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Have you seen the iris of developers wearing geeky spectacles scanning through numerous lines of codes? Their fingers are constantly on the move and brains continually churning so that they can provide you with a good web browsing experience. Over the years, as they work with several technologies, they develop inclination towards certain frameworks. This favoritism stems out of a lot of factors. Simple HTML codes, open source framework, versatility with frontend development etc. are some of them.

When it comes to choosing a framework that meets all the above-mentioned criteria, AngularJs ranks first. This Google invented framework has made it very easy for companies offering AngularJs Development services to develop responsive web applications. So, how does AngularJs assist with their making responsive web applications and why is it preferred above all frameworks? Let us try to know:

Security Optimization of Web Applications

When it comes to modifying or changing the existing product, security becomes a point of concern. Some companies feel that if they start using new technology, it will create issues with their IT infrastructure. However, this is not a case with AngularJs. The technology makes use of HTTPS interface when it wants to communicate with servers. This interface can be in the form of restful API or a web service. Using AngularJs, you can keep cross-site scripting attacks at bay. As it comes with $http module, it offers CSRF protection. But, you might have to indulge into some server work to support the functionality.

Ease of Creating Web Applications

This is one of the major reasons why companies prefer Angular Js Web Development. It enables the developers to create web applications effortlessly. It comes with ng-mode and ng-class which are some of the common operations in JQuery. Also, when the apps are being developed in AngularJs, the two-way data binding and data saving asks for few lines of coding. With so much of ease, it is quite likely that developers will prefer AngularJs framework above all.

Offers Secure Access Management

Every organization works through certain guidelines when it comes to accessing applications. Most of them fear whether the framework will be able to make the most out of security procedures and maintain the access level restrictions. AngularJS offers several options using which, the developers can integrate the existing domain systems into the security flow and login of the application. As AngularJs is a client-side inclusion, one needs to make use of supplemental libraries to implement this functionality. These libraries enable you to implement single sign-on by interacting with AngularJs.

Enables You to Leverage Your Data

The best part about AngularJs is that it doesn’t limit you with the underlying data management system. This is because most of the AngularJS applications get implemented through RESTful APIs. In case you make use of existing internal APIs, you can use Angular application and replace the existing frontend code. It will give you the permission to reuse the server security seamlessly. Also, in case you are replacing your application with Django or Rails, the transition will be smooth. Isn’t that a great way to enhance your website’s performance?

Boosts Testability of Website Application

Testing gives a perfect idea about how the application will work in the future. If there are issues with testing, one can never know what problems might stem up in the future. Using AngularJs, it is possible to boost the testability of any application. If there are glitches while testing, you can visit the official website of AngularJs and know about all the testing steps in detail through the tutorials. As it is an open source, it also has a reputed community of developers that can help find solutions on time.

Brings Ease of Maintenance

Once the web application is developed, it will never be a “that’s it” scenario. You will have several situations wherein you will need to fix bugs or make infrastructural changes. AngularJs makes it extremely easy for developers to do so. This is because it uses model as the source and motivates the developers to think on the lines of object-oriented design for the customer side. And that being said, it is important to remember that web applications are easier to maintain when based on object oriented design principles.

With so many benefits to developing responsive web applications, AngularJs will never disappoint you. But in order to implement one of these applications for your business, you must hire AngularJs developer or get a quote from a professional IT firm. Thereafter, you can make price and credential comparison and zero on the company of your choice. You must conduct further R&D if you want to know about this technology in details. All the best!

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Choosing AngularJS Web Development
Angular JS is an open source framework for building web applications. Tech giant Google maintains it. Coders face many issues while developing and testing any code. It resorts many of the challenges which the coders may face.

AngularJS mixes HTML codes and app modules to form a framework. Its earlier base was Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture. It was mainly in use for planning rich web applications. But, situation has been on a change since the introduction of the Angular JS 2.

The new and superior features of this technology are a boon for the Angular JS Development Companies. The advanced technology can now naturally be in sync with models and view. This makes AngularJS web development a very simple process. In short, some of the stand out features of AngularJS are:
  • Two-way data binding
  • MVC structure
  • Directives
  • Templates
  • Dependency injections
  • Testing
Apart from these basic advantages, these are the few reasons which make Angular JS the first choice for web development.

Let us look into these advantages in detail:

Most widely used Framework

AngularJS is one of the most widely used frameworks for creating websites. Also, for the mainstream development, Angular JS is in use. Moreover, it has a fine support of a global community of keen and talented developers.

