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Major Retailers Closing Stores in 2016

#1 Sears lost 580 million dollars in the fourth quarter of 2015 alone, and they are scheduled to close at least 50 more “unprofitable stores” by the end of this year.

#2 It is being reported that Sports Authority will file for bankruptcy in March. Some news reports have indicated that around 200 stores may close, but at this point it is not known how many of their 450 stores will be able to stay open.

#3 For decades, Kohl’s has been growing aggressively, but now it plans to shutter 18 stores in 2016.

#4 Target has just finished closing 13 stores in the United States.

#5 Best Buy closed 30 stores last year, and it says that more store closings are likely in the months to come.

#6 Office Depot plans to close a total of 400 stores by the end of 2016.

The next seven examples come from one of my previous articles…

#7 Wal-Mart is closing 269 stores, including 154 inside the United States.

#8 K-Mart is closing down more than two dozen stores over the next several months.

#9 J.C. Penney will be permanently shutting down 47 more stores after closing a total of 40 stores in 2015.

#10 Macy’s has decided that it needs to shutter 36 stores and lay off approximately 2,500 employees.

#11 The Gap is in the process of closing 175 stores in North America.

#12 Aeropostale is in the process of closing 84 stores all across America.

#13 Finish Line has announced that 150 stores will be shutting down over the next few years.

source: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/ar.

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Our Friend and Favorite Comedian Corey Holcomb Performing live at Carolines NYC on Broadway from Thursday 2/25-2/27/216

Corey will be doing local promotional appearances at The Breakfast Club 2 Power 105 NYC, hosted by local celebrity interviewers Charlamagne, DJ Envy and Brooklyn's favorite radio personality Angela Yee, prior to the Thursday Night Show

For Tickets to Corey Holcomb Live @ Carolines visit TicketsEX.com Now!


You can also See more of Corey Holcomb featured at The Brooklynne Network by visiting 5150 Show TV @ Brooklynne

Show your support for Corey Holcomb and the 5150 Nation and purchase your own 5150 Gear for the show!

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Black... Land... Matters... Is a Real Estate Investment Cooperative.


It’s about sustainable stewardship practices of land in partnership with marginalized communities.


Our homes, businesses and green spaces are all under assault. So-called modern progress has depended on exploiting the land, people and resources as if they had no end.


We believe African Diasporic heritage-based communities must come together to pool resources and share our experiences as we reclaim our sacred connection with the Earth.


This is a space to learn, think extensively, rigorously, and personally about the best ways to keep our communities on the land and keep it alive and green for ensuing generations.


To compliment this virtual "think-tank", we've taken the obvious next step of tangible solution. We welcome you to join our Black Land Matters Real Estate Investment Cooperative (BLM-REIC) family by becoming a member for just $50/year. For details click here.

what's news

• Black Land Matters REIC NOW ACCEPTING membership

The Black Land Matters Real Estate Investment Cooperative invites you to join today! An annual membership of $50 grants you a voting share and access to exclusive cooperative land project listings we have available for participation. To learn more and to join click here.


• Black Land Matters & Duende natural's Egypt on the Potomac Field Trip May 7, 2016

The Egypt on the Potomac Field Trip is a guided journey through Washington, DC that uncovers secrets hidden in plain sight. Did you know there is information and wisdom embedded throughout the visual make up of the city: in federal building architecture, street alignment, symbols on streets and buildings, and numerical patterns found throughout all of these elements, among others?


By examining this embedded information, and exploring aspects of African mythology, African American, American, and Washington DC history, the Field Trip illuminates the ancient Egyptian influence on the founding fathers of the United States of America, as well as their acknowledgment of the Nile Valley origins of civilization.


The three-hour Field Trip, which is sponsored by IKG Cultural Resource Center and was created by author and cultural historian Anthony T. Browder, consists of video segments and site visits (both on and off the bus). A facilitator guides participants to understand the story of DC’s history that is hidden in plain sight. Educational resources such as DVDs, books, and posters are available for purchase for further study both before and after the Field Trip. See more details.



