Basketball is one of the most loved sports around the world. So many people love watching the game and a lot of them love to play as well. In countries like America and Australia, it is one of the most played sports and this is the reason why a lot of young players want to learn it and make their career in the same. If you are curious to understand and learn the rules and guidelines of the basketball, then it is important that you contact someone who has a lot of experience in the same field and if you are looking for someone then Jeff Flannagan referee is one you should be going to.

He is professional basketball referee and he has been in this field from last 35 years. The sport basketball is considered as the most difficult game to officiate because it has the complexity of rules, speed of play, the case-specific understanding of rules, and instantaneous critical skills are required in this game and not everyone has this kind of skill. It is necessary that you have a proper training of officiating and Jeff Flannagan referee can be the best person for teaching the skill.

The life story of Jeff Flannagan referee is very inspiring, initially, he wanted to become an official basketball player but due to lack of physical strength and height, he couldn’t peruse that. But nevertheless, he never lost the hopes and put his all his hard work in the same field and became a referee. A referee enforces the rules and maintains the order in the game and since he has so much of experience and knowledge of the sport, he decided to make it a living. There were times when he felt so dishearten but his passion and love towards the game helped him to continue his hard work.

If you feel that you have the same passion and love for basketball and you want the guidance of an expert, then there is no better person to guide you than Jeff Flannagan referee. He will help you to become a great referee in basketball and also, with his recommendation you can get the chance to officiate professional matches. You can also work in any school or college and help other kids to pursue their career in basketball. Contact Jeff Flannagan referee for more details about the game.

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