inle Lake. If you research around you will realize that one of the best hotel which can satisfy many of your needs is the Inle Hotel. In case you are a tourist from a foreign country you can book for accommodation services just before you travel. After you arrive at Mynmar and you have gotten your accommodation at Inle hotel you can the strategize on the best places that you can visit for the days that you will be in Myanmar. If you search around carefully you will realize that some of the most beautiful sites in Myanmar which can make your holiday to be wonderful are such as:

Htilominlo Temple

It’s a Buddhist temple which is located at began and was built during the reign of king Htilominlo. It’s 3 stories tall therefore has an elevation of 46 meters. It’s built using red bricks and is famous due to its plaster moldings. On the first floor of this temple you will see other smaller 4 Buddha statues which are facing different directions.


Botataung Pagoda

It’s one of the sacred temples in Myanmar which is located in Yangon. It’s also the tallest since it is about 40 meters tall. Although it’s about 2500 years old this pagoda has still remained the most typical ancient architecture. This pagoda is hollow inside and the local residents have revealed that it houses the sacred hair of Gautama Buddha. The furniture and the top of this stupa and finely covered using gold.

Mahamuni Pagoda

It’s one of the popular temples in Myanmar which is also known as Rakhaing Paya, Big Paya, Payagyi or Mahamuni Buddha temple. It’s located to the southwest of Mandalay and was originally established in the year 1784 by kin Bodawpaya. It’s very famous for its shrine centerpiece and the Venerated Mahamuni Buddha image. This Buddha image is made of bronze and is about 13ft high; for many years it has been used as a center of various activities especially in holding annual festivals. Every morning at 4 am several monks do wash the Buddhas face and brush its teeth.

When you visit this pagoda, you will see a lot of women who are kneeling outside the inner chamber of the Mahamuni Pagoda. It’s only men who are allowed to walk up to the Mahamuni Buddha image so that they can apply golden leaves.


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Staying in Hotel near Bamboo Hut, one can experience a sense of freedom and privacy, which is not found in other hotels or apartments. Even if it is midnight and the guest feels like having a dip in the pool, there is no need to wait for opening hours as the decision is entirely of the guest. The unique design artistically blends both modern and traditional elements offering a more relaxed casual Bamboo Hut luxury accommodation plus all the comforts of home. In short, there are fully self-contained apartments and privately walled villas not adjoined at the Bamboo Hut.


 The Hotel near Bamboo Hut is the best place to stay at bay, this is the place where one can relax and enjoy the most beautiful and luxurious lifestyle. The Hotel near Bamboo Hut offers luxurious services, best accommodation, and yoga with spa. It is a luxurious place to go spend time with family and friends
If you are able to get accommodation at the Hotel near Bamboo Hut you be at a better position of visiting the nearby tourist attraction sites. There are so many sites that you can visit during your stay at the Hotel near Bamboo Hut, some of them are:

You can make your trip to Kalaw, where you can visit the Myin Ma Hti Cave. This is a winding of complex natural tunnels and caves which are filled with bursting images of Buddha in various astonishing sizes and shapes. This cave is about 313m long from the entrance.


On your next day at NyaungShwe, you can make a visit the Mingun Bell, which was constructed around 1810 and is said to be one of the largest ring bells in the whole world. This bell is rung by hitting the soundbow using wood


You can also make your visit to the Inle Lake. There are more than 100 monasteries which are found on this Lake and you can start to explore this lake by visiting the NgaHpeKyaung also know as the jumping cat monastery. However, these cats are no longer available as it is believed that the monk who trained then passed some years back. However, you will find this place interesting as you will see the unique teak monastery which has tall beams which support the teak Buddha statues and the roof.

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Add Beauty To Your Garden

There is one specific place in a home where attractiveness is not completely overrated. This type of place is your garden or back yard. A good looking garden in the home expresses the whole area somewhat more about the character of the inhabitants of home as it is something that is more noticeable to the normal public.


With enough publicity provided to gardens, it is the only reason we spend a lot of effort and time in making beautiful our gardens. Sometimes we even spend somewhat additional cash only to redecorate it. We really can’t blame ourselves in case we put in enough only to have a stylish garden, for all this is geared thus people which pass by our houses are amused, captured by its prettiness and thus they can get a wonderful idea of the family living within the home.

Even though we plan to let people get pleasure from our gardens, obviously we would wish to get pleasure from them ourselves too. But you can ask how you as well as your family can bond and get pleasure from your garden with people or neighbors passing by being capable to see you. Well, the reaction depends in outdoor patio Bamboo garden screens. This Fence screening panels. basically are like dividers of the room just their function is primarily used for the outdoors. Usually they are prepared of weather-proof material thus they can stand up to the rain, wind, other important elements they are uncovered to outdoors. Some are even UV resistant thus they do not fade from the rays of sun.

