We scrupulously investigate all the offers we receive, in which they offer not just to earn money, but to make money so that all relatives “envy”, therefore they could not get past the new idea with the “Kovalev Algorithm”.
Frankly speaking, we came across the Internet where we wanted to listen (just listen) to Louis Armstrong's “Go down, Moses ...” Read more at the Casinoz.Club

Oleg Kovalev offered to get such a return that in our office the calculator even broke when we tried to calculate the annual interest. And even the suspicion crept in that the Federal Reserve has not yet printed as many dollars so that we could clean our profits at the end of the year with a shovel.

  • Judge for yourself:
    for the first month: 1 x 535 491 dollars
    for the second - 535 491 x 535 491 dollars
    for the third - 535 491 x 535 491 x 535 491 ...

Another thing was a little embarrassing - from day to day (we watched the 10 days page) the number of views was stable “1871” (it is displayed in the lower left corner of the scan). And next to the red blinking inscription "Streaming", suggesting that we are recorded on video. It caused a desire to seal the webcam with a plaster, but we remembered in time that the webcams on our computer were not there :)

The voice of Oleg Kovalev is such that Levitan would also be jealous - a courageous baritone who knows no doubt, but who is ready to make happy it is us who listen to him. For clarity (or, perhaps, based on people who have forgotten the hearing aid at home), what Kovalev said was printed on the screen in the form of subtitles ...

Do not share with anyone outside our country? Why? Even a bad thought arose: “Is Interpol looking for it?” Meanwhile, we were informed that a new secret “hack” was specifically designed for one of seven countries. We began to guess: “Belarus? Ukraine? Russia? Moldova? Kazakhstan? Armenia? Azerbaijan?..."

Kovalev, meanwhile, was talking about a heroic team of programmers who worked for a total of 846,321 hours (about 106 thousand working days, or 4,800 man-months, and spent over 647 thousand dollars on development.

We calculated the average earnings of such programmers - about $ 135 per month. I wonder where these prices? In the Siberian logging?

And Kovalev went on to say that all this titanic work will lead to the appearance on the market of a product - the Kovalev Algorithm, which will cost $ 100,000 per copy, but now you need only find 20 loho ... oh! beta testers in Belarus.

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