If you own a dog, it is likely that you already know that dogs can suffer from allergies just like we humans. However, unlike humans, dogs may not be able to control their feeling towards such situations which means that if left unattended to, you are likely to deal with more damage due to the uncontrolled biting and itching.

That said, therefore, it is upon you to find a medication that is safe to treat allergies in dogs so that you can avoid double trouble. While you might come across a variety of medications to treat allergic symptoms, today, I will take you through a commonly used medication – Zyrtec.

In this article, we will answer the questions related to this drug such as: Is Zyrtec safe for dogs? What it Zyrtec’s recommended dosage, among other questions. Read on as you look forward to treating your dog’s allergic symptoms safely and effectively.

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