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About wholesale and dropship we need to know.

A wholesaler refers to a production company that purchases products and then sells them to retailers, industrial users, or various non-profit organizations, and does not directly serve individual consumers. It is located in the middle of the circulation of goods. The concept of wholesalers is a former name for merchants and has gradually become obsolete. As the name suggests, wholesale is a group of batches of goods, and then sent out in batches.

The term "dropship" is derived from the network management. It is generated by the supply and demand relationship between online suppliers and suppliers of demand sources and websites. Drop shipping is even if it is a commodity, it will also help you ship.

The common point of dropship and wholesaler is that both have a lot of products and sources.

When a business wants to start selling online, there are two main ways to sell a business:

1.Merchants can purchase large quantities of goods from wholesalers, and then deliver them to merchant-owned storage warehouses and sell them one by one.

2.Merchants can purchase goods from a dropshipper, and after the merchant's customer selects a good product, they can send it directly to the customer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wholesale and dropship?



The business is getting high profits.

Bulk purchases of goods from wholesalers often result in high profit margins for merchants because merchants can obtain the price of volume discounts, which are generally very low.

Business choices.

Wholesale suppliers are relatively more than dropshippers, which means that businesses have more items available to merchants.


Compared to a generation of business, wholesale business is more risky.

Imagine that if a merchant buys a lot of goods in a warehouse, but no one finally buys them, then this means a loss.

Merchants need a large start-up capital to invest in the business when they are doing wholesale business.

The minimum order for many wholesale suppliers is $500, $1,000, or more.

The choice of business is limited.

Even if the wholesaler is more numerous than the towing business, the amount of storage the merchant receives and the cost of shipping the goods twice are limited. Merchants must deliver goods to their own customers. However, this may take a long time and effort, so businesses need to ensure that their time, money and energy are worth it.



The business does not require any start-up capital.

Because businesses only need to spend money to buy these products after they are sold. Even if the business does not have the funds, it can immediately start selling products to customers.

The risk of a loss on behalf of dropship business is small.

One of the greatest advantages offered bydropship business is that businesses only place orders after they have received orders. In short, merchants do not need commodity inventory during the sales process. When a product is required, the merchant can only order the required product, or even only one product. This convenience ensures that merchants can quickly add new products to the product line, be able to test new and best-selling products, and there is no risk of overstocking or unsalable sales of a particular product line. This risk-free strategy also increases the ability of businesses to respond to changing market demands, eliminates the risk of hoarding outdated products, and adds new products as early as possible to gain greater competitive advantage.

The business will not be troubled by storage, logistics and other issues.

Through a dropship platform, businesses do not actually need to store any products. In addition, dropship platform will be responsible for the inspection, packaging and delivery of products directly to merchants.

Have a look about wholesale dropship malaysia !

What is dropship market in Malaysia?

The following set of statistics shows the value of e-commerce market in Malaysia from 2014 to 2015. Forecast data from 2016 to 2020. In 2020, Malaysia's e-commerce market is expected to be worth about $4 billion. It shows that the prospects for us to do a Malaysian mission are very bright.


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What are dropship business opportunities in malaysia?

In Malaysia, there are about 22 million active Internet users (68% of the population), and it is also expected to grow by 5 million next year. The Malaysian population has a very high mobile cellular network penetration, with nearly 150 mobile users per 100 people.

In 2016, in order to bring about 80% of SMEs into the e-commerce world and expand the market access of more than 87 million digits to ASEAN customers, the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) launched a new e-commerce. plan. The plan focuses on accelerating the adoption of e-commerce by businesses, increasing the adoption of e-procurement by enterprises, lifting non-tariff barriers (such as e-fulfilment, cross-border e-payments and consumer protection), and realigning existing e-commerce economic incentives for e-commerce participants. Strategic investment, and promote national brands to promote cross-border e-commerce.

In addition, the Malaysian government promised not to review the Internet.

Currently, Malaysia has high e-commerce usage rates because of the Internet and mobile connectivity in Malaysia and the encouragement of the public sector. He has 15.3 million online shoppers (50% of the population) and 62% of mobile users can shop online. The development trend of cross-border e-commerce will inevitably promote business dropship in malaysia, giving wholesale dropship malaysia more opportunities to develop its own e-commerce business.

The current status and trends told us, we can see that dropship business opportunities in malaysia are very large.

A good drop shipping platform for you

For many wholesale dropship malaysia, choosing a good platform for launch is definitely a top priority. Here I will recommend a good drop shipping platform-- Chinabrands.



Chinabrands is a professional cross-border e-commerce company, a multinational e-commerce export distribution platform under Global E-commerce. Created by the global e-commerce in the Drop Shipping mode. It is the world's leading sales agent platform for domestic and foreign sellers, and it is a comprehensive and integrated product and service platform. The CB platform has the following advantages:

A large number of high-quality sources, complete product range.

It provides merchants with tens of thousands of the most popular product lines, including tens of thousands of hot-selling products such as apparel, electronics, watches, and toys.

It can provide enterprises with supply chain services.

Business selection, pricing, sales, logistics and distribution can all be implemented on the CB platform. And can also send commercial products to other stores, such as Amazon, wish and so on.

The platform has a amazing price advantage.

Since China Electronics has developed through e-commerce for many years, Chinabrands has been able to integrate the supply chain networks of major manufacturers and agents in order to continue to save wholesale costs, which is not possible with other platforms.

Provide professional product descriptions and picture information for users to download.

In order to facilitate the customers' marketing activities, Chinabrands provides customers with professional descriptions and high-definition product images, providing customers with an overview of the most accurate information for the selected products. In addition, the API interface is fully optimized to ensure that other platforms successfully interface with the CB, providing business customers with real-time updates and key business data.

Perfect quality inspection team and logistics.

In addition to providing professional product descriptions and image information for users to download, the CB platform also provides complete services such as product quality inspection, packaging, delivery and high-quality logistics channels until the product is delivered to the end customer. The logistics network covers more than 200 countries worldwide. The quality of the product seller does not need to be considered, only the product sales itself.

And, what’s more, the customer service staff after professional training, they can ensure high-quality customer service, and master more than 10 languages, can ensure effective communication with global businesses.

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