Is the next batman movie coming in 2019?

Everybody would like superheroes. It is 100% true that in our childhood we wished to become a superhero. Because in our point of view superheroes have benn so powerful as they always win the battle. In our memories of childhood, there must be a name of any superhero. From last 25 years or so we are watching batman interestingly. Most of us love to watch batman cartoons. But the interest and fun doubled when we see batman in the film.

But now we can hear about a rumor that DC is going to build a film cosmos. DC is the one who love to capture the qualities of a knightmare. In last 10 years, we can realize that he has served for picturizing the movies ondark knightmare. He has portrayed the actions and qualities of a knightmare in a very loving and interesting matter. Despite so many superheroes he has chosen the batman to work upon.

What will happen if the rumor is true? According to the rumor, we have to wait for batman movie for four years. It is such a long way to go. Also, it is not a good news for batman lovers. According to the resources, folk stories over at Latino Review are in progress. These are going to be in the cinemas within the period of 4 years. According to the resources, we can watch a new batman movie after waiting for 4 years, in batman v superman free


Another interesting news about the actor of batman Affleck is that he is going to put his efforts in the field of direction. He will direct the movie named “Live by Night”, it will be released in October 2016. If this news is true then we can imagine the delay of batman movie till 2019.

After this news don’t bother about missing batman. Because if not solo but still we can enjoy batman in two upcoming films. It is obvious that in two movies Batman vs. superman and Dawn of justice will give the satisfaction to the batman lovers. These are going to be released in 2016 and 2017 respectively. But after that, we did not hear about any project of batman. So for next two years, we have to go without batman movie.

I would say not to think about those two years, just wait for upcoming batman’s movie Batman v Superman. Go to the cinema and enjoy it.

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