Kit Names no longer supported in FIFA 16

I have been playing FIFA since FIFA 12, and I noticed that in FIFA 14, my created player was assigned a random name on the back of his jersey instead of the name I chose or the kit. I have contacted support via live chat and was basically told that this was no longer supported or allowed even though the option to name the kit is still present. If this is the case, then EA really killed a great feature.

I can't speak for anyone else, but when I go through the trouble of creating a player, I don't want some random name put on the back of the jersey that, for one, is NOT the player's name, and two, is not even close to his name. If this feature has indeed been dropped and no longer supported, even though its presence still remains in the Create A Player section, I would like to formally request it be RE-added.

NOTE: 3rd party applications which, albeit illegally, modify the game DO allow for this feature to be edited. I do understand that doing so violates the EA terms and conditions, which is why I am reaching out, again, her to try to resolve this without Fifa 16 coins ps4 to illegally modify the game just to change a simple thing: a name on the back of a jersey.


That's the problem, though, is that I did make sure that I changed the kit name before creating the player. EA, when I chatted with them, made it seem like the option to change the kit name was no longer supported and the name is randomly generated with no way of changing this. If it is a bug, they are refusing to acknowledge it and calling it intentional. Due to the fact that I have a good bit of progress already with my player, it would not exactly be easy to start over with a new player.

What happened is that I created a new player and named the kit during the creation phase. However, when my player began playing, the name on the back of his jersey was something entirely different than what I had set as the kit name.

At this point, I realize that I am unable to fix the issue with my current player as you are unable to edit that information except during the creation phase. However, I am still confused as to why this happened in the first place. My reference to previous editions of FIFA was for the kit to be named during the creation phase, not after the career had been started. Sorry for any confusion, and I hope this explains it better.

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