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Frank Reich anxious for joint practices with Ravens The Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens are set to follow the trend of joint practices as they prepare for their preseason game next Monday night. The continuous issues that tend to come up are the scrapping that comes with virtually any matchup period of practice whether it be 11-on-11s or even simple 1-on-1 drills.Just recently we’ve seen the issues with the New York Jets and Washington Redskins between D.J. Swearinger and Terrelle Pryor Indianapolis Colts E.J. Speed Jersey , who were former teammates and apparently aren’t best of friends. Also, just today the Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers saw a simple head-to-head drill spill into a fight between DeAndre Hopkins and Jimmie Ward. These certainly aren’t the only two instances from this summer, but it happens literally every single year during training camp joint practices. However, this isn’t something that NFL coaches and teams are looking to shy away from any time soon.These same type of fights occur between teammates every year as well, so there simply isn’t any urgency to single out the joint practices as the culprits. They are quite valuable for each team regardless of any shenanigans that result from their time together. Colts head coach Frank Reich isn’t the slightest bit worried about it either, and he sees more of the good that comes from them than anything.Maybe you can find some negatives that can come from them such as injuries and major brawls breaking out Cheap E.J. Speed Youth Jersey , but as I said earlier, those can develop on practices with their own teammates. You have to love this heading into the game, though, right?If they do end up having some sort of scuffle, they usually bring quite an interesting energy to the game itself. With the Friday and Saturday practices, and the game on Monday it’s almost likely that something will come from them. 180 players in the same area spending time with White J'Marcus Webb Jersey , competing against and clowning each other when their squad wins a rep is naturally going to breed some animosity. There’s almost no way around it.Again, though, Reich sees the benefits from it. It’s not just that he gets to see how his team matches up against another, but he gets to scout his own team and visualize how they react to a high-intensity situation where the comfort level can disappear fairly quickly.I would say that the Colts, with their young and inexperienced roster, could actually use this far more than most teams at this point. Half of the players on the field won’t like them J'Marcus Webb Jersey 2019 , won’t respect them and won’t be looking to pat them on the butt when they get torched. And something that I think goes a bit under the radar with these joint practices, is how the coaching staff conducts their unit. A first-year head coach and an new staff having to face some adversity at this level in a practice is an ideal situations as well. How will they compete alongside their players? I love these and I have a feeling that Reich and his staff will be as amped as the players will be. When Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri missed a 23-yard field goal on Saturday in Kansas City, people were shocked: How could the great Vinatieri miss an easy pick in a big game?Actually, no one should have been surprised. Vinatieri does it a lot.Although Vinatieri is best known for his big kicks in big games, including in the snow in the “Tuck Rule” game and two Super Bowl game-winners, Vinatieri has been wildly inconsistent in the postseason and has actually been a below-average kicker in the playoffs over the whole of his 23-year career.Since Vinatieri entered the NFL in 1996 White Chester Rogers Jersey , he is one of 35 kickers who have attempted at least 10 postseason field goals. Of those 35, Vinatieri ranks just 22nd in field goal percentage.Vinatieri is 56-for-69 in the playoffs in his career, and while it’s nice that he’s lasted long enough and played for good enough teams to attempt 69 postseason field goals, that’s an accuracy rate of just 81 percent. That really isn’t very good by modern kicker standards.Plenty of today’s kickers have been more accurate in the postseason than Vinatieri: The much-maligned Steelers kicker Chris Boswell is 15-for-15 in the playoffs. Denver’s Brandon McManus is 10-for-10 in the playoffs. Stephen Hauschka is 20-for-21 in the playoffs. Matt Bryant is 14-for-15 in the playoffs. Justin Tucker is 9-for-10 in the playoffs. Mason Crosby is 26-for-29 in the playoffs. Vinatieri’s successor in New England, Stephen Gostkowski, is 34-for-38 in the playoffs.Fortunately for Vinatieri Chester Rogers Jersey 2019 , the kicks we remember are the famous ones. The Tuck Rule and the two Super Bowl game-winners will always be the first kicks that people remember about Vinatieri. And his incredible longevity while playing for good teams make him likely to end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame some day. But when that day comes, we ought to consider his entire record. That includes some great kicks, but also some misses that other kickers would have made.
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