Lipo Injections in Orange County, CA to dissolve fat:

Lipo Injections in Orange County, CA is one of the modern therapies and with this type of therapy you can achieve a reduction in fat that gives facial and body contour.

It is a gentle and effective method for the selective removal of small areas of fat or cellulite. The dissolution of fat by injection, called a fat syringe, can be found in Orange County, CA.

B-12 injections in Orange County, CA treatment has been used, for many years, in the most problematic areas of the body. Also, it is the mildest way to remove fat pads and rolls without surgery, without anesthesia, without scars and without recovery time.

Treatment procedure:

Without surgery fat deposits melt. The professional and experienced clinic always starts with a detailed consultation and analysis of fat deposits. The areas of the skin to be treated are marked and prepared with a local anesthetic ointment.

After complete disinfection, we inject several times the active ingredient into hypodermic fatty tissue in small amounts at a distance of 1-2 cm using special ultra-fine needles. The treatment is ambulatory, short and almost painless with a duration of almost 20 minutes.

You may experience slight tingling and burning. The injection stimulates the dilution of fat deposits. Decomposed fat is transported through the lymphatic system, then goes through different processes that occur in the body and thus molten fat cells disappear forever, just like with liposuction.

They attach great importance to the fact that the treatment is performed pleasantly and gently. In addition, the clinic provides the tissue with enough time to work and shrink with the active ingredient.

The most common application areas of problem areas are:

- Face: Double chin, hanging folds

- Chest: anterior part of the armpit in women, fat deposits in the man's chest

- Abdomen: fat deposits in the ribs, belly, and hip

- Back: individualized fat deposits

- Limbs: arms, upper inner thighs, knees

- Lipomas

- Cellulite Treatment

Treatment areas:

The grease syringe is a convenient way to shape and contour small problem areas. For areas with larger adipose deposits and with a fat thickness of 5 cm, liposuction should be considered.

This substance can also be used to eliminate benign fatty tumors. If you want to know any further information on this therapy or HCG Diet in Orange County, CA, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you in our consultation and help you choose the right therapy.



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