Nile Valley culture lives in the monuments of the District of Columbia. You will see evidence of ancient Egyptian architecture, symbolism and philosophy that has been embedded in various monuments throughout the city …literally hidden in plain sight. Join us by registering for this trip today! Limited seats available!


Watch his trailer here, register for this trip here: http://duendenatural.com/tour/may2016.html


• black land matters & duende natural's 2016 trips to costa rica

2016 marks a new season of tours to Costa Rica! The Costa Rica Caribbean Experience offers a little something for everyone! We'll have the opportunity to relax on pristine black and and white sand beaches, hike two unspoiled jungle National Parks to view monkeys, sloths and toucans to just name a few of the fascinating creatures we'll be spotting. The Caribbean Coast is the most culturally diverse area in Costa Rica. There's a mix of Afro-Caribbean, indigenous Tico, and foreign culture that mesh together. This year we have two trips scheduled:


• Caribbean Revitalize Retreat - February 23-29, 2016 (details)


• August Family Caribbean Excursion - August 16-23 & 23-30, 2016 (details)


For details on where we're going goto: http://duendenatural.com/tour/index.html


• black land matters featured on the Laura Flanders show

September 8, 2015 Black Land Matters' co-founder, Mark Scott joined Weeksville Heritage Center's Tia Powell Harris on the Laura Flanders show on the historic relevance of using cooperatives as a tangible solution to addressing the disparities of POADUS' (People of African Descent in the Untied States) socio-economic opportunities. Watch below:


Presented Here, and Fully Supported By The Members and Mgmt Team @:


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Create an awesome store for your restaurant in a second.

Get powerful tools for managing online and phone orders from your customers in the same place. Update easily your restaurant's menu with no technical knowledge required

See a Demos Here- DrinkOn- VIP Bottle Delivery ServiceReggie Green DeliversTrap Kitchen LA

Simply create your account, load your menu and start selling!


 Up to 10 daily purchases 

 No tech support



 Up to 60 daily purchases

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 Up to 100 daily purchases

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 Up to 200 daily purchases

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  $149.00/month per restaurant


 Unlimited daily purchases

 Technical support

  $249.00/month per restaurant

All prices are in US dollars.

Give it a Free Try for 90 days .....Add Revenue with VIP Delivery and Extended Reach Delivery Zones  

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There is an alternative approach, though you'll need to do your home work.

What you might can do is this:

1. Buy majority of a Pink Sheet shell

2. Form a REIT Delaware Trust Inc.

3. Merge the two companies on share exchange through a reverse merger or triangle merger and redomicile the corp to Delaware.

4. Upgrade the shell to OTC Pink (this is not SEC reporting and lower costs for now about $5,000 year and reports to edgar).

Begin acquiring properties by exchanging Membership interests in an LLC that coverts to common stock of the REIT after one year. (upreit structure)

Build the company up, it will trade over the counter for a few years while you build up the shareholder equity and then PCOAB audit and move to SEC reporting.

Once you reach 5-million in equity, you can uplist to NYSE.

Books to read:

"Real Estate Investment Trusts Handbook" by: Peter M. Fass, Michael E. Shaff, Donald B. Zief.

"Fuqua" by JB Fuqua -My Hero in the south.

Ticker Symbols you can look at that are doing this now (go towww.otcmarkets.com and look at ticker symbol "MRTI" and look at their financial filings.  You will see exactly what to do in this regard. 

Search other small REIT's on the OTC Markets for the smaller ones and see how their growing.  The money is made by converting unusual assets into a REIT that has large retained earnings that aren't public now but have share holders, think small railroads, cable TV companies and Billboard companies.  In the last few years, Windstream, Lamar and Power REIT have unlocked millions in equity this way.

