Is it your first Motor yacht charter? Read here important things

What temperatures are there at sea?

Generally, in the sea it is cooler than in the cities, there is always a bit of ventilation and even in the hottest days you can breathe well, the water is much more stable as temperature and acts as a temperature controller. Do not lower the temperature too much at night while during the day it acts as a cool radiator, for any eventuality the catamaran has onboard wool covers for those who are used to sleeping well covered.

How many bags can I bring?

While you take Nautical charts Greece, one thing will surely come to your mind, how many bags can I bring? In general, it has much larger spaces onboard than normal sailboats so the number of suitcases you carry is not a problem because a place to stow them is always found, however, rigid suitcases are not recommended. In any case, at the end of your holiday, you will realize that you have brought much more than what is served to you.

How many hours a day do we sail?

Navigation times vary from day to day, sometimes they take a couple of half-hour stages each and sometimes you can also surf three or four hours; however, on charter boats the watchword is relaxation, so long pauses are preferred in quiet bays where everyone finds his space to enjoy the holiday.

What can I bring if I suffer from seasickness?

On the large Catamaran charter Greece, seasickness is a rather rare event and an experienced skipper knows where to stop and when to leave so as not to hurt his guests. However, the first day or special conditions can cause problems for those who are not used to it. Prevention consists of not navigating on an empty stomach or with very fatty foods and eating small salty snacks as soon as there is discomfort.

Can we smoke onboard?

Below deck smoking is not permitted. Outside it is allowed but strictly in the "smoking corner" or in a downwind area where smoke and ash will fall overboard.

What clothing should I bring on a sailboat?

On the Mykonos yacht charter, apart from the costumes, you dress as if we were having a normal beach vacation, a sweater or sweatshirt it is important to wear it for the windiest days. On the other hand, the wax is not essential because the catamarans, even with rough seas, are much drier than the sailboat.

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