Declarative Code Style

The most hectic job in coding is writing codes for every little function. You need to write multiple codes for adding a single function. With the declarative coding paradigm, AngularJS ensures that the coders have to write fewer codes. The coding reduces for executing the same goals. In simpler terms, you do not need to write all the steps involved in any action. You just have to write the final steps!

Wide Recognition

AngularJS web development is a globally known framework. It is in use for developing high quality apps. In addition, it is also known for developing hybrid apps. Many development frameworks and stacks across the world are using AngularJS for this purpose. It has a wider global acceptance and is trending currently as a technology for developing web apps.

Data Binding

For enhancing the testing ability, Angular JS is in use. Testing enhancement is because the decoupling of data can have the view of DOM element or HTML. The developer can effortlessly identify the logic that controls this data. Moreover, the data separation is also very simple. Hence, the division of UI element and its representation makes viewing a pleasing experience than other frameworks.

We have seen the positives of Angular JS development. Now, let us see why few web development companies remain distant from using AngularJS.

The Disadvantages of AngularJS

Performance Glitches

As the apps developed under the AngularJS framework are dynamic. These dynamic apps lack in performance. Sometimes complex single page apps can have some lags and show glitches while performing.

Need Professionals

An entrepreneur may look at Angular JS as the best suitable framework for web app development. But, you get to know that your classical web development knowledge would create confusion when you use AngularJS. Features like dependency injection and firm can be challenging for you. Either you will have to invest more time in learning or you may have to look for professional help.

JavaScript Mandatory

Nothing in the world is absolute. Is it universal that all the computers and laptops would have a JavaScript support enabled? When you own a business, you want to reach maximum number of people. When JavaScript support is missing, your website or app would not be able to reach these people. Your web app would become less useful. Instead, if you use HTML as the base for web development, this problem eliminates.
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5 Popular Web Application Frameworks for Building Your Website in 2018
2018 is the year of mobile applications and the right time to obtain mobile application development services. Well, there is no denying to that. But if you thought that with the advent of mobile apps, the popularity of web application frameworks has died down, you might be a bit wrong. Approach a web application development company and they will tell you about the pretty much existing frameworks that still rock the world of web.

However, when it comes to building web applications, you need to keep mobile competition in perspective and develop a modernized and marketable application for your business. If the need be, you should approach a company that offers custom web development services according to your requirements. But before do that, we bring will provide you with information about some popular web application frameworks for building your website in 2018. Let’s understand about these frameworks in detail:

1. Node.js

Ever since its introduction in the year 2011, Node.js been a favorite application framework amongst the developers. It helps them to build swift and scalable programs. This is because Ryan Dahl, the creator has built the framework in such a way that it enables the developers to manage several connections at once. It also enables them to create networking tools and web servers with the help of JavaScript and its modules which are responsible for different core functionalities.

2. React.js

Facebook along with a developers group maintains React.Js It is an open source Java script library that enables web app developers to design huge web applications. These applications consume a large amount of data and you can modify them when you do not have to reload the page. The reason professional website development companies recommend this framework in 2018 is because it offers scalability, simplicity, and speed. You can use them along with other JavaScript frameworks or libraries in MVC.

3. Angular.js

AngularJs is yet another JavaScript framework. You can add it to HTML web page through a tag. It impasses knowledge to HTML with the help of extensions and it extends HTML features through directives. If you want to create dynamic web applications, it has a perfect structural framework. Also, it enables you to make use of HTML as your template language. Thanks to its data binding and dependency injection, you can keep the cumbersomeness coding at bay.

4. Express.js

A perfect framework for those who think less is more! Yes, if you are looking for a flexible and minimalistic open-source framework, Express.js is what you should go for. Developers love to use it as it is very easy to develop and flexible. With the help of NPM modules, they enhance the functionality of your website framework. The best part? Developers just need to have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and a little understanding of MongoDB. As it supports dynamic code, your app code won’t be complicated.

5. Laravel

Last, but not the least, comes the most popularly used PHP development framework, Laravel. It is quite versatile and developers can use it for creating web and mobile frameworks for an array of businesses. It offers several advantages not just to the app owners but also to developers. Laravel has numerous features including database migration, bcrypt hashing, MVC Support, password reset and security. If you are looking for an extremely secure and flexible framework that makes the most out of MVC, Laravel is what you need to go for in the year 2018.

We are sure you might have heard about the above-mentioned frameworks. Web application development companies use many other frameworks to develop web applications but according to us; these will be the frontrunners this year.
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