This is stuff no one will tell you, I hope you do your home work and go for it.  You can be creative as you want to get people to contribute property to your REIT.  The benefit to them, especially if they have rolled and rolled 1031 exchanges, will be the ability to sell shares as they want over time.  It also works great for Real Estate Investors that are ready to retire and want to split shares in an REIT to the Heirs and let them receive a stepped up basis and they can sell the shares over a few years.  Think about this, how do you leave a shopping center to three kids? But you can leave them 2,000 shares each of a public REIT they can sell if they want to without the other Heirs and on and on. 

Your idea is great, you just have to put the pieces together.  Others are and no one will tell you how, I just told you a poor mans way and once you're NYSE, no one will care.  Good luck.

Get Legal Advice and Guidance before pursuing any Business Structures

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The AUIA- Aboriginal Union for Indigenous Amerindians - was founded as a UNDRIP Human Rights Org for Cultural Self Determined Restitutions of National and Ethnic Identity and Reparations earned and deserved for the Fraudulent Trustee Allocations Foreeclosures,and Estate Administration, Purposeful Treaty Violations, Land Encroachments and Illegal Asset Confications, Historical and Literal  Denationalization, Religious based Heritage and Genealogical Miseducation, Corporate Identity and Birthright Theft and Certificated Human Trafficking of Amerindian People, Principal Local Land Interests Restorations, Capital Investments and Natural Resource Based Economic Development and Community Heritage Training and Re Education

The union has been quietly building itself  for over 6 long and hard years, but has managed to slowly grow into over 23,546 private supporters and members

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The Self Administered Reparations Project

What is the Self Administered Reparations Project?
It is the International project to assist Indigenous Peoples worldwide with the plans strategies services products resources and resource management to implement self government, economic viability for individuals, families, communities, and nations.

Our work consists of a pilot project commenced in North America tailored to address the cultural, socio-political, and economic needs of the Indigenous peoples called 'African-Americans'. We extended that project globally after creating a national template that could be exported internationally.

We are available to bring complete restoration to Indigenous Peoples who have been damaged by the acts of genocide, colonization, neo-colonization, and institutional eugenics. That plan of restoration requires only the will to activate your individual, family, community, and national potential to link Indigenous Peoples globally.
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Pavonis Mauremhet LLC Hard Money Lending Services

A Brooklyn New York based Hard Money Lender for Real estate projects in the DMV Metro Area.

We have been involved in helping Provide Financial Real Estate Development Solutions to many of NYC's Brokers Agents Developers Flippers and Commercial Investors that are starting Operations or Relocating to the DC Maryland and Virginia Metro AREA that NEED Financing!

Pavonis Mauremhet LLC can help you find all the Hard Money Loans and financing you need to fulfill your DMV Area Real Estate project

Find Foreclosures in your Area of Interest

What is Hard Money? 

A hard money loan is a collateral based loan against a hard asset - typically real estate - and is often referred to as private mortgage or private mortgage note. Unlike typical mortgage loans, hard money loans are provided by private sources (individuals and small lenders rather than large government or Wall Street backed sources). Hard money loans are often used if a person is having a difficult time getting approved for a conventional loan. The approval process for a hard money loan is usually much more streamlined than with a conventional loan because hard money lenders don't have to follow strict institutional lending guidelines, and because they look mainly to the collateral as security for repayment rather than the borrower alone.

Hard money loans can be used for both commercial and residential properties and, since private lenders use their own money, they are able to create their own flexible lending terms that will meet both their and the borrower's needs. Another advantage of hard money loans is that they are typically closed very quickly and with little documentation. Of course, since these loans are usually “outside of the box” and higher risk, the interest rates for hard money loans are usually higher then with a conventional loan.

If you are having difficulty obtaining conventional financing, or simply need a loan closed fast with creative and flexible terms, consider hard money.

Will my deal qualify for Hard Money? 

