Have you ever slipped in your lavatory? If yes, then it occurs because your bathroom floor is covered with moss as well as mold. The moss and mold make bathroom atmosphere unpleasant and also make you uncomfortable. If you really want to avoid this happening and clean your bathroom perfectly, then visit at Hermitage. We offer a prodigious range of Best Bathroom Floor Cleaner to give you clean and tidy restroom.

Most of the people think that cleaning a bathroom is very difficult. For resolving their doubt, we are available here with lots of eco-friendly cleaning products in Singapore . These products not only help you in maintaining a germ-free bathroom but also reflect a healthy household.


Available with advanced germ-killing features

Hard soap filth, as well as water stains, amasses on the floors and walls of the restrooms which need a complete cleaning. These amassed scums cause the production of pathogens which pun negative impacts on your body and health. If you are looking an ideal product to kill germs and clean the floors of your bathroom, then you require Bacoff bathroom floor cleaner which is available with disinfectant features. These cleaners can infiltrate into the hardest soap scum and stains, even without scouring. Due to their disinfectant property, these cleaners help to get rid of Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Salmonella and different smell causing microscopic organisms.

Opt for the right products

Generally, people prefer to use citrus acid-based products for adequately expelling soil, mold, and moss from the floor and wall surfaces. They are observed to be more powerful than other cleaners. But, it is a real truth that these strong bathroom cleaners may harm the surfaces of floors. As a solution for such issues, today we are here with an extensive range of eco-friendly cleaning products. They can be utilized on the floors, walls, basins and even bathtubs.

Opt for a reputed supplier of cleaning products

As everyone knows, qualitative bathroom cleaners can eliminate the risk of health problems. We are the prominent supplier in Singapore and help you to choose the pristine products for your washrooms. We offer safe, effective, and eco-friendly cleaning products to our clients at competitive prices.

We always do our best to provide home cleaning products that work effectively, impact our environment negligibly and are less harmful to our body and health.

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