These helpful pieces can even be utilized to shield things you store outdoors from others view. Nobody desires to stare at your old piles of firewood or wheelbarrow while getting pleasure from a passive afternoon in the garden. These Garden screen panels are best at hiding things such as these, or also units of air conditioner.

Possibly, the greatest thing regarding outdoor Bamboo fencing gold coast is that you can select between something non-living or living. You can choose any as per your ease and budget. Non-living screens are available in fencing, trellises or fretwork. Basically, all these are fence-like structures as well as some along with more pretty appeal. The attractiveness of these types of outdoor privacy screens is that they aren’t bulky and can be situated almost anywhere you desire.

If talking about the living outdoor Bamboo fence panels, there are different types of plants that are available in the type of grasses or bushes in rows, hedgerows, or even trees or bamboo. Utilizing the living outdoor privacy screens has its positive sides and negative sides. If comes towards the plus side, it will add to a more a pretty appeal to your garden even as offering it with more number of greenery at the same time. The disadvantage is that plants will entail more amount of work for you as like they would want trimming, watering, and other type of maintenance.


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How to Choose An Outdoor Privacy Screen

These days, privacy is luxury as we are living physically nearer to each other have to lack of space. There are some important methods to achieve privacy in case not by making high walls. Bamboo privacy screen made of bamboo that can give you complete privacy.


The variety of designs is great but typically there are two major types. Living Black bamboo screening made of vegetation where vegetation is encouraged to hide and grow spaces from normal view, and non-living screens that are made of metal, wood and vinyl. We will look at the latter.

There are different types of Best bamboo for screening that feel and look natural and as they are mostly utilized in outdoor arrangements, this assists them mix with the surroundings. Carved patterns were once greatly famous with ornate motifs polishing the surface and providing spaces an imperial touch. Though, recent trends and times have given way to easier designs featuring vertical or horizontal slats – very same to louvered shutters - with strong metal or wooden frames and customization choices to fit them on tops of walls, as outdoor shower screens or as gates.

Shifting away from normal wood, engineered wood that is a mixture of wood particles and a fixing agent can have similar warmth and appeal of natural wood but with a greater green rating. Not like natural wood that is generally sourced from forests, engineered wood used again the side-effect of natural wood left over from construction and carpentry works. It's produced, stained and colored to mimic the special knots and grains available in natural wood. If needed, it can even feature smooth patterns devoid of grains.

Metal screens and Bamboo for screening are one more wonderful option as they are very strong. Outside screens are subject to dust, wind, pollutants and rain, all of that can slowly devastate them. And even though metal in its usual state is flat to corrosion and rust, the Bamboo fence screening are treated to reduce these effects. Routine maintenance would even see them last for a long time.

Same as wood, metallic screens can take on different designs. Though, they look good as trellises with ornate patterns supporting vinery as well as other vegetation because they lend a grace and charm to outdoor areas. Still, they can be tailored for a cost.

With vinyl, there is affordability, confrontation to light weight and moisture damage. Colors are many as are designs mainly in case the screens are to balance contemporary and modern homes.

If talking about outdoor screens then they serve different purposes as well as fencing is just one of them. They can treat as infill panels and cabanas, hot tub fences, space dividers, and to fence off outdoor amusement areas from the spaces of private family. Actually, they are so customizable that they are appropriate for use indoors too. Most of the room dividers we are familiar with are part of similar concept, although with fewer weather-proof features. Earlier than buying screens, make a decision which specific areas of the yard want closure and fencing.

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Amazing Home Décor with Lacquer Vases

Home décor is something that is on the priority list of most house owners. And why not, your house is what represents you, it is the place that belongs to you and you got to be on your toes when it comes to maintaining and decorating your home. Home aesthetics are a matter of pride, taste and class and you have to make sure that when a visitor enters the ambiance, they just can’t stop staring at the home décor things. Talking about home décor, the subject is way too wide as there are tons of things that can be done to make sure that your home looks as elegant as possible.

Here in this article, we’ll be giving you a great home décor tip. You can enhance your home décor dramatically by deploying lacquer vases, and bamboo light shades. Most of us have vases, light shades, lamps, tableware, sculpture and much more in our homes. These things serve two basic purposes, first, the core purposes which they are meant to serve and the second purpose is that these things enhance aesthetical appeal of our homes.

