When the code of the lock and the key is changed then what comes into play is re-Keying. At first, a brand new code is generated and the combination pins of the lock are changed so that it can be matchd to the new code.

The second one is that in order to match the new code and to enable the operation of Abus Padlocks we have to cut the new keys. The third one is to register the new code to the end user.

Every lock is not re-keyable. They are many locks in which you cannot have this re-keying system. Maximum high-security locks have this system and the cost of re-keying is about 30% of the price of a high-security lock.

The working process is generally determined by the type of Cam Locks used. If you have padlocks or cam locks then you will definitely sed them to a lock service center. What they do there is according to your specifications the locks will be re-keyed and new keys will be cut out.

In case the re-keying door is locked then it will solely depend on the type of lock cylinder. In case the cylinder is permanent what you have to do is to call out a locksmith who will be able to re-key the lock and cut the new keys.


In case it is an SFIC (small format interchangeable core) cylinder then only it can be removed from the door lock and then is sent to a lock service center to undergo the process that was outlined above for padlocks and CompX National Cam Lock.

As it is stated earlier that compared to the cost of new replacement locks re-keying is a better way to save money. From key control, you can all know how many keys have been cut and where they are present all the time.

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