Although here are many different types of hard money lending programs, the following can be used as general guidelines for determining whether your deal would be appropriate for a hard money lender. Even if your deal doesn't match exactly to these guidelines, feel free to apply anyway. My hard money team will let you know if your deal makes sense for one of our many hard money lenders:

  • Loans are usually up to 65% Loan-to-value (LTV) based off the After-Repaired-Value (ARV);
  • 100% of acquisition/construction can be financed no problem;
  • Both residential and commercial properties are OK;
  • Low credit scores? No income? That's OK too;
  • We welcome foreclosure/bank REO properties;
  • Interest only and "no payment" options are available;
  • All loans must be for business or investment purposes (sorry, no primary residences at this time);
  • We can handle cash-out refinances of land or existing structures;

If you have any questions about your deal or hard money in general, please feel free to contact me, or you may simply complete the application  by clicking here and either me or my underwriting team will contact you.

Name: Pavonis Mauremhet LLC

Office phone: 347-857-7421

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Start Your Knockerball Business

If you're looking for an opportunity to start your own business in a burgeoning new activity or simply add Knockerball™ to your existing lineup you are definitely in the right place. Hundreds of entrepreneurs, sports facilities, camps and churches have already developed a customer following and appear to be thriving. Take advantage of Knockerball™ USA's national advertising across multiple venues including national Cable and Broadcast networks, internet, and promotional events across the country. Knockerball™ is the only brand in the world that continues to build consumer awareness, drive customers to independent Knockerball™ contractors, and provide you the tools and services you need to book rental events literally from day one.

The advantages are significant and continue to grow. There are no on-going fees for you to pay and you will enjoy all the benefits of becoming a family member such as web design, insurance contacts and introduction, discounts on apparel up to 40%, promotional and customized flyers for your events, support from other KB contractors through our vibrant and extensive forum. Coming in May contractors will be the recipient of targeted viral advertising driving even more consumers to their websites and even receiving royalty payments for purchases of product via your website.

We are unarguably the world leader in this category and its our mission to grow the sport and ultimately success for you and the Knockerball™ brand. Call us with any questions and a team leader will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


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3725555180?profile=originalKind Guestures PMS Software is an all in one hotel management system for Hotels, Hostels, Apartments, Guest House, Villas, Motels, Resorts, Bed and Breakfast.

Kind Guestures PMS Software is a platform that provides software as a service (SaaS) with bundle that includes Property Management System, Channel Manager.......

And lots of powerful ad-ons to help Kind Guestures PMS online hotel booking solutions to increase data security, enhance online booking experience for user across all device.


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Sign up Today with Humble Fitness now for a 30 day Free Trial Account.....After FREE Trial Monthly subscriptions remain Free for Seniors and Current Students of The Humble School of Martial Arts and and only $9.95 for Basic Plan $19.95 for Advanced Plan  if you choose to continue to use and support us

Sign in existing clients

Humble Fitness will then create an online training program you can perform anytime anywhere, with only a smart phone and WIFI. Our Virtual Trainer reminds you to exercise, provides precise video instruction, tracks your effort, and gives feedback. Track how you feel, your progression, and your success.

We now offer virtual training for groups, building common goals and support, all in the virtual world!

If you’ve moved away, if time is limited, join our virtual training program now!


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B MUNRO- The Heru 1 - Sneaker Boot

Classic sneaker boots designed by Darrin Frederick of the Brooklynne Network


About B.MunRo Shoes @ Shops.Brooklynne.net

Brooklynne Networks - brooklynne.net The Urban Social Media news info and community marketplace and Brand Developer that informs educates supports and shares wealth with those in urban business

Help these shoes get produced

Once 7 pre-orders are placed, our Italian artisans will start the production of these shoes. They will be ready to shop in 4 to 6 weeks!

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Dr. Chandra Gill is the founder and CEO of Blackademically Speaking®,

She started Blackademically Speaking® as an answer to this heart-wrenching education pandemic. I don’t know about you but I am tired of witnessing this warfare. Bottom line: Our Children Deserve Better Than This! Too many of our children’s faces are appearing on obituaries before drivers licenses…and far too many of our children do NOT know who they really are! I'm working to change all of that. 

