Industrial equipment enhances the quality of your produced asset

Alaqua is a superior process equipment manufacturer located in the US. We fabricate plate evaporator, Evaporator Flash, evaporators forced circulation and other factory machinery for several production companies. These devices are used in chemical, fine chemical, environmental, food, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.     

Now that we know, let’s deal with:

Plate evaporator –

The plate evaporator is a warming instrument in which liquid flows between the thin plates with the heating medium on the relative surfaces. Then the product is evaporated making the core of high velocity with the generated vapor. This increment in volume causes a high velocity. And, thin film on the surface of the heat exchanger provides efficient heat transfer and thus continues.

Benefits of installing a plate evaporator:

  • Quality of the product improves
  • Produces product with a high concentration
  • All surfaces of stainless steel within the plate packs are accessed for easy cleaning.
  • You can add or remove plates to vary evaporation rates, indicating its flexible capacity
  • Being small in size and light in weight, no cranes are required to lift & install it that reduces the installation cost.

The utilization of Plate Evaporator is appropriate for applications that have water removal capacity up to 27,000 kg/hr and can be expanded in the future if needed.  

Evaporator flash –

It is the amount of partial vapor made after a saturated liquid stream goes by a pressure deduction when passing through a throttling device. Evaporator flash of a single-component liquid is used in the process of desalination of brackish water or salt water with the help of Multi-Stage Flash Distillation.      

Evaporators forced circulation –

The process which occurs in this system is that force is used to flow the liquid through the tubes of evaporator which produces the high tube velocities inside it. The force is supplied through a high efficiency circulating pump that is designed for large volume and adequate head. This method is suggested for scaling and salting liquids. Evaporators forced circulation may be seen with either vertical or horizontal steam arrangement.

The engineers in the production unit at give enough time to interpret and plan the design of mechanical equipment’s. Our team is inherited with an excellent approach to scientific applications. They develop industrial instruments with the agenda of increasing the efficiency and quality of products to gain profits. Members working over the functionality of devices demonstrate the task to you in order to learn better. We focus more on after sales services than sales. Just because we know our current and satisfied consumers will definitely refer our machines to new clients. In the condition of complaint to us, we request you to converse with our executives with proper details and invoice of the equipment. In that way, we will be able to assist you best. Fetch out the worries from your mind related to malfunction of instruments as we provide maintenance package for your equipment in years from the date of purchase. Avail this advantage of ours to relax and get peace of mind. You may expand the production limit of your device with our supplementary range of parts and accessories.

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