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HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund is formed after the merger of HDFC Prudence Fund and HDFC Balanced Fund. Both the former funds followed a similar investment strategy to invest in the equity as well as debt instruments to provide long term capital appreciation. Due to the merger, the AUM has bulged out as both the former funds have been chosen by a large number of investors. Experts at MySIPonline have analysed the fund extensively to check if higher AUM is affecting the scheme or not.

AUM Growth of the Fund

Before discussing the effects of AUM on HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund, it is essential to know how the AUM of the fund has grown over the years. Due to promotional activities of mutual funds by AMFI and the supportive market, the major growth in the AUM has been witnessed in the last few years. In February 2016, the AUM of HDFC Balanced Fund was Rs 4,695 crore which got doubled in the next 12 months to Rs 9,508 crore. It further grew manifold to Rs 20,081 in January 2018. After the merger in April 2018, the AUM or HDFC Prudence Fund was also added to the AUM of HDFC Balanced Fund and the gigantic AUM of more than Rs 36,000 crore had to be handled by Mr Chirag Setalvad. Since then, further growth has been witnessed in the AUM which stands at Rs 38,405 crore as of 31st Jan 2019.

How Did It Affect the Fund’s Performance?

The long term returns of HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund have been among the best in the category however in the recent years the performance has slowed down but experts at MySIPonline do not find bulging AUM as a reason for this. The equity market has been uncertain and right after the merger, the sudden growth in the AUM has affected the growth for a short time which has been brought back on tracks by the professional manager Mr Chirag Setalvad. If we compare the recent returns of the fund with the benchmark and category average, it can be observed that the fund is still performing as a foremost in the category of dynamic asset allocation.

Does AUM Affect Growth?

Higher Assets Under Management gives more responsibility to the fund manager. Exponential AUM can be hard to manage and sometimes when not managed properly, funds with high AUM may or may not deliver slower growth. There is no evidence which proves AUM affects the growth. For a hybrid fund, higher AUM can give an opportunity to the manager to increase the outputs. But with great opportunities comes great responsibilities, and for the opportunity to manage the enormous AUM of HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund, Mr Chirag Setalvad is a responsible man. He dynamically handles the investment in equity and debt instruments to provide capital appreciation.

The allocation of the funds in equity and debt instruments can be increased or decreased according to the market conditions which has allowed the HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund to deliver significant returns even when the AUM of the fund is gigantic. The fund can be chosen by the investors who seek capital appreciation at moderate risk through a dynamic allocation in equity and debt instruments. To know more about the fund or to check the suitability of the fund, investors can always reach out for the financial experts at MySIPonline.

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An advantage of the internet: -

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