Blackademically Speaking Enterprises is on a serious mission to EMPOWER ALL OF OUR CHILDREN. EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME. What our children don’t know is not their fault. WE must TEACH them. EMPOWER them. INSPIRE them! 

If you're you an administrator, teacher, community leader, parent etc.. see the link per our work. If you're just concerned about what's going on with our children - DARE to SHARE with others that CARE. NO matter the city or state, we're equipped to Educate AND Motivate your students, staff and parents. If intrigued, send us your school, district and contact info. We'll gladly take it from there. Let's shift this pendulum of mediocrity, together! If you'd like to see more cultural relevance in your child's school and textbooks, tell them about us. If your students lack motivation, we can help in that department. It's what we do. Check us out and tell us what you think:


Blackacademically Speaking is a company dedicated to the motivation and education of African-American youth - providing academically centered products and programs, innovative philosophies, theories and cutting edge services specific to academic achievement.

As a scholar activist, Dr. Gill has exposed over 1,000 youth to opportunities at various colleges and universities. She has been featured as part of the United Negro College Fund's (UNCF) Evening of Stars® annual program, an event highly televised on major networks, nationally. Her very successful work with youth has been profiled on networks such as NBC, MSNBC, BET and WGN. As part of the inaugural class for Bill Gates Millennium Scholar's Program, she was one of Chicago's first African-American public school recipients at the graduate level. Dr. Gill has received numerous honors and awards; she was inducted into Phi Delta Kappa with high honors, after receiving her Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies. Most significant to Dr. Gill are her humble beginnings of growing up on Chicago's south side in the Woodlawn community. As a premier educator & captivating motivational speaker, she has spoken to national and international audiences. Viewed by many as the new civil rights leadership, she is regarded as one of America's most prolific orators. 

Dr. Gill was recently selected as one of theGRIO 100 (http://www.thegrio.com/black-history/...) - an elite honor bestowed upon just 100 emerging African-American leaders nationally.


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Why Choose Brooklynne.Biz to do your direct mailing?

Mail Information:

A tool for beginner or infrequent mailers that will help you to harness the power of mail for your business or organization. This page will walk you through all of the key decision points in creating a mail campaign. It contains glossary terms and tips that give you common-sense advice for making the most of your mailing.

If you are setting up a mailing campaign then please take a minute to read through our basic guide on business mailings. There are several things you can do to ensure a productive campaign. Brooklynne.Biz has the equipment and expertise to be your complete printing and mailing house. We will print, label, and mail your postcards so you don't have to go to several different companies for these individual services.

If you have any questions, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions regarding direct mailing.

Direct Mailing has been a proven success in marketing your company and products. Let us help you market your company so you can sit back as the money starts to roll in!

Click Here To Request Mailing Services

Flexibility: You can mail anyone your message, at any time, using a variety of formats. Direct mail allows you to send postcards, color brochures, free samples, co-op mailing, and folded pieces. The choice is up to you and your budget.

Targeting: With direct mail marketing and the use of mailing lists, you can narrow down your targeted demographic and choose a specific audience that you would like to reach, complete with a message uniquely relevant to their interests and needs.

Convenience: Brooklynne.Biz offers a one-stop solution for your printing and mailing needs. With us, you can place your order with one company instead of dealing with several.

Privacy: With direct mail, not only can you reach your customers without your competition's knowledge, you can also allow your customers to see your message without distraction.

Fast Turnaround Time: Your printed products can be delivered by mail within 2-5 business days after printing has been completed.

No Shipping Charges: You don’t pay to have printed products shipped to you or to your mail house.

List Certification: We will CASS certify your list to ensure that addresses are valid. We also remove duplicate addresses so that you only pay for what we mail. Brooklynne.Biz also offers a new cutting edge technology that connects directly to the USPS system to replace any address that has recently been changed or forwarded.

