Is Facebook or Instagram better for Your Business


Social media has become pivotal for the growth of businesses . If you aren’t already on any of the social media platforms, you are missing out big time. However, with so many social media networks popping up, it is hard for businesses to decide which one they should concentrate their marketing efforts on. For instance, Facebook and Instagram are both very popular social media platforms and both provide companies the chance to advertise their brand. So, which one between the two is the best for your business? Let’s find out.


If you are talking about reach, there is no comparison between Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is undeniably the social media network with the highest reach in the world. Its user base is much larger when compared with that of Instagram and it appeals to people of all ages. So, if you are looking for visibility and want your brand message to reach a wider audience then Facebook is the platform that you should focus your marketing efforts on.


In terms of audience engagement, Instagram has the edge over Facebook. Studies have shown that people interact with posts on Instagram much more than they do on Facebook. Brands that have posted ads on both these social media platforms have seen more likes received by posts on Instagram rather than Facebook. Thus, if you want engaged users that interact with and share all of your posts then you must surely prefer marketing on Instagram.


As far as demographics go, Facebook has a more comprehensive appeal compared to Instagram. You will find a nice mix of both young and old users on Facebook but the majority of the crowd on Instagram is young. This makes Instagram the ideal platform for brands that are trying to market their product to a young audience. However, if old and mature people are your audience then Facebook is the social media platform you should concentrate on.

Website Traffic

Instagram imposes limitations on linking. Thus, it is quite difficult to drive people to your website or blog through ads on Instagram. Facebook on the other hand is do not, making Facebook ads the ideal choice for boosting website traffic. You have complete freedom of posting links in your posts and direct the readers to your website or blog. So, Facebook is better for your business if your ultimate goal is the promotion of your blog or website.

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