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Ape Out and Baba is You are the new Super Mario of retro modeled games. And sure as eggs, they are the ultimate puzzler games. After a level gets solved, you will get a sigh of relief- a long and satisfying sigh. For, a lot of brain power coupled with divergent mentation will give you the mountain climber’s high, as if you have climbed to the top of a steep hill.

Ape Out and Baba is You run on a PC or Nintendo Switch. Hempuli Oy is the developer of Baba is you, who sure has come up with a unique puzzle game. A player solving a level of Baba is You would be reminded of a Test Chamber from Portal if he’d have played the game. Baba is You stands out as unique from standard puzzle games where the function of character(s) is fixed. But, when you become Baba- you are not constant, you become a variable. Baba can be made a rock or other articles in the level.

Baba is You

Now, I’m going to make myself clear about how Baba is You is played. There are no pre-rules in the game. BABA becomes the ROCK once the block that reads ROCK replaces BABA in BABA IS YOU, now the ROCK IS YOU– you can move all the rocks. You can similarly control other blocks, the technique becomes more dexterous in upcoming levels. You may get to see ROCK IS PUSH or may have to think up for YOU IS WIN. Each level comes with variations, like you may notice certain constraints which will limit the motion of the blocks. The levels require creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Ape Out

Bennett Foddy, Matt Boch and Gabe Cuzzillo have developed the Ape Out puzzle game in a quest of letting free the violent gorilla in them- in a whimsical way though. It is an extremely challenging flash game that mashes up unique aesthetics and animation style with fast jazz music. Your psyche will have to adapt to be like a rampaging Gorilla who has blasted the cage and is running around in the human civilization. Each win will give you hope and rush of adrenaline and each death of the ape will teach a somber lesson.

The graphical interface of both the games is retro. Baba is You adorns a minesweeper themed animation, and on the other hand, Ape Out showcases some choppy and sketchy animations. Music marries the gaming style in each game. Thumping beats in Baba is You and pure Jazz in Ape Out rings with the type of consequence that is slated to happen in the game.

Both games come at the price of a famous American cheeseburger and packs in a lot of mind-boggling levels which sure won’t be crossed in a day. You have all the way to go when the Ape is Out, and You is Win.

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