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Football has a long history in the sports fraternity. The transition of this world sport into the world of video games has been a tricky affair. But only a few have managed to perfectly blend football and graphics for a tailor-made virtual experience for gamers. So, here are the top 10 best Soccer Games that have managed to make a mark for themselves in the video game world.


1. Virtua Striker

Virtua Striker, originally developed by Sega in 1994, was the first of its kind. It was the first association football game that used the 3D graphics of a computer. This game was also applauded for its early use of texture mapping. It was originally an arcade-style game that could be operated with the help of three buttons- one for passing, one for long balls, and one for shooting the ball.

The game consists of a simple knock out tournament similar to a FIFA world cup with each match lasting about two minutes by default plus added time. An extra minute is given as sudden death if the match ends in a draw. The game operates with just three buttons.

In all, it can be said that the game was very elaborate for its time.

2. Fifa Street 2005

Fifa Street was initially developed by EA sports in 2005 as a Spin-off of the FIFA series football video game. This version was created for PlayStation, Nintendo Gamecube, and Xbox with its cover featuring the Brazilian football star Ronaldinho. The commentary in the background was given by MC Harvey of the So Solid Crew.

The game was developed as a reduced version of the complete game (FIFA) into a simple arcade-style game. As the name suggests, the game paid heed to flair, trickery, and style as opposed to the FIFA video game, which focussed more on gameplay and tactics.

The PlayStation 2 version of the game was awarded the Platinum Sales Award from Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA). However, it received mixed reviews on other platforms.

3. Sega Soccer Slam

The game was developed by Black Box games but published by Sega in 2002 for PlayStation and Xbox and Gamecube.

This particular game is different from traditional soccer games as it does not include mainstream soccer rules in the game. It is an exaggerated interpretation of soccer. The characters have been given the ability to punch other players and eliminate rules such as corner kicks, free kicks, and throw-ins, etc. The game is packed with a variety of modes such as the exhibition mode, challenge mode, journey mode, and quest mode. The mix of special abilities and football made for an interesting game that can be reconciled with the reviews published for the same.

4. Nintendo World Cup

Technos Japan developed this computer game with cartoon-like graphics in the year 1990 for the family computer and the Gameboy. It is a localization of Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club: Soccer.

The game includes only 13 national teams competing in a world cup to become number 1. At its core, the game follows the rules of football, but with noticeable differences. Each team has only six players. You control only one of them, but you can give commands (Pass/Shoot) to the others. Offsides are non-existent, and fouls are not punished. A game without fouls ought to be interesting! Players can be knocked out by repeatedly sliding, tackling, or shooting them. Afterward, they will stay down for the rest of the half. Players can also use up to five “super shots” per half- these powerful, odd-looking shots are used whenever a player does a bicycle kick or a diving header. The game has been made very interactive, considering the year it was developed for the audience.

5. Super Mario Strikers

Super Mario strikers or Mario Smash football is a full-on soccer game developed by Next Level Games for the Gamecube in the year 2005. Along with the component of Mario, which has already made it interesting, there are other features of this game, which makes it even more engaging for gamers.

Some fans might like the second part of the game better than the first part, but the latter has its perks.

6. Pro Evolution Soccer

This video game was developed and published by KONAMI in the year 2001. PES has had its longstanding rivalry with the EA SPORTS FIFA due to the features which are quite similar in both the games for, e.g., the unique celebration of each player.

The pro evolution soccer series strives to emulate real soccer with a plethora of clubs, international teams, and modes for selection, which makes for a very interesting experience. It is a must-try for people who like FIFA.

7. FIFA 11

The first of the FIFA series was developed and published by EA SPORTS in 1993. The developers continually published a new part to the series with subsequent improvements until they finally hit the mark with their entry in 2011 with their FIFA 2011.

FIFA 11 replaced the manager mode with the career mode, which gave the user freedom to play as a manager, player, or a new feature called player-manager. Various other tweaks and additions were made, which made one of the hottest selling games its time.

8. FIFA 20

The Gaming Giant EA Sports is being applauded for the improvements and changes to the latest edition of the FIFA series, ie. FIFA 20. The game has been made more interactive than its other counterparts. In older versions, you could heedlessly charge at the defender, hoping to get the ball, but this isn’t the case in the latest edition. It has been incorporated with more real-life situations, which means you will have to think before making a move.

IGN.com has given it a decent 7.6 for its overall performance.

9. Football Manager

As the name suggests, it is a game that involves the management of football teams. It is a series where the game gets serious. The tactical depth given to the managers and the coaches is insane. All tactics and strategies are to be devised by the manager, i.e., the user. Therefore, a user can prove himself to be a football managing wiz or a complete fool.

It has been incorporated with many real-life situations that the manager might actually face in real life, which makes it quite comprehensive. There is almost nothing in the game that you can’t do.

10. Sensible World of Soccer 2007

The original version was developed by Sensible software in 1994. The version which was released in 2007 was a remake of the 90’s game with enhanced graphics. It was made available for consoles, including the Xbox360, Amiga because friends could now play online. There were different modes, including the manager mode, that the users could explore, which made it more immersive.

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