Nicely designed and aesthetically pleasing vases and similar items can really create a huge difference in your home’s ambiance. Not just that you will have nicer, stylish and well-polished vases for your plants, but your home will also have quality home décor elements. Having quality items in your home is always a win-win situation; no matter what, you will not regret buying quality items. Here are some of the items that you can buy- mother-of-pearl boxes, indoor sculptures silk lamps, lacquer vases, bamboo lightshades, seagrass furniture items and more. There are online sellers who offer the best quality items and you would just love them.

Sources like Aurijinal are here to provide you with the top-notch home décor solutions. This company is based in Thailand and is arguably the best home décor lacquer, silk and bamboo product seller in South East Asia as their craftwork is stunning and hey design quality products and sell them at highly affordable rates. They have a production unit in Binh Duong, Vietnam.

About Aurijinal:

Aurijinal is one-stop destination for buying home décor products of the best quality and of different types including seagrass furniture, silk lamps, Bamboo lamps, lacquer planters and more.

For more information, visit

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Sometimes, even a great color combination and use of different materials can bring life to inanimate things. Similarly, combination of traditional designs along with modern and artistic designs are popular and in trend. People prefer keeping the lacquer polished furniture and tableware to decorate their home, restaurants, offices etc.

Stylish modern tall Lacquer vases and planters are used extensively and are popular worldwide as a home décor product that eventually enhances the beauty of your living area. Falling in love with the simplicity and vogue of decorative materials and techniques is forgivable; in fact, people can’t resist purchasing them after looking at them once.

There are many small-scale companies that make lacquer ware home décor items for a rising demand. Lacquer lovers who are fond of such decorative pieces can feel the effort and perfection just by touching its smooth surface. The beauty is not only with its crafting but also the use of various colours to make it vibrant and eye-catching.

If you are looking for some mesmerizing lacquer wares that can be the point of attraction in your home then you can get them from the famous manufacturer of eggshell, mother of pearl and lacquer decor products, Aurijinal. This company blends contemporary design with old Eastern lacquer and Mother of Pearl decorative techniques. They craft beautiful lacquer vases, eggshell tableware, Mother of Pearl boxes, and silk lamps in a variety of contemporary colours - all with a deep, lustrous and magnificent lacquer sheen.

A few of the remarkable products made by the company are:

  • mother-of-Pearl boxes

  • indoor lacquer sculptures

  • modern tall vases

  • silk lamps

  • bamboo lamps

  • seagrass furniture

  • Vietnamese lacquer ware

Their head office is in Thailand and their factory is in Binh Duong province, Vietnam where locals have practiced traditional lacquering techniques for over a hundred years.

About Aurijinal:

Aurijinal is known for crafting beautiful and extremely stunning Bamboo lightshades that are widely used for decorative purposes.

For further information, visit
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Observing human civilization from its inception to now, it can be said that we are highly obsessed and fascinated by the aesthetics of everything. Beauty has always been a part of the human though process. No matter whether it’s a place, person or thing, we do consider beauty a leading factor in everything. Same goes true for the internal beauty of residential and commercial properties. Interior décor is a major concern for property owners, the proof for that is the fact that you won’t see a single establishment that does not embrace some or other kind of décor or aesthetical enhancement feature.

From bamboo lamps, boxes, sculptures to themed furniture, a lot of things get deployed by people to make their establishment unique and aesthetically appealing. The number of products and trends in the realm of home decor is just endless and with technology, creativity, culture and artworks blending together, the home décor industry is all set to touch new and higher skies. Decor and interior designing are more of art and less of the science and this gives creative belonging to the décor works.

Cultural influence is also a factor in décor product design and Asian influence is clearly visible in the contemporary decor products and their designs. Vietnamese Lacquerware is currently very trendy and shows how buyers are eager to explore the artistic stuff that has a cultural essence. Homeowners, hotels, bars, spas and departmental stores can buy lacquer and bamboo decor products to make their establishment aesthetically unique and appealing.

Retailers can also make good use of this opportunity by providing their customers with the quality décor products by companies who manufacture the best of kind home décor products. Companies like Aurijinal are providing customers with the best possible décor solutions which allow people to make their place more alluring and trendy. Based in Bangkok, this company is amongst the leading Asian decor product sellers. They have got a factory in Binh Duong, Vietnam, where they manufacture and design bamboo, eggshell, mother of pearl and lacquer decor products. All their products are available at highly affordable prices.

About Aurijinal:

Aurijinal is your one stop solution for buying décor products of different kind ranging from sea grass furniture, silk lamp to bamboo lightshades. They have customers in 40 countries with Europe and US being their primary markets.

For more information, visit

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