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This is the airtel Xtreme box and I know this looks like your usual set of boxes. In fact, it is set up as your usual setup box but trust me when I say that it's much more than that. The difference between the eight and Xtreme boxes. When compared to the usual set of boxes, it is the fact that this is a hybrid set of boxes. Now this means you get the best of both worlds you get the traditional satellite TV channels. You get the pop it all and streaming services like Netflix YouTube, etc. Read more

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Airtel Fancy Numbers In Bangalore


The variety of plans available bears testimony to the fact that the company has taken sufficient care in fulfilling the needs of the customers coming from different classes of society. Due to the exemplary cost-effective services provided by Fancywala, choosing a fancy number as per your choice is no more a pricey service available only to the rich. People now have the freedom to choose as per their requirements without having to burn a hole in their pockets.

The company was started by young entrepreneurs who had the vision to give people the freedom to choose fancy numbers that they like. Their services include providing Airtel fancy numbers, Airtel Corporate Connections, Airtel Fancy Numbers In Bangalore, Idea fancy numbers, VIP fancy numbers, ready-to-port fancy numbers, prepaid, and postpaid fancy numbers. They offer a wide range of plans for each category of service.

The services provided by this company are not only cost-effective but also time effective. The entire process is completed within a period of three days after the customer chooses the number or plan. Moreover, their services are extremely easy to use.

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Airtel might be matching Reliance Jio with its pocket-friendly data plans, but that’s not the only point of focus for the telecom operator. As we’ve seen over the past year or so, video streaming via mobile devices has gained massive traction in the country, and Jio already caters to that with its Jio Cinema and Jio TV app.

Airtel has been lagging in this department but their latest content partnership with Hotstar adds another feather to their digital cap, appealing to its existing user base.

The telco has confirmed this tie-up on Monday, promising access to 22 Live channels and 3000 plus movies. However, we haven’t been able to find Hotstar on the Airtel TV app, which is likely to roll out in the coming days.

Airtel can’t match up to Reliance Jio’s in-house content boutique, and this is were third-party tie-up gives them something to offer to its customers. Joining hands with Hotstar does seem like a logical move, especially when you won’t have to pay for most of the regular services, provided by the Star India-owned multimedia app.

But Airtel isn’t the only one which can benefit from this move. Hotstar is primarily working on the advertisement and freemium (offering content free of cost) model, which is why, as per the last recorded user data, it has over 75 million users on its network.Want to get more information then please make use of Airtel Broadband Helpline number

Even after downloading the Airtel TV app, and getting access to content from Hotstar, you’d still have to pay the regular subscription fees, to watch exclusive content like the Game of Thrones and Live feed of the Indian Premier League 2018

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