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The most common uses of this service are competition lines, premium support and tipsters. Premium support lines generally use a form of group diversion service where the caller is patched straight through to a member of the customer services team and if the first person is engaged it moves on to the next person and so on until the caller is connected. The competition lines works with a switchboard, an answer phone and two information lines. The caller is then asked to select an answer to a question and then the calls are diverted between correct and incorrect answers. The former are invited to leave their contact details, the latter to try again. The tipsters' lines are the most straightforward as they are there to provide tips on racing and callers are connected straight through, listen to the tip and the disconnect.  IPRN

If you are looking to make more revenue on your business a good way of doing this is to turn your phone number into a premium rate number. Most commonly businesses that do this are ones that provide information or technical support or people looking to earn income from their tips. This means when customers call your business you take a small cut of the money the customer is charged for placing the call. The cost of premium rate numbers varies from 10 pence per minute to £1.50 per minute or alternatively there are specialist premium rate numbers for pence per minute calls if this is demanded. 

The precise way that this works is dependent on your company but the revenue procedure is exactly the same. The caller dials the premium rate number and is charged the premium rate and then for every call, minute or part of that call you receive revenue which will be credited to your account. The cost of the call is dependent on the callers' service provider and whether they are making the call from a landline or mobile phone. 

There are two types of premium rate numbers that you can enlist: pence per call and pence per minute. Which one of these you choose is dependent on the service you are delivering. These are fairly self explanatory as to how the premiums are paid - either a set amount per call or per minute - but the former stipulates that the call does not last longer than 59 seconds. For a full range of tariffs the best thing to do is contact a premium numbers service provider.

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