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The following events and venues match your search for "mets". To sort the list, click on the column header. To find tickets for the given event, date & time, click the tickets link in that row. To find events taking place at a matching venue, click that venue name.
Events: New York Mets
World Series: Kansas City Royals vs. New York Mets - Home Game 1 (If Necessary) Kauffman Stadium
Kansas City, MO
World Series: Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Mets - Home Game 1 (If Necessary) Rogers Centre
Toronto, Canada
World Series: Kansas City Royals vs. New York Mets - Home Game 2 (If Necessary) Kauffman Stadium
Kansas City, MO
World Series: Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Mets - Home Game 2 (If Necessary) Rogers Centre
Toronto, Canada
World Series: New York Mets vs. TBD - Home Game 1 Citi Field
Flushing, NY
World Series: New York Mets vs. TBD - Home Game 2 Citi Field
Flushing, NY
World Series: New York Mets vs. TBD - Home Game 3 (If Necessary) Citi Field
Flushing, NY
World Series: Kansas City Royals vs. New York Mets - Home Game 3 (If Necessary) Kauffman Stadium
Kansas City, MO
World Series: Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Mets - Home Game 3 (If Necessary) Rogers Centre
Toronto, Canada
World Series: Kansas City Royals vs. New York Mets - Home Game 4 (If Necessary) Kauffman Stadium
Kansas City, MO
World Series: Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Mets - Home Game 4 (If Necessary) Rogers Centre
Toronto, Canada
2016 New York Mets Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games) Citi Field
Flushing, NY
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We were founded in 2005 in New York City by twin brothers El Philthmoor & P moorpheus aka Red & Blue Pill, who are pioneers in Conscious Streetwear & Lifestyle Branding, We are dedicated to Spreading the Rich & Knowledgeable Culture of our ancient for fathers & mothers thru Fashion,Music,Film & Literature. Thank You for Supporting Our Movement.


@El_Philthmoor on twitter


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No downloads, setup fees or monthly fees. SignUp Today or Login (existing clients)

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A mobile friendly event website for selling tickets on TicketsEX.Net, your website or blog, Facebook, Twitter, and more

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  • Perfect for: Conferences, Fundraisers, Classes, Festivals, Parties, Concerts, Sports, Networking and more

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Brooklynne Brands & Services


TicketENVY- Find & Buy Sold out Concert, Sports and Theater Tickets Worldwide

SportsBrook- Fully Licensed Online Urban Sports Betting and Gaming Platform (Coming Soon)

KaratCity- Helping to provide regular people save and spend GOLD

VerticalRents- Helping Landlords mange and engage their Tenants Easier

MyTeleMedics- Get your Personal and Family Remote Healthcare Services NOW

FunderPass- Crowdfunding Platform for Urban Communty Projects Cause Activism and Upstanding Individual Needs

SeksCity Toys- Adult Pleasure Aids and Supplies (Must Be 18+)


Brooklynne Info Weekly- News nd Events of featured Brooklyn Entrepreneurs and Community Related Issues

Brooklynne Style Daily- Brooklyn & NYC Based Style and Fashion News

Brooklynne Shop- Exclusive Graphic Designs from Featured Artists and Partners

Brooklynne TV- Watch Underground Indie Videos Podcasts & Live Events

Brooklynne Hookups-  Find Urban Dates and HookUps

Local Business Services

The Brooklynne Agency -Full Service Digital Marketing and Development Marketplace

Brooklynne Social - Free Social Media Marketing Mgmt Platform for Brands

The Brooklynne Agency - Office

Phetch.Co Ordering Mgmt

Xpurts by Phetch - Have REMOTE private conferences and meetings with Professional Experts

Go Phetch - Multi Cuisine Order and Delivery Mgmt Facilites and Marketplace for local Ethnic Food Providers in Brooklyn (Coming to NYC HOU DMV  & ATL)

Phetch IT- Order for Delivery Food Groceries Alcohol & Laundry from your favorite Independent merchants in your Area(Coming to NYC HOU DMV and ATL)

Phetch Charg- Start an Electric Vehicle Charging Station at yur Urban locations Tdday